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When and how

Term of office.

dische year. Allor pears, and mayor and


1863. $ 5. The mayor and other elective officers shall be elect

ved on the first Saturday in April of each year. The elecelection held. tion to be held at the court-house, and the polls to be open

from 7 o'clock, A. M., till 12 o'clock, M. The mayor and marshal to hold their offices for two years, and the other elective officers for one year. All officers shall take an oath faithfully to discharge the duties of their offices.

§ 6. No person shall be eligible to the office of mayor Eligibility of who has not resided two years within the city limits, and oficers

who is not twenty-five years old ; nor shall any person be eligible to any other office who has not resided one year within the city limits. In all cases the officer must also be a qualified voter under the constitution and laws of Kentucky. And no officer shall be eligible for re-election or re-appointment who has not, before such election or ap. pointment, received from the proper authority a discharge, in writing, for any money which may have come to his hands belonging to the city, and for which he is accountable to the city.

7. Every white male citizen over 21 years of age, who Eligibillty of is sane, and not a pauper, who shall be a legal voter under

the constitution and laws of the State, and has resided sixty. days next preceding the day of the ele tion in the city, shall be deemed a qualified voter for city officers.

$ 8. It shall be the duty of the mayor to preside at all Mayor's duties meetings of the council, and he shall not vote unless there and powers.

is a tie; he shall be a conservator of the peace; may arrest. offenders against the penal laws of the city and Commonwealth on view, and summon the posse comitalus to his aid; he shall exercise a strict supervisory control over the affairs of the city ; see that the city ordinances are enforced, and that each officer discharge his duty properly, and to cause such officer as may be derelict in the discharge of his duty to be impeached; he shall take the necessary steps to suppress riots, insurrections, and (isorderly meet. ings; he shall sign all commissions, licenses, and permits granted by the city authorities, and he shall perform all such duties and exercise such powers as from time to time may be confided to him by the laws of the city, or which may otherwise pertain to the office of mayor.

9. The three councilmen from each ward, together with Common coun- the mayor, shall constitute the common council. The com

mon council shall appoint a clerk the first meeting they To appoint elk, and his powers shall hold after their election, who shall hold his office till

the next election of councilmen, or until his successor is duly appointed. He shall keep a correct record of the proceedings of the cominon council, which shall at all times be open for the inspection of any citizen of the city; and

he shall perform such other duties as shall be prescribed Whrn conneil by the council. They shall meet on the first Tuesday after powers. each election, and as often thereafter as the public busi


and duties.

meel, audits



Assessment to be made out & handed to sessor.

ness may require. A majority of the members of the six
councilmen shall be necessary to transact business. In

the absence of the mayor, the council must elect one of T their own body to preside during the meeting. The com

mon counčil shall have full power to assess and collect *** annually, against each male inhabitant liable to taxation

under the laws of the State of Kentucky, (slai es excepted,) a capitation tax not exceeding one dollar and fifty

cents per head, and upon all slaves and other property, als real and personal and mixed, including merchandize, ex| ** cept such as is exempt by the State laws from taxation, and

except rights, credits, and money, such advalorem tax as

they shall from time to line, deem expedient: Provided, pon such assessment shall not exceed fifty cents on the one hun

dred dollars worth of taxable property. (Negroes hired in the city for one year or less, by persons or'owners not residing in the city, shall be subject to taxation, to be paid by the owner of the slave, but the tax shall in no case be more than fifty cents per one hundred dollars on the hire, The council shall cause to be made out, on or before the first Monday of February of each year, a copy of the assessment role of the previous year, and handed to the assessor, together with a precept commanding him, in the name of

the cityø to make and return to the common council, on or f"

before the first Monday in May thereafter, a list of all persons liable to poll tax as aforesaid, and of all lands and tenements. goods and chattels and slaves liable to be taxed as aforesaill, with the name of the owner thereof, and a just valuation and a certain description of said property. The assessor shall execute and return said precept according to the command thereof; and every such assessment shall be taken as if made on the first Monday of March in each year, from which time the taxes of the current year shall be a lien upon the property so assessed, and a charge agitinst the owner thereof until the taxes shall be paid.

§ 10. That the common council shall bave power to cause and to procure all the streets and alleys in the city now established, or hereafter to be established, to be paved and turnpiked, at the cost and expense of the lot owners fronting such streets or alleys; and when the paving or turnpik. ing shall be completed they shall apportion the cost and expenses thereof on the lot holders in proportion to the front of lot owned by each lot holder; and a lien is hereby given on the lots and parts of lots for the security of the payment of the same, which costs and expenses may be listed and collected by the city marshal as other taxes, but the marshal shall also have authority to sell and convey the lots and parts of lots for the same under the by-laws and orilinances of the common council: Provided, that the owner of any lot or lots, thus sold for paving and turnpiking, shall have five years after the date of the deed of con


May have stre'ls and alleys pav's or lurepikod.


1863. veyance to redeem the same, on paying the purchase mo.

ney and ten per centum interest per annum, and also all taxes and levies that may have subsequently accrued: And provided, that infants shall have one year after arriving at full age, on like terms.

$ 11. That the common council shall have power to cause May have side. the side-walks to be curbed and paved with stone or brick, walks curbed &

and to apportion the cost and expenses thereof on the owners of lots fronting thereon; and a lien is given on the lots for the same, and such costs and expenses may be listed and collected in like manner as that of paving and turnpiking; and the marshal shall have like authority to sell and convey the same as is provided for in the preceding section, and subject to redemption in the same way.

§ 12. The owners of lots fronting on streets which the Owners may

common council may require to be paved or turnpiked, and also of side-walks to be curbed and paved, shall have the right to make the same at their own cost and expense, but in all cases to be done in accordance with the ordinance of the common council as to the manner and time.

§ 13. The common council may, in like manner, cause May cause side- side-walks and streets to be repaired or repaved at the to be repaired.

cost and expense of owners holding lots fronting thereon, and with the same power to compel the payment of the cost and expense thereof, and with the same lien on the lots, and with the same power to cause said lots to be sold and conveyed to the purchasers thereof, and with like privilege of redemption to the owners of the same.

$ 14. In all cases of public nuisances of whatever kind, May abate nuis- the common council, after reasonable notice to the guilty

party, inay cause the same to be abated, and may sue such guilty party in any court of competent jurisdiction, and recover full compensation for the expense of such abate.

have sts. paved, &c.

walks & streets



good behavior.


$ 15. Every free negro, who shall hereafter remove to Free negro to this city, shall file a bond to the acceptance of the mayor, give bond for in his office, conditioned for his or her good behavior for

one year with a penalty of two hundred dollars, within

ten days after his or her arrival. At the end of each year Penalty for said bond is to be renewed. In default of such bond being

thus filed, or when filed thus renewed, by any free negro found in this city, who may have resided within its chartered limits ten days, he or she may be arrested and taken before the mayor, and if found guilty shail be fined in any sum not less than twenty nor more than two hundred dol. lars and costs, and in default of payment of such fine he or she shall be advertised at least ten days and sold into servitude for the shortest term of time that will pay said fine and costs.

maly or not § 16. The common council shall grant a license to any person who may have complied with the statute law of


the State in such cases made and provided to retail spirit 1863. uous liquors by less quantity than one quart, to keep a tavern, inn, ale, porter, or coffee-house, or shop, or any other grame licon house of public entertainment or convenience not prohib. to shows, doo. ited by law. They shall also grant a license for the exhibition of animal shows, and all other shows not indecent or which do not violate public morals; and such ruins of money shall be paid for such licenses as may be required by the common council, under such rules and regulations as the council may prescribe ; and for violation of such rules and regulations on the part of the person obtaining the license, the license may be revoked by the coininon council; and if any person, without having obtained a license, shall keep such house, tavern, inn, or shop, or shall sell hy retail any spirituous liquors, or exhibit any show for gain in the city, he, she, or they, and all aiding or assisting in the same, shall severally forfeit and pay for each offense of not less than ten nor more than filty dollars. $ 17. The mayor and council, (a majority of all elected May 07

money, wat voting for it.) shall have power to borrow money, and issue bow. the bonds of the city for the same, and pledge the faith, property, and revenues of the city therefor; but no amount beyond the revenue of the current year shall be borrowed without the concurrence of a majority of all the qualified voters of the city. When the mayor and council submit a proposition to the voters of said city to authorize them to borrow money, they shall issue an ordinance, stating the sum proposed to be borrowed, the time for which it is to be borrowed, and the object or objects for which the money to be horrowed is to be expended; and the money so borrowed shall be applied to the purpose for which it was borrowel. The mayor and council shall, before they issue an ordinance to take the vote of said city to authorize them to borrow money, make provision for payment of the interest on the sum to be horrowed, as it shall accrue, and to pay the debt when it shall become due, which provision, 80 made, shall be distinctly stated in the ordinance proposing to borrow money; and the ordinance made shall be published in one or more newspapers in the city of Paris for at leart three weeks before the vote is taken. All bon ls of the city, for the payment of money, shall be signed by the mayor and countersigned by the treasurer. No bond of the city shall be sold for less than par. or bear a higher rate of interest than six per cent., payable semi-annually. The mayor and council shall also have power and authority to estab ish a board of health for the city, and board or badas invest it with such powers, inpose npon it such duties, and prescribe for it such regulations as shall best secure the city fro in contagious and infectious diseases, and make all other provisions, and do all other things necessary to the

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1863. public health ; to provide for the maintenance of the pau. Maintain pau- pers

pers of the city ; to procure fire engines, hose, and other Aprs, pocure fire fire apparatus ; establish and organize fire companies, and

make all proper regulations for their government; and for that purpose, to make such abatement of the poll and other taxes of firemen, who shall be exempt from serving on any jury ; to compel the citizens to provide themselves with firebuckets, and assist in the extinguishment of fires; to regulate the sweeping and burning out of chimneys; the storage of gunpowder, and other combustible and dangerous articles, and to take all other usual and proper measures for preventing or extinguishing fires ; to sink wells and cisterns,

and supply the city with wholesome water; to provide for Establish city vatch, &c.

lighting the streets of the city ; to establish a city watch, with power in the watchman to arrest all persons found within the city violating any of the criminal laws of this State, or penal ordinances of the city, and take them betore the mayor or magistrate for examination ; to regulate and prevent the interment of deceased persons within the city, and purchase, hold, and regulate burying grounds for the city; to abate and prevent the erection of all nuisances ; define and declare what shall be a nuisance, and prevent, by fine, the exercise of all noxious or offensive trades within the city, or within any part thereof; to establish markets or market places, and regulate the buying and selling of articles usually sold in market; to appoint measures, weighers, gaugers, and inspectors for ascertaining the quality and quantity of flour, meal, beef, pork, and other provisions, coal, wood, lumber, hay, and other articles for market, and the accuracy of weights and measures, and fix the fees of such officers; to license and regulate porters, carts, wagons, hacks, and other vehicles plying in the city for hire, fix the prices therefor, and prohibit those not licensed ; to license auctioneers, and to regulate auc. tions except in the case of auctions authorized by the general laws of this State; to prohibit and prevent hogs, cattle, horses, and other animals from running at large in the city; to assess an annual tax on the owners or keepers of dogs within the city; to suppress gaming-houses and bouses of ill-fame, and punish the person who aball keep them; and to preserve good order and the public peace, by preventing intoxication, immorality, lewdness, idleness, vagrancy: quarreling, fighting, rioting, and other disorderly conduct wiihin the city, and punish those guilty of such conduct therein; and the mayor and council are authorized to make all by-law's, ordinances, and regulations necessary and proper to carry the foregoing and all other powers granied by this act into full effect, and to enforce the same by penalties not exceeding filly dollars, to be recovered before the mayor.

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