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hath ever been, and is, loyal to the Government of the United States of America, and is determined to maintain that loyalty against both domestic and foreign foes.

3. R solved, That this General Assembly recognizes a manifest difference between any administration of the Government and the Government itself—the one is transitory, limited in duration only to that period of time for which the officers elected by the people are charged with the conduct of the same; the other is permanent, intended by its founders to endure forever.

4. Resolved, That this General Assembly now, in the exercise of its right to differ in opinion with the National Executive, enters its solemn protest against the Proclamation of the President of the United States, dated 1st of January, 1863, by which he assumes to emancipate all slaves within certain States, holding the same to be unwise, unconstitutional and void.

5. Resolved, that this General Assembly declares that the power which has recently been assumed by the President of the United States, whereby, under the guise of military necessity, he has proclaimed and extended martial law over States where war did not exist, and has suspended the writ of habcas corpus, is unwarranted by the Constitution, and its tendency is to subordinate civil to military authority, and to subvert constitutional and free govern. ment.

6. Resolved, That this General Assembly declines to accept the President's proposition for emancipation, as con. tained in his Proclamation of the 19th May, 1862.

7. Resolved, That this General Assembly deems it proper further to declare, that it, together with all the loyal people of the State, would hail with plea-ure and delight any manifestation of a desire on the part vf the seceded States to return to their allegiance to the Government of the Union, and would, in such event. cordially and earnestly co-operate with them in the restoration of peace, and the procurement of such guarantees as would give security to all their interests and rights.

8. Resolved, That Kentucky will adhere to the Constitution and the Union, as the best, it may be the last, hope of popular freedom; and for all wrongs which may have been committeil, or evils which may exist, will seek redress under the Constitution and within the Union, by the peaceful, but powerful and irresistible, agencies of the suffrages of a free people.

9. Resolved, that this General Assembly hails with pleasurable hope the recent manifestations of conservative sentiment among the people of the non-slaveholding States in their late elections, and regard the same as the earnest of a good purpose on their part to co-operate with all other loyal citizens-give security to the rights of every section,


and maintain the Union and the Constitution as they were
ordained by the founders of the Republic.

10. Resolved, That in the judgment of this General As-
sembly, a convention should be called for the purpose of
proposing such amendments to the National Constitution as
experience has proved to be necessary to maintain that in-
strument in the spirit and meaning of its founders; and to
that end we reaffirm and adopt the resolutions recommend-
ing a call for a Convention of the United States, approved
January 25th, 1861.

11. Resolved, That the laws of this State must be maintained and enforced, and that it is the duty of the constituted authorities of the State to see to it, that by all constitutional means this indispensable end shall be attained.

12. Resolved, That the Governor be requested to forward a copy of these resolutions to the President of the United States and to the Governor of each State, with a request that he lay the same before the Legislature of his State, and to each of our Senators and Representatives in Congress. Our Senators are instructed, and our Representatives requested, to use their best efforts to accomplish the objects of these resolutions,

Approved March 2, 1863. The following resolution of the above series, (known as the 11th,) was adopted by the House of Representatives, viz:

Resolved, That it is expedient for the Mississippi Valley States, as soon as practicable, to hold a convention of advice and consultation, with a view to determine what is best to be done for the preservation af the whole Government, and the purpose of maintaining their integrity and . Union, and to prevent any one or more States from seizing and appropriating to themselves the exclusive use of the mouth of the Mississippi River, and imposing export and import duties on the commerce and navigation of the other States.

The following is the vote by which it was adopted, viz:

IN THE AFFIRMATIVE-Mr. Speaker, (Buckner,) R. C. Anderson,
J. W. Blue, J. W. Boone, William S. Botts, A. B. Chambers,
Joseph H, Chandler, Francis L. Cleveland, John B. Cochran, Rob't
Cochran, William L. Conklin, John C. Cooper, Lucius Desha, Evan ·
M. Garriott, Henry Griffith, Geo. M. Hampton, John H. Harney,
William J. Heady, John Humphries, John B. Huston, William
Johnson, Jonas Martin, P. L. Maxey, John S. McFarland, David
P. Mears, William Mercer, Otho Miller, Thomas W. Owings,
George Poindexter, Larkin J. Proctor Nicholas A. Rapier, F. D.
Rigney, Wm. Roberts, James A. Rousseau, George S. Shanklin,
John K. Thomas, Thomas Turner, Joseph R. Underwood, Wm. H.
Van Pelt, Zeb. Ward, Nathaniel Wolfe, and Bryan R. Young—42.

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IN THE NEGATIVE—Messrs. Alfred Allen, Jas. W. Anderson, E. B. Bacheller, Jonathan R. Bailey, Joshua Barnes, Elisha Beazley, Joshua F. Bell, Wm. Bowling, Leroy Brinkly, R. J. Browne, Thos. S. Browne, Curtis F. Burnam, W. P. D. Bush, James Calvert, J. W. Campbell, Brutus J. Clay, Albert A. Curtis, Daniel E. Down. ing, John Draffin, John W. Finnell. Elijah Gabbert, Remus Gibson, Jacob Hawthorne, Wm. C. Ireland, Daniel W. Johns, J. M. Jones, Urban E. Kennedy, Perry S. Layton, Alexander Lusk, Thomas Z. Morrow, Richard Neel, H. S. Powell, William S. Rankin, Joseph Ricketts, J. C. Sayres, M. Smith, James P. Sparks, Harrison Tay. lor, Joshua Tevis, W. W. Warring, and Alex. T. White—41.

The same resolution was disagreed to in the Senate by the following vote, viz:

IN THE AFFIRMATIVE— Messrs. Alex. L. Davidson, Samuel E. DeHaven, Richard H. Field, W. W. Gardner, Robert E. Glenn, Jobn L. Irvan, Saml. H. Jenkins, Martin P. Marshall, Thornton F. Marshall, Nathan McClure, Isaac P. Miller, Wm. B. Read, and Ben. Spalding-13.

IN THE NEGATIVE~Mr. Speaker, (Fisk,) R. T. Baker, John B. Bruner, Asa Bryant, Jas. H. G. Bush, M. P. Buster, Harrison Cockrill, George Denny, Wm. C. Gillis, John K. Goodloe, Wm. L. Graves, Wm. Č. Grier, Asa P. Goover, John A. Prall, Albert G. Rhea, Jas. Speed, W. C. Whitaker, C. T. Worthington, and George Wright-19.

No. 99.
RESOLUTION to go into joint session to receive certain flags from the

Resolved by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of

That the General Assembly go into joint session this day at 12 o'clock, M., to receive from the Governor, to be deposited in the archives of the State, certain flags, and that the Senate be requested to repair to this House at that hour for the purpose indicated in this resolution.

Approved March 2, 1863.

No. 100.
RESOLUTION of thanks to Major Generals Rosecrans and Buell and

their officers and soldiers.
Resolved by the General Assembly of the Cemmonweulth of

1. That the thanks of this General Assembly are hereby tendered to Major General Rosecrans and the officers and soldiers under his command, for the skill, gallantry, and energy displayed by them in the general management o military affairs in the Department of the Cumberland, an


more especially for the glorious victory which crowned our arms at Stone River and Murfreesboro.

2. That their thanks are also due to Maj. General Buell, his officers and soldiers, for their zeal, energy, courage, and success in expelling from the borders of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, in the autumn of 1862, the Confederate invaders, under the rebel Generals Bragg and Kirby Smith, and especially rejoice in the splendid triumph of our arms at Chaplin Hills.

Approved March 2, 1863.

No. 101.
RESOLUTION concerning adjournment.
Resolved by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of
Kentucky :

That the resolution heretofore passed to adjourn this day sine die be rescinded, and that this General Assembly adjourn to-morrow at 2 o'clock, P. M., without day.

Approved March 2, 1863.

No. 102.
RESOLUTION to print and furnish to the members of the General

Assembly the resolutions concerning National Affairs.
Resolved by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of

That five thousand copies of the Federal resolutions adopted by this Legislature be furnished the members of the Legislature for distribution by the Public Printer, and that he be authorized to draw on the Auditor for the postage expended in forwarding the same to the members.

Approved March 2, 1863.

No. 103.
RESOLUTION of thanks to Corporal Edward C. Hockersmith and

private John T. Gunn.
Resolved by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of

That the thanks of the State of Kentucky be tendered to Corporal Edward C. Hockersmith and private John T. Gunn, members of the 21st Kentucky volunteer regiment, for their gallant and heroic conduct at the battle of Stone River, on the 2d day of January, 1863, in protecting and


defending the flag of the 21st Kentucky voluntcer regi. ment, this day presented to the Legislature of Kentucky, and that the Governor of this Commonwealth be and he is hereby requested to forward to each of said gallant heroes a copy of this resolution.

Approved March 3, 1863.

No. 104.
RESOLUTION concerning the removal of Col. John H. McIIenry, Jr.

Resolved by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of
Kentucky :

That we have witnessed with pride the gallant conduct of Col. John H. McHenry, Jr., late commander of the 17th Kentucky regiment of volunteers, and do heartily indorse and approve the order made by him in October last, construing it, as we do, to mean that he would expel from his lines, and permit their owners to take in possession, all runaway slaves found within his camp.

Approved March 3, 1863.

No. 105.
RESOLUTION for the benefit of Willis W. Gardner.
Resolved by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of
Kentucky :

That the Auditor of Public Accounts is hereby directed
to draw his warrant on the Treasurer in favor of W. W.
Gardner for mileage for traveling to and returning from
Frankfort at the August session of the Legislature, 1862.

Approved March 3, 1863.

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