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lawyer venture to give him any legal advice or would he not rather direct him to the door, and let the poor fellow ascertain his rights as best he could 3 Without doubt, the latter service would be rendered much oftener than the former. If, then, our conceptions are right of the nature of our Constitution, we would ask, with all due seriousness, are we going to change it 2 Are we going to precipitate our country into a worse than a savage state : Is it wanted to bring upon this land the darkness of heathenism to produce a state of society as degraded as that of the most bemighted nation on earth ; and, as a consequence, prevent the anticipations of the great and good men, who desired to restore man to his long lost rights, from being ever realized : Must the blood and treasure that has been so profusely expended have gone for naught: Is there no way to prevent such a catastrophe Must it be this continent is to be turned into a great piggery, a great sty, for the purpose of raising man, immortal man, to be sold as the brute, to be yoked and fettered, and driven about like the ox or the swine 7 and though not yet consumed like them, yet is there any certainty we shall not so find it 2 If we can already suppose he can take the place of the lower animals in so many ways, may he not in all 2 There are cannibals in the world; and is there any surety, if we depart from the principle of the immortality of man, and herd him with the brute, we shall consider him any thing more than a brute, and treat him as such Is it, we say, for such purposes this continent was given to the AngloSaxon race, that the wild man of the woods driven out before him, that he might take his place to exercise such a foul dominion ? Can it be God designed such a consummation ? Can it be he permitted those who worshipped him, though ignorantly, and much superstition and barbarism were mingled with their devotions, but who roamed with freedom throughout this panorama of beauty, and sent forth their orisons in praise of him who created it, to be driven out to give place to a race who would treat his image with contempt, and cause all knowledge of himself and his government to be lost, that man's brutish passions might be pampered, and that distress, and pain, and anguish, and heart burnings, and tears, and blood, should take the place of such devotions 2 God forbid it cannot be. No ! The system of slavery must be broken up! Our southern friends cannot look upon such a picture, and such a true picture, without quailing; they must shrink back from contemplating the horrid results of their course of action they cannot continue to support a system which they must see is leading to inevitable destruction, so unworthy of men, so derogatory to right, so opposed to Christianity, to humanity, and the laws of God! Under cover of all their opposition, we cannot but think there lurks a consciousness they are committing a wrong; and, if they have this consciousness, they will, sooner or later, exercise it. They will not be guilty of so outraging the purposes of the Deity; they will not change this paradise into a hell, where every foul bird, and that that maketh a lie hovers and deceives! No, we will think better things of our neighbors, and trust, though we have at times had our faith shaken, that, since they have had their attention so thoroughly aroused by the thousand publications on the subject, they will repent, and restore their brother man to that dignity which our Constitution, nature, and God, hath designed him. If, however, this is not to be the end, and our courts decide the descendants of Africa are to be thrown out of all government protection, that they are to be left to the mercy of irresponsible men to treat them as they list, or even to the tender mercies of a State, when that State can use the barbarity towards them that Alabama, Arkansas, and Missouri have done, in commanding all free colored people to leave their several States under heavy penalties, or making it impossible for them to be freed; better these United States be broken up at once ; we see no object in their union The purposes for which the union was designed is not the actuating one for which it is to be continued, and it should be so understood. In the original design, the liberty of all persons was to be secured; in the present, only a part ; for if the descendants of the African race can now be made slaves without remorse, it cannot be long before the descendants of the Anglo-Saxon will be, if they are not already, under the same disabilities, with as little compunction of conscience, and the

fears of Patrick Henry will be more than realized. But, as we have remarked before, we do not believe this will be the case; and we trust we shall yet be able to say these United States will do what Mrs. Hannah More said England would, during the contest for destroying the legality of the slavetrade :

“Shall Britain, where the soul of freedom reigns,
Forge chains for others she herself disdains 2
Forbid it, Heaven O let the nations know
The liberty she tastes she will bestow;
Not to herself the glorious gift confined,
She spreads the blessing wide as human kind,
And, scorning narrow views of time and place,
Bids all be free in earth's extended space.
What page in human annals can record
A deed so bright as human rights restored 2
O may that godlike deed, that shining page,
Redeem our fame and consecrate our age;
And let this glory mark our favored shore,
To curb false freedom, and the true restore

And see the cherub MERCY, from above
Descending, softly quits the sphere of love!
On Britain's Isle she sheds her heavenly dew,
And breathes her spirit o'er the favored few ;
From Soul to soul the generous influence steals,
Till every breast the soft contagion feels.
She speeds exulting to the burning shore,
With the best message angels ever bore;
Hark! t is the note that gave a Saviour's birth, –
Glory to God on high, and peace on earth !

As the mild spirit hovers o'er the coast,
A fresher hue the withered landscape boasts:
Her healing smiles the ruined scenes repair,
And blasted nature wears a joyous air,
Whilst she proclaims through all her spicy groves,
Henceforth your fruits, your labors, and your loves,
All that your sires possessed or you have sown,
Sacred from plunder, all is now your own.”


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