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We are indebted to our brethern of the Press, and many that with nations as well as individuals, what they sow friends, for the most flattering commendations of our com- they will reap. Trusting that the people in both sections

will see the folly of thrusting their extreme opinions upon pilation of the "Logic of History," &c., and we make

the other, and that your work may tend to produce this room for the following, as samples of the general whole: result,

I am very truly Yours &c.


[From the Waukesha Democrat.] Albany, January 18th, 1864.

"LOGIC OF HISTORY" OR "SCRAPS FROM MY SCRAP BOOK." SIR:I have read with great interest that part of your

--This is the the title of a work about to be published by book entitled, "Five Hundred Political Texts," which you

S. D. Carpenter, Esq., editor of the Wisconsin Patriot.

This work will be an invaluable book of reference, of some sent me. I do not hesitate to say that it is a work which

360 every friend of Constitutional Liberty should have in his pages, neatly printed and bound, containing five hunpossession. No one who cares for public events can be

dred political texts. In this work the author goes back to without it. It is not only of great importance at this

slavery iņ ancient times, and lays bare the effects of slavery time in its bearings upon the questions of the day, but it agitation and abolitionism to the present time; the desiro is also a valuable contribution to the history of evils which

of leading abolitionists to excite a war of the sections, and now afflict our country. I hope that it will be widely their encouragement of secession by acts and words, are circulated, and that all classes of conservative men will

all placed before the reader, properly indexed for convenaid in its sale. Truly yours, &c.,

ience of speakers and others.

HORATÍO SÉYMOUR. A copy of this work should be in the hands of every man. To S. D. Carpenter, Esq., Madison, Wisconsin.

From the Milwaukee Nows.] From the Conservative Members of the Wisconsin Legis- THE LOGIC OF HISTORY."-Mr. Carpenter, of the lature.]

Madison Patriot, has compiled in an attractive shape a SENATE AND ASSEMBLY CHAMBERS,

series of political facts, bearing upon the principal public CAPITOL OF WISCONSIN, Feb. 13, 1863. questions of the day. He proposes to publish them in a S. D. CARPENTER:

book of 350 pages, conveniently arranged in chapters and The undersigned Democratic members of the Legisla- designed for reference in the approaching presidential tare of Wisconsin for the year 1864, having read your book

campaign. It will be conveniently indexed

for the use of so for as completed, entitled “Concentrated Extracts of editors, speakers and others, and be sold at the low price

of $1 50 per copy. Abolitionism" or "Logic of History,” beg, leave to assure you that your efforts in producing a book so much needed A publication of this character cannot fail to exert a in a crisis like this, is duly appreciated by us. This book

salutary influence and prove a valuable record for referought to be in the hands of every conservative man, for nothing can be so well calculated to open the eyes of the

[From the Chicago Times. people to the long cherished aims and purposes of the radicals. Your book settles the question of "loyalty," Patriot

, is preparing for

publication in book form a work

S. D. Carpenter, the editor of the Madison (Wisconsin) and we trust you may succeed in placing it in the hands of

called "Logic of History, or Scraps from my Scrap Book.". all conservative men.

The work includes political affairs from the beginning of SENATORS.)

the slavery agitation to the present time, and consists John E. Thomas, 1st Dist. H. P. Reynolds, 6th Dist.

mainly of the utterances of prominent men and newspaFred. 8. Ellis, 2d Dist. W. K. Wilson, 5th Dist.

pers in the abolitio-republican party, showing that it inG. L. Frost, 15th Dist. Fred. 0. Thorp, 4th Dist.

augurated and nurtured the treason which finally ruptur

ed the Union. The work will be a vade mecum for demo. Sat. Clark, 33d Dist.

John R. Bohan, 3d Dist. I. H. Earnest, 13th Dist. J. D. Clapp, 230 Dist.

cratic editors, speakers, and all classes of conservative Joseph Vilas, Ír., 19th Dist.


[From the Ozaukee Advertiser.]

THE LOGIC OF HISTORY.-Being Concentrated Extracts O. F. Jones, Dodge County. Geo. B. Smith, Dane.

from my Scrap Book, containing Five Hundred Political A. 8. Sanborn, Dane. W. J. Abrams, Brown.

Texts. By S. D. Carpenter, Editor of the WioconE. McGarry, Milwaukee. Carl Zillier, Sheboygan.

sin Patriot. David Smoke, Manitowoc. Robt. Hass, Jefferson.

The foregoing sufficiently indicates the character of the Max. Bachuber, Dodge. Robt. Cochrane, Marquette.

work, and make it evident that it is just the best thing J. W. Eviston, Milwaukee. Thos. Thornton, Manitowoc.

published for the purpose of carrying the campaign right Wm. Costigan, Waukesha. David, Knab, Milwaukee.

into the camp of the enemy. It ought to be in the hands Thomas McLean, Calumet. T. Dunn, Lafayette.

of every man who can talk, and if you are attacked by the Geo. Kreis, Outagamie. James Watts, Milwaukee.

abolition demagogues with their usual weapons, "secesJohn G. Daily, Dodge. Anton Frey, Milwaukee,

sionist," "traitor," "copperhead," just give them a shot H. Hildebrandt, Washington W.T.Bonniwell, Jr., Ozaukee

from "The Logic of History," and our word for it they B. Ringle, Marathon. F. T. Zettler, Mliwaukee.

will skedaddle, or if they don't there won't be enough N. Boutin, Kewannee.

left of them politically to make a grease spot. The work [From the Hon. L. B. Vilas, Chairman of the State Union will be properly indexed for the convenience of editors, Committee, of Wisconsin,]

speakers and others. MADISON, Feb. 1st, 1864.

[From the Shullsburg Local.] S, D. CABPENTER, ESQ.

SOMETHING WHICH EVERY DEMOCRAT SHOULD HAVE.-S. Sir: The facts contained in your "Logic of History," D. Carpenter, of the Madison Patriot, has in process of ought to be read and pondered by every American citizen. publication a' most valuable work, "Logic of History, or Fanaticism and extreine viows both North and South, to-Scraps from my Scrap Book,” which should be in the gether with public corruption, are the fruitful sources of hands of every democrat. At this time it is of immense onr national troubles.

value, as it contains a complete expose of the efforts of the The sooner we learn the true causes and correct them, abolitionists to destroy the Union, going back over a pethe sooner we shall have national unity, and its conse- riod of more than forty years. We cannot recommend it quent blessings. If the people desire peace and unity, too highly. It is particularly valuable at this time, when they must cease to do those things which inevitably pro- we must defend the position we occupy by facts, not idlo duces strife and disunion. The logic of all history proves declamation.


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(From the Manitowoc Pilot.)

[From the Monroe County Democrat.] "TALOGIC OF HISTORY.".-Mr. Carpenter, of the The title of the work is "Scraps from my Scrap Book," Madison Patriot, has been publishing in his paper for sev. and from a look at the table of contents, it appears to us a eral months past, extracts from republican papers, and work of extraordinary merit for purposes of referencs, and spoeches from republican orators for years, clearly show- one which should be in the hands of overy editor, politician ing that they are responsible for the commencement of the and public speaker in the country. It gives & succinct oxisting rebellion, and its continuance to the present time. documentary history of political abolition, secession, nulliHe is now preparing to print them in book form under the fication, etc. It will contain some 350 pages closely printabove title, and the work will be published some time ed, with a complete index, so that any extracts may be this month. A copy of it should be in the hands of every readily referred to. man who loves the Union.

From the Beaver Dam Argus:] [From the Jefferson Banner.]

LOGIC OF HISTORY.--S. D. Carpenter, of the Madison This book is intended for the use of editors and public Patriot, is compiling a work for the use of politicians, unspeakers, and it should be in the hands of every Demo

der the above title, which will contain some 350 pages, crat in the country. Whoever has a copy of this work in composed of the sayings of leading politicians and news. his possession, need not fear to be called "traitor," "cop

papers, and is particularly intended for the use of speakperhead," and the

like, for all he has to do will be to pull ers and editors in the campaign next summer. For that the volume out of his pocket, and cram a few Abolition purpose it will be just the thing, being divided into chapBentonces down the throats of those who assail him, and

ters and properly indexed. Some: fifteen chapters have they will soon learn to let him alone.

already been

published in the Patriot, and from an exanination of them, we would advise every democrat to pro

cure this volune. Then if he is attacked by an abolition[From the Fond du Lac Press.]

ist with the usual cry of "gecessionist,**.!!traitor;":"rebel * CONCENTRATED EXTRACTS OF ABOLITIONIEM” is the sympathizer, &c., he can straightway give a “solid title of a new book soon to be issued from the press of the shot” from "The Logic of History,"

which will cause any Madison Patriot. We have had the benefit of its con- abolitionist to "retreat in disorder." It is the first work tents published in the Patriot, and do not hesitate to say of the kind ever published in this state, and should be that it will be of great value as a book of reference. largely circulated by the democrats of Wisconsin.

Terms-Single copies $1.50; five copios to one address, [From the Mineral Point Intelligencer.]

each $1.40; Ten$1.30. Postage and other charges.extra. The work will be valuable, and should be in the hands

[P. S.--It will be seen that different partios refer to our of every man who desires to keep himself. posted in political affairs. The cost 18 trifling compared with its value, work under different titles, which will be readily explainand who desire it should send for it at once. Single copied by the plurality of tities to tho work itself, but which ios $100.

did not accompany its newspaper publication. ) *

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