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pose of expressing sympathy for John Brown. , the blood of Old Brown will become the seed of Dr. FURNESS and LUCRETIA MOTT were an

that very conflict hitherto mentioned only by

word of mouth.” -Mil. Sentinel nounced as the speakers.

, The saint whose fate yet hangs in suspense, "EXECUTION OF JOHN BROWN. - Before but whose martyrdom, if it shall be perfected, this article reaches the eye of those for whom will make the gallows as glorious as the cross.' it was intended, Virginia will have wreaked. - Ralph Waldo Emerson, at the Tremont Temple, her purposes on the body of JOHN BROWN, Boston. and he will be dead.

It is not disputed that John Brown had violated the stat

"Brown has done for liberty in our country utes--rendered himself liable to the fate which what few of our citizens have done, since the has overtaken him. Why this universal feel- day of patriotic devotion on the great battleing, attention and excitement, with reference fields of the Revolution.".-Rev. M. P: Kinney, to this case? It is simply this, through all Janesville, Wis. the mist which obscures it, and all the laws "We disclaim sympathy with Brown's scheme referred to as justifying it, the grand fact is of emancipation, but we regret that so brave a patent, that JOHN BROWN is CRUCIFIED as

man should fall a victim tū the generous imthe representative of an idea-of a principle of pulses of his patriotic heart." Menasha importance to humanity, and dear to the in

Wis.) Conservator. stincts of every human heart." -Milwaukee Free Democrat, Dec. 2, 1859.

"A man will suffer death to-day because he

fought for the liberty of a subject race, and for "The gallows of Join BROWN, said EMER- the honor of the Republic.”--Mil. Atlas, SON, will be glorified, not as the cross, but like (German Rep.) the cross, [a distinction without a difference, ] and so it will, because the gallows of JOHN

"John Brown's body may not be, but his BROWN, as the cross, is used to persecute principles are imperishable.?Milwaukee Free ideas, or great principles of enduring ben Democrat. efit and necessity to humanity, and as the ideas

"While the responsive heart of the North of christianity received from the cross their has been substantially sympathizing with the most potent and enduring impulses, so will liberty leap from the scaffold, when John the great soul itself has passed away into eter

one whom they admire and venerate, and love, Brown's spirit is dismissed, with an impulse nal heavens. During the eighteen centuries which shall hereafter know no check, until its

which have passed, no such character has apmission is accomplished."-Ibid.

peared anywhere. The galleries of the reans may wrangle and split hairs, and dispute forts to save him were fruitless. Prayers were "Man proposes and God disposes. Politici- sounding ages echo with no footfall mightier

-. over the nice shades of legal and moral guilt involved in this matter, [John Brown's but unavailing.. He stood before his murderers deit passes at once, so far as popular heart and fiantly, asking no mercy. judgment are concerned, out from under all

"Bewildered not and daunted not, the shiftsubtleties, into the broad field-into the "irre ing scenes of his life's drama, at the last, pressible conflict,” waging between barbarism brought to him neither regrets nor forebodings. ( by slavery on one hand, and christianity [that in imitation of the Divine, received with forti

that is, opposition to murder] as represented him to do, this apostle of a new dispensation, is, murder and rapine] as represented by free in imitation of the Divine, received with fortidom on the other._Ibid.

tude his baptism of blood! And this behold

ing, the heavens opened, and Jesus standing at “So far as they express sympathy for the the right hand of the throne of God this last of honest, brave, but misguided and infatuated Christian martyrs stepped proudly and calmly individual, who to-day falls a victim to his own upon the scaffold, and thence upward into the indiscretion, and defiance of law, we accord embrace of angels, and into the General Asassent and approval." --- Wisconsin State Jour- sembly and Church of the First Born, whose

names are written in heaven." —New York "I will apply the sentiment befere I close,

Tribune, Dec. 2, 1859. once applied to GEORGE HILLIARD to GARRI- "Old Brown, Esq., is supposed to have been SON; he said the time will come when Massa- strangled to-day, for obeying the Golden Rule.” chusetts will not find the marble white enough - Wood County (Wis.) Reporter. on which to write the name of Garrison, and I will say that the day is not far distant when We have thus devoted considerable space Virginia will not be able to find the slab pure to the foregoing treasonable vaporings, partly enough to bear the carved name of John to exhibit the history of the times—partly to Brown. (Applause.")-Speech of the Rev. Mr. Staples at the John Brown Meeting, Mil., show the general sympathy of the leading ReDec. 2, 1859.

publicans with the avowed aims of John Brown, "Virginia, herself, has crowned the very to bring on civil war and dissolye the Unionspirit of agitation that she ought to allay, and partly to show the holy and pious reverence in

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which both murderers and traitors were held other crime of equal magnitude would; but the by those who not only hate the Government of general and almost universal endorsement their fathers, but canonize its destroyers às which this development received from the rulworthy of all honor--that power and spoils ing majority of the North-their laudations of may come.

the Godlike qualities of this old reprobate, Let us enquire why all this holy horror at horse thief and murderer, filled the South with the execution of John Brown. Who and what just alarm, and horrified the friends of the was he, that he should be assigned the highest Union everywhere. From that moment it was niche in the Abolition Pantheon, as the "equal considered the death knell of the Union," as of Jesus Christ," and "not to be mentioned JEEFERSON had predicted. No Government on the same day with.George Washington." John earth could stand such a shock and survive.Brown was a Kansas horse thief and murder: We don't mean the shock of the handful of He devoted his time in that territory in

men under Brown, and their 2,500 pikes, but making incursions into Missouri, in stealing, the "rear support” of that mighty “reserve!! robbing and killing innocent persons, who had that filled the entire North with impious "branever harmed him in the least, for proof of vos" for the actors in the first skirmish, which which we refer to the Kansas Investigating was so certain to usher in the "Impending report, made by a Republican committee, and Crisis” so vividly foretold by Hilton, the abopublished by order of the Republican House of lition Helper. Under such a pressure of open, Representatives. His gross and brutal murder undisguised sympathy as existed everywhere at of the Doyles, the Wilkinsons, and the robbe- the North, he that can acquit the abolition parries he committed, are set out in that report ty of being particeps criminis, both before and under oath. He then went to the Egyptian after the fact, must carry more pounds of chardepartment of Canada, opened a line of com- ity than the largest iron clad can of steam.munication with Abolitionists in Boston, who This ebullition of Northern riot plainly told furnished him men and money to carry out his the South to prepare for war, after the first (no, not his, but their) infamous schemes to blow had been struck. It was the beat of the dissolve the Uniou.

“long roll”—the reveille of battle. And still, The Abolitionists of Boston, the descend

we are toll that slavery is the cause of the ants in a regular line of those who resolved it "unbecoming in a religious and moral people

True, a few men at the South calmly folded to rejoice at the victories, obtained by our arms

their arms, and with a grim smile welcomed over the enemy”-knew too well the aims and the shock as the harbinger of that conflict

which was to destroy the Union they had so purposes of Brown, for they had assisted in his plans, and had replenished his exchequer, long hated. Says Yancy, the head devil of

Southern secessionists: and when the telegraph announced the failure of his emeute, there was a fluttering among the

"The blow is a severe one.

one. We can well marplots of Boston. They feared that on the afford the blow-the pain is sweet, for it will

accomplish more in aid of disunion than all the trial some damning testimony would ex- platforms, resolves and agitations of a lifepose their share of the plot, and hence they time." resolved that "no man shall be forced by law or otherwise, to leave Massachusetts, to attend of the Milwaukee District Convention, com

In the published report of the proceedings the trial."

The prospect at one time seemed clear that posed of thirty-one churches-six Presbyterian the whole bubble would explode, and all the

and twenty-five Congregational-held at Hart guilty be brought to punishment.

ford, Washington county, Wisconsin, in 1859, Gerrit

we find the following: Smith became suddenly excited and was sent to the lunatic assylum as a "raving maniac," ration and guilt of our country, in having

"Resolved, That we mourn over the degenebut as soon as the main witness "leaped the brought any of her citizens to the necessity of scaffold," he recovered.

disobedience to human law, in order to render Had the entire North, as one man, denounced loyalty to the laws of heaven !! the apparently fool-hardy foray of John Brown, The following graphic article from the New the whole thing would have passed off as any! York Herald of December, 1859, when read by


the light of subsequent events, is in some re

notion that John Brown was insane. On the spects prophetic-yet that kind of phrophesy contrary he was 'the sword in the hand of a

high power, the finger of God writing upon the which comes by knowledge that cause is certain wall of Belshazzar's palace the doom of tyto produce its effect:

rants. The reverend fire-brand then goes on

to institute a comparison betweer the case of "The meeting at Tremont Temple, in Bos-John Brown and that of Crispus Attucks, the ton, on Saturday, for the benefit of the family colored man who was the first Boston victim of of John Brown,' a report of which appeared the American Revolution, and whose remains in our issue of yesterday, is a significant fact, the people of Boston followed to the grave in a sign of the times, whose import cannot be long processions, and years after celebrated mistaken. Following up the letters and lec- the anniversary of the massacre, till at last the tures, the editorial articles, speeches and ser

celebration was changed to the Forth of July. mons, which have been already laid before our

Daniel Webster had said that from the day of readers, and which all look in the same di- the Boston massacre was dated the disruption rection, that meeting is well calculated to

of the British empiré. So might it be with cause alarm throughout the land. If it stood the death of John Brown and some others. alone, or if the rabid anti-slavery sentiment to

"Daniel Webster might say hereafter that which it gave, such violent and war-like ex

from the moment when John Brown swung bepression, were confined to a few fanatics at the tween heaven and earth, might be dated the North, the thing might be treated as simply beginning of the end of American slavery and ridiculous, but when we regard this demon. the disruption of the American Union: Thus stration as a symptom or outburst at one point is the parallel rendered complete. The first of an inflammation which has seized the whole revolution began in the death of Crispus AtRepublican party, and when we see the viru- tucks, the colored man. The second will begin lent poison of which that party is full, bursting in the death of John Brown. The first was a forth at all points, then, indeed, there is cause sanguinary struggle of seven long years. The for the most gloomy apprehension, especially second is to be of the same character, taking when the conservative element, the salt of the its hue and complexion) from the events at body politic, designed to preserve it from pu- Harper's Ferry, and according to the Rev. Mr. trification and from being resolved into its Wheelock, inaugurating the new era of the original elements, stands back apathetic and anti-slavery cause,” in which "to moral agitainactive, waiting we suppose, for God to inter- tion will be added physical, to argument acpose by some special Providence, and forget- tion! for other devoted men will follow in the ting the grand old maxim that, 'Heaven al- wake of John Brown, and carry on to its full ways helps those who help themselves.'

results the work he has begun." It is the logic The meeting at Tremont Temple was nu

of bayonets, and rifles and pikes that is hencemerously attended, and a large number of forth to convince the slave holders of the ladies were present. The assemblage was South. called to order by Hon. John A. Andrew, leternal and heaven sustained nature of the

This, says Mr. Andrew, 'is the (now Governor of Massachusetts,) and cheek irrepressible conflict. The same gentleman by jowl with Wendell Phillips were Rev. J. invokes the holy memories of the old South M. Manning and Rev. Dr. Neal, the latter of Church, and then turns to the battle ground whom 'inyoked the Divine blessing,' and of

of Concord.' fered up prayer, thus throwing a religious in

"Ralph Waldo Emmerson follows up these gredient into the boiling cauldron of thellbroth, revolutionary parallels by tracing the genealogy in order to make it overflow into the fire, and of John Brown back to one of the pilgrims in set the house in flames.

the Mayflower, and showing that his grand"When the clergy encourage insurrection father was a Revolutionary captain, and and civil war, and that with the approbation of the people, and even of the gentler sex, we

"Our Captain Brown,' says Mr. Emmerson, 'is happily

a representative of the American Republic. He did not are come upon dangerous times.

Such was

believe in moral suasion, but in putting things through!' the fanaticism that prevailed at the meeting, that a letter from a clergyman of milder coun

"No doubt in the next edition of Emmerson's sels, who declined to attend, and took the op- Representative Man,' the name of John portunity of stating his reasons, while contra- Brown will have a most conspicuous place. dicting a public announcement that he was to “What a favorite will he be in history,' continues the be present, was hissed because he said he at abolition leader. "Nothiug can resist it. No man dare first understood that both sides of the question believe that there exists in their generation another man as

' were to be discussed-an idea the Hon. Mr. worthy to live, as deserving of public and private honors. Andrews pronounced ridiculous, as it was

"The extremists in the French Revolution hardly likely that at such a meeting there was set up a naked courtesan for public worship as any one present who thought there were two the Goddess of Liberty. The orators of the sides to the question as to whether "John second American Revolution propose the apothBrown's family should be left to starve. No eosis of John Brown, after he dies the death of doubt they were all of the numerous of a murderer on the gallows-a man of whom the John Brown, who, we are assured by Rev. leading journalists of his own party in Kansas Mr. Wheelock, count a million in the North. has admitted, that he took five respectable men

H'Rev. Mr. Manning rejected prith scorn the heads of families-out of their beds at dead

hour of night, and mutillated and murdered | (Cheers.) I asked them to play the great poem them in cold blood. This, no doubt, Garrison, or great epic which told to the world that the Rev. Messrs. Manning and Neal, and the rest, soul of that martyr, who fell because of his would call "doing God's service, and the brig- hostility to slavery, was still marching on, and and and the assassin, stained with the blood | I tell you gentlemen, it is marching on. (Cries of his fellow-men, will be worshipped after of that's so," and tremendous cheering) John death. His gallows will be the emblem and Brown's knapsack is not only strapped to his symbol of nigger redemption, and bits of the back, but his soul is marching on; aye, his soul rope with which he will be hanged, will be sold is commingling with yours. Now, gentlemen, at enormous prices, and be venerated, like pie- in conclusion let me ask the band (a year ago ces of the true cross. He will be regarded as the band that came here scarcely knew the a second Saviour, whose sacrificial blood has tune) to play John Brown; for I suspect it has

His words and acts become as familiar to you as the “Star Spanwill become a new gospel, and the evangelists gled Banner” or “Hail Columbia.” (Applause) of revolution will present it from Maine to

Do not such insane things prove the prophecy Virginia.

"Mr. Emerson gave the true interpreta- of the Herald. tion to the object of the meeting and of the collection of the “sinews of war, when he

(From the Kansas Herald of Freedom.) said:

cold John Brown came to Kansas late in the

summer or fall of 1855--that he came armed "I hope then, that in addition to our relief to the fami. ly of John Brown, we shall endeavor to relieve all those and in a peculiar manner that these arms in whose behalf he suffers, and all those who are in sym

were furnished him in the State of New York pathy with him, and not forget to aid him alsn, in the that their supply was made the condition of best way, by securing freedom and independence in Mass

his coming here-that he showed a bloodthirstachusetts itself."

iness peculiarly his own, during the Waukarusa "What Mr. Emerson means by the latter, he War, in December of that year, and that noreplies :

where in his whole Kansas history do we find "He says that if any citizens of that State is summoned

a particle of evidence that he desired to cultias a witness to Virginia, the process of law must be resist- vate the principles of peace. ed by force, if habeas corpus will not do, that becomes a

"We sincerely hope that the future historians nuisance, and the citizens must rely upon the substance,

of Kansas will take pains to post themselves instead of the empty form-in other words, we must go back to the original right of resistance and revolution, on these subjects, that they may not do injusand nullify the constitution, and the laws ? For such an tice to innocent parties. "Old John Brown has object Mr". Emerson intimates that pecuniary and other figured as a hero in Kansas. The time will aid will be wanted.

come when history will be ventilated, and in"Thus is the Republican party hurried along stead of a hero, he will stand before the counon the dark stream of its destiny by a power try in his true character. Under cover of which its moderate leaders cannot resist. The night, in the name of religion, he committed party consists of two elements-one the politi-crimes too base for common sinners to meddle cal, the other the fanatical. The political with." wants merely spoils and power, and to that end keeps up the anti-slavery agitation, in Thus ends our quotations on this subject. which it has no faith. The other element- We have shown that there was nothing in the the fanatical, or abolition, pure and simple, life or character of this old horse thief and is perfectly sincere, like John Brown, and is rapidly leavening the whole party. Already murderer, John Brown, calculated to draw the Republicans are more than half Abolition- after him the prayers; the good wishes, or even ized, and the process is still going on, at a fear, the sympathies of the wise or virtuous. We

. away by the resistless current, and when the therefore, have the right to infer that all those politicians, who always go with the strongest who affected sympathy with John Brown, but side, find out the strength of the revolutionary manifested their own diabolical guilt, not element, they will yield themselves up to its merely as partakers in his crime at Harper's sweeping energy, preferring to be borne on the crest of the wave rather than to be over- Ferry, but that higher crime of purposely and whelmed beneath its weight."

treasonably aiding à rebelliön to break up the

Union. A stretch of unbounded charity may In a speech in Philadelphia, 1863, Colonel

possibly snatch a few "misguided fanatics?? FORNEY delivered himself as follows:

from the category of wilful treason, but history “A year ago this night, when an assemblage will not-cannot-exhonorate them from connot so enthusiastic as this did me the honor to pay me a visit, I took a liberty with them; and sequential guilt. for that I have since that time been slandered To the guilty Southern disunionists, the by all the copperheads, from Wm. H. Reed, to general Northern endorsement of John Brown Chas. J. Biddle, ("up or down" as you may please to make it.) I asked the band to play

was a God send. They saw in it the means to à national hymn, the hymn of John Brown develope to the full a Southern disunion party,

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orn Nullification a Twin of Southern Nullification...


endorses Wisconsin.


and the most fervent appeals were made by

Judge Smith Scouts the Consequences of His Own Acts

... The Seven Points as Proof... The State Journal” Yancey, Toombs, Rhett, Davis and other declares “Dissolution no Misfortune"... Republicans

Resolve to “Revolutionize the Government”...RepubSouthern traitors, to arouse the spirit of alarm

lican Payers for Dissolution... To Sustain the Decision of in the Southern mind, and they met with a

the Federal Court declared a Crime... Republicans claim

that Judge Paine.was elected expressly to Defy the Fedsuccess which no other events had enabled them

eral Court... Disunionists in Mass Convention...General to gloat over.

Government again Defied...Republicans endorse South

ern Nullification ... Wisconsin Legislature “Positively It gives us no pleasure to record these dis- Defies" the Federal Government... Substitute to Sustain:

the Government Voted Down...Doolittle's Views... Northgraceful facts, but when our Gibbon shall take his unbiased pen to write out the impartial

Wisconsin endorses South Carolina and South Carolina history of our Greece and our Rome, he will thank us 1or collecting these facts, so conve

0, pity, God, this miserable age !nient for his purpose, and when the crimes of

What strategems ! how fell ! how butcherly, this age shall be foliood, not by the penny-a

Erroneous, mutinous, unnatural,

This deadly quarrel daily doth beset!" liner or cheap pamphleteer, but by the histo

[King Henry VI

“ Between the acting of a dreadful thing rian, who shall look through the telescope of

And the first motion, all the interim is truth, without bias, and scanning the designs Like a phantasma, or a hideous dream ;

The genius and the mortal instruments of faction through the long vista of the then Are there in council, and the state of a man, past, shall present the "logic of our history'

Like a little kingdom, suffers then

The nature of an insurrection." to our children's children, as we now read that

[Shakespeare's Julius Cæsar. of our father's fathers.

During the life of this Government, it has That the Kansas conflict was stimulated, and experienced four shocks of sesession. Startle the Harper's Ferry affair consummated, and not, for such is the truth of history. Sesession afterwards so boldly endorsed, for the express does not necessarily consist in actually taking purpose of so exciting the Northern mind as to up arms and mustering hostile forces against cast the entire Northern electoral vote for an the General Government, but it consists in exclusively Northern candidate in 1860—that treasonable resolves, defiant denunciations and this great leading fact will appear in the un- authoritative declarations by the people by. biased history of the future together with a full legislative bodies, and by Supreme Court deexpose of its criminal Caims and purposes, we cisions, positively defying the General Governhave not the slightest doubt.

ment. As we have already seen, Massachusetts, On looking back upon the events of the short Connecticut and Rhode Island seceded from past, our only wonder is that civil war had not the Union in 1814. They were the pioneers in actually broken out in 1859. The fact that it the criminal work of sesession, and by the did not, will astonish all who can appreciate blue light of the Hartford Convention, we the explosive materials of which the American read their treasonable anathemas, their crimicharacter is composed.

nal hatred of our Common Country, and their threats of positive defiance," hurled boldly against the General Government.


Union, as far as that treasonable State could, The Four Shocks of Secession : 1st, New England ; 2a, without successful revolution. She bid posiSouth Carolina ; 3d, Wisconsin ; 4th, The Confederate tive defiance to the

tive defiance to the General Government, and States.., Wisconsin Bids - Positive Defiance" General Government...Constitutional Provisions Rela

threatened to, and did resist its laws. tive to Judicial Dicisions... A Premeditated Conspiracy to take Wisconsin Out of the Union...Complete Chrono

In 1854 and to 1859 Wisconsin followed in the logical History of the Booth Case, and Judicial Action wake of old treasonable Massachusetts, and thereon... The Federal Supreme Court declare that Wisconsin was the first to Set Up the Supremacy of the traitorous South Carolina. Yes, Wisconsin Arsenal, and Seize Arms to Defy the Power of the seceded from the Union ! So far as it was posGovernment...Judge Paine's "Eloquent Extract"...Op-sible for the reigning majority to take her out position to Law Placed Judge P. on the Bench... The Rescue Leaguers... Republican Meeting to Denounce of the Union, they did it. The Supreme Bound by the Decision of the Federal Court... The Cons Court, composed of members who were elected stitution Quoted... Lloyd Garrison declares Fugitive Law, expressly on the issue of defiance to the Gener

. on Habeas Corpus and Jury Trial for Negroes... Opposi- al Government, took the broad ground of Caltion to the General Government a Political Test...The houn nullification, and seceded from the au" Wisconsin State. Journal” on said Test... Various Re. publican Papers on the Test...Judge Smith's Opinion... thority of the Federal Government. The ExNo Precedent to Sustain It... What Senator Howe said...


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