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What a lovely prospect for the people of the V. and his friends, while no Abolitionist has North! After this war is over-while our ever asked to have CONWAY punished, or in hands are in,'-[blood] we, the partizans of any manner interfered with. The reason and the Administration, in the army, will imbue the only reason is as plain as the sun at midour hands in the blood of our Northern broth- day-CONWAY votes the Republican ticket and ers and neighbors, who have not agreed with is in favor of the Radical scheme to break up all the President has done, or may do! This this Union-VALLANDIGHAM is right the reis literally what these bloodthirsty marplots verse way of thinking, and has exposed their

. We are making history which we can- treason. not escape." BROUGH'S APPEAL FROM THE BALLOT TO THE

H. BERTRAM, Colonel of the 20th Wis. Vol., JOHN BROUGH, the candidate for Governor published in the Wisconsin State Journal of of Ohio, against Mr. VALLANDIGHAM, in one April 18, 1863, a series of resolutions, which of his campaign speeches in Ohio, in 1863, he claims were nearly unanimously passed by said:

said regiment [its officers), from which we se"What will be the effect of electing Mr. lect the third resolution, as bloody enough for Vallandigham Governor of Ohio? I will tell a MARAT : you what will be the effect of it. It will bring civil war into your State-civil war into your loudly and so lithly about the suspension of

-66 Resolved, That those who complain so own homes upon the soil of yoar jwn State the writ of habeas corpus and the institu--for I tell you there is a mighty mass of men

tion of martial law in time of actual steel, who will never permit this dishonor to be rebellion, ought themselves to be suspended be

tween heaven and earth by a few yards of hemp consummated in their native State."

well adjusted around their necks." In plain language then, this meant that if the

Neither in France or Austria would such people should elect Mr. VALLANDIGHAM

demoniac resolutions be tolerated over the sigBROUGH's friends, and the administration would have inaugurated civil war in the State, and enlightened” country, anything to obtain

nature of military officers. But in this - free and put him down by force. What a commentary on free government!




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A Washington correspondent of the Wiscon

The Boston Commonwealth, in admitting the sin State Journal (supposed to be a United wicked and unlawful means resorted to by the State’s Senator) under date of May 6th, 1863, Administration to carry the elections. attempts said:

to justify the monstrous wrongs: • The morning papers bring the announce

"We do not find fault with the machinery ment of the arrest of the notorious Vallandig- used to carry Maryland and Delaware. Having ham who for the last eight. months has been nearly lost the control of the House by its flooding the country with treasonable speeches, blunders in the conduct of the war from and no doubt some of his disciples and co-lab. March, 1861, to the fall of 1862, the Adminisorers in Wisconsin are already writing long tration owed it to the country to recover that editorials against arbitrary arrests,' styling control somehow. To recover it regularly was him the martyr of a military despotism. Their impossible; so irregularity had to be resorted time may come next! A brilliant success of the to. Popular institutions will not suffer, for the army may save them, but if our armies should copperhead element will have a much larger be repulsed, let them beware!".

number of members in both branches than it is

entitled to by its popular vote. Ohio, with its That these threats have not been carried in- ninety thousand Republican majority, will be to execution, shows no want of disposition, but represented by five Republicans and a dozen or only the lack of brute courage.

more Copperheads. It is fitting that this misCONWAY vents open threats right in the very great state of the West should be offset, if ne,

representation of p»pular sentiment in the portals of the Capitol, and within its halls, by cessary, by a loyal delegation from Maryland advocating a dissolution of the Government.- and Delaware, won even at the expense of miliVALLANDIGHAM never uttered a sentiment of tary interference. : If laws are silent amid the

clank of arms, we must take care that the age that kind, and yet these terrible threats and a gregate public opinion of the country obtains - black cloud of denunciations are burled at Mr. recognition somehow or other."

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THE NEW YORK INDEPENDENT BOASTS OF THE ) ing document, and was printed by the million,

and circulated throughout the North and the In speaking of the spring elections, the New South-the expense being equally divided beYork Independent said:

tween the secessionists and the Republicans. "The Administration, for the first time since the portion of these incendiary documents it came into power, used its legitimate influance falling to the Republicans, were sent all over on the right side in the New Hampshire election, the North, as plentiful as autumn leaves, under and the second occasion was in Connecticut."

the franks of Republican members of ConThis l'infinence” consisted in sending such gress. We have one before us that came under and only such soldiers home as would pledge the frank of "JAS.. R. DOOLITTLE, M. C.?? themselves to vote the Abolition ticket, and re- Yes, this speech, which contained doctrines fuse to allow any Democrat to go. And this is that slavery must be protected in all the territhat Administration that come into power on tories, by law, ühat it was held sacred there by the promise of freedom and reformi God save the constitution, and which also contained the the mark.

most florid puffs on ABRAHAM LINCOLN, was sent broad-cast over the North by Republicans, acting as twin coadjutors with the Southern re

bels. In speaking of the relative merits of CHAPTER XXXV.


ern fire-eater said: THE DRAFT, &C.

" His (Douglas') adversary (Mr. LINCOLN) The Rebels Hate the Democracy and Sympathize with the stood upon principle (in the Illinois Senatorias Radicals....General Remarks... Benjamin's Speech in 1860 Canvass), and was beaten, and lo! he is the

Breckinridge Seceshers Toasted with Office, &c... Rich- candidate of a mighty party for the Presidency mond Examiner on Vallandigham, Cox, &c... Mobile Register on Democrats and Abolitionists.... The Draft ys.

of the United States." Volunteering.... Volunteering a Success....Wilson's and

This was said to the praise of LINCOLN, and Fessenden's Admissions....Thad Stevens on “Alarming Expenses"....Too many Troops to pay, but none to Spare the disparagement of Mr. DOUGLAS. Through. McClellan... General Remarks, &c... The number of Men called for....Cameron's Eulogy on Volunteering...Cost of out the whole speech, not one word is uttered Conscription....Opinions of the Republican Press on the against Mr. LINCOLN, or what the South pre-, Draft.... Albany Statesman...The Draft in Rhode Island ....A candid Statement by a Republican paper....The tended to believe his heresies, but DOUGLAS Conscription in Massachusetts....A mysterious Draft in New York.... Result of Draft in ninth District of Massa

was vehemently denounced.

And why was chusetts and eighth District of New York....Thurlow this? Because there had no doubt been an Weed on “Sneaks"....Drafting in the time of the Revolution.... Remarks Thereon,

agreementman understanding between the two

wings of Disunionists, to help elect LINCOLN, THE DEMOCRACY

and as soon as he was elected, this same BenSYMPATHIZE WITH THE ABOLITION

jamin and his rebel followers were to claim

the election as a cause for secession! That the Southern rebels have from the start

One of the main objections to Mr. DOUGLAS hated the Northern Democracy and gave pre- was, as seen on page 4 of said speech, that he ference to the Abolitionists, because they (the had acted 's consistent with his former course. abolitionists) hate the old Union, has been such were the means resorted to by these twin known and appreciated ever since the campaign factions to break the last link (the Democratic of 1860. During that campaign it is well known party) that existed between the North and the that the secessionists and Republicans worked South. All other links—the churches and civil together, cheek-by-jowl, for a common purpose relations, had long before been sundered. --that common purpose was a division of the

Now, take these facts in connection with the Democratic party, that a division of the Union treasonable utterances of the leaders of the might follow. This is a hard charge, but.when party in power--their votes—their resolutions read by the light of confessions, which abound their anathemas against the Union--in in this work, no other proof is wanting. short, their former and their present attitude

On the 22d of May, 1860, the great rebel with regard to the Union as it was, and the leader, J. P. BENJAMIN, a Senator from Lou- Constitution as it is”-and also take what folisiana, made a gross and unprovoked attack on

lows in this chapter-and who that has sense STEPEN A. DOUGLAS, and called it a speech and patriotism combined can doubt that the This was expressly intended as an electioneer- / sad events of the past thirty months have not



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been the result of an understanding,'? clear the Abolition ticket in New York. Hundreds and well defined, to break up the Union? and thousands of others were likewise rewarded'

The mad schemes and disunion purposes of by the abolitionists for their subserviency to the BRECKINRIDGE faction were as well known the destroyers of our Union, all of which show (we make a few honorable exceptions for those that it pays to have been an advocate of seceswho were really blinded) as they are now.- sion candidates and the extreme southern docThe fact that they contemplated disunion was trine. Let the student of history draw his own patent, for, they boasted of it. Neither BRECK- conclusions from these facts.. INRIDGE nor his friends would answer the que. ries of Judge Douglas, propounded at Nor- JEFF. DAVIS' OFFICIAL ORGAN ON DEMOCRATS. folk, as to their designs at revolution. And The Richmond Examiner, the especial organ still, the Republicans took these traitors to of JEFF. DAVIS, in speaking of VALLANDIGtheir bosoms. They furnished the means to HAM and Cox, of Ohio, used this expressive establish and keep alive newspapers at the language, which shows where their rebel sym. North, in the interest of that faction, where pathies lie, April, 1863: they were not numerous enough to keep alive "We wish from our hearts they were both a 7x9 half-penny sheet. In all the state of already safely chained up at the present wriWisconsin the BRECKINRIDGE ticket only re

ting. They have done us mose harm--they and

their like-than ten thousand Sewards and ceived some 800 out of near 153,000 votes, and Sumners, We tremble to see their unwhole yet an expensive newspaper, called the Argus some advances, and still more to see a morbid & Democrat, was kept up at Madison, in that craving here to respond to them, under the destate, by Republican money, and it is well lusive idea of promoting intestine divisions at

the North. known that Republicans paid for and distrib

"Oh, Dictator Lincoln, lock ye up those two uted a large number of copies among the peace Democrats together with Richardsonpeople, nor was this all. One CALKINS, who

in some of your military prisons!", was the willing tool to defame Douglas and

THE MOBILE REGISTER SAYS "GIVE US SUCH advocate the secession platform through its

MEN AS SUMNER," columns, was rewarded by a fat office at the The Mobile Register, shortly after VALLANhands of the Republicans. N. B. VAN SLYKE, DIGHAM's deportation uttered the following reone of the BRECKINRIDGE electors in the same markable piece of cozening to the Abolitionstate, was rewarded by a fat and lucrative of- ists. Read: fice, as one of the military blessings that flowed

"We thank God from the depths of our from Republican hands. Another elector on hearts that the authorities at Washington snubthat ticket, in the same state, H. D. BARRON, bed Vice President Stephens in his late athas been not only appointed by the Republi- tempt to confer with them on international afcan Governor as Circuit Judge, but has been been known here that this gentleman thought

fairs, without form or ceremony. It has long twice elected by that party as member of the if he conld get to whisperinto the ears of some Assembly, and received as high as 46 votes men about Washington, the result might be for Lt. Gouernor, in their State Convention of terms of peace on some sort of Union or recon

struction. He seemed to forget that Douglas, 1863.

with whom he used to serve, is dead, and notThese are sample specimens "away out withstanding his mantle has fallen, by dividing West." In the East the big leaders of the it into four pieces, upon Richardson and VoorBreckinridge faction were among the first to cratic party is not in power now, thank God

hees, Vallandigham and Pugh, still the Demobe invited to the Abolition feast of spoils. Ben. for it. Butler, who boasted of having voted for Jeff. "The prospect looked gloomy to the Vice Davis one hundred times, was rewarded with a President, whose infirmity of body no doubt

cast a shadow over his spirits, and he said that Major General's commission, which enabled one of two things must be done: either some his brother to make a "good thing” in the De- terms must be made, or the whole militia of partment of New Orleans, it is said, to the tune the Confederacy must be called out, and'imme

diate alliance proposed with, foreign powers. of thirteen millions.

President Davis gave him full powers to treat EDWIN M. STANTON, another, who rode on honorable terms, and started him off to the the Breckinridge hobby, occupies a seat in the Kingdom of Abraham. But Father, Abraham


him there was an impassible gulf between synagogue of ABRAHAM the I. DANIEL S. them, and the Vice President had to steam DICKINSON was rewarded by a high place on back to Richmond, a little top fallen.

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We hope this will put a stop forever to some Democrats, is, that they know every Democrat croakers about here, who intimate that there is in favor of restoration. But enough on this are people enough f.iendly to the South in the North, to restore the Union as it was. "And subject. we also hope that the government at Richmond will not humiliate itself any more, but from this time will look only to the one end of final

To say nothing of the fact that nine-tenths and substantial independence. The North is not less set on a final separation than we are.

of the legal mind of the nation believe the The Republican party is not fighting to restore mode'adopted to procure soldiers by draft, is this Union, any more than the old Romans unconstitutional, by reason of usurping the fought to establish the independence of the rights and power of the states over the militia, countries they invaded. The Republicans are fighting for conquest and dominion, we for lib. and that the conscription act has been decided erty and independence.

unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of • There is only one party in the North who Pennsylvania, on this and other grounds to

Union , more power—legislative, executive or judicial say nothing of this, tiere are features in the

than the paper we write on. It is true, they operation and ill-success of the draft, that remake a show of union and strength, but they quire a momentis attention. have no voice of authority. We know that the It is far from our purpose to indulge in a Vallandigham school wants the Union restored, fault-finding spirit, merely for the purpose of for he told us so, when here in exile, partaking of such hospitality as we extended to a real finding fault. We would by no means throw enemy to our struggle for separation, banished an obstacle in the way of any just, constituto our soil by another enemy, who is pratically tional and patriotic effort to put out the fires of

our han should by accident or other cause, be the rebellion. We would rather assist, all that come Governor of Ohio, we hope Lincoln will may be in our power, and the most , effective keep his nerves to the proper tension, and not allow him to enter the confines of the way to assist the Administration is to candidly lis Administration would do more to restore, point out its errors, wrongs and crimes, with a

heold Union, than any other power in Ohio view to correct and improve. could do, and therefore, we pray he may be defeated.

6. Should a strong Union party spring up in Ohio, the third State in the North, in political

The Administration, so long as it adhered to importance, it might find a faint response in its first declared policy found no difficulty in some Southern States, and give us trouble.- getting all the soldiers it wanted. Nearly, if But as long as the Republicans hold power, not quite a million of men rushed forth, in vast they will think on conquest and dominion only, and we, on the other hand, will come up in numbers; so rapidly that Senator Wilson, of solid column for freedom and independence, Mass., chairman of the Military Committee, which we will be certain to achieve with such became alarmed, and said in his place: assistance as we now (after the refusal of the Washington Cabinet to confer,) confidently ex- "I have over and over again been to the War pect before the Democrats of the nation get in- office, and urged upon the Department to stop to power again, and come whispering in our recruiting in every part of the country. We ears Union,

Re-construction, Constitution, con- have had the promise that it should be done.-cessions and guarantees. Away with all such I believe we have to-day 250,000 more men unstuff. We want separation. Give us rather der the pay of the government than we need, men like Thaddeus Stevens and Charles Sum- or can well use. I think the Department ought

THEY ČURSE THE OLD UNION, to issue peremptory orders forbidding the enAND DESPISE IT, AND SO DO WE!! listment of another soldier into the volunteer

force." they hate the Union and the accursed Consti

About the same time Mr. FESSENDEN, of tution, let them keep down Mr. Vallandigham and his party in the North, then they shall Maine, another abolition Senator, said: never be troubled by us with such whining

"In every state in the Union, there are men about the Constitution and Union, as they are who are paid from month to month, not called sending up."

into the field for the reason that the GovernThis, then,shows that there is both a fellow ment has no occasion to use them; and yet no feeling and a fellow-purpose between the reb- step is taked to disband these men. Why not

disband them if they are not wanted? We have els and the Abolitionists. The rebels know 250,000 more than we ever intended to have. the radicals do not want the Union restored, It is extravagance of the most wanton kind. I and in this they both agree, and the reason

offered a proposition to stop all enlistments." why the rebels are so prejudiced against the Thus, we have it from the highest abolition



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authority, that our armies were too large for | all to enable the Abolitionists. to carry out the purpose of subduing the rebellion.

their primary designs. About this time THAD. STEVENS, chairman It has been a standing remark, for Republiof the committee on ways and means in the as well as Democratic papers, that the House, denounced the extravagance of so large Army of the Potomac was too near Washingan army, in the following style:

ton to accomplish anything. This is true, and "We shall have to appropriate more than six the reason why they have accomplished nothing hundred million dollars without the addition of is because the radicals had resolved they a single dollar beyond what is estimated for. should accomplish nothing, beyond the bare New, sir, that in itself is alarming. I confess guarding of Washington. We can now see an I do not see how, unless the expenses are greatly

, curtailed, this government can possibly object in this. It is a link in the same object go on six months. If we go on as we have been that brought on a collision by sending an undoing, the finances, not only of the Govern- armed vessel to banter the rebels at Charleston ment, but of the whole country, must give to a fight. way, and the people will be involved in one

The rebellion is now reeling at every step. general bankruptcy and ruin. We have already in the field an army of six" hundred and sixty We have more men in the field now than when thousand men, &c."

WILSON and FESSENDEN clamored for a cessaNot far from the period at which these men tion of enlistments, and the rebels are no gave the above utterances, Gen. MCCLELLAN stronger, and still the Administration is reachwas on the Chickahominy asking for a rein- ing out after conscripts, and by frauds the forcement of 50,000 troops, with which he said most damnable, are endeavoring to draft mosthe had not the least doubt he could take Rich: ly Democrats, in the hope that they may permond in a few days. But the powers at Wash- petuate their power. They are determined not ingto had no troops to spare! and ordered his to allow the rebels to come back and be good retreat from the pursuit of the rebel capital. citizes, until they can destroy their state The Administration and the disloyal and trait- rights, and so cripple their power that they orous abolitionists that controlled it, saw that cannot vote against the Abolition party. That if Richmond was taken it would end the war, is the secret. f their refusal to accept a surand the war ended without the accomplishment render, as their leading organ, the New York of their darling object--the abolition of slavery, Times, declares they will refuse, if a surrenwould not suit their programme, so our brave der is offered, Does all this look as though the and ill-treated army was hauled off, and the re- Administration was laboring to save this bels given time to again recuperate the mouse Union, and for that only? Does it not show was permitted to gain sufficient strength to en- that they care more for the future strength of tertain those who desired to play with it. their party than they do for the Union?

From that day to this the Army of the Poto- It may be uncharitable, but we must conmac has been crushed by the foolhardy and fess that we can see it in no other light. We criminal policy emanating from the throne of believe as firmly as we believe in the existence power.” They have been required to march of an All-wise God, that the real purpose of up the hill and then to march down again, and insisting on the draft, is to keep the people of have not been permitted to accomplish anything the North embittered and divided by a series worthy of their patriotism and courage, except of gross frauds on the one hand, and lamentawhen the old grannies in and around the White ble mobs on the other. If the system of provHouse became frightened for their own indi-ocation and reaction can be kept up, it is no vidual safety.

doubt intended to consummate what DOUGLAS The people are fast settling down on the predicted, to dissolve the Union and establish conclusion that those wno control the Adminis: a Dictatorship, whenever it can be done with . tration do not want to take Richmond-do not

a show of shifting the responsibility on their want the war to close until they can provoke a opponents, or rendering a military excuse.state of despotism which may enable them to Hence, we firmly believe, the draft is held abolish slavery, or "let the Union slide." constantly over the heads of the people in terThis war is being prolonged-the lives and the rorem, to affect the elections, in those various fortunes of our people are being sacrificed, be- ways so susceptible to Abolition manipulation yond any necessity of saying the Union, and by the army of Provost Marshals. We have

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