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S'In a period of less than forty-eight hours, of the Potomac, whose word was never quesmore than five thousand soldiers have arrived in tioned in the neighborhood where he lived, stathis city on their way from the Army of the ting that he applied for a furlough at the time Potomac. Not all these, nor a majority of them when so many were being allowed to go home are invalids or furloughed on account of disa- and visit their friends, and the reply was that bility, but sound, able-bodied men sent home he could have a furlough on condition that he to vote the Republican ticket.

would vote the so-called Union ticket, but as he “One party of seventy-five, from different had always been a Democrat, and was so still, companies, were all Republicans but two, and he could not agree to such terms, and therefore these two were obliged, before getting leave to was compelled to remain on duty while many of come home, to pledge themselves to vote the his companions had gone home. Republican or so-called Union ticket. Most of “We have also another letter from the army these were sound men, and made no secret of of the Potomac, dated October 8th, which is as the fact that they were sent home to vote. Men follows: not willing to pledge themselves thús could not

“DEAR PARENT:-It would give me the greatest pleasure obtain a furlough."

to visit you, as some of our boys are taking furloughs for

twenty days, which is to give them a chance to vote at the [From the Hartford Times.]

election. But there is a condition upon which these fur"The following letter is from a soldier, who loughs are given with which I cannot comply. Any one when in Hartford, always voted the Republic of us that will pledga onr vote for Gov. Curtin can have

twenty days to visit friends. Father, this I cannot do. can ticket:

The boys call us, who refuse, foolish, but we think other"ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, April 3, 1863, wise. They promise to deliver our lotters to our friends "DEAR WIFE:-I did not go home wich those who went while they visit theirs." home to voté. I expected to go, but the furloughs were given to a picked crowd, that would pledge themselves to

The shameful act of using one part of vote for Buckingham. I never want to take any such oath as this, although I think I should vote for Buckingham the army to vote, and the other--not of the admyself if I had been there; but I could not now at any ministration school of politics to fight, is again rate, for I call this a damnably mean game. If I had come, I did'nt mean to let you know of it until I came in and again being presented. The New York and took you by surprise; but this game has turned me, Journal of Commerce says: and all the rest of the regiment, too. I think half of the regiment would have come out again if this had not oc- "Several thousand more soldiers arrived curred; now, they won't come at any rate; and I don't blame them. You can tell all my Republican friends that from Washington Friday. They were pouring I am no more a Republican if they carry on elections in through some of the streets from morning to such away as this.

night, making their way to the railroad deHere is another which appeared in the Hart- pots and steamboat landings, where they could

take passage home to vote. When asked how ford Times:

many are on the route, they laugh, and say
Camp near Stafford Court House,
April 3, 1863.

“It's only begun to sprinkle yet, but a smart shower Editor's Times:--Col. Ross is acting Briga- may be looked for on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.” dier General, Col. Wooster is in command of

"Within the last two days from 6,000 to the regiment. To-morrow morning about 8,000 reached this city, and it may be inferred twenty-five men leave here for Connecticut. from the size of the advance guard, how large All that go are pledged to vote the Republican an army will be distributed throughout the ticket. There are men in the regiment who

state by Monday next?" have done no duty during the last three months. The doctors say they ought to be discharged.

A Sergeant in BATES' Battery, on his way These cannot go, and the reason is they will through Albany boasted he not pledge themselves to vote for Buckingham.

"Had brought on sixty-nine soldiers-all The following is from the Cincinnati Com- Republicans—on their way to Utica to vote, merical (Rep.):

and had left every d-d Democrat behind to “COLUMCUS, O., Oct. 9, 1863.

take charge of the battery and horses." "Nearly two thousand soldiers are in the Mr. STANTON boasted that he had elected city tonight, from Camp Chase, receiving Gov. Curtin, for said he: transportation to their different counties, to enable them to vote on Tuesday next. They

"I sent him 15,000 votes more than his maare given ten days furlough, and are jubilant jority.” over their visit home, shouting lustily for Says the World: Brough and the Union. They are now besieging Quartermasters Burn's office, determined

“It is pretended that no soldiers are brought not to allow the employees to leave until each from the front. The battle of Chickamauga and all have their tickets.')

was lost in order to carry the Ohio election.

General Meade was left to be driven into re[From the Troy Press.

treat by General Lee in order that the admin

istration might carry the Pennsylvania elecTHE PROSCRIPTION OF DEMOCRATS.

tion. In the face of these glaring facts, it is We have in our possession a letter from a no wonder that the Abolition journals try to friend, a non-commissioned officer in the army make it appear that nothing is lost to our effec


tive strength in the field by this fresh deple. I just four days prior to the election in that tion of the Army of the Potomac to carry the State: New York election.??




Order No. 120.

Whereas, The state of Kentucky is invaded The following cases in Connecticut, bear by a rebel force, with the avowed intention of their own comments, and are but samples of a overawing the judges of elections, of intimilarge class:

dating the loyal voters, keeping them from the

polls, and forcing the election of disloyal can'In Williamantic, some 65 voters having de- didates at the election on the 3d of August; pendent families, were forced to vote the Re- and publican ticket against their will. Yellow bal- Whereas, The military power of the governIots were used, and employers stood by the ment is the only force that can defeat this atballot box, watching to see if any 'freemen? | tempt, the state of Kentucky is hereby dedared to disobey their openly proclaimed or clared under martial law, and all military offiders! From 60 to 70 workmen, thus watched, cers are commanded to aid the constituted auin that place alone voted abolition against their thorities of the state in support of the laws and own wishes!

One poor old man, not employed of the purity of suffrage, as defined in the late in any of the mills, and too infirm for work, proclamation of his Excellency, Governor Robvoted a white ticket, for the party with whom inson. he had acted for half a century. The malig- As it is not the intention of the Commandnant abolition wretches could not discharge ing General to interfere with the proper exhim because they had not employed him, but pression of public opinion, all discretion in the old man had a daughter in one of the mills, the conduct of the election will be as usual in whose daily labor was the support of the fam- the hands of legally appointed judges at the ily. Her they wreaked their vengeance upon, polls, who will be held strictly responsible that and discharged her at once! --and not såtisfied no disloyal person be allowed to vote, and to with this, they ordered the old man and his this end the military power is ordered to give family out of the tenement in which they lived! them its utmost support. A subscription was set on foot by the demo- The civil authority, civil courts, and busicrats to save them from suffering. The names ness will not be suspended by this order. It of the free speech men who discharged this in- is for the purpose only of protecting, if necesoffensive girl, are Hayden-managers of the sary, the rights of loyal citizens, and the free'Smithville Co. Mill."

dom of election. "The same infamous proceedings changed By command of Major Gen. Burnside. some 600 votes in other towns in Windham

LEWIS RICHMOND, A. A. G. county, and nearly as many each in New London and Tollard counties. Colored ballots to

No subsequent fact demonstrated that any 'spot? workmen--open proclamation of pro- such combination as is here referred to existed scription as the consequence if they dared to in the state, or that there was any cause to yote as their conscience dictated-this, with suppose that such was the case. Of course, an Wholesale bribery and the votes of 3,000 picked election under such an "edictwas a farce, and selected soldiers, sent home on a promise to vote abolition, was the way in which the dis- which the voluminous documents before uso union party worked in every county in the amply prove. We have only room for the folState.

lowing. "In Colt's Pistol Factory this same tyranny made at least 100 of the democratic workmen

The following appeared in the War Eagle at yote the abolition ticket.

Columhus, Kentucky, three days before the "In Plymouth, a man having refused the ab- election. This sheet was published under olition command to vote that ticket, his family military control. in his absence, were turned out of the house, the furniture and bedding thrown out, and a "We now warn the people to beware of these family of negroes put in the house! Legal traitors, for if they, in defiance to the will of action will be taken in this case.

Government, go to the polls and vote for Trim'In many towns the abolitionists, aided and hle, or any other man who has not publicly encouraged by the 'Loyal Women's League, avowed himself as an unconditional Union have stopped all dealings with Democrats, and man, they will hereafter be treated as enemies, pass their former friends and neighbors with and as men deserving on their guilty heads alí out recognizing them in the street. Such are the punishment whick the Government has in the legitimate results of fanaticism.

reserve for traitors. "A day is coming when these persons will Other persons of lesser magnitude have regret this shameful conduct."

announced themselves as candidates for the

State Senate, and for Representatives in the MARTIAL LAW IN KENTUCKY-ORDER " NO. 120.” State Legislature, who are occupying the same

position that Wickliffe and Trimble occupy. The following is BURNSIDE's order sus

The people are warned not to vote for such pending civil law in reference to elections, I men, as they are enemies, and are running in

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direct violation of Special Order No. 159, is-) IOWA CONGRESSMAN

110W A CONGRESSMANNAB FELÉCTED BY AN súed from Headquarters, 16th Army Corps,

OVERWHELMING MAJORITY." and General Order No. 47, issued by Gen: As

PaduoAH; Ky., Aug. 16, 1863... * bọtà; commanding the District of Columbus.

“To the Editor of the Chicago Times: We tell the people of the District that their in only safety and protection depends on voting

In your paper of the 18th inst. the straigåt-out Únion ticket. The issue is in your readers the oath which the detestable your hands, and on your conduct next Monday wont to cram down the throats. of the demo

tools of the administration at Washington were depends your future peace and protection.

crats of Kentucky Herewith. I': give you: When you vote for traitors, you can of course expect no protection from the Federal Govern- another item that will be of interest to the ment."

mighty army of democrats in the free States

who read your excellent paper, [From the Louisville Journal.] "He who would make use of force to prevent nocence and godlike simplicity, that E. Ander

"It is now announced, with all Puritan infreedom of election is a traitor to all the prin. ciples of civil liberty. To accomplish a tem- són, Esq., of the Ist Congressional district, is will destroy not only the liberties of his fellow-l let me show you how this overwhelming ma porary object, he would invoke a power which I 'elected by an overwhelming majority. Now, citizens, but eventually his own. The horse in jority? was 'attained At our Precint, No. the fable, to wreak his vengeance on the stag, we did not vote'at'all. Why? Let the follow permitted the man to saddle him, and was riding answer!: **

;" "PRECINCT, No. 3, Aug. 8 1863, den ever after, till the day of his death. We Be it known that we, the undersigned' voters of consider ourselves superior to our English an- McCracken.county, Ky., did, on this day, appear;, at our cestors six hundred years ago; but many męn Commonwealth, and the proclamation of the Governor

Precinct No. 3 to vote, in accordance with the laws of the in this age may learn a lesson from the times thereof, dated July 20, 1863, but that we have been prev of Edward the First. "And because elections

And because elections vented from so voting by reason of the fact that the Judges: ought to be free,' says a statute of that time, I could not execute the duties of their office in accordance sithe king commandeth, upon great forfeiture; military. orders respecting the manner in which our elect that no man, by force of army, nor by malice, ions shall be conducted; and, to said military orders, a or menacing, shall disturb any to make, free squad of armed soldiers are here presents to detet the elections."

Judges from ďoing their duty. Therefere; we, the under,

signed, voters of McCracken county, declare "it to have A FEW ACTUAL SPECIMENS.

been our purpose and intention to vote at this time and The following is a statement of the polls in place the democratic ticket headed by Wickliffe for Gov.

, .; Mount. Washington, at 9 o'clok a. mi:

doing for the reasons hereinbefore stated.

"(Signed by 35 voters).”' "Wickliffe 21, Bramlette 3, Green 21, Sam

Extract from a léttler dated: uels 3, Frazier 21, Dawson 3. "Voting on the Wickliffe ticket was stopped

BLOOMFIELD, Ky., Aug. 4, 1863, ; by military order at 9 o'clock in the morning.

"Bloomtield is a small town, twelve miles, i The polls opened at about 8 o'clock in the from Bardstown, in the midst of a fine cound morning. ROB’T. HALL, Clerk,"

try, where Democrats abound. On Monday The following is a true statement of the polls Chicago, but now an Indiana Captain of cayo:

morning (election day), Capt. Sea, formerly of in Mount Washington at the close for at 1112 o'clock:

avowed himself in favor of the emancipation: “Bramlette, 15; Jacobs, 17; Harlan, 15; and negro-arming policy of the President, and Garrard, 16; Samuels, 15; Stephens, 15;'Har- defines "loyalty to be a support of all the ding, 17; Thompson, 24; Hogland 12.,

President's measures with a squad of twenty-.. P.S.-There were

four or five of the above five soldiers, armed with carbines, sabres, and votes cast before the interferance of military revolvers, took possession of the polls. He in authority

formed the judges that they were under mar-. R. HALL, Clerk."

tial law, and would have to conduct the elecThe New Albany (Ind.) Ledger in its report tion according to his directions, which he had printed on the afternoon of election day, said: received from his superiors. He then declared

"Numerous arrests of persons pointed out by Hon. C. A. Wicklife a disloyal man, and that the "spotters?' at the polls as rebels have been no vote should be cast for him. He furnished

! made, the parties arrested being placed in the State, Congressional, and county tickets, which military prison. Files of soldiers are station- he declared to be 'loyal, and said that loyal ed at all the polls, and we saw several pieces men’ might vote for them. At a later periods. of artillery, with horses hitched and the men he stated that votes of 'loyal men' might be at the guns, ready for action at a moments cast for other candidates, provided the judges: notice.

would indorse the loyalty of the candidates ads "In Portland, at 12 o'clock, the vote stood: monishing them, at the same time, that they !. Bramlette, 30; Wickliffe, 2. The two votes for would be held responsible for all men voted Fonzio

that if any of diers arrived.

declared 'disloyal? by the military authorities, "The Wickliffe men are overawed, and it is the judges would be punished; but, what, the a. probable but few of them will attempt to vote punishment might be he was not authorized to this afternoon."

say. The judges, overawed by the military,

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being acquainted with only a few of the long / of men, and voted for Wickliffe, Bramlette sei list of candidates, and warned of exposure to curing only 'six? votes, and Wickliffe more : an undefined military punishment if by chance than one hundred. A KENTUCKIAN." a disloyal man should be voted for, concluded to

We ask not to be excused for publishing receive yotes only for the military ticket, of **Which Bramlette, for Governor, was the head. the following entire. It bears its own com

A few Democrats offered to vote for Mr. Wick-ment: "liffe, but were met with the assurance of the Indiana, Abolition, negro-arming Captain, '| Gov. BRADFORD VS.

NCK with his revolver conspicuously displayed, that


"Anapolis, Nov. 2, 1863. “Mr. Wickliffe is a disloyal man, and that in no cage

} shall a yote be cast for him."

Proclamation by the Governor. - The Democrats then gave up the contest, "To the Citizens of the State, and more especially the and resigned the polls to the military and the

Judges of Election: 65loyalty.!!. About nine-tenthsredon.

"A military order issued from the headquarpoll-books, if we had been allowed to vote; the 27th ult., printed and circulated, it is said but the military decreed onterwise, and like through the State, though never yet published our beloved brethern, the northern democrats, here, and designed to operate on the approachwhen they get in a tight place, "we are a law ing election, has just been brought to my atand order people."). But for our forbearande, tention, and is of such a character, and issued blood would have been shed," as our northern under such circumstances, as to demand notice brethern say. when they allow the adolitionists at my hands. to "spit upon them and rub it in." That is to "This order; reciting say, we quietly submitted to have our rights ("That there are many evil disposed persons now at large wrested from us, and the soldiers had no 0.0

in the State of Maryland who have been engaged in recasion to shed the blood of so docile a peo

of so docile a peo | and comfort, or encouragement to others so engaged, or

bellion against the lawful government, or have given aid ple:

who do not recognize their allegiance to the United States, "The whole number of votes cast was nine- and who may avail themselves of the indulgence of the teen--all for the Bramlette ticket. If the dem authority which tolerates their presence to embarrass the ocrats had been allowed to vote Mr. Wickliffe's approaching election, or through it to foist enemies of the

United States into power, majority would perhaps have been 120 or more proceeds among other things to direct The entire bogus Union” strength was poll-all Provost Marshals and other military officers to arrest ed, except, perhaps two votes.

all such persons found at or hanging about or approach. cold men who have been voting for forty and ing any poll or place of election, on the 4th of November, fifty years were yesterday refused the privilege 1863, and to report such arrests to headquarters.' of voting, while mere youths, just out of their "This extraordinary order has not only been minority, freely voted. An aged minister of issued without any notice to, or consultation the Gospel, who has been a legal voter, but with, the constituted authorities of the State, not a politician, for fifty-seven years, was denied but at a time and under circumstances when a vote; while a young man, without sufficient the condition of the State and the character of intelligence to read his ticket,

ticket, and known to the candidates are such as to preclude the idea be a thief, voted Bramlette & Co. Men of large that the result of that election can in any way Wealth and high character, who pay heavy taxes endanger either the safety of the government to State and national governments, could not. or the peace of the community võte, while ''squatters and sponges freely .6"It is a well-known fact that, with perhaps votéd, who' will probably never pay a dime to one single exception, there is not a Congres:support the national government, and nothing. sional candidate in the state whose loyalty is more than head tax to the state government. even of a questionable character, and in not a

*Thus did 'the military officer aid the con- county of the state outside of the same Constituted authorities in support of the laws and gressional district iš there, I believe, a candiof the purity of suffrage, under Gen. Burn- date for the Legislature or any State office side's order proclaiming martial law. Thus whose loyalty is not equally undoubted. In did the commander of Indiana troops in Nel. the face of this well-known condition of things, son county fulfil his promise, made in flaming: the several classes. of persons above enumeratcapitals, that the people shall ‘NOT BE MO ed are not only to be arrested at, but approachin their sóvereign rights: LESTED IN ANY WAY, and shall be protected sing any poll or place of election, in proach

is to judge whether voters thus on their way to "At Bardstown and other parts of the coun- the place of voting have given "aïd, comfort or ty the same scene was enacted. was done in several oth enacted. The same encouragement to persons engaged in the reAnd yet the Louisville Journal and other ab- | allegiance to the United States,?? and may avail olition papers will claim a brilliant victory themselves of their presence at the polls to achieved.

foüst enemies of the United States into power??? "At Chaplain, in this county, the judges, As I have already said, in a very large majorsupported by a few citizens, 'overawed' a di- ity of the counties of the States there are not minutive specimen of a Captain and his squad to be found among the candidates any such

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enemies of the United States," but the Pro- / particular attention of the judges of election vost Marshals---created for a very different the fact that they are on the day of election purpose--and the other military officials who clothed with all the authority of consérvators are thus ordered to arrest approaching voters, of the peace, and may summop to their aid any are necessarily made by the order the sole and of the executive officers of the county, and the exclusive judges of who fall within the prescrib- whole power of the county 'itself

, to preserve category; an extent of arbitrary discretion order at the polls and secure the constitutionunder any circumstances the most odious, and al rights of the voters. more especially, offensive and dangerous in "It is also made their special duty to give view of the known fact, that two at least of information to the State's Attorney for the the five Provost Marshals of the State are county of all infractions of the State laws on themselves candidates for important offices, and the subject of elections, and by these laws it is sundry of their deputies for others.

forbidden to any “This military order, therefore, is not only "conmissioned or non-commissioned officers“quartered or without justification when looking to the char- posted in any district of any county of the state, to musacter of the candidates before the people, and party within the view of any

place of election

during the rendered still more obnoxious by the means ap- time of holding said election.pointed for its execution, but is equally offensive to the sensibilities of the people them- terms of the oath they are required to take be

"I need not, I am sure, remind them of the selves and the authorities of the state, looking fore entering upon their duties, and according to the repeated proofs they have furnished of to which they 's wear an unalterable devotion to the government.

66to permit all persons to vote wboshąll offer to poll at the For more than two years past there has never

election, etc., who, in their judgment, shall, according to been a time when, if every traitor and every the directions contained in the constitution and laws, be treasonable sympathizer in the state had voted entitled to poll at the same election, and not to permit'any they could not have controlled, whoever might person to poll at the same election who is not in (their) have been their candidates, a single depart- judgment qualified to vote as, aforesaid.' ment of the state, or jeopardized the success

"It is the judgment of judges, of election of the general government. No state in the alone, founded upon the provisions of the con

stitution and laws of the state that must deUnion has been or is now actuated by more heartfelt or unwavering loyalty than Maryland termine the right to vote of any person offering -a loyalty identified and purified by the ordeal himself for that purpose. I trust and believe through which it has passed; and yet looking they will form that judgment, and discharge to what has lately transpired eisewhere, and to their duty, as their conscientious convictions the terms and character of this military order, tions they assume shall dictate, undeterred


of its requirements, under the solemn obligaone would think that in Maryland and no where else is the government endangered by any order to Provost Marshals to report them the 'many evil disposed persons that are now

to 'headquarters.? at large.

"Whatever power the state possesses shall Within less than a month the most impor

be exerted to protect them for anything done tant elections have taken place in two of the in the proper execution of its laws... largest states of the Union; in each of them

"Since writing the above I have seen a copy candidates were before the people charged by of the President's letter to the chairman of the particular friends of the government with the Union State Central Committee, bearing being hostile to its interests, and whose elec. the same date with the order, and évidently tion was deprecated as fraught with the most showing that the order was unknown to him, dangerous consequences to its success.

that it would not have been approved by him

One of the most prominent of these candidates was

if he had known it, and that it is therefore all considered so dangerously inimical to the tri.

the more reprehensible. umph of the national cause that he has been

"By the Governor. A. W. BRADFORD. for months past banished from the country, and

“Wm. B. HILL, Sec?y of State.?? yet hundreds of thousands of voters were al- “After the above was in print; at 3 o'clock lowed to approach the polls, and to attempt tnis afternoon, I received from the President to foist” such men into power, and no Pro- the following dispatch: vost Marshals or other military officers were ordered to arrest them on the way, or, so far

"I revoke the first of the three propositions in General

Schenck's General Order No. 53, not that it is wrong in as we have ever heard, even to test their alle principle but because the military, being of necessity exgiance by any oath.

clusive judges as to who shall be arrested, the provision is "With these facts before us, it is difficult to

liable to abuse; for the revoked part I shall substitute the

following: believe that the suggestion that the enemies of "That all Provsot Marshals and other military officers do the United States may be foisted into power at prevent all disturbances and violences at or about the our coming election was the consideration that pells, whenever offered by such persons as above des...; prompted this order; but whatever may have cribed, or by any other person or persons whomsoever;


other two propositions I allow to stand; mý letter at been that motive, I feel it to be my duty to sol- length will reach you to night. : : emnly protest against such an intervention

“A. LINCOLN.” with the privileges of the ballot-box, and so 66Whilst this modification revokes the authoroffensive à discrimination against the rights of ity of the Provost Marshals and military offa loyal state.

cers to arrest the classes of persons enumerated "I avail myself of the occasion to call to thel in the preamble to the order

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