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Thus did the head officers of a great and comes necessary for the people to dissolve the magnanimous nation, professing the Christian official bands that have bound them to an unfaith, and boasting of intelligence, league with just, unwise and tyranical Administration, and the miniature politicians to hunt down all who to assume to change that. Administration, a deshould wear any device to distinguish them from cent respect for the opinions of mankind retheir vile persecutors.

quires that they should declare the causes We may search every lane and alley of history which impel them to the separation. for a parallel of this small greatness.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that THE EVIDENCES OF APPROACHING DESPOTISM. | aļl citizens of the loyal states, are, by the fun

When COLUMBUS was on his first voyage to damental law, free and equal, and endowed by America, his faith in the existence of land to their Creator and the Magna Charta with certhe west of him was confirmed by various float- tain inalienable rights, that among these are ing weeds, logs, &c., and the appearance of the liberty of speech, liberty of the press, and birds, for he knew those things could not ex- the liberty to properly criticise the acts of all clusively exist without land. So, in our voyo public officers. That to secure these rights, our age towards the unknown coast of the future, Government was instituted, deriving its just we know that despotism of some kind lies in powers from the consent of the governed, and our way,

for we have seen so many floating evi- whenever the administration of this governdences of it. As one of those evidences, we

ment becomes destructive of these ends, it is cite the following from the New York Tribune: the right and the duty of the people to change

"In times of war every blow struck at the such Administration, basing their policy on such measures of the Government [the Administra- principles and organizing power in such form, tion] though designed only to affect a change under the fundamental law, as to them shall of Administration, really affords aid and comfort to the enemy."

seem most likely to affect their safety and hap

piness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that an These extravagant claims of unlimited ac- honorable Administration in times of great quiescence in everything the Administration public danger, should not be changed for slight may do or propose, are sure and certain evi- and transient causes, and accordingly our exdences of approaching despotism, for the claim perience hath shown that our people are more would not be set up, unless it was thought disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable than proper to enforce it. If it be true that any op- to right themselves by any other than constiposition to the measures of the Administration tutional means. But, when a long train of is "aid and comfort to the enemy," then it is abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the treason as defined by the Constitution, and no

samo objects, evince the design to reduce the matter what the President may do or propose, people under absolute despotism, it is their the least opposition is treason. Such a doctrine right-it is their duty—to throw off such Adwould land us in the lowest depths of despot- ministration, and to provide new guards for ism.

their future security. Such has been the paAgain says the Tribune:

tient suffering of this people, and such is now "To doubt the infallibilty of the royal or

the necessity which constrains them to change ministerial good judgment [of the President] the administration. is to doubt the greatness and glory of the The history of the present Executive is a country, and the smallest dissatisfaction be history of repeated wrongs, injuries and usurcomes a kind of petty treason.?'

pations, all having a direct tendency to the We must be near the rocks and breakers of establishment of an absolute tyranny and desdespotism, when we meet such arguments, potism over these states; to prove which, let floating on the tide of popular madness.

facts be submitted to a candid world.

He has obstructed the administration of jus

tice, by requiring his subordinates--creatures The following was prepared by the author of his own will—to resist, vi et armis, the lefor a 4th of July occasion, and is here insert- gal mandates of the loyal judiciary. ed as the most proper way to present the in- He has arbitrarily usurped power to subject dictment against the radical policy:

the liberties of our citizens, who acknowledge When, in the course of political events, it be- / full allegiance to our laws, to the whim or ca


preme Court.

price of military tribunals, wholly the off- He has invaded the sanctity of private domspring of his own choice.

icils at the dead and criminal hour of nightHe has forcibly arrested and held in durance dragged forth their occupants, guilty of now vile, judges on the bench, while in the exercise crime, as he himself publicly affirms--and of their loyal and legal functions. [See the then after a mock trial, before a picked milicase of Judge CONSTABLE.]

tary commission, that dare not offend their 8U-He has combined with others to subject us periors, transported the victim beyond his to a jurisdiction foreign to our Constitution, civil jurisdiction. and unknown to our laws, by instructing sub- He has endeavored to suppress the liberty of alterns, subject to his own pleasure, to create speech, and only failed to suppress the liberty by proclamation a criminal code, in direct an- of the press through fear of the dreadful contagonism to our laws.

sequences. He has created a multitude of new offices, He has forced citizens into extradition bemand sent hither swarms of officers, to harrass yond the limits of their own states, and withour people, and eat out their substance. out the pale of laws to which they owed fealty,

He has affected to render the military inde- without charges or legal trial, to be imprisonpendent of, and superior to the civil power, in ed in loathsome dungeons, for pretended ofdirect violation of the fundamental law.

fences. He has, in innumerable instances, deprived He and his radical advisers have endeavored our citizens of the benefit of trial by jury. to mould the popular branch of Congress to.

He has, arbitrarily, and without excuse their own partizan purposes by a no less dissuspended that great charter of civil liberty, honorable scheme than a "rotten borough? the Writ of Habeas Corpus, in violation of the system, so long the standing reproach to the Constitution, as solemnly declared by the Su- British crown. This has been done by admit

ting members chosen by small fractions of the He has endeavored to extinguish state sov- people in the seceded states, under military ereignty, by giving his assent to law obliter-coercion, after first extorting pledges to give ating state lines, without the assent of the their votes for measures the most radical and people, thus striking down the last constitu- destructive. tional safeguard of a free people.

He and his political confrers have rendered: He has practically annulled laws enacted the elective franchise a mockery and the ballotover his own signature, providing against arbi-box a fraud, by counting a pretended army trary arrests and illegal seizures.

vote, given hundreds of miles beyond their He has, for many months, pursued a line of state jurisdictions, managed, controlled and repolicy which, if not arrested, will alter, fun- turned hy partizan zealots, without legal resdamentally our form of Government.

traint and beyond the reach of sanitary laws He has appointed men to fill the highest offi- to set aside the known will of the people. ces of trust, responsibility and honor, notori- He has sought to render the military--the ously incompetent and corrupt, as a remuner. joint sacrifice and pride of all parties--a poation for political services.

litical engine, by discharging from the service He has been, and now is, quartering among of their country, and affecting to dishonor and the loyal people of the North, large bodies of disgrace good and valiant officers, for no other armed soldiery, without apparent necessity, but offense than exercising the elective franchise as it is believed, to sow the seeds of alarm

as they deemed proper for the public weal. among the people, to inaugurate a conflict, and He has subjected loyal citizens to harsh to create a pretended necessity for a declara, and unusual punishment for no other offensetiou of martil law, for purposes more safely than opinion's sake. imagined than described.

He boldly claims the right to exercise sumHe has encouraged unprovoked assaults on mary authority over the personal liberty of defenelessc citizens by soldiers, incited by offi- every citizen, in defiance of courts and law; cers amenable alone to his power, by neglect- thus assuming an autocratic power that no ing or refusing to issue his proclamation prince or potentate on any other continent, against such abuses, and failing to bring the would dare exercise, to render the tenure of offenders to justice.

personal freedom alone dependant on his will.

He has also, through a subordinate officer, and notwithstanding nearly three years of declared martial law on the eve of an impor- war's fiery ordeal, that our adversary hovers tant State election, with no other ostensible, as near our hearth-stones as ever before, the object than to control the will of the people people are yet willing to bleed and be taxed, in by the force of bayonets.

the hope that the God of Battles will, ere it be He has sought to intimidate the people in the too late, ordain & change of rulers, when a *lawful exercise of their political rights, and to more enlightened policy shall infuse confidence prevent their counselling together,by masssing and vigor into the war for the maintenance of large bodies of armed troops in line of battle, the most liberal system of government on this to overawe a reaceful convention of loyal citi- planet.

. "zens, convened under the broad ægis of the And for this purpose, and to break up the constitution, to deliberate on matters of great most wicked rebellion that ever reared its public concern, and to petition for redress of hydra head against a parent government, we grievances.

pledge each to the other, our lives, our forHe has, in one of these loyal states, dispers- tunes, and our most sacred honor. ed by armed force, a political convention called in the usual and time-honored way, to nominate officers of state, thus wickedly and unlawfully employing the military for partizan

CHAPTER XXXIV. purposes.

MORE OF THE ROLE OF DESPOTISM. He has also, by orders and edicts of his sub

Abolition Schemes to Control Elections... Army Voting... ordinates, annulled State laws, and prescribed Julius Cæsar the Originator of...Dr. Lieber on...Louis

Napoleon and Army Voting...Army Vote for... General new and unusual tests for exercising the elec

Tuttle and Vallandigham...Mr. V. Ahead...N. Y.

World thereon... Tricks of the Administration to Saddle tive franchise, thus rendering the tenure of of

their Electioneering Expenses on the People... Governor fice dependent on his pleasure.

Salomon of Wisconsin in the role... The Army Weakenod

...Soldiers sent home to Vote...Proofs in Connecticut... He has, by proclamation, established a rotten

Proofs in New York, &c... Stanton Boasts of sending more Borough system by which less than 70,000 per

Soldiers than Curtin's majority... The Contractors per

form their part... Martial Law in Kentucky to force the sons in nine of the rebel states-and for aught Election... How a "loyal” Paper Views it... From Louis

ville Jonrnal... Statements of Clerk of the Election... that is known, a large portion of these may be

How a Congressman was elected by an "overwhelming

majority”... Further evidences... The enfranchised negroes,-may control over one


carries Maryland by the Bayonet...Goy. Bradford's Prochalf the entire population of all the states, and lamation on the Subject... The Great Frauds Practiced

on New York by the Enrollment and Quota process... that 1,400 persons in Florida may have as much

New York Overdrawn as compared with other States... power in one branch of our government as the Frauds in the Pennsylvania and Ohio · Elections...

Punishing officers for Voting the Democratic Ticket... great state of New York, with three millions of Case of Capt. Sells... Officers' Threats to control Elections

... Bribery at Elections... War on the "Copperheads”... people.

Republican Organ Justifies Military Interference in He has done numerous and sundry other

Elections... The Politics of this War... Discharging disa

bled and dying Soldiers from Office of Sutler for Voting unlawful and despotic things, against the peace, the Democratic Ticket... Abolition claim of “Those who the dignity, and the quietude of this sorely op

Vote must Fight”... Abolition Roorbacks to Effect Elect

ions... The Union League Machinery... Forney on Their pressed people.

Purposes... Dr. Lieber on Soldiers Voting...Gen. Milroy

on "Home Traitors”...John Brough's Appeal from the In every stage of these oppressions and usur

Ballot to the Bullet... More Threats... New York Indepations, the people have remonstrated in the pendent Boasts of the Infamy, &c. most humble terms. Their remonstrances have been answered only by repeated wrongs and injuries.

The facts and documents now before us An administration that is thus marked by bearing on this point, would surfeit the largest every act that may define tyrants, is unfit to folio volume. Our already over-crowded space manage the affairs of a free people, and should admonishes us to shear down this matter to its be changed, in a peaceful and lawful manner, lowest dimensions-barely giving here and as soon as our charter will permit.

there samples of the general whole, without Nor have the people--the whole people, particular reference to chronological dates. been wanting in duty to the Administration and That the Administration while crying "no the country. During every stage of oppress. party," has constantly sought to use the Army ion and insult, they have poured out their blood and every available means—legitimate and iland their substance, free as the air of heaven; legitimate--within its power, to perpetuate its








reign, no man,

not absolutely blinded by parti- When Louis NAPOLEON had got his "gnare zan zeal, can deny.

to strangie a nation in a night time fairly set, and had got his army well distributed through

out France, at every poll, it was an easy matArmy voting is not a recent invention. Our

ter to accomplish the balance of the programNew York World cotemporary gives Louis

me. He then submitted the question to the NAPOLEON BONAPARTE the credit of having

people-soldiers and all-whether they apdiscovered the art of Army voting, but we trace the discovery to a more remote date. proved of his breaking his oath, and of the PLUTRARCH, in his life of Marcus Crassus, their Republican Constitution. The vote stood

despotism which he proffered in exchange for gives a striking illustration of the truth that

as follows: history repeats itself in all ages, and in no

The number voting Yes......

7,438,216 times more fully than in civil wars. The Ad- The number voting No........

630,73% ministration, in its recent interference in the Annulled votes.....

36,820 elections, has but followed, not only Louis No doubt these returns were manipulated by

393,590 NAPOLEON, but the tricks and intrigues of Ju- faithful officials, but it was an object to show a LIUS CÆSAR. In speaking of the intrigues few votes in the negative, so as to make it apand dissensions that marked the Republic of Rome at the time of the Triumvirate of Pom. And when, soon thereafter NAPOLEON again

pear as though the people had voted “freely." PEY, CÆSAR and CRASSUS, PLUTARCH says:

set the snare which he called "universal suf"On Cæsar's coming from Gaul to the city frage," in submitting the question whether he of Lucca, numbers went to wait upon him, and should assume the royal purple, the published among the rest Crassus and Pompey. These, in their private conferences, agreed with him returns stood as follows: to carry matters with a higher hand and to Voting Yes.....

7,824, 189 make themselves absolute in Rome. For this | Voting No....

258, 115 purpose Cæsar was to remain at the head of Votes declared void..

63,326 his army, and the other two chiefs to divide

Dr. LIEBER, Mr. LINCOLN's martial law the rest of the army between them. There was no way, however, to carry their scheme giver, from whom the above figures are taken, into execution, without suing for another con

remarks with commendable sarcasm: sulship, in which Cæsar was to assist by writ

"This is a state of harmony to which people ing to his friends, and by sending a number of of the - Arylican tribe, with all their calmer his soldiers to vote in the election."

temper, we venture to say, have never yet atLouis NAPOLEON, following in the lead of tained, CÆSAR, set up what he called "universal suf- and yet we have cases of still greater •'harmofrage,

7 but which Mr. KINGLAKE called a ny in our army voting. "snare" to "strangle a nation in a night time with a plebiscite." Dr. LIEBER, (whom Mr. GEN. TUTTLE LINCOLN has chosen as the author of his army

We select these two persons as the extremes, code) commenting on the frayıl of which LOUIS NAPOLEON “strangled & nation in a night and give sufficient of the army vote for each to time,”? submits the following forcible conclu- indicate the fact, that no matter how "loyal” sions:

and patriotic a candidate might be, if he did "Votes without liberty of the press have no not vote with the Administration partizans, he meaning; votes without liberty of press and stood no more chance than the worst "copperwith a vast standing army itself possessing the head." Gen. TUTTLE, the Democratic candiright to vote, and considering itself above all date for Governor of Iowa, stood upon a platlaw, have a sinister meaning; votes without an unshackled press, with such an army,and with form that was the ne plus ultra of war and loya compact body of officials, whose number with alty. It was as strong "war to the knife," and those directly depending upon them or upon support of the Administration in the conduct Government contracts, amounts to nearly a million, have no meaning whether he who ap

of the war, as any Republican ever could ask. peals to the people says that he leaves 'the fate No one doubted Gen. T.'s patriotism, for he: of France in the hands of the people or not." had "won his spurs" in the field, at the head:

Substitute the fate of America for the words of the brave Iowa boys, with whom the Gener-"the fate of France, and the picture suits our al was a popular favorite, while Col. STONE, mould to a T.

his opponent, was under a cloud, and wag




ineither popular at home or in the army. Such home, will tolerate no free suffrage in the army was the standing and character of Gen. TUT- much less the free discussion and untrammer "TLE. , Now, let us take a view of Mr. VAL. ed political action without which voting is a

fraudulent mockery. An administration that LANDIGHAM's position, as candidate for Gore commissions major-generals, and then, instead ernor of Ohio. He was denounced as the of assigning them commands, uses them to car"prince of copperheads”-had been seized and ry elections in states of which they are not resbanished by the Administration, as one too idents, will have no scruples in using the offi

cers and sutlers of the army for similar purdisloyal to be among loyal people, and every poses. Within the lines of the army, where no epithet that hate or ingenuity could invent, intelligence circulates but by its permission, was heaped upon him. Officers were dismissed where speaking disrespectfully of Government the service for speaking in his favor-soldiers officials is a penal offense, where its control

over the pay and comfort of the soldier is comwere punished in the guard house for voting plete, and its power of life and death over them for him-and yet, after all these disparaging is nearly absolute, voting ought, under no circircumstances, he polled more potes, as will cumstances to be allowed, unless accompanied

by safeguards against its abuse. be seen below, in proportion to the number

"How easy it is for the administration to concast, than did Gen. TUTTLE, not only in the trol votes in the army without exercising much .army, but also on the home vote:

seeming constraint is proved by the voting of Wisconsin soldiers, when the administration had no strong motive to exert its influnce.









6 13 13

[ocr errors]

20th.... 4th.... 5th... 6th. 7th, 9th. 10th...



9 10 5

The following are specimens of each:



Vallandigham, Dem, ING EXPENSES ON THE PEOPLE. 115th (Regiment). 371

25 100th.... 475


The following appeared under the telegraphic 460

4 118th........ 480

.189 head of 25th. 199 7

CAIRO, ILL, Oct. 27, '63. 62d..... 272

41 67th.. 233


"A short time before the recent elections a 107th.... 25

superannuated individual made his appearance Hospital, Cairo. 66


at headquarters with a letter from Gov. SaloSoldiers in Martinsburg.. 650


man, of Wisconsin, saying that he was travel387 ing on the business of the Sanitary Commission,

and asking for such assistance as the military Stone, Abolition,

Gen. Tuttle, Dem.

could afford him in the prosecution of his 30 philanthropic purposes.

While the officers were debating among themselves, the propriety

of giving him transportation at the expense of 12 | the government, they asked him some questions

whereupon he acknowledged that he was pro

vided with election tickets for the soldiers of 37 the different states, and on his way to distribute 88 them, as had been arranged previously by par

ties at home. No doubt other agents of the re

2 publican party, traveling undur the guise of Hospital, Cairo....

2 Sanitary Commission agents and in other ways Soldiers in St. Louis........ 482

have been sent, at the people's expense, among Second Cavalry...... First Battery...

the soldiers to distribute black republican wickets and documents."

This speaks for itself, and needs no comThus, it will be seen, that Mr. Vi has 88 ment. It is but a sample. more votes than his proportion, on the number above given.

The New York World thus pertinently refers to this subject.

We present below a few specimens of that "That the present administration would not political game which has cost the nation much scruple to interfere with the suffrage of the of its best blood, and vast treasures, by weaksoldiers and use it as an instrument for perpet- ening our armies at a most critical juncture uating its power, is proved by its unwarantable and sending them home to vote the Republican interference with the right of suffrage in the

ticket. states. An administration that cashiered Lieutenant Edgerly, of New Hampshire, for

The following appeared among the news distributing Democratic ballots at his own items of New York, of October 26, 1863:


17th.... 25th.. 21st



42 .107

... 571






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