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When his Majesty was in Ireland, our countryman, the Poet, PATRICK O’KELLY, Esq. of the county Galway, waited on him at the Phoenix Park. His majesty, when Prince of Wales, having subscribed his name for 50 copies, the Poet took that opportunity to deliver his work; he was announced to the KING by Sir BRNJAMIN BLOOMFIELD, who ordered the Baronet to hand the Poet £50, which Sir BENJAMIN accordingly did. Mr. O'KELLY, declined accepting it, declaring that he would rather see his Majesty, than receive the money, and requested Sir BENJAMIN to say so, which was complied with; the KING ordered him to be introduced—when admitted to the Royal presence, his Majesty received him most graciously, hoped he was well, and then observed, “that Mr. O'KELLY was lame, as well as Load ByRoN.” And “Sir WALTER Scott too” said Mr. O'KELLY, and why should not the Irish Bard be similarly honoured for—

If God one member has oppress'd,
He "s made more perfect all the rest.”

The Marquis of CoNYNGHAM, who was present, requested Mr. O'KELLY to express himself extempore on Lord ByRoN, Sir W. Scott and himself, to which the Poet readily replied in the following impromptu: — Three Poets for three sister kingdoms born, One for the Rose, another for the Thorn,

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