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673. An act relating to taxation in Leavenworth county.

By Senator Wulfekuhler. 674. An act relating to the court of common pleas of Wyandotte county............

.By Senator Cubbison,

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-vi Sen.

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675. An act to amend section 1 of chapter 80 of the Laws of 1899, relating to the appointment of certain officers therein named in cities of the first class having a population of over 40,000 inhabitants, and repealing said original section......

.By Senator Cubbison. 676. An act to provide for the protection of banks of rivers and other watercourses in Maple Hill and Kaw townships, in Wabaunsee county.

By Senator Mcknight.
677. An act providing for state aid to certain women who served as
nurses in the civil war, and making an appropriation therefor.

By Senator Tapp.
678. An act supplemental to chapter 107 of the General Statutes of
1901, entitled "An act to provide for the assessment, levy and collection of
taxes," amending and repealing certain sections in said chapter 107, being
sections 7532, 7551, 7586, 7588, 7589 and 7596 of the General Statutes of 1901,
and repealing certain sections of said chapter 107, being sections 7588, 7590,
7608 and 7609 of the General Statutes of 1901...... ..By Senator Brapine.

679. An act relating to the fees and salary of the sheriff of Barber
county, Kansas...

.. By Senator Noftzger.
680. An act authorizing the Central Kansas Fair Association to po-
lice its grounds.

.By Senator Vincent.
681. An act relating to cities having a population of more than 50,000
inbabitants and empowering such cities to contract and fix rates for and
obtain water, heat, light and power for public and private use, and repeal-
ing sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 of chapter 82 of the Laws of 1897 in so far
as said sections relate to such cities......

..By Senator Allen.
682. An act authorizing the secretary of the State Board of Medical
Examination and Registration to issue temporary permits to practice
medicine, surgery or osteopathy to applicants for registration under chap-
ter 254 of the Session Laws of 1901........ ........... By Senator Noftzger.

683. An act relating to the fees and salary of the sheriff of Ottawa
county, Kansas

..By Senator McMillan. 684. An act extending certain ordinances of the city of Humboldt, Kan., over that portion of Humboldt township in Allen county, Kansas, west of the Neosho river, and giving the police judge of said city jurisdiction to try persons charged with violating the same in said territory.

By Senator Stewart.

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1. Appointing a committee to inform the governor that the two
houses of Legislature are duly organized and ready to receive communi-

......By Senator Simons,
2. Memorializing the president to appoint Hon. W. A. Harris as one
of the members of the Isthmian Canal Commission.

By Senator Wulfekuhler.
3. Relating to the adjournment of the Senate on January 15.

By Senator Carpenter.
4. Relating to bills against the state at beginning of session,

By Senator Morrow.
5. Relating to joint session of the House and Senate.

By Senator Carpenter. 6. Relating to coal famine and appointing a committee to investigate........

..........By Senator McMillan. 7. Appointing a committee to investigate the methods of the International Harvester Company of North America... ....By Senator Ward.

8. Relating to amendment of constitution........By Senator Smith. 9. Relating to amendment of constitution.........By Senator Allen.

10. Relating to the printing of the State Historical Society catalogue....

.By Senator Noftzger.

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