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Clerk to Senator Wright..


Assistant doorkeeper..


Chief doorkeeper..


Assistant janitor..


Telephone clerk


Private secy. to lieut.-governor Topeka.



Steno. Com. Jud. Apportionment. Everest.

Assistant document clerk


Assistant janitor.


Clerk Com. Congressional Apport. Council Grove.

Assistant doorkeeper..


Steno. Committee Public Health Anthony.

Clerk Com. Mines and Mining. Pittsburg.

Clerk Committee on Elections. Wilson.

Clerk Committee on Agriculture.. Cherryvale.

Clerk Committee on Insurance Junction City.

Clerk Com. Mil. Affairs and Claims, Newton.

Senate stenographer.



Kansas City.

Page to lieutenant-governor. Soldier.

Page :


Superintendent ventilation... Norton.

Assistant Journal clerk..


Clerk Com, on Revising Journal. Montrose.

Assistant janitor.


Clerk Com. Penal Institutions. Hutchinson.

Assistant janitor.


Assistant Journal clerk



Assistant janitor..


Guard cloak-room..


Assistant janitor.


Assistant doorkeeper.


Assistant reading clerk..

Glen Elder.



Reading clerk


Assistant janitor


Kansas City.

Assistant sergeant-at-arms.

Burr Oak.

Clerk Committee on Judiciary. Kinsley.



Assistant document clerk.




Clerk Com. Charitable Institutions, Concordia.
Clerk Com, on Enrolled Bills


Clerk Com. Mapuf, & Indus. Pursts, Washington.

Ladies' attendant.....


Senate stenographer,

Clerk Committee on Printing.. Caldwell,

Clerk Com. on Banks and Banking.. Marysville.



Journal clerk.

La Harpe.

Assistant janitor.


Clerk Committee on Irrigation Sterling.



Assistant sergeant-at-arms.


Assistant janitor ...


Guard cloak-room...


Clerk Com. Fees, Salaries & Mileage, Mankato.

Clerk Com, on Engrossed Bills. Topeka.

Clerk Com, on Roads and Bridges.. Ottawa.

Assistant doorkeeper,

North Topeka.

Doorkeeper Ways and Means room.. Topeka.

Assistant doorkeeper.



Assistant secretary .....


Assistant janitor...



Clerk Com, Assess, and Taxation. Norton.

Assistant janitor..



Clerk Com. Cities of Second Class... Ottawa.

Clerk Com. Municipal Indebtedness, Leavenworth.

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January 13, 1903-12 o'clock m. In accordance with the provisions of the constitution, the members of the Senate were called to order at twelve o'clock noon by Lieut.-gov. D. J. Hanna, who, by virtue of his office, is president of the Senate.

Prayer was offered by Rev. J. D. McBrian, chaplain of the previous session.

The roll was then called, and thirty-eight Senators present.

Present: Senators Allen, Branine, Buschow, Caldwell, Carpenter, Chaney, Codding, Crum, Cubbison, Findlay, Fitzpatrick, Fulton, Gabriel, Henley, Householder, Hurrel, Kennedy, King, Leidy, McKnight, McMillan, Miller, Morehouse, Morrow, Noftzger, Pestana, Peterson, Porter, Simons, Smith, Sponable, Stewart, Tapp, Vincent, Ward, White, Wright, Wulfekuhler.

Absent: Senators Fullington and Conrad.

On motion of Senator Allen, the Senate proceeded to the election of officers.

On motion of Senator Morehouse, Senator W. S. Fitzpatrick was placed in nomination for the office of president

pro tem.

The roll was called, showing a unanimous vote for W. S. Fitzpatrick for president of the Senate pro tem.

Senator W. S. Fitzpatrick was declared president of the Senate pro tem.

On motion of Senator Allen, the name of Charles M. Sheldon was placed in nomination for secretary of the Senate.

-1 Sen.

The roll was called, showing a unanimous vote for Charles M. Sheldon for secretary of the Senate.

Charles M. Sheldon was declared secretary of the Senate.

On motion of Senator Allen, J. E. Neighbors, of Ness county, was placed in nomination for sergeant-at-arms.

The roll was called, showing a unanimous vote for J. E. Neighbors as sergeant-at-arms of the Senate.

J. E. Neighbors was declared sergeant-at-arms of the Senate.

Senator Allen moved that the rules be suspended, and that the names indicated in the caucus be made the employees of the Senate at the present session.

The motion prevailed.

The following list of employees was presented by Senator Allen:

Charles M. Sheldon, Secretary.
T. A. Wiseman, Assistant Secretary.
Estella L. Moore, Assistant Stenographer.
H. J. Huckett, Bookkeeper.
Ed. Baxter, Assistant Bookkeeper.
H. E. Glenn, Docket Clerk.
C. A. Henrie, Assistant Docket Clerk.
J. T. Treadway, Journal Clerk.
Calvin Newell, Assistant Journal Clerk.
J. G. Mitchell, Assistant Journal Clerk.
J. A. Ramsey, Reading Clerk.
Wm. E. Pitts, Assistant Reading Clerk.
Geo. B. Munson, Revision Clerk.
T. J. Jackson, Document Clerk.
Pauline Simmons, Assistant Document Clerk.
Etta Littlefield, Assistant Document Clerk.
Clara Hendricks, Assistant Document Clerk.
J. E. Neighbors, Sergeant-at-arms.
M. R. Lindscott, Assistant Sergeant-at-arms.
F. E. Ross, Assistant Sergeant-at-arms.
W. H. Avery, Assistant Sergeant-at-arms.
A. Brown, Assistant Sergeant-at-arms.
H. A. Fink, Assistant Sergeant-at-arms.
B. F. Mears, Superintendent Ventilation.
E. B. Getchel, Assistant Superintendent Ventilation.
Fred Lewis, Postmaster.
Jno. B. Kurth, Assistant Postmaster.
Hattie E. Allen, Assistant Postmaster.
Wm. Cummings, Mail Carrier,

Miss Nellie Legate, Telephone Clerk.
J. C. Taylor, Night Watch.
Rev. L. B. Parker, Chaplain.
Joe Lucas, Chief Doorkeeper.
C. L. Linton, Assistant Doorkeeper.
P. C. Miner, Assistant Doorkeeper.
F. J. Kramer, Assistant Doorkeeper.
A. C. Wallace, Assistant Doorkeeper.
Wm. Whitehead, Assistant Doorkeeper.
R. M. Hight, Assistant Doorkoeper.
J. E. Hutson, Assistant Doorkeeper.
I. C. Wentz, Assistant Doorkeeper.
P. F. Dressie, Assistant Doorkeeper.
L. W. Fulton, Assistant Doorkeeper.
W. T. Short, Assistant Doorkeeper.
James Jackson, Guard to Cloak room.
E. Gayden, Guard to Cloak-room.
P. D. Peck, Guard to Cloak-room.
James Viniog, Guard to Cloak-room.
Samuel Hughes, Head Janitor.
R. Work, Assistant Janitor.
H. Woods, Assistant Janitor.
Samuel Rogers, Assistant Janitor.
J. W. Gregg, Assistant Janitor.
James Tyler, Assistant Janitor.
James Olden, Assistant Janitor.
Wm. Robinson, Assistant Janitor.
Wm. Davis, Assistant Janitor.
Joe Pierce, Assistant Janitor.
Joe Martin, Assistant Janitor.
Henry Daniels, Assistant Janitor.
Mason White, Assistant Janitor.
Geo. Boidson, Assistant Janitor.
Edgar Gray, Page.
Gains Gilmore, Page.
Tom Butler, Page.
Frank McKrae, Page.
Fred Roberts, Page.
Roy Cochran, Page.
Arthur Beronius, Page.
F. Marshall, Page.
Edgar Sheen, Page.
Fred Crossley, Page.

Ulysses Graham, Messenger.
On motion of Senator Householder, the secretary of the
Senate was instructed to cast the vote of the Senate for the

various names on the list furnished by Senator Allen as employees of the Senate.

Senate concurrent resolution No. 1, by Senator Simons:

Resolved by the Senate, the House concurring therein, That a committee of three members from the House and two from the Sonate be appointed to wait upon the governor and inform him that the two houses of the Legislature are duly organized, and are ready to receive any communication that he may have to present.

Committee on the part of the Senate: Senators Simons and King

Senator Carpenter introduced Senate resolution No. 1, as follows:

Resolved, That the secretary of the Senate inform the House of Representatives that the Senate is now organized, with D. J. Hanna, president; W. S. Fitzpatrick, president p o tem.; Chas. M. Sheldon, secretary; J. E. Neighbors, sergeant-at-arms; and awaits the pleasure of the House of Representatives.

The resolution was adopted.

Senator Morehouse introduced Senate resolution N. 2, which was adopted, and is as follows:

Resolved, That the president of the Senate is hereby authorized to select a private secretary, sergeant-at-arms, and a page.

In accordance with Senate resolution No. 2, the president of the Senate appointed J. S. Leach his private secretary; W. K. Cunningham, sergeant-at-arms; and Blanchard Nickel, page.

Senator Smith introduced Senate resolution No. 3, as follows:

Resolved, That the Senate be governed by the rules adopted at the last session until further ordered.

The resolution was adopted.

Senator Fitzpatrick introduced Senate resolution No. 4, which was adopted :

Resolved, That a committee of five senators be appointed by the president of the Senate to assist him in formulating a code of rules for the government of the Senate.

Senator Leidy introduced resolution No. 5, which was adopted :

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to revise the list of Senate employees.

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