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State School-fund Commissioners - continued :
Authorizing to purchase bonds to be issued by the city of Le Roy, Coffey

county, Kansas. See S. B. 237. Page 126. State Soldiers' Home.

See governor's message. Page 14.
Appropriation for. See S. Bs. 33, 435. Pages 34, 278.

Admission of widows and orphans to. See S. B. 346. Page 197.
State Treasury.

Deposit of funds of, in banking institutions. See S. B. 190. Page 101.

Transfer of certain moneys of. See 8. B. 404. Page 264. State Treasurer. Authorizing, to designate a state fiscal agency in the city of New York, and

also one in the state of Kansas. See S. B. 196. Page 102, Stationary Engineers and Firemen. Relating to license of, and appointing chief examiner of. See S. Bs. 96, 595.

Pages 49, 544. State University. Regulating the investment of permanent school fund. See S. B. 151. Page

88. State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Relating to salary of. See S. B. 160. Page 89. Statute of Limitations.

See S. B. 406. Page 264. St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad. Resolution introduced to investigate its purchase of the Kansas City, Fort

Scott & Memphis railroad. Page 82. Stenographers.

Appointment of, by county attorneys. See S. B. 123. Page 63.
Stevens County.

Telephone line for, Bee S. B. 428. Page 270.
Compromise of bonded indebtedness, school district No. 2 in. See S. B. 512.

Page 413.
Stewart, Hon. Thomas J.

Commander-in-chief of G. A. R., addressed the Senate. Page 899.
Stewart, Samuel, Senator, District No. 14.

(Woodson and Allen counties.)
Amended S. R. 19, Relating to printing roster of senators. Page 23.
Announces appointment of H. L. Wood clerk of Committee on Roads and

Bridges. Page 85.
Bills introduced by-

Protecting trade-marks. See S. B. 46. Page 35.
Providing for payment of certain union military scrip. See S. B. 47.

Page 35.
Concerning private corporations, and authorizing them to decrease the

amount of their capital stock. See S. B. 98. Page 49.
Relating to criminal procedure, and authorizing the amendments of

complaints in all cases of appeal to the district court from the

judgment of a police judge. See S. B. 99. Page 49.
Providing for the trimming of hedges along the public highways.

See S. B. 255. Page 142.
Relating to powers of mayor and councilmen in cities of the second

class. See S. B. 284. Page 157.
Amending General Statutes 1901, relative to pay of state printer. See

S. B. 345. Page 197.

Stewart, Samuel - continued :
Bills introduced by -

Relating to ordinances of city of Humboldt. See S. B. 330. Page 348.
Enabling Humboldt township to lease lands. See S. B. 574. Page 520.
Relating to certain ordinances in city of Humboldt. See S. B. 683.

Page 905.
Committee assignments -

Insurance. Page 41.
Mines and Mining. Page 41.
Roads and Bridges. Page 41.
Military Affairs and Claims. Page 41.
Educational Institutions. Page 42.
Legislative Apportionment. Page 42.
Conference committees -

H. B. 1. Page 643.
H. B. 39. Page 811.

H. B. 231. Page 1091.
Petitions introduced by -

No. 1, For the protection of trade-marks. Page 83.
No. 2, To set apart a portion of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition

appropriation for a horticultural exhibit exclusively. Page 83. No. 3, To amend section 2069, Revised Statutes, providing what shall

constitute grand larceny. Page 83. No.8, For an appropriation to represent Kansas at St. Louis exposi

tion. Page 116.
No. 18, Providing for the division of the seventh judicial district.

Page 176.
Resolutions offered by -

S.J. R. 1, Relating to the pay of state printer. Page 143.
S. R. 46, Relating to a certain flag owned by company G of the Tenth

Kapsas. Page 168.

S. R. 54, Relating to S. B. 354. Page 329. Stewart, M. J.

For the relief of. See S. B. 239. Page 197. Storage of Water.

For irrigation and other purposes. See S. B. 454. Page 294. Sturges, F. W.

Appointed stenographer Committee on Public Institutions. Page 130. Suits..

Providing for, against the state of Kansas. See S. B. 62. Page 46. Suffrage.

See S. B. 67. Page 46. Sugar-beets.

To encourage the cultivation and production of. See S. B. 64. Page 45. Sumner County.

Vacating certain portions of New Caldwell in. See S. B. 246. Page 197.

Application of sinking-fund of Harmon township. See S. B. 599. Page 544. Street-car Conductors.

See S. B. 264. Page 143. Summons.

Relating to service of, on foreign corporations. See S. B. 567. Page 493. Sunflower.

Designated to be the state floral emblem. See 8. B. 444. Page 286. Superintendent of Ventilation.

F. Mears elected. Page 2.

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Superintendents State Hospitals.

Appointment of. See S. B. 509. Page 412.
Superintendent of Public Instruction.
County, fixing salary and compensation of, in Morris county. See S. B. 183.

Page 100.
Relating to the salary of. See S. B. 160. Page 89.
Superintendent of Insurance.

Providing for annual report by. See S. B. 208. Page 109.
Supplemental Index.

(See end of this index.)
Support of Schools.

Relatiog to, in cities of the second class. See S. B. 165. Page 89.
Summoning Grand and Petit Jurors.

Providing for. See S. B. 222. Page 111.
Supreme Court.

Reports of. See S. Bs. 360, 473. Pages 223, 315.
Justices of, salaries. See S. B. 511. Page 413.

Relating to. See S. B. 530. Page 422.
Surgery, Veterinary.

Regulating the business of. See S. B. 379. Page 235.

Relating to, on bonds for state officers and employees. See S. B. 95. Page 49.
Surety Bonding Business.

Admission of companies engaged in. See B. Page 224.

County, establishing lines and points. See S. B. 270. Page 143.

Relating to fees of. See S. B. 342. Page 197.
Survey, State Geological and Economic.

Establishing. See S. B. 520. Page 414.
Sweet's Addition.
Vacation of, in city of Jetmore, Hodgeman county, Kansas. See S. B. 152.

Page 88.
Syracuse, Hamilton County, Kansas.

Vacating certain blocks, streets, etc., in. See S. B. 32. Page 34.
Tapp, James W., Senator, District No. 29.

(Sedgwick county.)
Announces appointment of E. L. Foulke clerk Committee on Labor. Page

Bills introduced by -

Providing for the protection of birds. See S. B. 76. Page 47.
Authorizing board of education of Wichita to build and equip a high

school. See S. B. 79. Page 47.
Providing for the safety of workmen. See S. B. 78. Page 47.
Providing for the appointment of stenographer for county attorney.

See S. B. 123. Page 63.
For the relief of county officers of Sedgwick county. See S. B. 124.

Page 63.
Relating to the salary of county clerk of Sedgwick county, and pro-

viding clerk hire for county attorney and county treasurer.

See 8. B. 125, Page 63.
To prevent and punish the desecration of the United States flag. See

8. B. 142. Page 87.

Tapp, James W.- continued:
Bills introduced by -
Regulating the salary of the county coroner of Sedgwick county. See

S. B. 174. Page 99.
Authorizing and empowering the board of county commissioners and

the mayor and city council of cities within the state of Kansas

to appropriate money or issue bonds. See S. B. 176. Page 99. Providing for conductors on all cars in cities of the first class. See S.

B. 264. Page 143.
Application of the excess fees of the register of deeds of Sedgwick

county. See S. B. 265. Page 143.
Relating to the fees and salary of probate judge of Sedgwick county.

See S. B. 266. Page 43.
Appropriation for soldiers' monument in Sedgwick county. See S. B.

319. Page 178.
For the protection of Mongolian or Chinese pheasants. See S. B. 338.

Page 197.
Suppression of mob violence. See S. B. 375. Page 225.
Application of excess fees of register of deeds of Sedgwick county.

See S. B. 440. Page 279.
Concerning railroads and other common carriers. See S. B. 483.

Page 318.
Relating to thrashers. See 8. B. 506. Page 345.
Amending an act for the relief of destitute soldiers and sailors. See

S. B. 528. Page 421.
Relating to city courts in Wichita city township. See 8. Bs. 604, 623.

Pages 546, 630.
Relating to liens for labor and material. See S. B. 605. Page 456.
Relating to foes and salary of sheriff of Sedgwick county. See S. B.

629. Page 631.
For the protection of birds. See 8. B. 656. Page 680.
Relating to the appointment of probate judge pro tem. See S. B. 663.

Page 696.
Relating to aid for women who served as nurses in the civil war. See

S. B. 677. Page 845.
Relating to Kansas exhibit at St. Louis. See S. B. 690. Page 984.
Committee assignments -

Assessment and Taxation. Page 41.
Municipal Indebtednesss. Page 41.
Penal Institutions. Page 41.
Mines and Mining. Page 41.
State Affairs. Page 41.
Roads and Bridges. Page 41.
Cities of the First Class. Page 42.
Education. Page 42.
Labor. Page 42.

Conference, S. B. 127. Page 221.
Petition presented by -

No. 32. Page 984.
Presented with United States flag. S. R. 83. Page 1094.
Resolutions offered by -
S. R. 88, Tendering vote of thanks to J. E. Neighbor, sergeant-at-arms.

Page 1100.
S. R. 89, Tendering vote of thanks to E. Baxter, bookkeeper of the Sen.

ate. Page 1101. Tax, Levy of.

At Wichita, Sedgwick county, for high school. See 8. B. 77. Page 47.
And collection, for the extermination of prairie-dogs. See S. B. 22. Page 111.
Tax, Levy of -- continued :
During the years 1904 and 1905, to create fund to build monument for Kan-

sas soldiers and sailors of 1861-'65. See S. B. 216. Page 110.
Reports of joint committee under S. B. 114. Page 457.

Providing for the assessment, levy and collection of, See S. B. 114. Page 62.
Real estate sold for. See 8. B. 331. Page 194.
Relating to levy of, by city of Independence. See S. B. 648. Page 666.

Relating to assessment, levy and collection of. See S.B. 678. Page 845.
Tax Commission.

Report by. Page 457.
Tax Deeds.

Kiowa county, relating to. See S. B. 592. Page 543.
Tax, Road.

Authorizing the levy and collection of. See S. B. 195. Page 102.
Taxation and Assessment.

See governor's message. Page 17.
Exempting homestead of union soldiers and sailors and widows of same.

See S. B. 111. Page 62.
Relating to, in Leavenworth county. See S. B. 673. Page 824.
Taylor, J. C.

Elected night-watch. Page 3.
Tecumseh Township.

Authorizing, to purchase land and buildings. See S. B. 587. Page 542.
Treasurer of Shawnee county to pay money to school district No. 7 in. See

S. B. 587. Page 492.
Teachers' Certificates.

Validity of. See S. B. 485. Page 316.
Telegraph Companies.

See S. B. 452. Page 293.
Telegraph Operators.
Prohibiting the employment of, under twenty-one years of age. See S. B.

228. Page 118.
Telegraph Stations.
Maintenance of, in cities of the first class having a population of more than

50,000. See S. B. 652. Page 667.
Telephone Clerk.

Nellie Legate elected. Page 3.
Temperance Committee.

Appointed. Page 41.

Reports by. Page
Terms of Court.

Relating to, in first judicial district. See S. B. 166. Page 89.

Providing for uniformity of. See S. R. 31. Page 44.
Thayer, City of.

Relating to public funds of. See S. B. 6. Page 31.

Relating to cemetery association of. See S. B. 445. Page 286.

Regulating. See S. B. 561. Page 473.

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