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Smith, F. Dumont-continued:
Bills introduced by -

To prevent the consolidation of corporations. See S. B. 636. Page 645.
Relating to fees and salary of sheriff of Finney county. See S. B. 637.

Page 645.
Relating to the issue of bonds by Pawnee county to drill for gas. See

S. B. 688. Page 968.
Committee assigoments-

Judiciary. Page 41.
Agriculture. Page 41.
Public Health. Page 41.
Corporations. Page 41.
Judicial Apportionment. Page 106.
Joint tax committee. Page 176.
Appointed conferee on S. B. 144. Page 1092.

Revision of Calendar. Page 517.
Resolutions offered by-
S. R. 35, Requesting the committee on stenographers to hold an ex-

amination for the purpose of recommending a stenographer for

the committee to investigate the coal famine. Page 59. 8. C. R. 8, Relating to the submission of proposition to amend the con

stitution. Page 78. S. R. 45, Relating to contest of John R. Hamilton and A. C. T. Geiger.

Page 152. 8. C. R. 19, Relating to the appointment of a committee to consider

the tax bill. Page 169.
S. R. 54, For the appointment of a committee on revision of Senate

Calendar. Page 436.
S. R. 62, Relating to pri ng Senate amendments to S. B. 114. Page

S. R. 70, Relating to the return from the House of S. C. R. 31. Page 811.
S. C. R. 34, Relating to consideration of bills and joint resolutions.

Page 834. Snow Hall. Appropriating money to rearrange, at University of Kansas, and for moving

museum collection from, to natural history building. See S. B. 180.

Page 100.
Society of Mining Industries.

Creating. See S. B. 324. Page 179. Societies, Secret and Fraternal.

Unlawful to wear badges of. See S. B. 354. Page 198. Soldiers' Home, Kansas State.

Seo governor's message. Page 14.

Appropriation for. See S. B. 433. Page 278. Soldiers of the Union.

To perpetuate the memory of. See S. B. 176. Page 99.

Deceased, to mark the graves of. See S. B. 416. Page 269.
Societies, Cooperative.

See S. B. 394. Page 249.
Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument.

Erection of. See S. B. 325. Page 179.
Soldiers and Sailors, Destitute.
Relating to the relief of, and their wives, widows, and children. See S. Bs.

369, 528. Pages 224, 421.

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Soller, August.
Appointed clerk of Committee on Mapufactures and Industrial Pursuits.

Page 42.
Special Committees.
Joint tax committee -

Members appointed. Page 196.

Reports by. Page 457.
Revision of Calendar -

Members appointed. Page 516.
To investigate International Harvester Company -

Resolution introduced. Page 50.
Members appointed. Page 84.

Reports by. Page 861.
On formulating code of rules. See S. R. 4. Page 4

Members appointed. Page 23.

Reports by. Page 25.
On revision of Journal

Members appointed. Page 174.
On revision of Senate employees. See S. R. 5. Page 4 –

Members appointed. Page 23.
On apportionment of governor's message. Page 6 –

Members appointed. Page 23.

Reports by. Page 36.
To investigate the Frisco merger-

Resolution introduced. Page 82.

Report of committee. Page 1027.
To investigate coal famine-

Resolution introduced. Page 38.
Members appointed. Page 84.

Reports by. Page 557.
Sponable, Frank W., Senator, District No. 6.

(Johnson and Miami counties.) Announces appointment of E. L. Ridgeway clerk of Enrolled Bills Commit

tee. Page 43. Announces appointment of Clayton B. Fullington clerk of Engrossed Bills

Committee. Page 43. Announces appointment of Carrie E. Shean stenographer of Enrolled Bills

Committee. Page 43. Announces substitution of name of H. M. Washburn in place of E. L. Ridge

way as clerk of Committee on Enrolled Bills. Page 119. Bills introduced by Authorizing the state treasurer to designate a state fiscal agency in

the city of New York and one in the state of Kansas. See S. B.

196. Page 102. Relating to charter fees of corporations. See S. B. 197. Page 102. Providing for the application of excess fees and deputy-clerk hire

of certain officers of Johnson county, Kansas. See s. B. 209.

Page 109.
Relating to sidewalks in cities of the second class and providing for

the construction and payment thereof. See S. B. 210. Page 110. Appropriation for Harriet L. Waugh. See S. B. 271. Page 143. Relating to care of soldiers' widows and orphans. See S. B. 346. Page

197. Authorizing Johnson county to transfer money. See S. B. 363. Page

Relating to salaries of county commissioners of Johnson county. See

S, B. 387. Page 226.
Improvement of county roads. See S. B. 388. Page 236.

Sponable, Frank W.-continued :
Bills introduced by

Transfer of certain money in state treasury. See S. B. 401. Page 264.
Amending an act relating to fees collected by the bank commissioner.

See S. B. 455. Page 294.
Relating to salary of sheriff of Miami county. See S. B. 582. Page

Authorizing city of Olathe to issue bonds. See S. B. 655. Page 668.
Committee assigoments-

Chairman Enrolled Bills Committee. Page 42.
Railroads. Page 41.
State Affairs. Page 41.
Banks and Banking. Page 42.
Judicial Apportionment. Page 106.
Revision of Journal. Page 174.
Special committee under S. R. 38. Page 266.
Committee api by S. R. 56. 'age 507.

Revision of Calendar. Page 517.
Petitions presented by —
No. 19, Protesting against calling of constitutional convention. Page

244. Stafford County.

Relating to salary of sheriff of. See S. B. 626. Page 630. Standard Fire Insurance Policy.

Providing for. See S. B. 256. Page 142. Standard Oil Company.

Committee to investigate. See S. C. R. No. 22. Page 213. Standing Committees.

(See Committees, Standing.) Stanton County.

Telephone line for. See S. B. 427. Page 270.
State Agricultural College.
Regulating the investment of permanent school fund of. See S. B. 151.

Page 88.
Experiment station, for the establishment of, on Fort Hays military reser.

vation. See S. B. 337. Page 196. State Affairs.

Committee appointed. Page 41.

Reports by. Pages 208, 229, 430, 649, 749.
State Asylum for Idiotic and Imbecile Youth.

Appropriation for, at Winfield. See S. B. 446. Page 286.
State Accountant.

See governor's message. Page 21.

See S. B. 295. Page 158.
State Architect.

See governor's message. Page 20.
Relating to the office of, and fixing duties and compensation. See 8. B.

307. Page 177. State Bacteriologist.

Creating position of, and fixing salary of. See S. B. 351. Page 198.
State Banks.

See governor's message. Page 15.
Management and supervision of. See 8. B. 14. Page 32.
Capitalization of. See S. B. 389. Page 248.

State Board.

Of Railroad Commissioners. See governor's message. Page 11.
State Board of Agriculture.
Appropriation for thirteenth biennial report. See S. Bs. 127, 672. Pages

63, 824,
Appropriation for annual exposition. See S. B. 837. Page 199.
State Board of Health.

Conferring additional authority and duties on. See S. B. 384. Page 236.
State Board of Medical Examination and Registration.

Appropriation for. See S. B. 576. Page 529.
Authorized to issue temporary permits to practice medicine. See S. B. 608.

Page 623.
Authorizing secretary of, to issue tomporary permits to practice medicine.

See S. B. 682. Page 867.
State Coal-mines.
Authorizing governor to work, and sell coal to people at cost. See 8. B. 146.

Page 87.
State Charitable Institutions.

See governor's message. Page 13.

Defining duties of board of trustees. See S. B. 451. Page 293.
State Examiner.
Establishing office of, of county treasurer, and fixing compensation of.

See S. B. 58. Page 45.
State Fire Marshal.

To establish office of. See S. B. 439. Page 278.
State Fish Hatchery.

Providing for the establishment and construction of. See S. B. 92. Page 49.
State Fish and Game Commissioner.

Appointment of. See S. B. 93. Page 49.
State Fiscal Agency.

Authorizing state treasurer to designate. See S. B. 196. Page 102.
State Geological Survey.
Making appropriation for the publication of reports of. Soe S. B. 168.

Page 99.
State Historical Society.

See governor's message. Page 19.

To provide for publishing catalogue. See S. C. R. 10. Page 79.
State Horticultural Society.

Providing for the issue of annual reports by. See S. B. 70. Page 46.
To improve, clean and furnish rooms occupied by. See S. B. 291. Page 158.
To arrange exhibition for Kansas at St. Louis Exposition. See S. P.

No. 8. Page 116.
Relating to furniture for. See S. R. 96. Page 1102.
State Hospitals, Superintendents of.

Appointments. See S. B. 509. Page 412.

See governor's message. Page 21.
State Fair Association.
Creating, and providing for its location, establishment, and operation. See

S. B, 253. Page 127.

State Industrial Reformatory.
Making appropriation for certain improvements and repairs. See S. Bs. 143,

359. Pages 87, 223.
Making appropriation for establishment of broom factory. See S. B. 508.

Page 345.
State Insurance Department.

To establish, and regulate business of companies. See S. B. 170. Page 99.
To provide for the construction and equipment of vault for. See S. B. 182.

Page 100.
State of Kapsas.

Providing for suits against. See S. B. 63. Page 45. State Librarian. Directing, to furnish Carnegie Law Library, in Wyandotto county, with

supreme court reports. See S. B. 390. Page 543. State Militia. Providing for the organization, government and compensation of. See S. B.

72. Page 46. State Normal School. Regulating the investment of permanent school fund of. See S. B. 151.

Page 88.
Making appropriation for the support of. See S. B. 316. Page 178.
Making appropriation for the western branch of, on Fort Hays military

reservation. See S. B. 336. Page 196. State Officers.

Relating to suretyship on bonds of. See S. B. 95. Page 49.

Establishing salaries of. See S. B. 523. Page 414.
State Penitentiary.

Appropriation for. See S. B. 400. Page 249.
Board of directors appointed. Page 1028.
Board of directors confirmed. Page 1031.
Making appropriation for per diem and mileage. See S. B. 642. Page 646.
Relating to hard fiber plant of. See S. B. 463. Page 294.

Relating to purchase of land for. See S. C. R. 26. Page 467.
State Poultry Association.
Legalizing, defining the duties of, and making annual appropriation for.

See S. B. 320. Page 179. State Printing.

Appropriation for. See S. B. 407. Page 264.
State Printer.
Instructed to print 200 copies of governor's message for use of Senate. Seo

S. R. 14. Page 6.
Appropriation for. See S. B. 563. Page 473.
Geo. A. Clark nominated. Page 52.
Grant W. Harrington nominated. Page 52.
Pay of. See S. B. 346. Page 197.

Providing for the election and fixing salary of. See S. B. 145. Page 87.
State Road.
Appropriation for establishment of, from Leavenworth to Kansas City. See

8. B. 252. Page 198. State School-fund Commissioners. Authorizing, to purchase bonds to be issued by Le Roy township, Coffey

county, Kansas. See S. B. 236. Page 126. -82 Sen.

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