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Patent Medicines.

Regulating the sale of, within the state of Kansas. See S. B. 128. Page 63. Partition Fences. Amending section 3087 of the General Statutes of 1901, relating to. See

S. B. 154. Page 88. Patriotism.

Mannal of, providing for, in public schools. See 8. B. 540. Page 425. Pasture Land and Live Stock. Making appropriation for the purchase of, at State Industrial Reformatory.

See S. B. 143. Page 87. Paul Jones's Second Addition.

Vacating, in Garden City. See S. B. 173. Page 99. Penal Institutions.

Committee on. Page 41.

Reports by. Page -
Penitentiary, State.

See governor's message. Page 13.
Duties of warden and board of directors of. See S. B. 274. Page 156.
Appropriation for. See S. B. 400. Page 249.

Relating to hard-fiber twine plant of. See S. B. 463. Page 294.

To W. J. Ross. See S. B. 66. Page 46. Peck, P. D.

Appointed guard to cloak-room. Page 3.
Pawnee County.

Roads and highways in. See S. B. 365. Page 224.
Vacating Brown's Grove in. See 8. B. 422. Page 261.
Vacating blocks 3, 4, 94, in city of Burdett in. See S. B. 423. Page 270.

To issue bonds to drill for gas. See S. B. 688. Page 968.
Pharmacy, State Board of.
Reinstating Richard Williams as registered pharmacist. See S. B. 185.

Page 101.
Pheasants, Mongolian or Chinese.

For the protection of. See S. B. 338. Page 196.
Pestana, Harry L., Senator, District No. 34.

(Ellsworth, Russell and Lincoln counties.)
Announces appointment of George W. McCoy, of Ellsworth county, clerk of

Committee on Elections. Page 42.
Announces appointment of Mae V. Barrett stenographer Committee on

Elections. Page 85. Appointed member of committee to wait on governor. Page 1126. Bills introduced byMaking appropriation for the Florence Crittenden Mission, at To

peka. See S. B. 78. Page 46.
Declaring the person named therein the daughter and heir of A. D.

Gilkeson. See S. B. 106. Page 61.
Relating to vacating certain portions of the city of Wilson. See S. B.

213. Page 110.
Providing for the payment of expenses of non-resident witnesses who

shall attend on behalf of plaintiff in the trial of criminal action.

See S. B. 248. Page 127.
Providing for the appointment of an attorney by courts or judges to

assist county attorney in the prosecution of certain actions
wherein the state of Kansas is a party. See S. B. 249. Page 126.

Pestana, Harry L.- continued:

Amending section 15 of article 2 of chapter 31, General Statutes 1901.

See S. B. 269. Page 143.
Creating office of state accountant. See S. B. 295. Page 158.
Relating to labor and material liens. See S. B. 401. Page 250.
Fixing the salaries of county commissioners of Lincoln county. See

S. B. 456. Page 294.
Authorizing the county commissioners of Lincoln county to levy tax.

See S. B. 457. Page 294.
Compensation for T. F. Garver. See S. B. 494. Page 343.
Relating to the appointment of superintendent of hospitals. See S. B.

509. Page 412.
Relating to the terms of district court of Russell county. See S. B.

510. Page 413.
Providing for the election of high-school trustees. See S. B. 532. Page

Amending an act relating to printing and distribution of ballots. See

S. B. 533. Page 422.
Authorizing railroads to condemn land owned by the state. See s. B.

545. Page 437.
Authorizing State Board of Medical Registration to issue temporary

permits to practice medicine. See 8. B. 608. Page 623.
Relating to feet and salary of sheriff of Ellsworth county. See S. B.

614. Page 628.
Relating to the fees and salary of the sheriff of Lincolo county. See

S. B. 615. Page 628.
Vacating certain portions of Huff's addition, Downs, Kan. See S. B.

616. Page 628.
Committee assignments

Elections. Page 42.
Cities of the Second and Third Class. Page 42.
Legislative Apportionment. Page 42.
To assist president in formulating code of rules. Page 23.
Enrolled Bills. Page 42.
Irrigation. Page 42.
Banks and Banking. Page 85.

Judicial Apportionment. Page 106.
Petitions presented by -

No. 29, Relating to prohibition. Page 663.
Resolutions offered by -
S. R. 8, Appointment of clerks for senators not chairmen of standing

committees. Page 5.
S. R. 36, Relative to the contest of John R. Hamilton against A. C. T.

Geiger, fixing a date for Senate to hear contest, and authorizing
sergeant-at-arms to serve copy of resolution on A. C. T. Geiger.

Page 80.
8. R. 37, Relative to contest of John R. Hamilton against a. C. T.

Geiger, and to the trial of the case. Page 81.
S. R. 61, Adjudging A. C. T. Geiger duly elected judge of the seven-

teenth judicial district. Page 519.
S. R. 66, Discontinuing further printing of local bills for the use of

the Senate. Page 665.
8. R. 73, Extending privileges and courtesy of the Senate to the Hon.

Thos. J. Stewart, commander-in-chief of G. A. R. Page 899.
Phillips County.
Authorizing county commissioners to pay under-sheriff. See s. B. 666.

Page 765.

Peterson, E. V., Senator, District No. 40.

(Smith and Norton counties.)
Announces appointment of John Wray, clerk Committee on Assessment and

Taxation. Page 149.
Bills introduced by-

Relating to school-land sales. See S. B. 150. Page 88.
Relating to Kansas State Penitentiary. See S. B. 463. Page 294.
Relating to salaries of certain state officers. See S. B. 523. Page 414.
Fixing salary of certain officers of Norton county.. See S. B. 524.

Page 414.
Relating to salary of under-sheriff of Phillips county. See S. B. 666.

Page 765.
Committee assignments -

Assessment and Taxation. Page 41.
Banks and Banking. Page 41.
Congressional Apportionment. Page 106.
Joint tax committee. Page 176.
Committee appointed by S. R. 56. Page 507.

Conference committee S. B. 144. Page 1092.
Resolutions offered by

S. R. 67, Recalling House bill No. 263 from the House. Page 684.
Pittsburg, City of.
Establishment of auxiliary manual-training school in. See S. B. 234.

Page 125. Pitts, William.

Elected assistant reading clerk. Page 2.

Tendered vote of thanks. See S. R. 86. Page 1095. Pierce, Joe.

Appointed assistant janitor. Page 3. Porter, E. F., Senator, District No. 11.

(Crawford county.) Announces appointment of Sabatius Mauneskesy as clerk of Committee on

Mines and Mining. Page 43. Bills introduced by – Defining powers and duties of secretary of mine industries. See S. B.

7. Page 31. Providing for instruction in training schools. See S. B. 8. Page 31. Providing for raising funds to support and maintain free public libra

ries in cities of the first and second class. See S. B. 9. Page 31. Establishing a normal training school at Pittsburg, Kan. See S. B.

10. Page 32 Relating to the mining of coal. See S. B. 11. Page 32. Amending section 1 of chapter 167 of the Session Laws of 1901, relating

to safety of persons employed in coal-mines. See S. B. 12.

Page 32.
Right of action of employees against employer for injuries or death

on account of negligence of employer or his agents. See S. B.

103. Page 50. Empowering the mayor and council of McCune, Crawford county, to

transfer money. See S. B. 107. Page 62.
Providing for holding terms of court at Winfield and Arkansas City.

See S. B. 138. Page 64.
Relating to establishing a code of civil procedure. See S. B. 167. Page

Making appropriation for State Geological Survey of Kansas and pro-

viding for the publication of the reports. See S. B. 168. Page 99. Probibiting the employment of telegraph operators under the age of

twenty-one years. See S. B. 228. Page 118.

Porter, E. F.- continued :

To establish an auxiliary normal training school at Pittsburg, Kan.,

and making an appropriation therefor. See S. B. 234. Page 125. For the preservation of health of the inhabitants of cities of the sec

ond class. See S. B. 255. Page 125.
Appropriation for commission to report on Price raid claims. See S.

B. 272. Page 156.
Relating to school districts. See 8. B. 273. Page 156.
Appropriation for Board of Medical Examination and Registration.

See S. B. 576. Page 529.
Amending an act relating to sinking escape shafts in coal mines. See

S. B. 597. Page 544.
Providing for election of county commissioners of Crawford county.

See 8. B. 668. Page 766.
Committee assignments -

Penal Institutions. Page 41.
Charitable Institutions. Page 41.
Mines and Mining. Page 41.
Public Buildings. Page 42.
Cities of the First Class. Page 42.
Educational Institutions. Page 42.
Engrossed Bills. Page 42.
Labor. Page 42.

Ways and Means. Page 85.
Petitions presented by-

No. 5, Relating to what shall constitute grand larceny. Page 106.

No. 6, Relating to what shall constitute grand larceny. Page 107. Presented invitation to meet with the State Society of Labor in Representa

tive hall. Page 172. Resolutions offered byS. R. 21, Instructing the sergeant-at-arms to rigidly enforce rule No.

51, with reference to lobby. Page 27.

S. J. R. 3, Relating to silver service for battle-ship "Kansas." Page 936. Porter, Chas.

Appropriation for. See S. B. 465. Page 295.
Powers and Duties of.

Secretary of mining industries. See S. B. 7. Page 31.
Board of Railroad Commissioners. See S. B. 188. Page 101.
Township overseers. See S. B. 195. Page 102.
Truant officers. See 8. B. 200. Page 102.
Board of Insurance Commissioners. Page 118.

City courts of Kansas City township. See S. B. 569. Page 493.
Providing for the payment of, used by certain officers of Morris county in

transacting of public business. See S. B. 184. Page 100. Postmaster of the Senate.

Fred Lewis elected. Page 2.
John B. Kurth elected assistant. Page 2.

Hattie E. Allen elected assistant. Page 2.
Policies, Life Insurance.

Controlling the forfeiture of. See S. B. 87. Page 48.

Warrants in, See S. B. 429. Page 270.
Police Judge.

Appeal from. See S. B. 99. Page 49.
City of Humboldt, relating to jurisdiction of. See S. B. 683. Page 905.

Police Court.
Relating to appeals from, in cities of the second class. See S. B. 183. Page

Police Officers.
Relating to duties of, in times of lynching and other mob violence. See S.

B. 541. Page 425.
Pottawatomie County.
Defining certain duties of trial court in regard to cases undecided in. See

S. B. 201. Page 102.
See S. B. 282. Page 157.
Detaching from the twenty-fifth judicial district. See S. B. 282. Page 157.
Register of deeds, excess fees of, in. See S. B. 479. Page 317.
Rolating to fees and salary of sheriff of. See S. B. 641. Page 646.

Relating to salaries of county commissioners of. See S. B. 670. Page 777,
Pottawatomie River.

Bridge for, in Anderson county. See S. B. 475. Page 316.
To create board of examiners and regulate business of. See S. B. 100. Page

50. Practice of.

Pharmacy, regulating the. See S. B. 185. Page 101.

Dentistry, regulating the. See 8. B. 225. Page 111. Practicing Auctioneers.

Providing for licensing. See S. B. 115. Page 63. Prairie-dogs and Gophers.

For the extermination of. See S. B. 57. Page 45.

For the destruction of. See 8. B. 223. Page 111. Pratt, Town of.

Vacating certain additions in. See S. B. 344. Page 197.
Pratt County.

Holding annual meeting school district No. 30 in. See 8. B. 342. Page 179.
Vacating certain additions in town of Pratt in. See S. B. 344. Page 197.

Compensation of county attorneys of. See S. B. 570. Page 496.
Preservation of Health.
Relating to, of inhabitants of cities of the second class. See S. B. 235. Page




President pro tem.

of the Senate, W. 8. Fitzpatrick elected. Page 1. President of the Senate.

Authorized to select private secretary, sergeant-at-arms, and page. Page 4.
Appoints J. S. Leach private secretary. Page 4.
Appoints W. K. Cunningham sergeant-at-arms. Page 4.

Appoints Blanchard Nickel page. Page 4.
President of the United States.
Memorialized by S. R. No. 2 to appoint Hon. W. A. Harris a member of the

Isthmian Canal Commission. Page 24. Presidential Electors.

Right of women to vote for. Seo S. B. 68. Page 46. Pringle, J. T.

Elected speaker of the House. Page 5.

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