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McMillan, Harry-continued:

No. 27, Relating to tuition fees to state institutions. Page 643.
Resolutions offered by-
S. C. R. 38, To provide for an investigation of the coal famine.

Page 38.
8. C. R. 6, Relating to the coal famine and appointing committee to

investigate. Page 38.
S. C. R. 12, Proposing an amendment to the constitution relating to

election of United States senators. Page 94.
S. C. R. 13, Proposing an amendment to the constitution relating to

the initiative and referendum. Page 94.
S. C. R. 28, Relating to mailing Thirteenth Biennial Report of State

Board of Agriculture. Page 634.
S. C. R. 32, Relating to the free use of mails for certain reports. Page

McNeill, C. A.
Appointed member Board of Trustees of State Charitable Institutions.

Page 1102.
Confirmed member Board of Trustees State Charitable Institutions. Page

McPherson, City of.

Vacating Clarke's addition in. See S. B. 55. Page 36.
McPherson County.

Vacating certain additions to the city of McPherson in. See S. B. 55. Page 36.
Names Changed.

Zella D. McCurtain to Zella D. Blake. See S. B. 617. Page 628.
Tru Thornton to Tru Heckman. See S. B. 650. Page 695.

Hattie M. Buck to Hattie M. Burke. See S. B. 661. Page 695.
National Guard.

See governor's message. Page 19.
National Soldiers' Home.

Providing for administrators of estates of inmates of. See S. B. 5. Page 31.
Negotiable-instrument Law.

See S. B. 206. Page 109.
Neighbor, J. E.

Elected sergeant-at-arms. Page 2.

Tendered vote of thanks. 1100.
Neosho River.
Authorizing county commissioners of Labette county to bridge. See S. B.

326. Page 179.
Ness County.
County commissioners authorized to levy tax to build court-house. See 8.

B. 173. Page 99.
Newell, Calvin.

Appointed assistant Journal clerk. Page 2.
Newell's Addition,

City of Oskaloosa, in, disposing of certain lands. See S. B. 607. Page 561.
Newton, City of.

Vacating Dexter's addition in. See S. B. 286. Page 158.
New Caldwell.

Vacating certain portions of. See S. B. 346. Page 497.

Nickel, Blanchard.

Appointed private page to president of the Senate. Page 4. Night-watch.

J. C. Taylor elected. Page 3.
Noftzger, T. A., Senator, District No. 37.
Announces appointment of F. L. Vandegrift clerk of Committee on Public

Health. Page 60.
Announces appointment of Mary A. Moss stenographer Committee on Pub-

lic Health. Page 60.
Appointed conferee on H. B. 982. Page 1114.
Bills introduced by--
Relating to the practice of medicine, surgery, etc. See 8. B. 28. Page

Amending section 1 of chapter 67, Laws of 1872, and repealing same.

See S. B. 29. Page 34.
Vacating certain blocks in Kendall, Hamilton county, Kansas. See S.

B. 30. Page 34.
Amending section 2, chapter 231, Laws of 1887, and repealing same.

See S. B. 31. Page 34. Vacating certain lots, blocks, streets and avenues of Syracuse, Kan.

See S. B. 32. Page 34. Making appropriation for State Soldiers' Home and Mother Bicker.

dyke Home. See S. B. 33. Page 34. Authorizing school district No. 5, Harper county, to make an addi

tional tax levy. See S. B. 34. Page 34. Amending sections 2 and 24 of chapter 109, Session Laws of 1893. See

S. B. 35. Page 34. To prevent pooling of rates by firo-insurance companies. See S. B. 36.

Page 34. Amending chapter 93 of the Laws of 1874, relating to the liability of

railroad companies. See S. B. 37. Page 34. Authorizing the establishment and maintenance of high schools. See

S. B. 38. Page 34. Authorizing certain townships in Harper county, Kansas, to levy tax

for cemetery. See S. B. 39. Page 34. Authorizing the establishment and maintenance of high school in

Stohrville township, Harper county, Kan. See S. B. 40. Page 35. Concerning the venue of certain actions. See S. B. 41. Page 35. Amending section 3 of chapter 25, Session Laws of 1895, and repealing

chapter 194, Session Laws of 1901. See S. B. 42. Page 35. Relatiog to election of county printer in Barber county. See S. B. 43.

Page 35. Relating to foreign life-insurance companies. See S. B. 44. Page 35. Vacating Frutcher's addition to the town of Bluff City. See S. B. 45.

Page 35. Promoting the safety of the traveling public and railroad employees.

See S. B. 101. Page 50. Amending section 2 of chapter 307 of the Session Laws of 1901. See

S. B. 139. Page 65. Relating to fees and salaries of officers of Kiowa county. See S. B.

189. Page 101. Providing for the disposition of funds now in the state treasury in

banks of the state. See S. B. 190. Page 101. Appropriation to reimburse the Santa Fe railroad for salary of live

stock sanitary inspector. See S. B. 191. Page 101. Relating to the establishment of county high schools in counties hav.

ing a population of less than 2500. See S. B. 192. Page 101. For the protection of antelope. See S. B. 193. Page 102.

Noftzger, T. A.--continued:

Amending section 1 of chapter 223 of the Session Laws of 1901. See

S. B. 194. Page 102.
Providing for the extermination of prairie-dogs; prescribing addi-

tional duties for the township trustees, and for the levy and col-
lection of tax for the purpose of carrying this act into effect.

See S. B. 222. Page 111.
Creating a board of insurance commissioners and prescribing powers

and duties thereof. See S. B. 229. Page 118.
Authorizing Gray county to issue bonds. See S. B. 277. Page 157.
Authorizing Barber county to build certain bridges. See S. B. 348.

Page 198.
Relating to public parks for cities of the second class. See S. B. 349.

Page 198.
Relating to election of county printer of Gray county. See S. B. 350.

Page 198.
Creating position of state bacteriologist and fixing salary of. See S.

B. 351. Page 198.
Relating to bonded indebtedness of school district No. 1, Barber

county. See S. B. 372. Page 236.
Relating to evidence in civil actions. See S. B. 373. Page 236.
Guardian of insane. See S. B. 374. Page 236.
State Board of Health. Additional duties of. See S. B. 375. Page 236.
To prevent the adulteration of candies. See S. B. 433. Page 278.
To prohibit the operation of slot-machines. See S. B. 434. Page 278.
Relating to bridge in Barber county. See S. Bs. 480, 481. Page 317.
Relating to business schools. See S. B. 527. Page 415.
Providing against taking coal consigned to state institutions, by rail-

roads or other common carriers. See S. Bs. 580, 581. Page 530. To legalize certain acts of certain county officers of Kiowa county.

See S. B. 592. Page 543.
Providing for the apportionment of the state into congressional dis-

tricts. See S. B. 665. Page 765.
Relating to postage, etc., for the Thirteenth Biennial Report of the

State Board of Agriculture. See S. B. 672. Page 824.
Relating to fees and salaries of sheriff of Barber county. See S. B.

679. Page 845.
Authorizing State Board of Medical Examination to issue temporary

permits to practice medicine. See S. B. 682. Page 867. An act to amend section 7021 of the General Statutes of 1901. See S. B.

685. Page 943.
Committee assignments-

Ways and Means. Page 41.
Assessment and Taxation. Page 41.
Agriculture. Page 41.
Public Health. Page 41.
Education, Page 42.
Apportioning governor's message. Page 23.
Special committee to investigate coal famine. Page 84.
Special committee S. R. 38. Page 266.
Special committee S. R. 56. Page 507.
Committee appointed to invite Captain Hobson to address the Senate.

Page 858.
Appointed conferee on S. B. 441. See S. C. R. 32. Page 1027.
Nominates Chester I. Long for United States Senator. Page 137.
Resolutions offered by —
S. R. 9, Relating to the appointment of clerks and stenographers to

committees of the Senate. Page 6.

Noftzger, T. A.-continued:

S. R. 16, Appointing committee of three to apportion various subjects

contained in the governor's message to appropriate committee.

Page 6.
8. R. 28, Authorizing the sergeant-at-arms to procure uniform caps

for pages Page 44.,
8. R. 34, Authorizing the minority members to choose one page and

stenographer for their use. Page 59.
S. C. R. 10, Relating to the publishing of a catalogue of State Histor-

ical Society. Page 79.
S. R. 38, Relating to the purchase of the Kansas City, Fort Scott &

Memphis railroad by the St. Louis & San Francisco railroad, and

providing for an investigation. Page 82.
S.C. R. 11, Relating to adjournment of the Senate and House. Page 94.
S. C. R. 23, Extending time of committee report appointed under Sen-

ate concurrent resolution No. 6 ten days. Page 215.
S. C. R. 24, Extending the time of the report of the committeee ap-

pointed under Senate concurrent resolution No. 6 ten days from

February 15. Page 328.
S. C. R. 26, Relating to the Kansas State Penitentiary. Page 467.
S. R. 56, Relating to the purchase of certain lands for the State Peni-

tentiary. Page 491.
S. R. 76, Relating to committee appointed to investigate the Frisco

merger. Page 1022.
8. C. R. 38, Relating to appointment of committee on code of rúles.

Page 1027.
S. R. 81, Presenting each of the pages with a knife. Page 1085.
S. R. 86, Relating to consideration of bills. Page 1095.
S. R. 96, Extending vote of thanks to chairman of the Ways and Means

Committee. Page 1103.

8. C. R. 41, Relating to bills. Page 1114.
Non-resident Witnesses.
Providing for the payment of the expenses of, or per diem, who shall attend

cases on behalf of plaintiff in the trial of criminal actions. See S. B.

248. Page 127.
Nomination of Candidates.

By popular vote. See S. B. 493. Page 343.
Normal School.

Making appropriation for. See S. B. 316. Page 178.
Norton County.

Fees and salaries of certain officers of. See S. B. 524. Page 414.
Notaries Public.

See S. B. 418. Page 269.
Appropriation for women who served as nurses in the civil war. See S. B.

667. Page 845.
Officers of the Senate.

Elected. Page 2.
Officers, County.

Lyon county, fees and salaries of commissioners of. See S. B. 525. Page 414.

Norton county, fees and salaries of certain officers of. S. B. 524. Page 415.
Officers, Public.

Relating to giving of bonds by. See S. B. 244. Page 126.
O'Donnell, Harry.

Appointed surgeon general. Page 1028.
Confirmed surgeon general. Page 1029.

Olathe, City of.
Authorized to issue bonds to refund its floating indebtedness. See S. B. 665.

Page 668.
Olden, James.

Appointed assistant janitor. Page 3. Oklahoma Prisoners.

See governor's message. Page 14. Opera-houses.

Regulating. See S. B. 561. Page 473.

Defining and regulating the practice of. See S. B. 62. Page 45.
Creating a board of examiners. See S. B. 62. Page 45.

See S. B. 117. Page 62.
Oil Inspection.

See governor's message. Page 41.
O'Neil, T.J.
Appointed member Board of Managers State Industrial Reformatory.

Page 290.
Confirmed member Board of Managers State Industrial Reformatory.

Page 290.
Orphans' Home of the Evangelical Kansas Conference.

Making appropriation for. See S. B. 197. Page 102.
Oskaloosa Township.

Authorizing officers of, to dispose of certain lands. See S. B. 607. Page 561.
Authorizing, to vote boods to construct macadam roads. See S. B. 652.

Page 695.
Osawatomie Insane Asylum.

Committee to investigate. See S. R. 59. Page 507. Ottawa County.

School district No. 7 in, authorized to issue bonds. See S. B. 544. Page 424.

Relating to fees and salary of sheriff of. See S. B. 682. Page 904. Overseers, Township Road.

Providing for the appointment of. See S. B. 195. Page 102.

Edgar Gray elected. Page 3.
Gains Gillmore elected. Page 3.
Thomas Butler elected. Page 3.
Frank McCrea elected. Page 3.
Fred Roberts elected. Page 3.
Roy Cochran elected. Page 3.
Arthur Beronius elected. Page 3.

F. Marshall elected. Page 3.
Edgar Sheen elected. Page 3.

Fred Crossley elected. Page 3.
Parker, Rev. L. B.

Elected chaplain. Page 3. Parks, Public.

In cities of the second class. See S. B. 385. Page 236. Parole of Convicted Persons.

See S. B. 204. Page 109. Parole of Prisoners.

See S. B. 309. Page 177.

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