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Mitchell, A. C.

Appointed regent State University., Page 907.

Confirmed regent State University. Page 908. Mitchell, J. G.

Appointed assistant Journal clerk. Page
Mob Violence, Suppression of.

See S. B. 375. Page 225.
Requiring accounting of -

See governor's message. Page 15.
Montgomery County.
Authorized to build bridge across the Verdigris river. See S. B. 600. Page

545. See S. B. 620. Page 629. School district No. 3 in, authorized to issue bonds. See S. B. 601. Page 505.

Creating city court in city of Coffeyville. See S. B. 619. Page 629. Monuments.

Erection of, for Kansas soldiers and sailors. See S. B. 325. Page 179. Moore, Estella L.

Elected stenographer. Page 3. Morehouse, Maxey.

Appointed clerk of Committee on Congressional Apportionment. Page 106. Morehouse, Geo. P., Senator, District No. 25.

(Marion, Cbase and Morris counties.)
Announces appointment of Maxey Morehouse as clerk of Committee on Con-

gressional Apportionment. Page 106.
Appointed confereo on S. B. 223. Page 1117.
Bills introduced by -
Amending section 20, chapter 52, of the General Statutes of 1897. See

S. B. 74. Page 47.
Regulating the practice in divorce cases, and providing for the ap-

pointment of an attorney. See S. B. 75. Page 47.
Relating to the regulation and support of common schools. See S. B.

122. Page 63. Fixing the salaries of the county treasurer, county attorney and

county superintendent of public instruction of Morris county.

See S. B. 184. Page 100.
Relating to the practice of pharmacy, and permitting Richard Will-

iams to pay the stato board five dollars and be reinstated. See

S. B. 185. Page 101.
Vacating a part of the town of Dwight, Morris county, Kansas. See

S. B. 186. Page 101.
Relating to automobiles, regulating their speed and operation on the

public highways. See S. B. 223. Page 111.
Relating to life insurance and life-insurance policies. See S. B. 224.

Page 111.
Making an appropriation for the Industrial School and Hygienic

Home for Friendless Persons, of Hillsboro, Marion county, Kan

sas. See S. B. 251. Page 127. Relating to county surveyors. See S. B. 270. Page 143. For the relief of Phillip Morse. See 8. B. 332. Page 194. Regulating interest on money. See S. B. 415. Page 269. To establish a high school in Chase county. See S. B. 442. Page 286. To enable Elm Creek township, Morris county, to build township hall.

See S, B. 443. Page 286.

Morehouse, Geo. P.--continued:
Bills introduced by-
To make the sunflower the state floral emblem. See S. B. 444. Page

Relating to school-district officers of school district No. 4, Chase

county. See S. B. 492. Page 336.
Relating to bridges. See S. B. 516. Page 413.
City of Cottonwood Falls authorized to erect public building. See

S. B. 556. Page 468.
Fixing fees and salaries of sheriff of Marion county. See S. B. 596.

Page 544.
Relation to incorporation of town of Dwight, Kan. See S. B. 653.

Page 667.
Vacating Columbia street in Council Grove. See S. B. 667. Page 765.
Nominates W. S. Fitzpatrick for the office of president pro tem. of Senate.

Page 1.
Committee assignments-

Judiciary. Page 41.
Elections. Page 41.
Public Health. Page 41.
Printing. Page 41.
Cities of the Second and Third Class. Page 42.
Education. Page 42.
Educational Institutions. Page 42.
Congressional Apportionment. Page 106.
Chairman Revision of Journal. Page 174.

S. C. R. 38. Page 1027.
Resolutions introduced by-
S. R. 2, Authorizing president of the Senate to select private secre-

tary, sergeant-at-arms, and page. Page 4.
S. R. 25, Extending vote of thanks to Senator Burton. Page 30.
S. R. 75, Relating to printing reports of investigations. Page 972.
S. R. 83, Relating to presentation of flag to Senator Tapp. Page 1094.
S. R. 84, Relating to presentation of flag to Senator Miller. Page 1095.
S. C. R. 42, Relating to appointment of committee to wait on governor,

Page 1126.
Petitions presented by-
No. 33, Relating to presentation of flags to Senators Miller and Tapp.

Page 1094.
Montezuma Township.

Prescribing boundaries of. See S. B. 232. Page 125.
Morse, Phillip.

For the relief of. See S. B. 332. Page 194.
Morton County.

Telephone line for. See 8. B. 426. Page 270.
Mother Bickerdyke Home.
Appropriation for –

See S. B. 33. Page 34.

See S. B. 435. Page 278.
Admission of soldiers' widows and orphans in. See S. B. 346. Page 197.
Motor Vehicles.
Relating to regulating their speed and operation on public highways.

S. B. 223. Page 111.

Morrow, John C., Senator, District No. 20.

(Washington county.)
Announces appointment of August Soller as clerk Committee on Manufac-

tures and Industrial Pursuits. Page 42.
Bills introduced by -
Providing for the lovy and collection of a county fund for the support

of the common schools of the several counties of the state of
Kansas, and directing the mode of distribution. See S. B. 79.

Page 47.
For the protection of birds. See S. B. 79. Page 47.
To disorganize school district No. 70, in Washington county. See 8.

B. 218. Page 110.
Vacating Cartwright's addition to Haddam City. See S. B. 303.

Page 177.
Vacating portions of city of Hanover, Washington county. See S. B.

405. Page 260.
Apportionment of congressional districts. See S. B. 470. Page 307.
Committee assignments -
To assist the president in formulating rules for government of Senate.

Page 23.
Ways and Means. Page 41.
Agriculture. Page 41.
Manufactures and Industrial Pursuits. Page 41.
Labor. Page 41.

Joint tax committee. Page 176.
Resolutions offered by
S. C. R. 4, Relating to bills due against the state at beginning of ses-

sion. Page 28.
S. C. R. 26, Relating to apportionment and Committee on Banks.

Page 40.
S. C. R. 94, Relating to vote of thanks to telephone company. Page

Mortgages and Deeds of Trust.

Relating to. See S. B. 500. Page 344.
Morris county.

Fixing salary of county officers of. See S. B. 183. Page 100.
Vacating part of the town of Dwight in. See S. B. 186. Page 101.
Elm Creek township in, to erect township ball. See S, B, 443. Page 286.
Defining boundary of. See S. B. 571. Page 496.
Enabling town of Dwight in, to incorporate. See S. B. 653. Page 667.

Vacating Columbia street in city of Council Grove in. See S. B. 667. Page 766. Moss, Mary A.

Appointed stenographer of Committee on Public Health. Page 60. Municipal Indebtedness.

Committee on. Page 41. Munson, Geo. B.

Elected clerk of Committee on Revision of Senate Journal. Page 21. Murdock, City of.

Vacating certain streets and alleys in. See S. B. 564. Page 474. Myler, E. W.

Presenting senate petition No. 21. Page 307. McBrian, Rev. J. D.

Prayer by. Page 1.

-80 Sen.

McCoy, Geo. W.

Appointed clerk of Committee on Elections. Page 42. McCrea, Frank.

Appointed page. Page 3. McCune, City of. Empowering mayor and city council to transfer money. See S. B. 107.

Page 62. McCurtain, Zella D.

Changing name of. See 8. B. 617. Page 628. McDowell, J. S.

Appointed regent State Agricultural College. Page 1115.

Confirmed regent State Agricultural College. Page 1115. McElroy, S. W., Judge. Legalizing all acts performed while judge of the seventeenth judicial dis

trict. See S. B. 664. Page 748. McKnight, G. W., jr.

Appointed clerk of Committee on Insurance. Page 59. McKnight, Geo. W., Senator, District No. 21.

(Riley, Geary and Wabaunsee counties.) Announces appointment of G. W. McKnight, jr., clerk of Committee on In

surance. Page 59. Bills introduced byRelating to the weighing of grain at public warehouses and elevators.

See S. B. 177. Page 99.
For the protection of occupants of certain buildings in case of fire.

See S. B. 212. Page 110.
Relating to the weighing of grain. See S. B. 391. Page 248.
Appropriation for building in which the first territorial legislature of

Kansas met. See S. B. 437. Page 278.
Fixing salary of county treasurer of Wabaunsee county. See S. B.

461. Page 294.
Relating to salary of county attorney and sheriff of Geary county.

See S. B. 488. Page 336.
Relating to roads and highways. See S. B. 504. Page 344.
Relating to library for city of Manhattan. See S. B. 547. Page 437.
Defining boundary of Geary and Morris counties. See S. B. 571. Page

Changing the name of the town of Bachelor, Kan., to Milford, Kan.

See S. B. 575. Page 520.
Relating to mutual and cooperative life-insurance companies. See S.

B. 631. Page 632.
Relating to fees and salary of sheriff of Wabaunsee county. See S. B.

639. Page 645.
Relating to watercourses in Maple Hill and Kaw townships. See S.

B. 676. Page 845.
Committee assignments -

Railroads. Page 41.
Insurance. Page 41.
Roads and Bridges. Page 41.
Banks and Banking. Page 42.
Joint tax committee, Page 176.
Appointed conferee on H. B. 30. Page 962.
Appointed conferee on S. B. 223. Page 1109.
Appointed committee to wait on governor. Page 1126.

McKnight, Geo. W.- continued:
Petitions presented by -
No. 9, Relating to the manufacture and sale of intoxicating liquors.

Page 123.
No. 30, Relating to salary of under-sheriff of Saline county. Page 664.
Resolutions offered by -
S. R. 64, Tendering the use of Senate chamber to newspaper men.

Page 608.
S. C. R. 33, Relating to printing annual proceedings of Kansas Im-

proved-stock Breeders' Association and Kansas State Dairy As

sociation. Page 805. S. R. 97, Extending vote of thanks to newspaper men for courtesy

showo members of the Senate. Page 1103. McMillan, Harry, Senator, District No. 31.

(Saline and Ottawa counties.)
Announces appointment of August Bondi clerk. Page 42.
Bills introduced by -
Amending sections 1 and 2 of chapter 286 of the Session Laws of 1901.

See S. B. 144. Page 87.
Providing for the election of state printer, and fixing salary. See S.

B. 145. Page 87.
Authorizing the governor to work the coal-mines of the state; and sell

coal to the people at cost. See S. B. 146. Page 87. Preventing the public exhibition of eating snakes, or pretending to

eat snakes, and other reptiles. See S. B. 147. Page 87. Making it unlawful to trap-shoot any living bird or fowl. See S. B.

148. Page 87.
Relating to the publishing of biennial reports of the State Board of

Agriculture. See 8. B. 187. Page 101.
Defining "franchise," and to make public the value of railroads, and

prescribing the duties of the Board of Railroad Commissioners.

See S. B. 188. Page 101.
Providing for the selection and summoning of grand and petit jurors.

See S. B. 221. Page 111.
An act to enable Hodgeman county to drill wells for gas, coal, and oil,

and to provide for the control and disposition of the same, and

to issue bonds therefor. See S. B. 242. Page 127.
Meeting of county commissioners of Saline county. See S. B. 318.

Page 178.
Relating to business of railroad companies in handling coal. See S.

B. 329. Page 193.
Protection of birds. See S. B. 469. Page 309.
Concerning private corporations. See S. B. 484. Page 318.
Authorizing school district No. 7, Ottawa county, to issue bonds.

See S. B. 544. Page 424.
Relating to public improvements for cities of the second class. See

S. B. 579. Page 530.
Relating to the fees and salaries of sheriff of Saline county. See S. B.

611. Page 627.
Relating to the fees and salaries of sheriff of Ottawa county. See 8.

B. 683. Page 904.
Committee assignments -

Corporations. Page 41.
Roads and Bridges. Page 41.
Public Buildings. Page 42.

Engrossed Bills. Page 42.
Nominates W. A. Harris for United States senator. Page 137.
Petitions presented by-

No. 24, Relating to S. B. 144. Page 421.

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