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Jones, Endsley.

Appointed clerk Corporation Committee. Page 43. Jones, C. D.

Elected speaker pro tem, of the House. Journal Clerk.

J. T. Treadway elected. Page 2. Journal, Senate.

Relating to number of, to be printed. See S. R. 99. Page 1125.

Revision of, committee appointed on. Page 174. Judges of the District Court. Salaries of, in judicial districts in which is situated a city of the first class.

See S. B. 61. Page 667. Judicial Apportionment.

Committee appointed. Page 106.

Reports by. Pages 183, 324, 350, 551, 622, 788. Judicial Districts. Defining bouedaries of thirty-fifth and thirty-sixth, and providing for

holding terms of court therein. See S. B. 20. Providing for the division of the seventh. See S. B. 18. Page 176. Relating to, and defining boundaries of thirty-sixth judicial district, and

providing for holding terms of court therein. See S. B. 282. Page 157. Relating to terms of court in the thirteenth judicial district. See S. B.

505. Page 344. Judiciary.

Committee on. Page 41.
Bills introduced by

Substitute for House bill No. 2. Page 61.

Concerning life insurance. See S. B. 635. Page 645.
Reports by. Pages 61, 118, 120, 163, 184, 206, 231, 237, 258, 264, 273, 300, 325, 339,

349, 358, 426, 469, 482, 504, 552, 614, 638, 646, 672, 696, 789, 831, 846, 897, 1026. Jurors. Grand and petit, providing for the summoning and selection of. See 's.

B. 222. Page 111.
Justices of the Peace.

Enlarging jurisdiction in actions for replevin. See S. B. 514. Page 413.
Limiting jurisdiction in Kansas City township. See S. B. 566. Page 493.

Jurisdiction of, in Coffeyville. See S. B. 619. Page 629.
Justices of the Supreme Court.

Appropriation to provide law-books for. See S. B. 214. Page 110.

Fixing salaries of. See S. B. 510. Page 413. Juvenile Court. To establish and regulate the treatment and control of delinquent chil

dren. See S. B. 308. Page 177. Kanavel, G. W.

Appointed trustee State Charities and Corrections. Page 182.

Confirmed trustee State Charities and Corrections. Page 182. Kansas City, Fort Scott & Memphis Railroad. Resolution introduced to investigate its purchase by St. Louis & San Fran

cisco railroad. Page 82. Kansas Children's Home Society.

Appropriation for. See S. B. 409. Page 264.

Kansas City.
Relating to the building and furnishing of a court-house in. See 8. B. 155.

Page 88.
Appropriation for Institute of the Blind. See S. B. 535. Page 422.

Disposition of business pending in city courts of. See S. B. 628. Page 631. Kansas City Addition.

Vacating certain portions of. See S. Bs. 467, 468. Page 308. Kansas River. Relating to erect and maintaining certain dams across. See S. B. 239. Page

126. Authorizing Wyandotte county to build bridge across. See S. B. 503. Page

344. Kansas, State of.

Providing for suits against. See S. B. 62. Page 45. Kansas State Asylum for Idiotic and Imbecile Youth.

Appropriation for, at Winfield. See S. B. 446. Page 286. Kansas State Industrial Reformatory. Making appropriation for certain improvements and repairs. See S. Bs.

143, 159. Pages 87, 229. Kansas Soldiers and Sailors. Providing for the levy and collection of a tax for the creation of a fund to

build a monument to the memory of. See S. B. 216. Page 110. Kansas State Poultry Association. Legalizing, defining duties of, and making an annual appropriation for.

See S. B. 320. Page 179. Kansas State Soldiers' Home.

See governor's message. Page 14.

Appropriation for. 8. B. 435. Page 278.
Kansas State Penitentiary.

Appropriation for. Soe S. B. 400. Page 349.
Relating to the hard-fiber twine plant of. See S. B. 463. Page 294.

Relating to the purchase of lands for. See S. R. 26. Page 467.
Kansas State Horticultural Society.
Relating to the improvements of the rooms occupied by. See S. B. 291.

Page 158.
Kansas-Nebraska Bill, Semicentennial of,

Executive Council to participate in. See S. B. 424. Page 270.
Kaw Township.

Relating to rivers and watercourses in. See S. B. 676. Page 845. Kelley, P. K.

Appointed stenographer Ways and Means Committee. Page 42. Kelley, Phillip. Appointed member board of managers State Industrial Reformatory. Page

290. Confirmed member board of managers State Industrial Reformatory. Page

290. Kelley, M. C.

Appointed state oil inspector. Page 290.
Confirmed state oil inspector. Page 290.

-79 Sen.

Kennedy, John A., Senator, District No. 15.

(Franklin and Coffey counties.)
Announces appointment of Hattie M. Youmans clerk of Committee on

Cites of Second Class. Page 43.
Bills introduced by -

Relating to fees of county attorneys. See S. B. 104. Page 50.
Vacating a certain alley in the city of Le Roy, Coffey county, Kansas.

See S. B. 109. Page 62.
Reviving certificate of pharmacy of J. M. Allison. See S. B. i10.

Page 62.
Authorizing the state school-fund commissioners to purchase refund.

ing bonds to be issued by Le Roy township, Coffey county. See

S. B. 236. Page 126.
Authorizing the state school-fund commissioners to purchase refund-

ing bonds to be issued by the city of Le Roy, Coffey county. See

S, B. 237. Page 126.
Providing for the drainage of low lands in Coffey county. See S. B.

238. Page 126.
Amending section 78, chapter 80, of the code of civil procedure, the

same being paragraph 4512 of the General Statutes of 1901. See

S. B. 262. Page 41.
Relating to office vacancies in cities of the first class. See S. B. 280.

Page 157.
Authorizing cities of the second class to issue bonds. See S. B. 281.

Page 157.
Relating to board of education of the city of Burlington. See S. B.

395. Page 249.
Creating building fund for Coffey county. See 8. B. 537. Page 423.
Relating to the restraining and sale of certain domestic animals. See

S. B. 586. Page 442.
Relating to election of county printer of Coffey county. See 8. B. 624.

Page 630.
Excess fees of register of deeds of Coffey county, and fees and salary

of sheriff. See S. B. 671. Page 806.
Committee assignments -

Ways and Means. Page 41.
Cities of the Second and Third Class. Page 42.
Legislative Apportionment. Page 42.
Enrolled Bills. Page 42.
To pass on local House bills. Page 268.

Member committee appointed under S. R. 56. Page 507.
Resolutions offered by -
S. R. 30, Authorizing the secretary of the Senate to employ an addi-

tional journal clerk, who shall be a stenographer. Page 44.
S.C. R. 20, Amending the constitution relating to the election of a state

printer. Page 169. Kingman County.

Kingman township in, authorized to build hall. See S. B. 431. Page 270.
Authorized to levy tax to build court-house and jail. Soo S. B. 481. Page

Declaring, to be a herd-law county. See S. B. 501. Page 344.
Vacating certain streets and alleys in city of Mordock in. See S. B. 664.

Page 474.
Concerning the office of probate judge of. See 8. B. 659. Page 695.
Kingman Township.

Relating to building hall in. See S. B. 431. Page 270.
King, H. W.

Appointed clerk to Senator King. Page 2.

King, Louis P., Senator, District No. 27.

(Cowley county.)
Announces appointment of H. W. King as clerk. Page 42.
Committee assignments -

Legislative Apportionment. Page 42.
Charitable Institutions. Page 41.
Educational Institutions. Page 42.
Assessment and Taxation. Page 41.
Fees, Salaries, and Mileage. Page 41.
Temperance. Page 41.
Irrigation. Page 42.
To inform governor of organization of Legislature. Page 4.
Congressional Apportionmont. Page 171.

To pass on local House bills. Page 268.
Petitions presented by -

No. 31, Relating lividing district court of Cowley county. Page 675.
Kiowa County.
Relating to fees and salaries of certain county officers of. See 8. B. 189.

Page 101.
Legalizing acts of certain county officers. See S. B. 592. Page 543.
Knights of Pythias.

Unlawful to wear badges of. See S. B. 354. Page 98.
Kramer, F. J.

Elected assistant doorkeeper. Page 2. Kurth, John B.

Elected assistant postmaster. Page 2. Labette County. Authorizing county commissioners to build bridge across Neosho river. See

S. B. 326. Page 179. Labor.

Committee appointed. Page 42.

Reports by. Pages, 119, 147, 185, 230, 288, 351, 623.

Relating to wages and collection thereof. See S. B. 60. Page 45.
Providing for the protection of. See S. B. 112. Page 62.

Providing penalty for influencing or coercing. See S. B. 199. Page 102.
Labor and Industry.
Bureau of -

See governor's message. Page 19. Lands. Owned by the state, condemnation of, by railroad companies. See S. B. 545.

Page 734. Lane County.

Conveying certain real estate in. See S. B. 419. Page 269. Lansing, Kan.

Appropriation for school district No. 75. See S. B. 129. Page 64. Larimer (Garver & Larimer).

Attorney in contest case. Hamilton vs. Geiger. (See Contest Cases.) Land Patents.

Providing for the recording of. See S. B. 215. Page 110. Law, Election.

See governor's message. Page 20.

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Providing same for justices of the supreme court, and appropriating

money therefor, Seo S. B. 211. Page 110. Law Building Appropriation for the erection and equipment of, at University of Kansas.

See S. B. 180. Page 100. Lawler, W. A.

Appointed clerk to Senator Wright. Page 43.
Lawrence, City of.
Appropriating money to pay claim of, against the University of Kansas.

See S. B. 180. Page 100.
Relating to establishing free libraries in. See S. B. 298. Page 159.
Leach, J. S.

Appointed private secretary to president of the Senate. Page 4.
Leavenworth County.
Relating to the establishment of home for aged colored people at city of

Leavenworth in. See S. B. 649. Page 666. Relating to taxation in. See S. B. 673. Page 824. Leavenworth, City of.

For the relief of C. A. Beeler, ex-city treasurer of. See S. B. 220. Page 110. Legislative Apportionment.

Committee on. Page 41.

Reports by. Page Legate, Miss Nellie.

Elected telephone clerk. Page 3.

Tendered vote of thanks, Page 1101.
Leidy, Fremont, Senator, District No. 25.

(Butler county.)
Announces appointment of Myrtle Leidy clerk Committee on Education.

Page 85.
Announces appointment of Rose Edington stenographer Committee on

Education. Page 85.
Bills introduced by-
Promoting the attendance of pupils in schools. See S. B. 200. Page

Relating to the appraisement of school property. See S. B. 283. Page

Attendance at county teachers' association. See S. B. 376, Page 225.
Amending section 26 of chapter 92, General Statutes of Kansas. See

S. B. 458. Page 294.
Amending section 338 of chapter 92, General Statutes of Kansas. See

S. B. 459. Page 294.
Amending an act relating to purchase of district records by county

superintendent. See S. B. 499. Page 344.
Amending section 2, chapter 165, Session Laws of 1877. See S. B. 573.

Page 511.
Relating to the fees and salary of sheriff of Butler county. See S. B.

622. Page 629. Committee assignments

Corporations. Page 41.
State Affairs. Page 41.
Military Affairs and Claims. Page 41.
Cities of the Second and Third Class. Page 42.
Education. Page 42.

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