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Chaney, John T.- continued :
Committee assignments -

Chairman Ways and Means Committee.
Insurance. Page 41.
Cities of the First Class. Page 42.
Congressional Apportionment. Page 106.
Revision of Calendar. Page 517.

Appointed conferee on S. B. 435. Page 799.

Rev. L. B. Parker elected. Page 3. Charters and Corporations.

See S. B. 197. Page 102.
Charitable Institutions.

See governor's message. Page 13.
Committee on. Page 41.

Committee on, reports by. Pages 256, 430, 832.
Chase county.

Cottonwood Falls, to establish higb school in. See S. B. 442. Page 286.
Excess fees of register of deeds of. See S. B. 479. Page 317.
Relating to acts of school-district officers of district No. 4 in. See S. B.

492. Page 336. Chautauqua County. County treasurer authorized to invest sinking-funds. See S. B. 489. Page

336. Cherokee County.

Relating to excess fees of register of deeds. See S. B. 479. Page 317.
School-fund, commissioners of, to purchase refunding bonds of city of Co-

lumbus. See S. B. 522. Page 414. Chemistry Building. Appropriation for completion of, at University of Kansas. See S. B. 180.

Page 100 Cheyenne County. Establishment and maintenance of county high school. See S. B. 259.

Page 142. Chief Doorkeeper.

Joe Lucas, elected. Page 3. Child Labor.

Prohibiting. See S. B. 96. Page 49. City of Leavenworth.

For the relief of C. A, Beeler, ex-city treasurer of. See S. B. 220. Page 110. City of Fort Scott.

Relating to building of roads in. See S. B. 305. Page 177. City of Hoisington. Providing for the issue of bonds of, for improvements. See S. B. 257. Page

142, City of Lawrence. Appropriation to pay claim of, against the State University. See S. 180.

Page 100.
Relating to the establishment of free public libraries in. See S. B. 298.

Page 158.
City of Thayer.

Relating to public funds of. See S. B. 6. Page 31.
Relating to cemetery association of. See S. B. 445. Page 286.

City of Wichita.
Authorized to join county of Sedgwick in appropriation for soldiers' mong-

ment. See B. B. 319. Page 178.
Cities of the First Class.

Committee appointed. Page 41.
Committee on, reports by. Pages 210, 221, 241, 259, 282, 341.
Establishment and maintenance of cemeteries in. See S. B. 86. Page 48.
Relating to public parks, parkways and boulevards in. See 8. B. 158. Page 88.
Providing for making special improvements in. See S. B. 159. Page 88.
Limiting the amount of bonded indebtedness of, having a population of

more than 50,000. See S. B. 161. Page 89.
Providing for conductors on street-cars in. See S. B. 261. Page 143.
Relating to building and repairing sidewalks in. See S. B. 306. Page 177.
Relating to. See S. B. 367. Page 224.
To issue bonds. See S. B. 553. Page 468.
Relating to personal injuries in. See S. B. 555. Page 468.
Relating to the appointment of certain officers in. See S. B. 675. Page 838.

Relating to bonded indebtedness of. See 8. Bs. 686, 687. Pages 952, 953.
Cities of the First and Second Class.

An act relating to free public libraries in. See S. B. 9. Page 31.
Authorizing corporations to exchange land and act as agents in. See S. B.

130. Page 64.
Relating to just representation in nominating conventions in. See 8. B.

569. Page 493.
Cities of the Second Class.

Relating to course of study of high schools in. See S. B. 54. Page 36.
Relating to the support of schools in. See S. B. 165. Page 89.
Relating to and providing for appeals from the police court in. See S. B.

183. Page 100.
Relating to sidewalks in, and providing for the construction thereof and

payment therefor. See S. B. 210. Page 110.
For the preservation of health of the inhabitants of. See S. B. 235. Page

An act to incorporate, and repeal former acts. See S. B. 250. Page 127.
Authorizing, to issue bonds. See S. B. 281. Page 157.
Powers of mayor and council in. See S. B. 284. Page 157.
To acquire and improve lands for public parks in. See S. B. 349. Page 198.
Salaries of officers of. See 8. B. 292. Page 248.
Relating to sewers and drainage of. See S. B. 474. Page 316.
To issue bonds for public improvement. See S. B. 579. Page 530.

Relating to public improvements in. See 8. B. 654. Page 667.
Cities of the Second and Third Class.

Committee on, Page 41.
Committee on, reports by. Pages 162, 231, 241, 260, 321, 496, 525, 538, 551, 791,

809, 933.
Cities of the Third Class.
Relating to filling vacancies of mayor and councilmen. See S. B. 280. Page

Cities of the First, Second and Third Class.

Relating to. See S. B. 287. Page 158.

Relating to light, heat and power in. See S. B. 304. Page 177.
City Assessor.

Prohibiting the appointment of. See S. B. 156. Page 88.
City Counselors.

Salaries of, in cities over 50,000. See S. B. 568. Page 493.

City Courts.

In Kansas City township. See S. B. 566. Page 493.
In city of Wichita. See S. Bs. 602, 623. Pages 546, 630.

In city of Coffeyville. See S. B. 619. Page 629.
City Officers.

Relating to suretyship on bonds of. See S. B. 95. Page 49. City Ownership. Relating to, of electric-light, power, gas, heating and water-works plants.

See S. B. 486. Page 335. Civil Action.

Commencement of. See S. B. 136. Page 604.
Civil Procedure.

Amending code of. See S. B. 262. Page 142.
Repealing code of, sections 500 and 600. See S. B. 478. Page 317.

Amending section 585. See S. B. 594. Page 544.
Clarke, Geo. A.

Nominated for state printer. Page 52. Clay County.

Register of deeds, excess fees of. See S. B. 479. Page 317. Clerks of the District Court.

Relatiog to the fees and salaries of, of Kiowa county. See S. B. 189. Page


Doniphan county, fixing salary of. See S. B. 227. Page 101.
Reno county, fixing the salary of. See S. B. 315. Page 178.
Lion, Anderson and Woodson counties, fixing salary of. See S. Bs. 149, 476.

Pages 87, 318.
Graham county, fixing salary of. See S. B. 585. Page 542.

Relating to wages of, and collection thereof. See 8. B. 60. Page 45.
Clerk Hire.
Providing for, in the office of county clerk and treasurer of Sedgwick

county. See S. B. 125. Page 63. Providing for, in the office of county clerk of Shawnee county. See S. B.

301. Page 177.
Relating to, of county officers of Reno county. See S. B. 315. Page 178.
Cloud County.
Authorized to build a bridge across the Republican river. See S. B. 609.

Page 624.
Relating to fees and salaries of sheriff. See S. B. 613. Page 627.

Providing for the safety of persons employed in. See S. B. 134. Page 64.
Authorizing the governor to work state coal-mines and sell coal to people

at cost. See S. B. 146. Page 87.
Providing escape shafts for. See S. B. 598. Page 544.
Coal Famine.

Relating to committee to investigate. See S. C. R. 6. Page 38.
Committee named. Page 84.

Report of committee. Page 557.

Providing for the safety of. See 8. Bs. 115, 134. Pages 63, 64. Coal Consigned to the State Institutions.

To prevent taking of, by railroad companies. See S. B. 580. Page 530.

Coal in Transit.

To prevent appropriation of, by railroad companies. See S. B. 581. Page 530. Cochran, Roy.

Appointed page. Page 3. Codding, Geo. T.

Appointed regent State Normal School. Page 907.

Confirmed regent of State Normal School. Page 910.
Codding, J. K., Senator, District No. 18.
Bills introduced by -
Providing for the issue of annual reports by the State Horticultural

Society. See S. B. 70. Page 46.
Relating to accreted lands; defining the ownership and providing for

sale thereof. See S. B. 71. Page 46.
Relating to county board of examiners, providing for professional cer-

tificates. S. B. 115. Page 62. Providing for fire protection and sanitary conditions of hotels, res

taurants, and boarding-houses. See 8. B. 116. Page 62. Regulating and defining the practice of optometry; creating board of

examiners. See S. B. 117. Page 62. Making appropriation for Orphans' Home of the Evangelical Kansas

Conference, Pottawatomie county, for fiscal year ending June

30, 1905. See S. B. 198. Page 102. Providing penalty for coercing employees or others seeking employ

ment. S. B. 199. Page 102. Amending sections 2 and 3 of chapter 11 of the General Statutes of

Kansas of 1863, the same being an act relating to attorneys at

law. See 8. B. 241. Page 126. Providing for excess fees of register of deeds. See S. B. 258. Page 142. Relating to light, heat and power for cities of the first, second and

third classes. See S. B. 304. Page 177, Relating to contesting of wills. See S. B. 317. Page 178. Relating to prevention of frauds and perjuries. See S. B. 477. Page

Amending code of civil procedure. See S. B. 478. Page 317.
Protection of banks of rivers and other watercourses. See S. B. 497.

Page 344.
Amending certain acts. See S. B. 593. Page 544.
Amending code of civil procedure, relating to costs. See S. B. 594.

Page 544.
Providing for board of examiners of stationary engineers. See S. B.

595. Page 544.
Relating to vacating a part of the town of Louisville. See S. B. 640.

Page 646.
Relating to fees and salary of sheriff of Pottawatomie county. See

S. B. 641. Page 646.
Relating to salary of county commissioners of Pottawatomie county.

See S. B. 670. Page 777.
Reenacting chapter 2463, General Statutes 1901. See S. B. 689. Page

Committee assignments-

Corporations. Page 41.
State Affairs. Page 42.
Temperance. Page 41.

Educational Institutions. Page 42.
Resolutions offered by -

S. R. 31, Relating to uniformity of text-books. Page 44.

Code of Civil Procedure.

See S. B. 167. Page 99.
Amending chapter 80, section 78, being paragraph 4512, General Statutes of

1901 See B. 262. Page 142.
Repealing sections 599 and 600. See S. B. 478. Page 317.

Amending section 585. See S. B. 594. Page 544.
Coercion of Employees.

Providing penalty for. See S. B. 199. Page 102. Coffeyville, City of.

Creating city courts in. See S. B. 619. Page 629.
Coffey County,

Refunding bonds, city of Le Roy. See S. Bs. 236, 237. Page 126.
Drainage of low lands. See S. B. 238. Page 126.
City of Burlington in, board of education authorized to levy tax. See S.

B. 395. Page 249.
City of Burlington in, authorized to create building fund. See S. B. 537.

Page 423.
Register of deeds, application of excess fees of. See S. B. 671. Page 806.

Sheriff, fees and salary of. See S. B. 671. Page 806.
Columbus, City of.
Purchase of refunding bonds by school-fund commissioners. See 8. B. 522.

Page 414. Collection of Debts.

Providing for. See S. B. 114. Page 62. Commencement of Civil Actions.

See S. B. 137. Page 64. Commissioner of the Poor.

In Douglas county, providing for. See S. B. 321. Page 179. Commissioner, Bank.

Fees collected by. See S. B. 455. Page 294.
Common Schools.

Regulating and support of. See S. B. 122. Page 63.
Providing for the levy and collection of county funds for support of. See

S. B. 79. Page 42.
See S. B. 217. Page 110.
Committee Clerks and Stenographers.

Appointment of. See S. R. 9. Page 5.
Committee to Wait on Governor.

Members appointed. Page 4.

Committee reports. Page 7.
Committee of Conference.
Reports of, on -

S. B. 127. Pages 221, 288, 775.
H. B. 1. Page 665.
S. B. 435. Page 799.
S. B. 479. Page 914.
H. B. 30. Page 962.
H. B. 39. Page 969.
H. B. 827. Page 1017.
S. B. 38. Page 1027.
H. B. 50. Page 1041.
S. B. 441. Page 1063.
–79 Sen.

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