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Appointments - continued:

Folke, E. L., Labor.
Fullington, Clayton B., Engrossed Bills.
Griffith, Geo. P., Federal Relations.
Hurrel, Emma M., Temperance.
Hayes, F. J., Cities of the First Class.
Leidy, Myrtle, Education.
Lloyd, Miss Jessie, Judicial Apportionment.
Morehouse, Maxey, Congressional Apportionment.
Mapes, Chas., Penal Institutions.
Maomeskesy, Sabietius, Mines and Mining.
Mayer, H. S., Military Affairs and Claims.
Moss, Mary A., stenographer, Public Health.
Mickey, J. M., Educational Institutions.
McCoy, Geo. W., Elections.
McKnight, G. W., Insurance.
Ridgeway, C. L., Enrolled Bills.
Roberts, Edgar, Judiciary.
Soller, August, Manufacturing and Manufacturing Pursuits.
Sale, Miss Grace, Banks and Banking.
Shean, Carrie E., stenographer, Enrolled Bills.
Sturgess, F. W., stenographer, Charitable Institutions.
Simmons, H. E., Printing.
Vandergrift, F. L., Public Health.
Wood, H. L., Roads and Bridges.
Washburn, H, N., Enrolled Bills, in place of C. L. Ridgeway.
Wray, John, Assessment and Taxation.
Youmans, Hattie M., Cities of the Second Class.

Zeitz, Geo., Municipal Indebtedness.
Appointment of Clerks to Senators.

Caldwell, Mrs. Evelyne, to Senator Caldwell.
Bondi, August, to Senator McMillan.
Gabriel, Mary, to Senator Gabriel.
Householder, Mabel, to Senator Householder.
King, H. W., to Senator King.
Lawler, William A., to Senator Wright.
Mayer, H. F., to Senator Branine.

Ward, Walter, to Benator Ward,

Of the state into congressional districts. See S. B. 665. Page 765.

Congressional districts. See S. Bs. 470, 490. Pages 309, 336.

Agricultural College experiment station. See S. B. 357.' Page 45.
Building and equipping a gymnasium at University of Kansas. See S, B.

181. Page 100.
Board of Medical Examination and Registration. See S. B. 578. Page 529.
Cultivation and production of sugar-beets. See S. B. 64. Page 46.
Certain improvements and repairs at Kansas State Industrial Reforma-

tory. See S. B. 143. Page 87.
Construction and equipment of vaults for state insurance department.

See S. B. 182. Page 100.
County road No. 135, Atchison county. See 8. B. 341. Page 197.
Establishing, erection and construction of state fish hatchery. See S. B. 92.

Page 49.
Executive Council. See S. B. 424. Page 270.
Florence Crittenden Mission of Topeka. See S. B. 73. Page 48.
For the establishment of auxiliary manual-training school at Pittsburg,

Kan. See S. B. 234. Page 125.

Appropriations -- continued :

For the maintenance of a state fair association. See S. B. 253. Page 127.
For commission to report on Price raid claims. "See 8. B. 272. Page 156.
For Reform School, at Topeka. See S. B. 278. Page 157.
Fisher, William H., relief of. See S. B. 279. Page 157.
For officers and men of certain commands during civil war. See S. B. 267.

Page 143.
Goodlander Home, Fort Scott. See S. B. 291. Page 158.
Institution for the Blind, at Kansas City. See S. B. 460. Page 295.
Kansas State Industrial Reformatory. See S. Bs. 359, 508. Pages 223, 345.
Kansas State Penitentiary. See S. B. 400, Page 249.
Kansas State Asylum for Idiotic and Imbecile Youth, at Winfield. See S. B.

446. Page 286.
Mercy Hospital, Fort Scott. See S. B. 293. Page 158.
Manual of patriotism in public schools. See S. B. 540. Page 425.
Mother Bickerdyke Home. See S. B. 33. Page 34.
Orphans' Home of the Evangelical Kansas Conference, Pottawatomie

county. See S. B. 198. Page 102.
Official state paperSee S. B. 562. Page 478.
Postage, express and freight on Thirteenth Biennial Report of the State

Board of Agriculture. See S. B. 127. Page 62.
Relief of Chas. Porter. See S. B. 463. Page 295.
Relief of Leona Green Lester. See S. B. 466. Page 295.
Relief of M. A. Stewart. See S. B. 339. Page 197.
State Soldiers' Home. See S. B. 33. Page 31.
State printing, salary of state printer. See S. B. 145. Page 87.
State Geological Survey of Kansas. See S. B. 167. Page 99.
State Normal School. See S. B. 316. Page 178.
State Normal School at Fort Hays military reservation. See S. B. 336.

Page 196.
State Soldiers' Home and Mother Bickerdyke Home. See S. B. 433. Page

State printing. See S. B. 407. Page 261.
State fire marshal, to establish office of. See S. B. 439. Page 278.
State printer. See S. B. 563. Page 473.
State Poultry Association. See S. B. 320. Page 179.
Salaries for officers of state institutions. See S. B. 642. Page 646.
Soldiers' and sailors' monuments. See S. B. 325. Page 179.
School for Girls, Beloit, Industrial. See S. B. 226. Page 111.
Topeka State Insane Asylum. See S. B. 441. Page 285.
To defray the cost of publishing biennial reports of State Board of Agri-

culture. See S. B. 187. Page 101.
To reimburse the A. T. & S. F. for moneys advanced by it to the state to pay

the salary of a live-stock sanitary inspector. See S. B. 191. Page 101, To provide law-books for the justices of the supreme court. See S. B. 211.

Page 1091.
University of Kansas. See S. Bs. 180, 434. Pages 100, 278.
Walgren, Eric E., for leg broken while performing military duty. See S. B.

179. Page 100.
Waugh, Harriet L. See S. B. 271. Page 142.
Western University, at Quindaro. See S. B. 378. Page 235.
Grand Army museum. See S. B. 519. Page 413.
State road from Leavenworth to Kansas City. See S. B. 352. Page 198.
Support and maintenance of district school No. 75, Lansing, Kan, See S.

B. 129. Page 64.
Arkansas City.

Fixing terms of district court in. See S. B. 138. Page 61.

Architect, State.

See governor's message. Page 20.

Duties and compensation. See S. B. 307. Page 177.
Assessment of Taxes.

Providing for. See S. B. 114. Page 62.
Assessment and Taxation.

See governor's message. Page 17.
Committee on. Page 41.

Reports by. Pages, 512, 538, 789.

Docket clerk, C. H. Henrie, elected. Page 2.
Document clerk, Pauline Simmons, elected. Page 2.
Document clerk, Clara Hendricks, elected. Page 2.
Document clerk, Etta Littlefield, elected. Page 2.
Doorkeeper, C. L. Linton, elected. Page 3.
Doorkeeper, P. C. Minor, elected. Page 3.
Doorkeeper, F. J. Kramer, elected. Page 3.
Doorkeeper, A. C. Wallis, elected. Page 3.
Doorkeeper, William Whitehead, elected. Page 3.
Doorkeeper, R. M. Hight, elected. Page 3.
Doorkeeper, J. E. Hutson, elected. Page 3.
Doorkeeper, I. C. Wentz, elected. Page 3.
Doorkeeper, P. F. Dressie, elected. Page 3.
Doorkeeper, L. W. Fulton, elected. Page 3.
Doorkeeper, W. T. Short, elected. Page 3.
Janitor, R. Work, elected. Page 3.
Janitor, H. Woods, elected. Pago 3.
Janitor, Samuel Rodgers, elected. Page 3.
Janitor, J. W. Gregg, elected. Page 3.
Janitor, James Tyler, elected. Page 3.
Janitor, James Oldham, elected. Page 3.
Janitor, William Robinson, elected. Page 3.
Janitor, William Davis, elected. Page 3.
Japitor, Joe Prince, elected. Page 3.
Janitor, Joe Martin, elected. Pago 3.
Janitor, Henry Daniels, elected. Page 3.
Janitor, Mason White, elected. Page 3.
Janitor, Geo. Boidson, elected. Page 3.
Journal clerk, Calvin Newell, elected. Page 2.
Journal clerk, J. G. Mitchell, elected. Page 2.
Reading clerk, W. E. Pitts, elected. Page 2.
Sergeant-at-arms, W. R. Lindscott, elected. Page 2.
Sergeant-at-arms, W. H. Avery, elected. Page 2.
Sergeant-at-arms, F. E. Ross, elected. Page 2.
Sergeant-at-arms, A. Brown, elected. Page 2.
Sergeant-at-arms, H. A. Fink, elected. Page 2.
Postmaster, Jno. B. Kurth, elected, Page 2.
Postmistress, Hattie E. Allen, elected. Page 2.
Secretary of the Senate, T. A. Wiseman, elected. Page 2.

Superintendent ventilation, E. B. Getchel, elected. Page 2.
Ashford, Thomas.

Appointed clerk Committee on Railroads. Page 42.
Aschcroft, R. L.

Appointed stenographer Committee on Railroads. Page 42.
Atchison County.

Improvement of county road No. 135. See S. B. 335. Page 197.
Register of deeds, excess fees of. See S. B. 479. Page 317.

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Relating to reimbursement for moneys advanced to pay salary of live-stock

sanitary inspector. See S. B. 191. Page 101. Attendance of Pupils in Schools.

Act to promote. See S. B. 200. Page 102.

Practice of, in divorce cases. Seo S. B. 75. Page 47.
County, relating to fees of. See S. B. 104. Page 50.
Appointments of, in suits against the state. See S. B. 249. Page 127.
Relating to illegal practice of. See S. B. 472. Page 316.
Fixing compensation and salary of, in Morris county. See S. B. 183. Page 100.

City, regulating salary of. See S. B. 568. Page 492.

License of. See S. B. 121. Page 63.

Concerning. See S. B. 471. Page 316. Automobiles. Regulating speed and operation of, on public highways. See S. B. 223.

Page 111. Avery, W. H.

Elected assistant sergeant-at-arms. Page 2. Bacteriologist, State.

Creating office of, and fixing salary. See S. B. 351. Page 198. Baker, C. E.

Appointed stenographer of Committee on Judiciary. Page 59. Bachelor, Town of.

Authorized to change name. See S. B. 575. Page 520. Ballard, Representative 0. G.

Nominates Grant W. Harrington for state printer. Page 52. Balloting for United States Senator.

By the House of Representatives. Page 138. Baden, Henry.

Presenting Senate petition No. 26. Page 627. Bank Commissioner.

Fees collected by. See S. B. 455. Page 294. Banks, State.

Soe governor's message. Page 15.

Capitalization of. See S. B, 389. Page 248.
Banks and Banking.

Committee on, appointed. Page 42.
Reports by. Pages 209, 229, 258, 429, 539, 622.
Bills introduced by —

Relating to capitalization of state banks. See S. B. 389. Page 248. Baldwin, City of.

Vacating Indiana street in. See S. B. 491. .Page 336. Ballots, Printing and Distribution of.

See S. Bs. 355, 533. Pages 199, 422.
Barber County.

County printer. See S. B. 43. Page 35.
Authorizing county commissioners to build certain bridges in. See S. Bs.

348, 480. Pages 198, 317.
-78 Sen.

Barber County -- continued:
Compromising bonded indebtedness of school district No. 1 in. See S. B.

381. Page 236.
Relating to fees and salary of sheriff. See S. B. 679. Page 845.
Barton County.
Authorizing county commissioners to build jail and sheriff's residence. See

S. B. 51. Page 36. Barbers.

Regulating the profession of. See S. B. 91. Page 48. Baxter, Ed.

Elected bookkeeper. Page 2.

Tendered vote of thanks. Page 1101. Barrett, May V.

Appointed stenographer Committee on Elections. Page 85. Belleville, City of.

Relating to. See S. B. 362. Page 224. Beal, L. G.

Appointed clerk Ways and Means Committee. Page 43. Berger, Fred G.

Appointed aide-de-camp. Page 1028.

Confirmed aide-de-camp. Page 1030. Beronious, Arthur.

Appointed page. Page 3. Bear, Reverend.

Prayer by. Page 196. Beloit.

Appropriation for Industrial School for Girls. See 8. B. 226. Page 111. Beeler, O. C.

For the relief of. See S. Bs. 219, 220. Page 110. Biennial Reports.

Appropriation to defray cost of publishing. See S. B. 187. Page 101. Black, F. O. Providing for the payment of certain military scrip held by. See S. B. 240.

Page 126. Blodgett, A. M.

Contract for bridge in Barber county. See S. B. 480. Page 317. Bluff City, Harper county.

Vacating Frutcher's addition. See S. B. 45. Page 35. Bills Introduced. By Senator Allen Nos. 50, 132, 133, 134, 135, 136, 204, 205, 206, 207, 216, 227,-296, 297, 302,

328, 353, 354, 356, 358, 438, 439, 467, 468, 487, 495, 496, 498, 503, 630,

By Senator Branine -

Nos. 55, 72, 95, 141, 286, 287, 342, 536, 572, 678.
By Senator Buschow -
Nos. 49, 246, 259, 288, 289, 336, 337, 413, 414, 432, 518, 534, 511, 583, 581,

585, 606, 638, 645, 646, 647, 658, 664.
By Senator Caldwell-
Nos. 25, 26, 27, 111, 112, 113, 290, 291, 292, 293, 294, 305, 306, 397, 398, 412,

447, 449, 453, 454, 517, 542, 543, 544, 550.

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