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Laws of the United States


Navigation and the Merchant Marine.

Part II of the Report of the Commissioner of Navigation

to the Secretary of Commerce and Labor, 1903.



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Laws of the United States Relating to Navigation

and the Merchant Marine.



Washington, D. C., July 1, 1903. Sır: The edition of the Navigation Laws issued in 1899 has been exhausted. During the four years which have elapsed since its publication Congress has made many changes in the statutes comprised in the volume. Especially the act approved February 14, 1903, to establish the Department of Commerce and Labor, has transferred to that Department from the Treasury Department the branches of government principally employed in the administration of the laws relating to navigation and merchant shipping.

By section 10 of that act:

“All duties, power, authority and jurisdiction, whether supervisory, appellate or otherwise, now imposed or conferred upon the Secretary of the Treasury by acts of Congress relating to merchant vessels or yachts, their measurement, numbers, names, registers, enrollments, licenses, commissions, records, mortgages, bills of sale, transfers, entry, clearance, movements and transportation of their cargoes and passengers, owners, officers, seamen, passengers, fees, inspection, equipment for the better security of life, and by acts of Congress relating to tonnage tax, boilers on steam vessels, the carrying of inflammable, explosive or dangerous cargo on vessels, the use of petroleum or other similar substances to produce motive power, and relating to the remission or refund of fines, penalties, forfeitures, exactions or charges incurred for violating any provision of law relating to vessels or seamen or to informer's shares of such fines, and by acts of Congress relating to the Commissioner and Bureau of Navigation, shipping commissioners, their officers and employees, Steamboat-Inspection Service and any of the officials thereof,” have been transferred to and imposed and conferred upon the Secretary of Commerce and Labor.

By section 7 of that act jurisdiction, supervision, and control by the Department of the Treasury over the fur-seal, salmon, and other fisheries of Alaska and over the immigration of aliens into the United

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