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TO THE Titles, AUTHORS' NAMES, &c. of the Publi.

cations reviewed in this Volume.

NB. For REMARKABLE PASSAGES, in the Criticisms and

Extrails, see the INDEX, at the End of the Volume,



on the Reform, of Parliament, 85 &c.

400 to Mr. Grattan,

88 BARTHOLOTTI - Exercitatio Politicoto the People, 363 Theologia,

69 to the Landed Gentlemen of BAYLEY's Entrance into the Sacred Lana Scotland,

448 guage, from the Members of the Con BEAUCHAMP, Lord, his Letter to the fitutional Body,

Belfalt Volunteers,

87 to the Prince of Wales,

545 BEAUTIES of Administration, 185 ADVICE to the Officers of the Bees. See BROMWICH, Art.y,

186 BELLAMONT's Letter to Shelburne, 268 ALGAROTTI's Letters, Military and Po- PERESFORD's Narrative of his Marriage litical, 17 with Miss Hamilton,

90 ALI BEY. Hiftory of,

529 BERGMAN-Opuscula Phyfica, &c. i6g AMIRICA, Tracts rel. to, 86, 88, 183, BERLIN, Memoirs of the Royal Acade124, 267, 324, 361 362, 363, 371, my of Sciences there, for 1780, 152 449, 536, 537.

faither Account of, 631 ANATOMY. See LJEBUR KUHN, BIBLIOTHECA Modenese, 438 ANDERSON'S History of France, Vols, IV. BIBLIOTHÉCA Topographica Britanand V.


318 ANDRES, Abbé, on the Origin and Pro- BIOGRAPHICAL Anecdotes of Hogarth, gress of Literature, &c.

437 enlarged, ANDREWs's Inquiry into the Manners, BISCARIS, Prince of, his View of the &c, of the two jait Centuries, 56 Antiquities of Sicily,

4:7 Analyfis of the Duties of So. BLACK's Historical Sketch of Medicine, cial Life, 222

466 Anglia Rediviva,


BLAIR's Lectures on Rhetoric, &c. 489 ANTICIPATION of the Crifis, 453


540 APOLOGY for Hooke's Observations on BLOCKHEADS, an Opera,

271 the Roman Senate,


Bowle's Edition of Don Quixote, 421 ARCHEOLOGICAL Di&tionary, 537 BRISTOL, Bp. of, his 30h of January Arco, Count de, on the Vis Comica, 437 Sernion before the Lords, 461

on the Influence of Com. BRITISH Museum, Cat. of MSS. in, 389 Merce, &c.

438 BROMWICH's Experienced Bee-keeper, Ars Scribendi fine Penna, 452

543 ART of Pleasing,

360 BROTHER, Abbé, his Edit. of Phædrus, ATALIST's Answer to Prielley, 129

590 AUTHENTIC Copy of the Provisional BROUGHTON's Encbiridion Beranicum, 538 Articles of Peace,

178 Brown's Reports, comple:ed,
Copies of Dirto, ib.
BROWNE's Times, a Satire,

540 in French and BURNEY's History of Music, Vol. 11. Englih, by Authority, ib. concluded,

30 AYSCOUGH's Catalogue of MSS, in the BURTON Wood, a Novel,

457 Britih Museum,

389 BUTTER on the Infantile Remittent Fever,

92 Alrope's Philos. Differtations, 8 BANK of England's. Vade Mecum, *ALLANDER'S Military Maxims, 247

545 CAPRICIOUS Lady, a Comedy, 270 BAZA TARIAN Inquest,

187 CARRA's New Principles of Natural PhiBAD NABY Britile, a Farce, 270


72 A 2





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CASSITENIDIS: Sec CHRONICLE. DANCER on the Expedition against Stó CERISIER'S View of the History of the Juan,

361 United Provinces,

75 DARWIN. Sec LINNAUS. CHALMIRS': Eftimate of the Cone para- DAUBENTON's Infructions pour les Bere tive Strength of Britain,

gers, &c.

264 CHAMBAUD improved,

188 Dawes on Crimes and Punihments, 66 CHAMBER of Commerce. See WESKET.

on Supreme Power,

441 CHARACTERS of Parties in the British Dawson's Necessitarian,

388 Government,

87 DECUdi Epistolar Sobre el Estado, &c. See CHARRIER's Description of Europe, 540

SILVA. CHRONICLL of the Kingdom of Cafite DEFENCE of the Rockingham Party, 535 rides,


DEFORMITIES of Dr. Johnson, 185 Claim of the American Loyalifs, 267 DELL' Origine, &c.

437 CLARK's Supplement to Lorgna's Sum. Dell' Influenza del Commercio, mation of Series, 289 DELLA forza Comica;

437 CLINTON's Narrative,

88 DIALOGUE on the State of Parliament, so Observations on Earl Cotn. DILLON's Survey of the Sacred Roman wallis,

362 Empite, CLUBBE on the Venereal Disease, 454 DISCORSO pronunziato. See ODAŽtI. COALITION,

372 Discours sur l'Helloire, le Gouvernement, COLLECTANIA Curiosa,

123 les Usages, la Literature, et les Arts, &c. concluded, 224

582 COMBE's Descript, of the Ancient Coins DISNEY'S Reasons for resigning his Recand Medals in Dr. Hunter's Mus. 434 tory,

282 COMMENTARII de Republica Batava, 79 DISPUTATIONUM Academicarum FafCOMMENTATIONES Pbilosopbicæ Seleco ciculus, &c,

164 tiores, &c.

76 Diving Institutes of Religion, &c. 550 CONSTITUTION of the States of Ame. DossiE's Memoirs of Agriculture, &c. rica,

194 Vol. III.

- 449 DRAPER's Obr. on the Sentence of the CONSTITUTIONAL Guide to the People, Court Martial upon Gen. Murray, 269 265 Duntze's Reply, &c.

268 CONSEQUENCES (not before adverted to) from the late Revolution, &c. 371 LASTICITE' de l'Eau, 176

ELECTRICITY, Medical, America, 367 ELEGANT Extracts,

281 on Militias, &c. 450 ELEMENTS of the Latin, 360 Cookson's Thoughts on Polygamy, 23

of Military Arrangement, 368 COOMBE Wood, a Novel, 456 ELLIOT's Elements of Nat. Philos. 277 Copy of a Letter found near Strawberry Ellis's Collection of Eng. Exercises, 458 Hill,

274 ENCHIRIDION, Botanicum, CORNWALLIS'S Answer to Clinton's ENTICK's Latin Di&ionary, 188 Narrative,

266 EPISTLE, Poetical, from Mrs. Williams, CORRÉCTOR'S Remarks on his Majesy's

460 Speech, &c.

85 EPMAN and Reclam, their Historical Me. CORRÈ SPONDENCE web obe Rio moirs of the French Refugees in Prus. viewers, 95, 192, 283, 375 fia,

564 COUNTRY Clergyman's Shrove.tide Gift, Essas fur la Phyfiognomie, &c. 615

90 Essay on Christianity. See SIMPSON. COWLLY's Wbicb is ibe Man? A Co. EURIPIDES, translated by Wodhull, 402 medy,


EXAMINATION into the Principles of CROFT-Water, Observations on, 361

the Earl of Shelburne,

182 CULLEN's Letter to Lord Cathcart, 546 Excise-Officer's Vade Mecum, 90 CUMBERLAND's Myfierious Husband, a Tragedy,

252 Acts, or, a Comparative View of CUNNINGHAẢ on the Rights of Elec. the Population, &c.

442 tion,

89 FAIRY Ring, Vol. II,

460 FARMER's Night-cap, CURSORY Remarks on a Fanatical Pub. FERGUSON's Roman History, 333 lication,

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358 538


FERMER on the Influence of Climate,

73 'ALBON, Count, his Discourses on FERRONIUS, M, his Theory of Exponen

the History, &c, of sereral Euro. tial Magnitudes, Logarithms &c. 440 pean Nations, 582




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187 HISTOIRE de l'Acad. Rogale des Sciences, FIELD of Mars, 269 &c. Paris, for 1779,

625 F16cus's Excife Officer's Vade Mecum, HISTORY OF William Pitt, Earl of Chata 90 ham,

309 Flowers of Literature,


of Discoveries; &c, relative to FOLEY's Life,


350 FOREIGN LITERATURE, 69, 159, - of Ali B:y,

519 260, 351, 436, 553

and Memoirs of the Royal SoFORSOEK Atvisa, &c.

72 ciery of Medicine, at Paris, for the Year FRAILTILS of Fathion,


553 FRIL and Impartial Examination of the HISTORICAL Sketch of Medicine, 466 Preliminary Articles, 178 HOGARTA, Anecdotes of,

526 Free Parliaments,

374 HOLDER'S System of French Syntax, 281 Feel's Tyrocinium in Hofpitiis Curiæ, 458 HOLLAND's Sermon at Pudsey, 287 FRESNOY. See MASON.

HOOKE. See APOLOGY, Frisi, Abbé, his Philos, Treatises, 436 HOUEL, M. bis Travels through Sicily, Full Detection of Popery, 190 &c. No. I. and II.

167 FULL and faithful Report of Debates on

No. III. &c.

595 the Peace,

165 HUNTER's Ancient Coins, 434 FULLERTON's Sermon before the Synod HUNTINGFORD's Introduction to the of Aberdeen, 551 Writing of Greek, Part I.

301 Part II.

ib. ELLIBRAND'S Poem on Sir J.

Metrica Monoftropbita, 505 Clarke, 355 Hymn to the Suo,

44 GIRARD's Sermons, Vol. II. 105 GLORY of the Heavenly City, 95

ACKSON's Letters on various Subjets, GMELIN-Histoire des Decouvertes fairs

391 par divers Savans Voyageurs, &c. 350 JENKINS's Letters on Penticross's Dif. GOUSSIER's Cosmological Syftem of Na- course,

190 tural Philosophy, 260 IMPORTANT Debate, &c.

372 GRANT on the Influenza, 454 INADEQUACY of Parliamentary Reform. GREIN's Poetical Parts of the Old Test. ation,

265 transated,

INDIES, East, Tracts relative to, 87, 267, GUARINI'S Paftor Fido translated, 218

363, 400, 535 GUIDE to Health, Beauty, Riches, and INGLEFIELD, Capt. his Narrative of ihe Honour,

Loss of the Centaur,

387 - to Stage Coaches, &c.

545 INQUIRY conc, Military Force, &c. 449

INSTRUCTIONS for Shepherds, &c. 264 All's Moral Tales,

INTRODUCTION to Polite Literature, 280 HARGRAVI's Edition of the State Jones'e Probation Sermon, 463 Trials,


Sermon before the Sons of the HARRISON's Letter to Stevenson, 280 Clergy,

552 HARVEY's Letters to Lady Frances

ENNICOTT's Sermon on the Sabe Shirley,


283 HALWOOD on Contentment, 374 KERGUELEN's Two Voyages to the HASTINGS's Narrative of Transactions

Southern and Indian Seas, 636 at Benares,


KING's Thoughrs on the Difficulties, &c. HATSILL's Precedents of Proceedings in

in which the Peace has involved us, 371 the House of Commons,


Knox's Effays, Moral and Literary, new Hawes's Address to the King and Par


303 liament,

280 HEBREW Grammar. See WILSON.

ACEPEDE, Count, his General and Hiro10 Epifle to Sackville, 355 and Particular System of Natural Hill, Rev. Mr, his Sermon at Kelio's Philosophy,

613 Meeting,

463 LANDAFF, Bimop of, his Letter to the Richard, Esq. See LUDLOW, &c. Archbichop of Canterbury, 431 HINDOSTAN. See RENNEL.

LANDEN'S Appendix to Observations on Hirts for supplying the Public with Sea- Converging Series,

289 men and Soldiers,

533 LAVATER. John GASPARD, his Etay HISTOJAL de la Vie privée des François, op Phyfiognomy, &c.

615 350

Le Ciel ouve á sout l'Univers, 376 Pby fique, Morale, Ciwile, et Por LE CLERC, M. bis Nat. Moral, Civil, litique de la Ruiffie Ancienne, u Mederne, and Political History of Ancient and

Modern Russia,

571 Lix's

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