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CASSITERIDIS. See CHRONICLE. DANCER on the Expedition againt St.
CERISIER'S View of the History of the Juan,
United Provinces,

75 DARWIN. Sec LINNEVS. CHALMERS's Eftimate of the Compara- DAUBENTON's Instructions pour les Bere tive Strength of Britain, 51 gers, &c.

264 CHAMBAUD improved,

188 Dawes on Crimes and Punishments, 66 CHAMBER of Commerce. See WESKIT.

on Supreme Power, CHARACTERS of Parties in the British Dawson's Neceflitarian,

388 Government,

87 DECUDE Epiftolar Sobre el Estado, &c. See CHARRIER's Description of Europe, 540 SILVA. CHRONICLE of the Kingdom of Callite- DEFENCE of the Rockingham Party, 535 rides,

373 DEFORMITIES of Dr. Johnson, CLAIM of the American Loyalists, 267 DELL'Origine, &c.

437 CLARK's Supplement to Lorgna's Sum- DELL' Influenza del Commercio, 438 mation of Series, 289 DELLA forza Comica,

437 CLINTON's Narrative,

88 DIALOGUE on the State of Parliament, 80 Observations on Earl Cotn. Dielon's Survey of the Sacred Roman wallis, 362 Empite,

So CLUBBZ on the Venereal Disease, 454 DISCORSO pronunziato. See ODAZEI. COALITION,

372 DISCOURS sur l'Heffoire, le Gouvernement, COLLECTANEA Curiosa,

123 les Usages, la Literature, et les Arts, &c. concluded, 224

582 COMBE's Descript, of the Ancient Coins Disney's Reasons for resigning his Recand Medals in Dr. Hunter's Mus. 434 tory,

282 COMMENTARJI de Republica Batava, 79 DISPUTATIONUM

NUM Academicarum Fafa COMMENTATIONES Pbilosopbicæ Selec- ciculus, &c.

164 iiores, &c.

76 DIVINĘ Institutes of Religion, &c. 550 CONSTITUTION of the States of Ame. Dossie's Memoirs of Agriculture, &c. rica,

Vol. III.

212 449 DRAPER's Obr, on the Sentence of the CONSTITUTIONAL Guide to the People, Court Martial upon Gen. Murray, 269 265 Duntze's Reply, &c.

268 CONSEQUENCES (not before adverted to) from the late Revolution, &c. 371

LASTICITE' de l'Eau, 176

278 America, 367 ELEGANT Extracts,

281 - on Militias, &c. 450 ELEMENTS of the Latin,

360 Cookson's Thoughts on Polygamy, 23

of Military Arrangement, 368 COOMBE Wood, a Novel, 456 ELLIOT's Elements of Nat. Philor. 277 Copy of a Letter found near Strawberry Ellis's Collection of Eng. Exercises, 458 Hill,

274 ENCHIRIDION, Botanicum, CORNWALLIS's Answer to Clinton's ENTICK's Latin Diaionary,

188 Narrative,

266 EPISTLE, Poetical, from Mrs. Williams, CORRECTOR's Remarks on his Majesy's

460 Speech, &c.

85 ERMAN and Reclam, their Historical Me. CORRESPONDENCE wirb ibe Rio moirs of the French Refugees in Prus. viewers, 95, 192, 283, 375 fia,

564 COUNTRY Clergyman's Shrove.tide Gist, Essai sur la Pbyfisgnomie, &c.

90 Essay on Chriftianity. See SIMPSON, COWLEY'S Wbicb is rbe Man? A CO EURIPIDES, translated by Wodhull, 402 medy,

249 EXAMINATION into the Principles of CROFT-Water, Observations on, 361 the Earl of Shelburne,

182 CULLEN's Letter to Lord Cathcart, 546 Excise-Officer's Vade Mecum, 90 CUMBERLAND's Mysterious Husband, a Tragedy,

252 Acts, or, a Comparative View of CUNNINGHAů on the Rights of Elec. the Population, &c.

442 tion,

89 FAIRY Ring. Vol. II,

460 FARMER's Night-cap, CURSORY Remarks on a Fanatical Pub. FERGUSON's Roman History, 333 lication,

282 FIRMIR on the Influence of Climate, &c.

73 'ALBON, Count, his Discourses on FERRONIUS, M, his Theory of Exponce.

tial Magnitudos, Logarithms &c. 440 pean Nations, 582




358 538

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2 TAcxson's


187 HISTOIRE de l'Acad. Royale des Sciences, FIELD of Mars, 269 &c. Paris; for 1979,

625 F1GGES's Excise Officer's Vade Mecum, HISTORY of William Pitt, Earl of Chat


309 Flowers of Literature,


of Discoveries; &c. relative to FOLIY's Life,



of Ali B:y,

$29 260, 351, 436, 553

and Memoirs of the Royal SoFORSOEK Atvila, &c.

72 ciery of Medicine, at Paris, for the Year FRAILTILS of Fashion, 358 1779,

553 FRIL and Impartial Examination of the HISTORICAL Sketch of Medicine, 466 Preliminary Articles, 178 HOGARTX, Anecdotes of,

526 Fazz Parliaments,

374 HOLDER's System of French Syntax, 281 FRIL’s Tyrocinium in Hofpitiis Curiæ, 458 HOLLAND's Sermon at Pudsey,

287 FRESNOY. See Mason.

FR181, Abbé, his Philos. Treatises, 436 HOUEL, M. his Travels through Sicily,
FULL Detection of Popery,

&c. No. I, and II.

167 Full and faithful Report of Debates on

No, III. &c.

595 the Peace,

365 HUNTER's Ancient Coins, 434 FULLERTON'S Sermon before the Synod HUNTINGFORD's Introduction to the of Aberdeen, 551 Writing of Greek, Past I.

301 Part II.

ib, ELLIBRAND'S Poem on Sir J.

Metrica Monofiropbita, 505 Clarke, 355 Hymn to the Sun,

44 GIRARD's Sermons, Vol. II. 105 Glory of the Heavenly City, 95

ACKSON's Letters on various Subjets, GMILIN-Histoire des Decouvertes faits

391 par divers Satans Voyageurs, &c. 350 Jenkins's Letters on Penticross's Dir. GOUSSIER's Cosmological Syftem of Na. course,

191 tural Philosophy, 260 IMPORTANT Debate, &c.

372 GRANT on the Influenza,


INADEQUACY of Parliamentary ReformGRILN's Poetical Parts of the Old Test. ation,

265 transated,

I INDIES, East, Tracts relative to, 87, 267, GUARINI' Paftor Fido tranNated, 218

363, 400, 535 GUIDE to Healb, Beauty, Riches, and INGLEFIELD, Capt. his Narrative of the Honour,

Loss of the Centaur,

387 to Stage Coaches, &c.

545 INQUIRY conc. Military Force, &c. 449

INSTRUCTIONS for Shepherds, &c. 264 All's Moral Tales,

INTRODUCTION to Polite Literature, 280 HARGRAVI's Edition of the State Jones'e Probation Sermon, 463 Trials,


Sermon before the Sons of the HARRISON's Letter to Stevenson, 280


552 HARVEY's Letters to Lady Frances

ENNICOTT's Sermon on the SabShirley,


283 HARWood on Contentment, 374 KERGUELEN'S Two Voyages to the HASTINGS's Narrative of Transactions

Southern and Indian Seas, 636 at Benares,

BY KING's Thoughrs on the Difficulties, &c. HATSILL'S Precedents of Proceedings in

in which the Peace has involved us, 371 the House of Commons,


Knox's Effays, Moral and Literary, new Hawks's Address to the King and Par


303 liament,

280 HEBREW Grammar. See WILSON.

ACIPE.DE, Count, his General and Heroic Epiftle to Sackville, 355

and Particular Syftem of Natural Hill, Rev. Mr. his Sermon at Kelio's Philosophy,

613 Meeting,

463 LANDAFF, Bilhop of, his Letter to the Richard, Esq. See LUDLOW, &c. Archbichop of Canterbury, 431 HINDOSTAN, See RENNEL.

LANDEN'S Appendix to Observations on Hists for supplying the Public with Sea- Converging Series,

289 men and Soldiers,

533 LAVATER. John GASPARD, his Efray HISTOIRE de la Vie privée des Français, on Phyfiognony, &c.

615 350

Le Ciel ouvert à rour l'Univers, 376 Pbylique, Morale, Civile, et Poe Lz CLERC, M. bis Nat. Moral, Civil, litique de la Ruffie Ancienne, e Moderne, and Political History of Ancient and

Modern Ruflia,


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O'Base Layerine

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Let's Narr. of a singular Gouty Cale, 279 MONITORY Hints to the Minifer, 863
Lt Grand's History of the Private Lite MORAL Tales,
of the French,


MURDOCH': Rarital Vocabulary, 189 Le Roy's Observations on the Prognostic MURRAY's Trial,

268 in Acute D seases,


25% LESSON for Lovers, LETTER in De:ence of Mr. Fox, and (AVAL Triumph, others,


NECESSITARIAN, to Lord Beauchamp,

88 Nsw Thoughts on Medic, Ele&ricity, 278 to the Author of the History and NEWCOMBE's Observations on our Lord's Mystery of Grod Friday,


10 E Shelburne on the Peace, 198 NEWTON, Bichop, his works and Life,
to Debictt.

136, 230
to Governor Johnsone, 184 NICHOLS's Collection of Poems, Vols,
in Verle, ib. V.--VIII.

47 from CaidinaBathiani, 188 NICH LSON's Chambaud improv'd, 188 to Rich, Kill, Erg; 30 Edit. 276

Introduction to Natural Phi. to the Livery of London, 442


298 to a pac.iot Senator, 447 NOUVEAUX Memoires de l'Acad. Ryale. to the late Rector of Bourton, See BERLIN.


Principes de P byf que, 72 LETTERS, Three, on Pentycross's Dis. course, 191

275 LEWELYN on the Sabbath,


OBSERVATIONS on the Prelimi. LIEBURKUHN's Anatomical Differia. nary Articles of Peace,

179 tions,

548 Candid and impastial Confiderations on Life of Lieut Foley,


ib. LINDSEY's Catechift. 486 Though's on Ditto,

ib. LINNÆ US's Syftema Vegetabilium, trans. OBSERVATIONS on the Three firet Vols. Jared,


of the Hitt. of Eng. Poetry, 186 LONDON Directory for 1983, 545

on Ministerial Anarchy, LORGNA, See CLARK.

372 LUDLOW, Letters rel. to Mr. Hill's Con.

on the 5th Asticle of the truversy with a Burgers of, 276, 452 [ réaty with America,

OD AZZ1, D. Trajano, his Disc, delivered
ACFARLANE's Inquiries concern. at the Re-establish ment of a Profesior-
the Poor,


thip of Political economy, &c. in MADAN, (Mrs.) her Progress of Potiry, Naples,


ODE on the late Change in Administra-
Mr. bis Call to the Gen- tion,

355 tiles,

to Hendrie,

539 MAGNITUDINUM Exporentialium, Lo. OGILVIK's Inquiry,

400 garithmer im, &c.

OPERA Rumpus,


OPUSCULA Filosofii,

436 MARIVETS and Goullier, their Cormo. Orme's Hiftorical Fragments of the Mological System of Nat. Phi osophy, 577 gui Empire,

363 Nason's Translation of Du Freln's OSTERVALD's Lectures on the Ministry Art of Painting, 470 trandated,

ба MATHIAS on the Evidence relative to OVERIND on Mufie,

451 the Poems of Rowley,

220 MAURICE's Ierna Rediviva, 272

AGIS, M. his Travels round the MEERMAN's Supplement to the New World, and towards the Poles, from Thesaurus of Civil and Canon Law, 166 1767 to 1776 inclusive,

606 MEMOIRES puur servir à l'Hftoire des PAINE's Lelier to Abbé Raynal, 314 Refugiés dans les Etats du Roi, 564

Lerrer to Lord speibuine,

267 Memoirs of Maitre Ju ques, Vol. 11. PALEY'. Sermon at Dublin,

274 PALLAS-Histoire des Decouvertes, &c. of the Academical Collection

350 of Berlin, for 1; 80, rather Account of, PALMER'S Serm. for Children, &c. 463

610 Pap's Prize-Ditlertation on Providence, MENTOR, 360

159 METAPHYSICAL Catechism, 41 PARLIAMENTARY Reformation, Tracts MONER's Answer to Gobbon's Account selative to, 86, 265, 374. 442, 445, of Chritianity,

447, 448, 534



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PAIMINIDIS, Vanderkemp's Edit. of, RECOVERY of America,

86 20+ RECUEIL des Memoires sur la Muckanique PARMENTIER's Observations on Nuo

et la Phyhique, Initive Vegeables,

545 RLELECTIONS on the Prelim. Articles, PARTICULAR Case of the Georgia Loy

445 alifts,


on the Unity of Gud, 550 PAUL': Law of Tythes,

459 Reid's Effay on the Phthihs Polmonalis, PEACE, Traas relar, to, 128, 178, 182,

331 363, 367, 371, 445 Rejse um die Wolle,

71 Pennant's Journey from Chefer, .97 REMARKS on Johnson's Life of Gray, PESTEL on the Republic of the United

186 Provinces,


on his Lives of the Poes, ib. Paw's Twenty Minutes Observations on - on the Counters of Corke's , providing for the Poor, 265 Trial,

275 PHEDR I Auguft. Lib. Pabularum, &c, 590

on the Letters from an AneP#+LOSOPHICAL Quixole,

rican Farmer,

536 Transactions, Vol. RENNIL's Mem. and Map of Hindoftan, LXXIL for the Year 1782, 377

400 P#THISIS Pu'monalis, Etfay on, 331 RINNY on the Venereal Disease, 454 PHYSIQUE du Monde,

260 REPLY to the Defence of the Earl of Generale e Particuliere, &c. 613 Shelburne, PINKERTON's Two Dythirambic Odes,

to the fame,

182 355 to Clinton's Narrative,

183 PITT, Mr. his Speech on the Peace, 265 REPORT of the Proceedings of the YorkPLOUCQUIT's Sele& Philosophical Me

shire Committee,

18 aitalions,

76 Reports of the Commissioners appointe : POEMATA Varia,

ed to examine the Public Acc,

373 Rosms, Colle Aion of. See NICHOLS. REPOSITORY, Vols. IIl. and IV. 270 POETICAL Epistle from Mrs. Williams, REVIEW of Crawford and Siddons, 2714

460 REYNOLDS's Discourse to the Royal APoor. See MACTARLANL.

cademy, Dec, 1982, POSTSCRIPT to the Six Leters in De. ROBERTSON's Love Fragments,

275 fence of Mr. Hill,


Introduction to Polite LiPOLITICAL Squabble,


terature, POLITICO-Theological Treatise on Li. ROBINSON's Bezuties of Painting, 91 berty of Conscience,

69 Rocnon, Abbé, his Colle&tion of Me POLYGAMY. See Cooxson.

moirs, relative to Mechanics and PhyPOTATOES. See RALLY.

hics, Potts's further Remasks on the Lower ROLLO on preserving Health in the Wext Limbs,


361 Pa 102's State of the Pub. Debts, &c. 334 ROSINA, a Comic Opera,

270 PATESTLLY's Additional Letters to a . ROUSSEAU's Solitaries, &c. translat. 396 Pbilosopbical Unbeliever, 132 RUSSIA, Vol. III.

Sermon at Birmingham, 461 RYMER's Letter to the Commissioners · Hiftory of the Corruptions for fick and wounded,

453 of Chriftianity,

515 PROPOSAL for Liquidation of the Na- ACRED History, Vol.IIl.

528 tional Debt,


SAVARY's French Tranflation of the PROPRIETY of retining Gibraltar, 180


635 PROSSER on the Bronchocele, dew Edit. ST. JUAN, Expedition againft, 361

546 Scots Society at Norwich, Acc, of, 359 Pusu's Poem on the approaching Peace, SEQUEL to ihe Ellay on the Origin of


373 Porshouse's Eflay on Genius, 275 SERIES of Facts, Ahewing the political

State of India,

267 UIXOTE, Don, Bowle's Edit, of, SERIOUS Matter for the Confideration of with Notes,


the Members of both Houses, 181

Answer to L. Geo, Gordon, 533

189 SEVENTEENTH Article of the Church Rally's ElTay on Potatoes, 539 of England paraphrased,

190 RANDOLPH's Comparison of the Pro- SHORT Introduct. to Eng. Grammar, 458

phecies, with the Hebrew, &c. 117 SHROVE- l'ide Gitt, Rucess, a Tale of other Times, 45€ SIBERIAN Anecdotes,




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SILVA, Don, bis Letters concerning the EscoXCILIATION a Novel, 457 present State of French Literature, 624


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159, 600



SIMPSON': Efay on Chriftianity, 428 Tucker's Four Letters

313 SINCLAIR's Hints, 443 TURNER's True Alarm,

531 SERMONS, Single, 95. 191, 283, 287 Two Mentors,

539 SMITH's View of the Lait Judgment, 417

TYROCINIUM. See FRIL, - General, Vindication of, 536 TYTHES, Law of,

459 SOLEMN Appeal to the Nation, 534

TYTLIR's Plan of Lectures on Univerlal SONNIRAT's Voyage to the Spice Iflanus, History,

544 277 SONNETS to Eminent Men,

LITUDINARIAN'S Companion, SPECULATIVI Ideas on Jovafon,&c. 451

455 STÁIR, Lord, his Attempt to balance, VALPY's Elements of the Latin Lan&c. 442 guage,

360 . STATE Trials, new Edition, 255

VANDER KEMP's edition of Parmenide:,' of Facts, or Sketch of Mr, Fox,

204 264 VEGETABLES. S:e PARMENTIER, of Re-insurance, &c,


VERHANDELINGEN, &c. STAVB's Consideration of Taxes, 183 VERNIT, Dr. J. his Treatise concerning STEDMAN's Lælius and Hortensia, 13

the Truth of the Chriftian Religion, STEVENS's Translation of Ostervald's Lec. Vols. VIII, and IX,

591 tures,

62 VIAGGIO per tutte le Antichi della Sicilia, STEVENSON'S Animadversions on Lee's

437 Narrative,

279 VINDICATION of Lord Shelburne, 128 Reply to Harrison, 280

of Gen. R. Smith, 536 STOCKDALI'S Important Question, &c go

of the Observations on STAWBERRY Hill. See Copy of a Letter. the Decline of the clerical Credit and SUPPLEMENTUM Novi Tbejauri Juris «Character,

542 Civilis et Canonici,

166 VOYAGE autour du Monde, et vers les

deux Poles, par terre et par mer, &c 606 TABLEAU des Provinces Unies, 75

VOYAGE Pirtore, que des ißes de Sicile, &c. TASKER's Annus Alirabilis, 120

Nos. J. and I).

167 TAYLOR's farther Thoughts on the

- Nos. 111.VI.

595 Grand Apoftacy,' .

de la Grece, chap. IX. 263 TEORIA e Pratica delle restenze de Solidi, UNITY of God. See REFLECTIONS. , &c.


ALLER IUS, See DISPUTA. tions published by,




WALTER's Trand. of Welsh Poetry, a7r* THIRTY Letters, on various Subjects, WANOSTROCNT's Claffical Vocab. 360


WARION's Specimens of an History of THOUGHTS On Equal Representation, 445 Oxfordshire, on a Reform in Parliament, WATson's Chemical Essays, Vol. III. 345

447 WIDDING Day,
on the Constitution, 448
Welsh Poetry translated,

271 on the Relaxation of Human WESKET's Plan of the Chamber of Com.. Bodies,


361 TIMES, a Satire,


WHALLIY's Verses to Mrs. Siddons, 185 TIRA BOSCHI, Abbé, his Collection of WHICH is the Man: a Comedy, 249 Modenese Writers, 438 WHITAKER's Sermons,

336 TRAITE de la Virité, de la Religion Cbre. WILLAN on Croft Water, rienne, &c.

591 WILLIAMS on Parliam. Reform. 86 TRANSACTIONS of the Batavian Society WILson's Elements of Hebrew Gramat Rotterdam, Vol. VI. 6со mar)

424 TRLATIES between his Moft Chritian

Archæological Dictionary, 537 MajeAty and the States of America, 419 WodnuLL's Trannat. of Euripides, 402 TREATISE on Military Finance, 362 WOMAN of Letters, a Novel, T&JAL of Gen. Murray,

268 of C. Gordon,

ib. IMENES, Abbé, on the Reffance of of Mrs. Williams,

374 of Mrs. Hankey,

ib. ZIMMERMAN, (Henry) his Voyage with of James Steggles, 460 Capt. Cook,

71 TRIMMER (Mrs.) her Sacred History,

Dr. his Treatise on the
Vol. II,

Elasticity of Water,

176 528

Experience in Phyfic, 205 TRIUMPH of Liber:y,


Tured pets theological Society, Different W







, with respect to terítion, 439

Vol. III,


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