Das Staatsarchiv, Volúmenes30-31

Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft m.b.h., 1877

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Página 167 - The affairs of Turkey are in a very disorganized condition ; the country itself seems to be falling to pieces (menace mine;) the fall will be a great misfortune, and it is very important that England and Russia should come to a perfectly good understanding upon these affairs, and that neither should take any decisive step of which the other is not apprised.
Página 146 - Chapter one hundred and six, it was enacted that the Government of India, theretofore vested in the East India Company in trust for Her Majesty, should become vested in Her Majesty, and that India should thenceforth be governed by and in the name of Her Majesty, and it is expedient that there should be a recognition of the transfer of Government so made by means of an addition to be made to the style and titles of Her Majesty...
Página 146 - We have thought fit, by and with the Advice of Our Privy Council, to issue this Our Royal Proclamation...
Página 146 - Kingdom, and all gold, silver, and copper moneys which shall on or after this day, be coined by Our authority with the like impressions, shall, notwithstanding such addition to Our Style and Titles, be deemed and taken to be current and lawful moneys of the said United Kingdom ; and further that all moneys coined for and issued in any of the Dependencies of the said United Kingdom, and declared by Our Proclamation to be current and lawful money of such Dependencies, respectively bearing Our Style,...
Página 193 - Herzegovina a system of local or administrative autonomy, by which is to be understood a system of local institutions which shall give the population some control over their own local affairs, and guarantees against the exercise of arbitrary authority.
Página 172 - I beg you to believe), he may suddenly die upon our hands (nous rester sur les bras) ; we cannot resuscitate what is dead ; if the Turkish empire falls, it falls to rise no more ; and I put it to you, therefore, whether it is not better to be provided beforehand for a contingency, than to incur the chaos, confusion, and the certainty of a European war, all of which must attend the catastrophe if it should occur unexpectedly, and before some ulterior system has been sketched? This is the point to...
Página 166 - You know my feelings," the Emperor said, " with regard to England. What I have told you before, I say again : it was intended that the two countries should be upon terms of close amity, and I feel sure that this will continue to be the case. You have now been a certain time here, and, as you have seen, there have been a very few points upon which we have disagreed.
Página 227 - If she enters into conflict in a righteous cause — and I will not believe that England will go to war except for a righteous...
Página 173 - ... hardly be consistent with the friendly feelings towards the Sultan which animate the Emperor of Russia, no less than the Queen of Great Britain, to dispose beforehand of the provinces under his dominion. Besides this consideration, however, it must be observed, that an agreement made in such a case tends very surely to hasten the contingency for which it is intended to provide.
Página 169 - Close to us lies Turkey, and, in our present condition, nothing better for our interests can be desired ; the times have gone by when we had anything to fear from the fanatical spirit or the military enterprise of the Turks, and yet the country is strong enough, or has hitherto been strong enough, to preserve its independence, and to insure respectful treatment from other countries.

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