Documents of the Assembly of the State of New York, Volumen133


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Página 249 - An act making provision for issuing bonds to the amount of not to exceed one hundred and one million dollars for the improvement of the Erie canal, the Oswego canal and the Champlain canal, and providing for a submission of the same to the people to be voted upon at the general election to be held in the year nineteen hundred and three...
Página 322 - Middlebury the average width of the basin is about thirty-five miles and the lake itself is very narrow, forming virtually a drowned river. The tributary region is rugged and mountainous, mostly covered with forest and with little depth of soil except in the stream valleys. The drainage is received almost entirely through large tributaries, there being little direct coast drainage into the lake. The outlet of the lake is Richelieu river, which flows northward from Rouses Point to St.
Página 338 - ... of the Genesee. The easterly, or Black river lobe of the drainage basin receives the run-off from the southwestern slope of the Adirondack mountains — largely a rugged and forest-covered area — receiving heavy precipitation, especially in the winter.
Página 353 - Cayuga and Seneca lakes are noted for their depth and for the abrupt slopes of their beds. The influence of the lakes on Oswego River is of the utmost importance in contributing to the steadiness of its flow.
Página 453 - The bridge is a single span steel highway bridge, 187.8 feet between abutments, and all the water passes between them at all but the very highest stages. In high water measurements are made from the bridge, while in low water stages they may be made by wading at a point about 500 feet below the bridge.
Página 448 - Passing from the head waters toward the mouth, Schoharie creek crosses successively the Devonian sedimentary rocks, chiefly of the Catskill, Oneonta, Ithaca and Hamilton formations. All of these may be considered fairly impervious and free from fissures. It then crosses belts of Silurian formations, including Helderberg, Saline, Niagara and Medina sandstone and limestone.
Página 344 - In the thirty-nine miles between Belmont, in central Allegany county, and Portage, in southwestern Livingston county, the fall of the water-surface is 253 feet, an average of 6.4 feet per mile. At Portage the river plunges down in three magnificent falls, and thence nearly to Mount Morris flows at the bottom of a deep gorge. From Mount Morris to Rochester the valley is broad and open and the stream is bordered by meadows subject to occasional overflow. At Rochester there is another abrupt descent...
Página 501 - Hoosic mountains in Vermont and Massachusetts. Two head branches, one flowing southward, the other northward along the west slope of this range, unite at North Adams, Mass., and the stream then flows northwestward, entering the Hudson three miles north of Mechanicville. Above Buskirk the drainage basin is nigged and precipitous, the distribution of tributaries affording rapid concentration of the run-off from the steep rock slopes.
Página 539 - The topography of the basin varies widely in character. In New York the stream and its tributaries flow through a rolling and in places rather broken country, bounded on the north by a mountainous area. In this part of its course its bed is of gravel or sand, with occasional rock ledges, and its banks are moderately high and not extensively subject to overflow.
Página 389 - Cazenovia lake is located 10 miles below Erieville reservoir, which is at the head of the stream at elevation 1,190. From its outlet to the foot of the plateau at Erie canal crossing the stream descends 770 feet, the distance, following the general trend of the valley, being 11 m^es.

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