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Appropriations, fc.-Continued. Brought forward. chalk, crayon, sponge, slate, and rubbers for recitation-rooms, $100; compensation of

$292, 707 33 chapel-organist, $200; compensation of librarian, 8120; pay of engineer of heating and ventilating apparatus for the academic building, the cadet-barracks, chapel, and philosophical building, including the library, $1,200; pay of assistant of same, $720; pay of five firemen, $2,200; increase and expense of the library, books, magazines, and binding, $1,000; in all For pay of librarian's assistant.

11, 240 00 For furniture for cadet-hospital, and repairs of the same.

1,000 00

100 00 For purchase of bedding and necessary articles for the use of candidates previous to their admission into the academy.

500 00 Buildings and grounds : For repairing roads and paths For continuing and furnishing for use main building and one wing for the new hospital

500 00 for cadets .... For repairing door casings and doors of the cadet barracks with new

butts and latches,

12, 000 00 $500; and for painting the interior of the same throughout, $1,000; in all..

1, 500 00 Total ...

319, 547 33 By the act making appropriations for the payment of invalid and other pensions of the United States for

the year ending June 30, 1880. For pensions for Army invalids, widows, minors, and dependent relatives, survivors of

the war of 1812, and widows of the war of 1812 For pay and allowances for salary, fees for preparing vouchers, rent, fuel, light, and post

820, 400,000 00 age on official matter directed to the departments and bureaus at Washington.

227, 500 W For Navy pensions to invalids, widows, aud dependent relatives .

534, 000 00 For fees of examining-surgeons, as provided by the several acts of Congress... That any unexpended balances in the items of appropriation contained in the act making

204, 500 00 appropriations for the payment of invalid and other pensions of the United States for the year ending June 30, 1879, may be applied to the payment of such other items as may be found deticient under the appropriations provided for in the said act..

Indefinite. Total

29, 366, 000 00 By the act making appropriations for the consular and diplomatic service of the government for the year

ending June 30, 1880, and for other purposes.
For salaries of envoys extraordinary and ministers plenipotentiary to Great Britain,

France, Germany, and Russia, at $17,500 each
For salaries of envoys extraordinary and ministers plenipotentiary to Spain, Austria, Italy,

870, 000 00 Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and China, at $12,000 each For salaries of envoys extraordinary and ministers plenipotentiary to Chili and Peru, at

84,000 00 $10,000 each... For ministers resident at Belgium, Netherlands, Argentine Republic, Sweden and Norway,

20, 000 00 Turkey, Venezuela, Hawaiian Islands, and the United States of Colombia, at $7,500 each. 60,000 00 For minister resident and consul.general at Bolivia.... For minister resident accredited to Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, Salvador, and Nica.

5,000 0 ragua, to reside at the place that the President may select in either of the states named. For minister resident and consul.general to Hayti

10,000 00 For minister resident and consul-general to Liberia.

7, 500 00 For salaries of chargés d'affaires to Portugal, Denmark, Paraguay and Uruguay, and

4,000 00 Switzerland, at $5,000 each.. For salaries of the secretaries to the legations at London, Paris, Berlin, and Saint Peters.

20,000 00 burg, at $2.625 each For salary of the secretary of legation at Japan.

10, 500 00 For salaries of the secretaries to the legations at Austria, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, and Spain,

2,500 (40 at $1,800 each... For salaries of the second secretaries to the legations at Great Britain, France, and Ger

9,000 00 many, at $2,000 each For salary of a clerk to the legation at Spain

6,000 00

1, 200 00 For the salary of the secretary to the legation (when acting also as interpreter) at China. For the salary of the interpreter to the legation in Turkey.

5, 000 00 For the interpreter to the legation at Japan.....

3,000 00

2, 500 00 For contingent expenses of foreign intercourse proper, and of all the missions abroad....

80,000 60 SCHEDULE B. For the agent and consul.general at Cairo For the consuls-general at London, Paris, Havana, and Rio de Janeiro, each $6,000..

4,000 00 For the consuls-general at Calcutta and Shanghai, each $5,000.

24, 000 00 For the consul-general at Melbourne.

10, 000 00

4,500 (0 For the consuls-general at Kanagawa and Montreal, each $4,000. For the consul-general at Berlin

8,000 00

4. 000 00 For the consuls-general at Vienna, Frankfort, Rome, and Constantinople, each $3,000.. 12, 000 00 For the consuls-general at Saint Petersburg and Mexico, each $2,000. For the consul at Liverpool...

4,000 00

6.000 00 For salaries of consuls, vice-consuls, commercial agents, and thirteen consular clerks... Namely:

304, 600 00 Class I.-At $4,000 per annum. GREAT BRITAIN.- Hong Kong. HAWAIIAN ISLANDS. -Honolulu. Carried forward....

701, 300 00 781, 300 00

Appropriations, 8c.-Continued.

Brought forward..

$781, 300 00

CLASS II.-At $3,500 per annum.

CHINA.- Foochow; Hankow; Canton ; Amoy ; Tien-Tsin ; Chin-Kiang; Ningpo.

Class III.-At $3,000 per annum.

GREAT BRITAIN.- Manchester ; Glasgow ; Bradford ; Demerara.
MEXICO.-Vera Cruz.
UNITED STATES OF COLOMBIA.- Panama ; Colon (Aspinwall).
BARBARY STATES.–Tripoli ; Tunis; Tangier.
JAPAN.-Nagasaki; Osaka and Hiogo.

CLASS IV.-At $2,500 per annum.

GREAT BRITAIN.-Singapore ; Tunstall ; Birmingham; Sheffield ; Belfast.
FRENCH DOMINIONS. ---Marseilles; Bordeaux; Lyons.'
SPANISH DOMINIONS.-Cienfuegos; Santiago de Cuba.
BELGIUM.--Antwerp; Brussels.
GERMANY.-Hamburg; Bremen ; Dresden.

CLASS V.-At $2,000 per annum.

GREAT BRITAIN.-Cork; Dublin; Leeds; Dundee; Leith; Toronto; Hamilton ; Halifax; Saint John's (New Brunswick); Kingston (Jamaica); Coaticook; Nassau (New Providence); Cardiff; Port Louis (Mauritius).

SPANISH DOMINIONS.-San Juan (Porto Rico).
GERMANY.-Sonneberg ; Nuremberg: Barmen; Cologne; Chemnitz; Leipsic.
AUSTRIA-HUNGARY.-Trieste; Prague.
SWITZERLAND.–Basle ; Zurich.
MEXICO.- Acapulco; Matamoras.

Class VI.-At $1,500 per annum. GREAT BRITAIN.—Bristol: New Castle ; Auckland; Gibraltar ; Cape Town; Saint Helena ; Char. lottetown (Prince Edward Island); Port Stanley; Clifton ; Pictou ; Winnipeg; Mahe; Kingston (Canada); Prescott; Port Sarnia ; Quebec: Saint John's (Canada); Barbadoes ; Bermuda; Fort Erie; Goderich (Canada West); Windsor (Canada West).

FRENCH DOMINIONS.-Nice; Martinique.
SPANISH DOMINIONS.--Cadiz; Malaga ; Barcelona.
PORTUGUESE DOMINIONS.-Fayal (Azores); Funchal.
BELGIUM.-Verviers and Liege.
GERMANY.-Munich : Stuttgart: Mannheim.
ITALY.-Genoa ; Naples ; Leghorn : Florence ; Palermo; Messina.
MEXICO.- Tampico.
SAN DOMINGO.-San Domingo.


Class VII.-- At $1,000 per annum.

GREAT BRITAIN.-Ceylon ; Gaspé Basin ; Southampton; Windsor (Nova Scotia).
HAYTI.-Cape Haytien.

Carried forward......

$781, 300 00

Appropriations, f'c.—Continued.
Brought forward..
BRAZIL.-Para ; Rio Grande del Sul.
HONDURAS.-Ruatan and Truxillo (to reside at Utila).
MI'SCAT.- Zanibar.
PORTUGUESE DOMINIONS.-Santiago (Cape Verde Islands).



Saint Paul de Loando; Lauthala.


San Juan del Norte.

For allowance for clerks at consulates, as follows: For the consul-general at Havana and

the consul at Liverpool, each a sum not exceeding the rate of $3,000 for any one year ; and to the consuls-general at London, Paris, and Shanghai, each a sum not exceeding the rate of $2,000 for any one year ; to the consuls-general at Berlin, Vienna, Frankfort, and Montreal, and to the consuls at Hamburg, Bremen, Leipsic, Lyons, Manchester, Hong Kong, Ottawa, Belfast, Birmingham, Bradford, Chemnitz, Shetfield, Sonneberg, Dresden, Havre, Marseilles, Rio de Janeiro, Nuremberg, Leith, Singapore, Stuttgart, Mannheim, and Tunstall, each a sum not exceeding $1,500 for any one year: Provided,

That the total sum expended in any one year shall not exceed the amount herein appropriated.....

42, 600 00 For expenses of shipping and discharging seamen at Liverpool, London, Cardiff, Belfast, and Hamburg, to be allotted as may seem proper to the Secretary of State.

6, 000 00 For salaries of the interpreters to the following consulates : At Shanghai, $2,000, and at

Tien-Tsin, Foochow, and Kanagawa, at $1,500 each
For salaries of the interpreters to the consulates at Hankow, Amoy, Canton, and Hong.

6,500 00 Kong, at $750 each.... For salaries of the interpreters to twelve other consulates in China, Japan, and Siam, at

3,000 00 $500 each For consular officers not citizens of the United States..

6. 000 00 For salaries of the marshals for the consular courts in Japan and China, Siam and Tur.

3,000 60 key, including loss by exchange.... For interpreters, guards, and other expenses at the consulates at Constantinople, Smyrna,

7,000 00 Cairo, Jerusalem, and Beirut, in the Turkish dominions

3. 000 00 For loss by exchange on consular service For contingent expenses of United States consulates, such as stationery, bookcases, arms

8. 000 00 of the United States, seals, presses, and flags, rent, freight, postage, and other necessary miscellaneous matters, including loss by exchange For salaries and expenses of the United States and Spanish Claims Commission namely:

115, 000 00 For Commissioner, $3,000; for counsel, $3,000; for secretary, $900; for messenger, $300; for contingent expenses, $750 ; making in all the sum of. For rent of prisons for American convicts in Siam and Turkey, and for wages of keepers

7,950 00 of the same, including loss by exchange For rent of prison for American convicts in China, $1,500 ; for wages of keepers, care of

2, 000 00 offenders, and expenses, $9,500 ... For rent of prison for American convicts in Japan..

11, 000 00

750 00 For wages of keepers, care of offenders, and expenses For rent of court-house and jail, with grounds appartenant, at Yeddo, or such other place

5, 000 00 as shall be designated For rent of buildings for legation and other purposes at Peking, or such other place as

3,850 00 shall be designated For bringing home from foreign countries persons charged with crimes, and expenses in.

3, 100 00 cidental thereto, including loss by exchange For relief and protection to American seamen in foreign countries..

5,000 00 For expenses of acknowledging the services of masters and crews of foreign vessels in

50, 000 00 rescuing American citizens from shipwreck. For annual proportion of the expenses of Cape Spartel light, on the coast of Morocco...

4, 500 00

235 00 For allowance to widows or heirs of deceased diplomatic and consular officers for the time

that would be necessarily occupied in making the transit from the post of duty of the

deceased to his residence in the United States.. For expenses of revising and editing the Consular Regulations..

5, 000 00 To meet the necessary expenses attendant upon the execution of the neutrality act, to be

3,000 00 expended under the direction of the President, pursuant to the requirement of section 291 of the Revised Statutes.

5,000 00 Total

1, 087, 835 00

By the act making appropriations for the naval service for the year ending June 30, 1880, and for other


For the pay of the Navy, for the active list, namely: One Admiral, one Vice-Admiral,

eleven rear-admirals, eight chiefs of bureau (commodores), twenty-four commodores,

Appropriations, 8c.—Continued.

forty-seven captains, ninety commanders, eighty lieutenant-commanders, two hundred and eighty lieutenants, one hundred and one masters, one hundred ensigns, one hundred and four midshipmen, fourteen medical directors, fiftoon medical inspectors, fifty sur. geons, eighty-six passed assistant surgeons, fourteen assistant surgeons, twelve pay. directors, thirteen pay-inspectors, fifty paymasters, thirty passed assistant paymasters, twenty assistant paymasters, sixty-nine chief engineers, ninety-eight passed assistant engineers, sixty-six assistant engineers, twenty-four chaplains, twelve professors of mathematics, ten naval constructors, five assistant naval constructors, pine civil engi. neers, two hundred and one warrant-officers, forty-three mates, two hundred and fifty cadet-midshipmen, additional for thirty-eight cadet-midsbipmon at sea, one hundred cadet-engineers and twenty-five to be admitted in 1879. additional for twenty-three cadetengineers when at sea, one

acting master, one acting ensign, three acting passed assistant surgeons, and eighteen acting assistant surgeons

$3,822, 875 00 For pay of the retired list, namely: For forty-six rear-admirals, twenty-five commodores,

sixteen captains, thirteen commanders, fourteen lieutenant-commanders, six lieutenante, fourteen masters, five ensigns, two midshipmen, four surgeon-generals, twenty-one medical directors, one medical inspector, two surgeons, two passed assistant surgeons, five assistant surgeons, three paymaster-generals, five pay-directors, three paymasters, two passed assistant paymasters, two assistant paymasters, four chief engineers, seventeen passed assistant engineers, twenty-four assistant engineers, seven chaplains, six professors of mathematics, one chief constructor, four naval constructors, nine boatswains, five gunners, thirteen carpenters, and thirteen sailmakers...

645, 400 00 For pay to petty-officers, seamen, ordinary seamen, landsmen, and boys, including men in

the engineers' force, and for the Coast Survey service, not exceeding seven thousand five hundred men in all ..

2, 300, 000 00 For secretaries to the Admiral and Vice-Admiral, clerks to fleet-paymasters, paymasters

of vessels, clerks at inspections, navy-yards, and stations, and extra pay to men enlisted under honorable discharge; exchange and mileage, and for the payment of any such officers as may be in service, either upon the active or retired list, during the year end. ing June 30, 1880, in excess of the numbers for each class provided for in this act, and for any increase of pay arising from different duty, as the needs of the service may require

475, 000 00 And should the sums herein before appropriated for the pay of the officers on the active and retired lists of the Navy be insufficient, then, and in that case, the Secretary of the Navy is hereby authorized to use any and all balances which may be due, or become

due, to "Pay of the Navy" from the other bureaus of the department for that purpose. For contingent expenses of the Navy, namely: For rent and furniture of buildings and

offices not in navy-yards; expenses of courts-martial and courts of inquiry, boards of investigation, examining boards, with clerks'and witnesses' fees, and traveling expenses and costs; stationery and recording; expenses of purchasing paymasters' offices at the various cities, including clerks, furniture, fuel, stationery, and incidental expenses ; pewspapers and advertising; foreign postage; telegraphing, foreign and domestic; copy. ing; mail and express wagons and livery and express fees and freight; all books for the nse of the Navy; care of library; experts' fees and costs of suits : commissions, war. rants, diplomas, and discharges; relief of vessels in distress and pilotage ; recovery of valuables from shipwrecks; quarantine expenses ; care aud transportation of the dead; reports, professional investigation, and information from abroad; and all other emer: gencies and extraordinary expenses arising at home or abroad, but impossible to be an. ticipated or classified

80, 000 00 For the purchase of ordinary postage-stamps for use on official matter, to be sent to for.

eign countries in pursuance of the requirements of the United Postal Union Treaty.... 5, 000 00 To pay for clothing and bedding of otficers and others

in the Navy and Marine Corps destroyed to prevent the spread of disease

1, 200 00 For gratuities and medals of honor, under section 1,407 of the Revised Statutes.

500 00


45, 000 00

3, 000 00

9, 000 00 2,000 00

6,000 00 3,000 00

3, 000 00

For foreign and local pilotage and towage of ships of war.
For services and materials in correcting compasses on board ship, and for adjusting and

testing compasses on shore
For nautical and astronomical instruments, nautical books, maps, charts, and sailing direc-

tions, and repairs of nautical instruments for ships of war For books for libraries for ships of war For Navy signals and apparatus, namely, sigual-lights, lanterns, rockets, running lights,

drawings, and engravings for signal books.. For compass fittings, binnacles, tripods, and other appendages of ships' compasses For logs and other appliances for measuring the ship's way, and leads and other appli.

ances for sounding For lanterns and lamps, and their appendages, for general use on board ship, including

those for the cabin, wardroom, and steerage, for the holds and spirit-room, for decks and quartermasters' use.... For bunting and other materials for flags, and making and repairing flags of all kinds... For oil for ships of war other than that used for the engineer department, candles when

used as a substitute for oil in binnacles, running-lig its, for chimneys and wicks, and soap, used in navigation department For stationery for commanders and navigators of vessels of war, and for use of ourts

martial For musical instruments and music for vessels of war For steering-signals and indicators, and for speaking-tubes and gongs, for signal commu.

nication on board vessels of war For contingent expenses of the Bureau of Navigation, namely: For freight and transpor

tation of navigation materials ; postage and telegraphing on public business; advertising for proposals; packing-boxes and materials; and all othor contingent expensos....

Carried forward ......

5, 000 00 4, 000 00

20, 000 00 1, 500 00 1, 000 05 2,000 01

2,000 00 7, 436, 475 00

Appropriations, fc.-Continued.

Brought forward...

$7, 436, 475 00 For the civil establishment

10, 417 35 For drawing, engraving, and printing and photolithographing charts, purchase of chart

paper, correcting old plates, preparing and publishing sailing directions, and other hy. drographic information

40, 000 00 For fuel, light, and office furniture; care of building and other labor; purchase of books

for library, drawing materials, and other stationery; postage, freight, and other contin. gent expenses...

4,000 00 For rent and repair of building

2, 000 00 For expenses of Naval Observatory, namely:

For pay of three assistant astronomers, at $1,500 each, $4,500; and one clerk, at $1,600. 6, 10000

For wages of one instrument-maker, one messenger, three watchmen, and one porter; for keeping grounds in order and repairs to bui'dings and inclosures; for fuel, light, and office furniture; and for stationery, chemicals for batteries, and freight; labor and all other contingent expenses

12, 000 00 For reducing and transcribing astronomical and meteorological observations for publication ....

2, 200 00 For professional books for library.

1,000 00 For repairs to dome of 26-inch telescope

300 00 For changing the method of controlling clocks and time-signals

500 00 For expenses of Nautical Almanac:

For pay of computers and clerk for preparing for publication the American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac.

19, 000 00 For rent, fuel, labor, stationery, boxes, expresses, books, and miscellaneous items

1, 500 00 For ephemeris of new planets discovered by American astronomers

2,000 00


For fuel, tools, and materials of all kinds necessary in carrying on the current daily work

of the mechanical branches of the ordnance department at the several navy-yards, mag.
azines, and stations...
For labor at all the navy-yards, magazines, and stations in fitting ships for sea and in
preserving ordnance material
For necessary repairs to ordnance buildings, magazines, gun parks, boats, lighters,

wbarves, machinery, and other necessaries of the like character..
For miscellaneous items, namely, for freight to foreign and home stations, advertising

and auctioneers' fees, cartage and express charges, repairs to fire-engines, gas and water

pipes, gas and water-tax at magazines, toll, ferriage, foreign postage, and telegrams... For civil establishment For the Torpedo Corps, namely: For labor, $15,000; material, $10,000; freight and express charges, 8500 ; general repairs to grounds, buildings, wharves, and boats, $5,000; instruction and general torpedo experiments, $14,500; in all.......

50, 000 00 125, 000 00 50, 000 00

3, 000 00 11, 686 25

45, 000 00

For equipment of vessels : For coal for steamers' and ships' use, including expeness of

transportation : storage, labor, hemp, wire, and other materials for the manufacture of
rope; bides, cordage, canvas, leather; iron for manufacture of cables, anchors, galleys,
and chains; boat-detaching apparatus ; cables, anchors, furniture, wood, bose, bake.
ovens, and cooking-stoves: life-rafts for monitors; heating apparatus for receiving.
ships, and for the payinent of labor in equipping vessels and manufacture of articles
in the several navy-yards..
For contingent expenses of the Bureau of Equipment and Recruiting, namely: For ex.

penses of recruiting and fitting up receiving-ships ; freight and transportation of stores;
transportation of enlisted men; printing, alvertising, telegraphing: books and models;
stationery ; express charges; internal alterations, fixtures, and appliances in equipment-
buildings at navy-yards; foreign postage; car-tickets, ferriage, and ice; apprehension
of deserters; assistance to vessels in distress; continuous-service certificates and good.
conduct badges for enlisted men, including purchase of school-books for training-ships.
For the civil establishment....

800, 000 00

50. 000 00 18, 251 75

For general maintenance of yards and docks, namely: For freight and transportation of

materials and stores; printing, stationery, and advertising, including the commandant's
office; books, models, maps, and drawings; purchase and repair of fire-engines, ma.
chinery, and patent rights to use the same; repairs on steam-engines, and attendance
on the same; purchase and maintenance of oxen and horses, and driving teams, carts,
and timber-wheels for use in the pavy-yards, and tools and repairs of the same ; postage
and telegrams; furniture for government houses and offices in the navy-yards; coal
and other fuel; candles, oil, and gas; cleaning and clearing up yards, and care of public
buildings; attendance on tires; lights; fire-engines and apparatus; incidental labor at
navy.yards ; water-tax, and for toll and ferriages; pay of the watchmen in the navy.
yards"; and for awnings and packing-boxes
For contingent expenses that may arise at pavy-yards and stations
For the civil establishment
At the Naval Asylum, Philadelphia, Pa.: For superintendent, $600; steward, $480; matron,

$360; cook, $240; two assistant cooks, $168 each; chief laundress, $192; four laundresses,
at $168 each ; eight scrubbers and waiters, at $168 each ; six laborers, at $240 each; sta-
blekeeper and driver, $360; master-at-arms, $180; corporal, $300 : barber, $360: carpen-
ter, 8845; water-rent and gas, $2,000; ice, $200; car-tickets, $250 ; cemetery and burial

440, 000 00 20,000 CO 37, 906 $

Carried forward

9, 188, 136 50

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