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Appropriations, fc.-Continued.

Brought forward

.$14, 462, 752 27 heirs of Abel S. Lee, or their legal representatives, the sum of $2,915 with interest thereon at the rate of 7 per centum per annum from the 9th day of June, 1872, out of any money due and owing, or that may hereafter become due to the Kiowa tribe of Indians, on account of any treaty between the said tribe of Indians and the United States; the said payment to be in fall of all claims of the said heirs of said Abel S. Lee, and of the amount allowed them by the Indian Bureau for property belonging to

said Abel S. Lee, taken and destroyed by the said Kiowa Indians in the year 1872. That there be paid Mrs. Celia C. Short, of Luwrence, Kans., the sum of $5,000, in five

annual installments of $1,000 each, out of any money that may hereafter be appropri.
ated for the use and benetit of the Cheyenne Indians; the first installment to be paid
out of the money appropriated for said Indians by act of Congress approved February
17, 1879, entitled "An act making appropriations for the current and contingent ex.
penses of the Indian Department," &c
That so much of "An act making appropriations for sundry civil expenses of the Gov.
ernment for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1869, and for other purposes," approved
June 20, 1878, as is in the words following: "To pay to Charles P. Birkett the sam of
$32,505.71, to reimburse the said Birkett, late United States Indian agent, for amount
expended by him for the benefit of the Indians at Ponca Agency, Dakota," be, and the
game is hereby, repealed.
And the said Charles P. Birkett is hereby authorized and empowered to institute and

prosecute suit against the United States in the Court of Claim for the recovery of the
amount claimed by him as provided in the act aforesaid under the rules and regula-
tions governing proceedings in said court, with the right of appeal to the Supreme
Court of the United States to either said Birkett or the United States from the judg.

ment of the Court of Claims in said cage. For the survey of lands for allotments to the Red Cloud and Spotted Tail bands of Sioux Indians in Dakota Territory

10,000 00 For the removal of the Muache, Capote, and Weeminuche bands of Uto Indians to the

new reservation provided for them under the terms of an agreement made by the United States through Edward Hatch, N. C. McFar'and, and Lot M. Morrill, commis. sioners, and the above named bands of Ute Indians, at Pagosa Springs, in the State of Colorado, upon the 9th day of November, anno Domini 1878, and for the erection of suitable agency buildings, including residence for agent upon said new reservation .... 20, 000 00


23, 000 00

5, 000 00

2, 500 00

3,000 00 20,000 00

Preservation of collections, Smithsonian Institution: For preservation and care of the

collections of the National Museum, including those from the International Exhibition

of 1876. Distribution of duplicates : For expenses of making up into sets for distribution to col.

leges and museums, the duplicate ores, minerals, and objects of natural history belong.

ing to the United States Preservation of collections, Smithsonian Institution, Armory building: For expense of

watching and storage of articles belonging to the United States, including those trans.

ferred from the International Exhibition of 1876 Additional security against fire: For providing additional security against fire in the

Smithsonian building for the government collections, in accordance with report of the

commission appointed to examine the public buildings. December 10, 1877 For completing and preparing for publication the contributions to North American Ethnology, under the Smithsonian Institution

Provided, That all the archives, records, and materials relating to the Indians of
North America, collected by the Geographical and Geological Survey of the Rocky
Mountain Region, shall be turned over to the Smithsonian Institution, that the work
may be completed and prepared for publication under its direction: Provrded, That it
shall meet the approval of the Secretary of the Interior and of the Secretary of the

Smithsonian Institution,
For a fire-proof building for the use of the National Museum, 300 feet square, to be

erected under the direction and supervision of the Regents of the Smithsonian Institu.
tion, in accordance with the plaus now on file with the Joint Committee of Public
Buildings and Grounds, on the southeastern portion of the grounds of the Smithsonian
Institution, $250,000 ; said building to be placed east of the Smithsonian Institution,
leaving a roadway between it and the latter of not less than fifty feet, with its north
front on a line with the south face of the buildings of the Agricultural Department
and of the Smithsonian Institution ; and all expenditures for the purposes herein men.
tioned; not including anything for architectural plans, shall be audited by the proper
officers of the Treasury Department ......

For the completion of the work of the United States Entomological Commission under

the Department of the Interior in the special investigation of the Rocky Mountain
locust or grasshopper and the cotton-worm, the sum of

To pay George H. Giddings, late contractor, for one month's extra pay on discontinuance

of a portion of route numbered 8076, Texas, wbich went into effoct July 1, 1861, in
accordance with the opinion of the Attorney-General.......

250, 000 00

10, 000 00

14, 583 33

COURT OF CLAIMS. For payment of judgments of the Court of Claims

Carried forward

125, 000 00 14,945, 835 60 Appropriations, 80.-Continued.

Brought forward......

.. $14, 945, 835 60



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Defending suits and claims for seizure of captured or abandoned property: For payment

of the necessary expenses incurred in defending suits against the Secretary of the Treasury or his agents for the seizure of captured or abandoned property, and for the examination of witnesses in claims against the United States pending in any Department, and for the defense of the United States in the Court of Claims, to be expended

under the direction of the Attorney-General Prosecution and collection of claims: For expenses to be incurred in the prosecution and

collectiou of claims due to the United States, to be expeuded under the direction of

the Attorney-General ....
Punishing violations of intercourse acts and frauds: For detecting and punishing viola-

tions of the intercourse acts of Congress and frauds committed in the Indian service,
the same to be expended by the Attorney-General in allowing such fees and compensa-
tion of witnesses, jurors, and marshals, and in defraying such other expenses as may
be necessary for this purpose
Prosecution of crimes: For detection and prosecution of crimes against the United

States, investigation of official acts, records, and accounts, to be disbursed under the
direction of the Attorney-General
To enable

the Attorney-General to pay for the editing and preparing for publication and the superintending of the printing of the fifteenth volume of the Opinions of the At. torneys-General, including the expense of copying the same.....

3,000 00

20,000 DO

1, 000 00




20,000 0

Support of convicts : For support and maintenance of convicts transferred from the Dis.

trict of Columbia, for support of convicts transferred from other districts (and for col.
lection of criminal statistics), to be disbursed under the direction of the Attorney-Gen.
Expenses of Territorial courts in Utah: For defraying the contingent expenses of the
courts, including compensation

of the United States district attorney, and the fees per
diem, and traveling expenses of the United States marshal in the Territory of Utah,
with expenses of summoning jurors; subpænaing witnesses; of arresting, guarding.
and transporting prisoners ; of hiring and feeding guards; and of supplying and caring
for the penitentiary, to be expended only under the direction and order of the Depart-
ment of Justice, upon accounts duly verified and certified ...
That so much of the act "making appropriations for sundry civil expenses of the gov.
ernment for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1879, and for other purposes," approved June
20, 1878, as requires the authorities of the county of Madison or town of Jackson, Tenn.,
to provide suitable buildings free of any expense to the United States, for holding the
United States district and circuit courts, be, and the same is hereby, repealed.
That the second section of an act entitled 'An act to provide for the holding of terms of

the district and cironit courts of the United States at Fort Wayne, Ind.," approved June

18, 1878, be, and the same is, amended to read as follows: "That the clerk of the district court and the clerk of the circuit court for the district of

Indiana, and the marshal and the district attorney for said district, shall perform the duties appertaining to their offices respectively for said courts ; and the clerks of said courts and the marshal shall appoint deputies, to reside and keep their oftices at Fort Wayne, and who shall in the absence of their principals do and perforin all the duties appertaining to their said offices respectively."


For improvements and repairs to the buildings and grounds of the Botanic Garden, as

follows: For two new boilers and additional pipe for conservatory and one propagating house, $750 ; slate tables for west wing of the conservatory to replace rotten wood, 8300; plumbing, $200; painting and glazing, $80); carpenters work, $300; concrete bottom and completing rim to fountain and curb for beds aronnd the same, $555 ; hardtare, $100 ; concrete walks, $1,200 ; brick work, $100 ; soil to fill beds to conform to new grade, and for resetting and raising main walk, $1,190 ; in all...

5, 495 00


For the public printing, for the public biuding, and for paper for the public printing, in.

cluding the cost of pripting the debates and proceedings of Congress in the Congres. sional Record, and for lithographing, mapping and engraving for both Houses of Cop: gresy, the Supreme Court of the United States, the supreme court of the District of Columbia, the Court of Claims, the Library of Congress, and the departments, and for all the necessary materials which may be needed in the prosecution of the work 1,500,000 00

And from the said sum hereby appropriated, printing and binding may be done by the Public Printer to the amounts following respectively, namely: For printing and binding for Congress, including the proceedings and debates, 8757,000 ; for the State Department, $15,000 ; for the Treasury Department, $180,000; for the War Carried forward

16, 537, 330

Appropriations, 80.-Continued.

Brought forward.

- $16,537, 830 60 Department, $100,000; for the Navy Department, $39,000; for the Interior Department, $191,000; for the Department of Jnstice, 87,000; for the Post Office Department, $140,000 ; for the Agricultural Department, $11,000, for the Supreme Court of the United States, $30,000; for the supreme court of the District of Columbia, $1,000; for the Court of Claims, $10,000; and for the Library of Congress, $19,000. For fire-proof extension of the Government Printing Office building, upon plans approved

by the Architect of the Capitol, and the work to be done under his direction, including heating apparatus and plumbing, said appropriation to be available during the present fiscal year

43, 800 00 For the purchase of portable fire-extinguishers

1. 000 00 For the annual rental and necessary repairs of the telephones and lines connecting the Capitol with the Government Printing Office and the several executive departments.. 300 00

SENATE. To pay D. T. Corbin, late contestant for a seat in the United States Senate from the State of South Carolina, his expenses of such contest

10, 000 00 To pay Frederick Brackett for services as additional clerk to the Committee on Appro.

priations under resolution of the Senate, in addition to any other compensation he may be receiving..

72 00


237 35

That the parties named below be allowed the amounts set opposite their names on ac

count of expenses incurred by them respectively in contested election cases : Charles M. Shelley

2, 500 00 Jere Haralson..

2, 500 00 P. D. Wigginton

2, 500 00 Romualdo Pacheco.

2, 000 00 T. M. Patterson. J. B. Belford

666 00 J.J. Finley

1, 262 71 Horatio Bisbee, jr..

4, 000 00 J. H, Acklen

2, 000 00 C. B. Darrall

1, 000 00 J. B. Elam

500 00 C. E. Nash

1, 000 00 E. W. Robertson

750 00 Benjamin Dean

1, 500 00 Walbridge A. Field.

1, 500 00 John R. Lynch

1, 000 00 Lyne S. Metcalfe

1, 700 00 R. Graham Frost

2, 000 00 James L. Nutting

4, 000 00 James B. Reilly...

4, 000 00 John S. Richardson

2, 000 00 Joseph H. Rainey.

2, 500 00 G. D. Tiliman

2,000 00 Robert Smalls.

2, 500 00 Joseph Jorgensen..

1, 000 00 That hereafter no contestee or contestant for a seat in the House of Representatives

shall be paid exceeding 82,000 for expenses in election contests; and before any sum
whatever shall be paid to a contestant or contestee for expenses of election contests, he
shall file with the clerk of the Committee on Elections a full and detailed account of his
expenses, accompanied by the vouchers and receipts for each item, which account and
vouchers shall be sworn to by the party presenting the same, and no charges for witness
fees shall be allowed in said accounts, unless made in strict conformity to section 128,
Revised Statutes of the United States.
The following sums are hereby appropriated to pay the widows and heirs of members
of the present Congress, lately deceased, in conformity with the direction of the House
of Representatives, namely:
To enable the Clerk of the House to pay the widow of Alpheus S. Williams

1, 007 88 To pay the widow of Gustave Schleicher

738 85 To pay Bessie Dandridge Douglas, Evelyn Spotswood Douglas, and Mary Ellen Douglas, children of B. B. Douglas.

994 43 To pay the widow of Julian Hartridge

765 75 To pay the widow of Terrence J. Quinn.

3,525 95 To pay John W. Polk, late Doorkeeper of the House of Representatives, two months' extra pay under resolution of the House of June 19, 1878

416 66 To pay John E. Kelly balance due for services under the Doorkeeper from December, 1876, to March 4. 1877

147 60 To pay services of L. Q. Washington as clerk to the Committee on the Pacific Railroad, from January 11, 1876, to February 25, 1876

184 00 To pay Edward L. Parris for services as clerk of the Special Committee on the Florida Elections, appointed under resolution of December 4, 1876, from December 7, 1876, to February 10, 1877, and for expenditures made by him for said committee

715 60 To pay the heirs

or legal representatives of the late John E. Leonard amount of salary due him

4, 828 57 To pay George B. Hilton for forty-two days' services as page during the second session of the Forty-fourth Congress

105 00 To pay F. M. Schulteis for forty-seven days' services as page in the House in the second session of the Forty-fourth Congress

117 50 Carried forward ....

16, 653, 166 45


Appropriations, fic.—Continued. Brought forward..

$16, 653, 166 65 To pay Charles Christian for services as laborer in the office of the Sergeant-at-Arms of the House from July 1, to March 4, inclusive

406 66 To pay stenographers to Railroad Committee of the Senate for reporting testimony and arguments before that committee, under resolution of the Senate instructing such com. mittee to inquire into the expediency of authorizing railroad companies to do a com. mercial telegraph business, the sum of For services rendered and to be rendered in cleaning Statuary Hall and watching statuary therein, for the fiscal years ending Juue 30, 1879, and June 30, 1880.

1, 440 00 To enable the Clerk of the House to have prepared for the Public Printer copies of the

“Summary Reports" of the Commissioners of Claims, in cases reported to Congress as disallowed under the act of March 3, 1871, of which twenty-five copies shall be printed and bound for the use of the Senate, and twenty-five copies for the use of the House of Representatives ......

1. 000 00 To enable the Sergeant-at-Arms of the House to pay the widow of Frank Welch

2, 500 00 To pay to Albert Ördway for services performed in preparing the General Index of the

Journals of Congress from July 1, 1878, the date on which he entered on his duties, to
July 16, 1878, the date on which he took an oath of office, the sum of

101 90 To enable the Sergeant-at-Arms of the House to pay M. M. Herr for ninety-four days' services as messenger in Sergeant-at-Arms's office

470 00 To pay H. W. Spofford the balance of salary due him as clerk to the Committee on the

Census from May 13, to January 31, inclusive
That the Clerk of the House of Representatives be, and he is hereby, authorized and di.
rected to pay, out of the contingent fun to the clerks authorized to be employed by
the resolution adopted by the House March 7, 1878, such compensation as may be fixed
by the Committee of Accounts, upon proper certification by the chairman of the respec-
tive committees named in said resolution, whether said clerks were sworn or not at the
time they were respectively employed.
For making the necessary changes and alterations for the proper heating, lighting, and

ventilation of the Hall of the House of Representatives, according to the plans and
specifications made by the Architect of the Capital Extension, to be expended under
the direction of the commission appointed by resolution of the House....

30,000 00 To enable the Clerk of the House of Representatives to pay A. Erdman for services rendered by bim in indexing and analyzing the testimony taken by the Committee on Public Expenditures in relation to the public printing and binding

300 00 MISCELLANEOUS. To meet the expenses of collecting the data upon which to prepare bulletins of health, to be issued he Office of the Surgeon-General of the United States Marine Hospital, under direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, to be paid out of the permanent ap

propriation for the above service. To enable the Secretary of State to pay John C. Myers, late consul.general at Shanghai, in full coinpensation for amount due him on settlement of his accounts..

2, 283 81 To reimburse A. D. Shaw, late consul at Toronto, the sum of $633.37, that being the amount of government funds deposited by him in the banking-house of H. J. Morris & Co., of Toronto, at the date of their failure in 1873, no part of which has been reim. bursed to him

633 37 To pay David L. Smith, late captain and assistant quartermaster in the United States Army, $869.47, on account of subsistence of the Army, 1871, and prior years, as per Comptroller's report No. 1597, January 16, 1879

869 47 To reimburse William Beantor, of Oregon, for moneys taken from him under the rules of

the military prison at Fort Alcatraz, Cal., in 1877, by First Lieut. William W. Fleming, Twelfth Infantry, and then treasurer of said prison, and which amount was subsequently embezzled by said Fleming, the sum of

999 57 That all sums due upon certificates issued, or which may be issued by the accounting

officers of the Treasury in settlement of claims for pay, bounty, prize money, or other moneys due to colored soldiers sailors, or marines, or their legal representatives, shall be paid by the officers of the Pay Department of the Army, under the direction of the Paymaster General, who is already charged with the payment of like dues to white soldiers: Provided, first, That no such certificate shall be issued until it shall have been ascertained that the application is made by the original claimant, or, if he be dead, by his true living legal representative, nor until the identity of such claimant or repre. sentative, as the case may be, shall have been duly established: Provided, That if an agent or attorney be employed, the allowance for bis services shall not in any case exceed that contemplated in the scale of fees and allowances fixed by the second section of a joint resolution approved July 26, 1866, entitled "Joint resolution amendatory of a joint resolution respecting, bounties to colored soldiers, and the pensions, bounties, and allowances to their heirs," approved June 15, 1866, and such allowance shall be stated in a separate certificate in favor of the agent or attorney simultaneously with the issue of a certificate for the amount due the claimant: Provided further, That the amount due the claimant, or his living representative, or the balance due after deducting the attorney's fee, if any, sball be paid only to the party named in the certificate, and in current funds or by post-office money order, and not by checks or drafts; and no power of attorney, transfer or assignment of the amount of such claims, or any part thereof, shall in any case be recognized; and the sum of $1,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary, is appropriated for the

fiscal year ending June 30, 1879, and $10,000 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1880, to meet the expenses incurred on account of payment of these claims, for salaries of agents and clerks, rent of offices, fuel and lights, stationery, printing, office furniture,

mileage and transportation of officers and agents, telegraphing, postage, and post-office money orders; and the sum of $50,000 is hereby appropriated, under the title " Pay of two and three years' volunteers reappro. priated,"

for the payment of such of the claims in question as may be covered by Treas. ury certificates issued after the passage of this act, and previous to July 1, 1880... 64,000 00 Carried forward

16, 758, 657 73 18, 390, 756 51 H. MIS. 34 -3

Appropriations, fc.-Continued. Brought forward..

816, 758, 657 73 And provided further, That the sum or sums now held by the Treasurer of the United States, turned over to him under the Attorney-General's decision of December 30, 1878, by the chief disbursing officer of the Freedmen's Branch of the Adjutant-General's Office, as the balance in said officer's hands of moneys due and unpaid on account of adjusted claims of the class contemplated in the first clause of this section, shall be turned over to the paymaster who may be charged by the Paymaster-General with the payment of such claims, to be by him paid to the proper claimants under the restrictions imposed in said section.


That the sum of $1,632,098.78 be, and is bereby, appropriated for the purpose of paying one-half of the estimated expenses of the government of the District of Columbia for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1880 .......

81, 632, 09 8 78 Namely:

For improvements and repairs, as follows: Work on Boundary street auxiliary sewer, $100,000 ; lateral sewers, $15,000; work upon sundry avenues and streets, $100,000 ; replacement of pavements, at not to exceed $2.25 per square yard, $150,000; repairs to concrete pavements, $100,000; material issued for permit work, $15,000; in all, $180,000.

For constructing, repairing, and maintaining bridges, as follows: Ordinary care of Benning's, Anacostia, and Chain bridges, including fuel, oil, lamps, matches, &c., $1,200 ; replanking and painting Chain bridge, $2,500 ; repairing Benning's bridge and its car: riage ways, $2,500 ; raising embankments of Anacostia bridge and repairing piers and abutments, $3,000 ; repairs of Rock Creek bridges, $2,000; in all, $10,200 ;

And one of the two railroad tracks now on said Anacostia bridge shall be at once removed.

For maintaining institutions of charity, reformatories, and prisons, as follows: Wash. ington Asylum: One commissioner, $200 ; one intendant, $960 ; one matron, $600; one visiting physician, $1,200; one resident physician, 8480; one resident physician, $360; one clerk, $480; one baker, $420; six orerseers, at $600 each, $3,600; one watchman, 3300; three watchmen, at $180 each, $540; one driver, $120; one hostler, 860; one cook, 8120; two cooks, at 360 each, 3120 ; five nurses, at $60 each, $300; contingent expenses, includ. ing provisions, fael, forage, lamber, hardware, shoes, dry goods, medicines, and miscel. laneous items, $35,300; total Washington Asylum, $45,160 ;

Georgetown Almshouse : Support of inmates, $1.800 ;
Hospital for the Insane: Board and clothing of inmates, $17,000;
Transportation of paupers and conveying prisoners to work house, $2,500;

Reform School, District of Columbia : Salaries, fuel, and incidentals, repairs and improvements, $20,000; and section 13 of the act entitled "An act revising and amending the various acts establishing and relating to the Reform School of the District of Columbia, approved May 3, 1876," is hereby continued in full force;

For the support and maintenance of the Columbia Hospital for Women and
Asylum, $12,000;
For the support and maintenance of the Children's Hospital, $5,000 ;
For Saint Ann's Infant Asylum, $5,000;
For the Industrial Home School, $5,000;
For the National Association for Colored Women and Children, $6,500 ;
For the Women's Christian Association, $5,000;
Relief of the poor, $15,000; in all, $138,300.
Howard University, for maintenance, $10,000.

For the Washington Aqueduct, as follows: Engineering, maintenance, and general repairs, $20,000.


For salaries and contingent expenses, as follows: Executive office proper: Two commissioners, at $5,000 each, $10,000; one secretary, $2,160; one clerk, $1.500; one clerk, $1,440; two temporary clerks, arranging, classifying, and preserving records of former governments, at $3 per day each, $1,878; one tempo. rary clerk, arranging, classifying, and preserving records of former governments, at $1.50 per day, $469.50 ; one messenger, $840; contingent expenses, including books, stationery, printing, and miscellaneous items, $2,712 50; in all, $21,000.

Auditor and comptroller's office: Auditor and comptroller, $3,000; one bookkeeper, $1,800; one clerk, $1,500; three clerks, at $1,400, $4,200; one clerk, $1,200; contingent expenses, including furniture, books, stationery, and miscellaneous items, 8860; one clerk, in charge of special assessment branch, $2, 160; two clerks, at $1,200 each, $2,400; one clerk, at 83 per day, $940; two clerks, at $1.50 per day each, $940; in all, $19,000.

Sinking-fund office: Two clerks, at $1,200, $2,400;" contingent expenses, $300; in all, $2,700.

Coroner's office: One coroner, $1,800; contingent expenses, including books, station. ery, and jury and witness fees, $700; in all, $2,500.

Collector's office: Collector, 63,000, one clerk, 81,500; one clerk, 81,200; one clerk, $1,000; one clerk, 8960; one clerk, at 63 per day, 940; one messenger, 8480; contingent expenses, including books, stationery, printing, and miscellaneons items, $4,720 ; in all, $13,800.

Attorney's office: One attorney, $4,000; one assistant attorney, $1.900; one special as. sistant attorney, $960; one clerk, 8960; one clerk, $192 ; contingent expenses, including books, stationery, and miscellaneous items, $988; in all, $9,000. And for the expenses of a rerision of the laws of the District of Columbia, $5,000.

Treasurer's office: Treasurer and assessor, $3,000; one clerk, $1,200 ; one messenger, $900; contingent expenses, including books, stationery, car fare, and so forth, 8200; in all, $5,300.

Inspector's of buildings office: One inspector, 82, 400; one assistant inspector and draughtsman, $1,700; one assistant inspector, $1,000; one messenger, $480; contingent expenses, including books, stationery, and miscellaneous items, $300; in all, 85,880. Carried forward

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