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Appropriations, fc.-Continued.

Brought forward..

$2,697, 000 00 Rhode Island and Long Island, one, at $1,500; of one assistant superintendent on the coasts of Rhode Island and Long Island, $500

4, 000 00 For salary of one superintendent for the coast of New Jersey

1,500 00 For salaries of superintendents on the coasts of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia, one, at $1,000 ; on the coasts of Virginia and North Carolina, one, at $1,000

2,000 00 For salary of one superintendent for the house of refuge on the coast of Florida, $1,000 ; and of one superintendent

for the life-saving and life-boat stations on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, $1,000, and of one on the coasts of Lakes Ontario and Erie, $1,000

3,000 00 For salaries of superintendents for the life-saving and life-boat stations, as follows: One

on the coasts of Lakes Huron and Superior, and of one on the coast of Lake Michigan, at $1,000 each ...

2, 000 00 For salary of one hundred and ninety-six keepers of life-saving and life-boat stations and of houses of refuge, at $400 each

78, 400 00 For pay of crews of experienced surfmen, employed at the life-saving and life-boat sta

tions, at a rate not to exceed $40 per month each during the period of actual employ. ment...

376, 960 00 For compensation of volunteer crews of life-boat stations, for actual and deserving serv.

ice rendered upon each occasion of disaster, at such rate, not to exceed $10 for each per. son, as the Secretary of the Treasury may determine; and for pay of volunteer crews, for drill and exercise.

5, 000 00 Contingent expenses : For fuel for one hundred and ninety-six stations and houses of

refuge; repairs and outfits for the same; supplies and provisions for houses of refuge and for shipwrecked persons succored at stations; traveling expenses of otficers under orders from the Treasury Department; and contingent expenses, including freight, storage, repairs to apparatus, medals, labor, stationery, adrertising, and miscellaneous expenses that cannot be included under any other head of life-saving stations, on the coasts of the United States

50,000 00 For establishing new life-saving stations and life-boat stations on the sea and lake coasts of the United States

78. 000 00

Expenses of revenue-cutter service: For pay of captains, lieutenants, engineers, cadets,

and pilots, and for rations for the same; and for pay of petty-officers, seamen, cooks,
stewards, boys, coal-passers, and firemen, and for rations for the same; and for fuel
for vessels, repairs and outfits for the same; ship-cbandl ry and engineers' stores for
same: traveling expenses of officers traveling on duty under orders from the Treasury
Department: instruction of cadets ; commutation of quarters; and contingent ex:
penses, including wharfage, towage, dockage, freight, advertising, surveys, labor, and
miscellaneous expenses, which cannot be included under special heads

860, 000 00

For labor and expenses of engraving and printing, namely: For labor (by the day, piece,

or contract), including labor of workmen skilled in engraving, transferring, plate-print-
ing, and other specialties necessary for carrying on the work of engraving and print.
ing notes, bonds, and other securities of the United States, the pay for such labor to be
fixed by the Secretary of the Treasury at rates not exceeding the rates usually paid
for such work; and for other expenses of engraving and printing notes, bonds, and
other securities of the United States ; for paper for notes, bonds, and other securities
of the United States, including mill expenses, boxing and transportation; for materials
other than paper required in the work of engraving and printing; for purchase of on.
gravers' tools, dies, rolls, and plates, and for machinery and repairs of same; and for
expenses of operating macerating-machines for the destruction of the United States
notes, bonds, national bank potes, and other obligations of the United States authorized
to be destroyed
Expenses of removal of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing: For expenses of removal
of the machinery, furniture, and effects of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing from
the Treasury Department building to the new building in course of erection for said
bureau, when completed ; and for the purchase and erection of such new machinery
and fixtures as may be needed to complete the establishment of that bureau in the new
building, including new boilers and a new engine
For payment of expenses of printing pension-checks for fiscal year 1879, $8,500, and for
the fiscal year 180, $9,000...

350, 000 00

50,000 00 17, 500 00


585, 000 00

Keepers of light-houses : For salaries, fuel, rations, rent of quarters where necessary,

and similar incidental expenses of nine hundred and seventy-five light-keepers and fog. signal keepers Expenses of light-vessels : Seamen's wages, rations, repairs, salaries, supplies, and inci.

dental expenses of thirty-one light ships, and the expense of maintaining the vessels of the light-house establishment, may be paid from any surplus of the appropriation for the works, general or special, on wbich the respective vessels are, for the time being, employed; and the cost of repairs to such vessels may be paid from the appropriation under which

they respectively were employed when they were injured or became deteriorated to such an extent as to render the repairs necessary; or, if such appropriation be exhausted, then from the appropriation under which they are respectively to be next employed ......

Carried forward

230, 000 00

5, 390, 360 00

Appropriations, fc.—Continued.

Brought forward..

$5, 390, 360 00 Buoyage: For expenses of raising, cleaning painting, repairing, removing, and supply.

ing losses of buoys, spindles, and day-beacons, and for chains, sinkers, and similar necessaries.

325, 00 00 Fog-signals: For repairs and incidental expenses in renewing, establishing, and impror. ing fog-signals and buildings connected therewith..

50,000 00 Inspecting lights: For expenses of visiting and inspecting lights and other aids to navi. gation, including rewards paid for information as to collisions...

4, 000 000 Supplies of light-houses : For supplying the light-houses, beacon-lights, and fog-signals

on the Atlantic, Gulf, Lake, and Pacific coasts with illuminating and cleansing materials, and such other materials as may be required for annual consumption, including the expenses of inspection and delivery of the same; for books for light-stations, and other incidental and necessary expenses

375, 000 00 Repairs of light-houses: For repairs and incidental expense of light-houses; for rebuild.

ing and improving the same, and buildings connected therewith; and for the purchase and repair of illuminating apparatus and machinery

275,000 Lighting and buoyage : For maintainance of lights and buoys on the Mississippi, Ohio, and Missouri Rivers

130,000 00 Commissions to superintendents of lights: For commissions to collectors of customs act

iug as superintendents of lights, being for disbursements to be made by them for the • light-house establishment during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1880..

7, 500 00

10,000 W

5, 000 00 10, 000 00 10, 000 00

800 00

319 00 3,000 00 15, 000 000 25, 000 00

50, 000 00 5,000 00

300 00

5, 000 00

For rebuilding tower, repairing dwelling, and purchasing site for beacon at Ipswich light-

station, Massachusetts..
For building a double set of quarters for the two keepers at Cape Poge, northeast point

of Martha's Vineyard, Mass.
For light-house at Stage Harbor, Mass..
For day-beacons on the coasts of Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, and for re-

pairing the same..
For reimbursement of Charles J. Gibbs, master of the light-house tender Verbena, for
amount paid by him in accordance with the judgment of court, in the case of the suit
for damages occasioned by the collision of the Verbena with the schooner Adell, includ.
ing attorneys' fees and costs
For reimbursing H. W. Arnold, keeper of Conimicut light-station, for losses sustained at

the time of the destruction of the keeper's dwelling by ice
For steam fog signal at Falkner's Island light-station, New York
For establishing a first-class fog-signal at Execution Rocks, Long Island Sound.
For the rebuilding of the light-house on Jane's Island, in Tangier Sound, Chesapeake Bay.
To establish a light-ship and fog-signal at Trinity Shoal, off the western coast of Louis-
For protecting the site of the east beacon, Sandy Hook, New Jersey, from the encroach-

ments of the sea..
For purchasing site at Steam Mill Point, Whiteball Narrows, N. Y.
For purchase of additional land at Cumberland Head light-station, New York
For establishing a better light and building a keeper's dwelling at Isle La Motte, Lake

Champlain, Vermont.
That the amount expended for repairing and refitting the discontinned light-station at

Reedy Island, Delaware Bay, to fit it for a fog-signal station, is hereby authorized to be
charged to the appropriations for repairs and incidental expenses of light-houses relat-

ing to the fiscal years during which such repairs were actually made.
For general repairs and improvements at the general light-house and buoy depot at Sta-

ten Island, New York
For protecting the site of the Absecom light-house at Atlantic City, New Jersey.
To re-establish Reedy Island light, Delaware River.
To establish lights on the Delaware River, from Deepwater Point to League Island
For repairs and protection of light-station in the fourth light-house district, damaged by

storm of October 3, 1878
That the balance of the appropriation made by the act of July 31, 1876, for the establish.

ment of range-lights at Hilton Head and Bay Point, entrance to Port Royal Harbor,
South Carolina, is hereby made available for the construction of a range-light on Paris
Island, in the same barbor.
For changing position of light on Fig Island, Savannah River, Georgia, and establishing

a range-light on the tower of the Exchange Building, Savannah, and the Light-House
Board is authorized to establish said range-light without cession of jurisdiction, pro-

vided the government shall be at no expense for rent..
For establishing a depot for buoys and supplies in the sixth light-house district
For continuing the construction of a light-house at or near American Shoal, Florida

Reefs, Fla.
For repairing the light-house at Northwest Passage, entrance to Key West Harbor, Fla.
To reimburse keepers of Dog Island and Saint Mark's light-stations, Florida, for private

property destroyed by a hurricane..
For rebuilding tower at South Pass entrance to Mississippi River, Louisiana
For establishing a beacon-light to form a range with a large light to guide into the mouth

of the Calcasieu River, Louisiana.. For beacon light on Frying. Pan Island, at the mouth of Saint Mary's River, Lake Haron. For continuing the erection of a light-house on Stannard's Rock, Lake Superior, Michi.

gan ..... For erection, removal, and repair of pier-head lights on the northern and northwestern

lakes For establishing a first-class steam fog-signal at the light-station on South Farallon Island, California

Carried forward

10, 000 00 20, 000 00

3, 500 00 60,000 00 17, 400 00

3,000 00 10, 000 00 50, 000 00 6, 000 00

50,000 00 1, 500 00

2 000 00 50, 000 00 25, 000 00

12,000 7,019, 499

Appropriations, fc.—Continued.

Brought forward.

$7,019, 899 65 For establishing a light-housg ana fog bell to mark the entrance to Oakland Harbor, Cal.

ifornia Point Pinos light-station, California : To pay amount of the decree of the United States

5, 000 00 circuit court, attorneys' fees, and costs, in the case of the United States vs. Theron R. Hopkins and others, a suit instituted for the purpose of obtaining condemnation of lands for light-house site ...

6, 000 00 For establishing a depot for buoys and supplies in the twelfth district For completing the light-house and fog-signal, to be established at Point Wilson, Paget

10, 000 00 Sound, Washington Territory.

12,000 00 For establishing duplicate steam fog-signals on the coasts of the United States

20, 000 00 For building a steamer for service on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers..

30, 000 00 For addition to the laboratory used by the Light-House Board for experiments with illu. minating apparatus and materials

8, 000 00


300, 000 00

Survey of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts: For every purpose and object necessary for and

incident to the continuation of the survey of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the United States, the Mississippi and other rivers, to the head of either tidal influence or shipnavigation ; soundings, deep-sea temperatures, dredgings, and current-observations along the above-named coasts, and in the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Stream, including its entrance into the Gulf, its course through the Caribbean and into and around the Sargasso Sea; the triangulation toward the Western coast, and furnishing points for State surveys; the triangulation of the Mississippi River from the northern boundary of the State of Mississippi to the Gulf; the usual coast-survey work of that part of Louisiana lying between the mouth of the Red River and the Gulf as a portion of the coast included in the operations of the Coast and Geodetic Survey ; the preparation and publication of charts, the Coast Pilot, and other results of the work, with the pur

chase of materials therefor, including compensation of civilians engaged in the work, Survey of the Western (Pacific) coasts : For every purpose and object necessary for and incident to the continuation of the survey of the Pacific coasts of the United States, including the Columbia and other rivers, to the head of either tidal influence or shippavigation, deep-sea soundings, temperatures, currents, and dredgings along and also in the branch of the Japan Stream flowing off these coasts; the triangulation toward the Eastern coast, and furnishing points for State surveys; the preparation and publi. cation of charts, the Coast Pilot, and other results of the work, with the purchase of

materials therefor, including compensation of civilians employed in the work
Repairs of vessels : For the repairs and maintenance of the complement of vessels used

in the Coast Survey.
Publishing observations: For continuing the publication of observations, and their dig.

cussion, made in the progress of the Coast Survey, including compensation of civilians

engaged in the work, the publications to be made at the Government Printing Office.. General expenses : For rent of bulldings for offices, workrooms, and workshops in Wash. ington For rent of fire-proof building. No. 205 New Jersey avenue, south (excepting rooms for

standard weights and measures), for the safe-keeping and preservation of the original
astronomical, magnetic, hydrographic, and other records, the original topographical
and hydrographic maps and charts; instruments, engraved plates, and other valuable

articles of the Coast Survey
For rent of sub-office at San Francisco.
For fuel for all the offices and buildings..
For transportation of instruments, maps, and charts; the purchase of new instruments,

books, maps, and charts; gas and other miscellaneous expenses
That Senators Representatives, and Delegates to the House of Representatives shall

each be entitled to not more than ten charts published by the Coast Survey, for each
regular session of Congress.

180,000 00 30, 000 00

6, 000 00 13, 600 00

5, 000 00 2, 000 00 2,000 00

9, 400 00


75, 000 00

Propagation of food-fishes : For the introduction of shad into the waters of the Pacific,

the Atlantic, the Gulf, and Great Lake States, and of salmon, white-fish, carp, gourami, and other useful food-tishes, into the waters of the United States generally to which they are best adapted ; also for the propagation of cod, herring, mackerel, halibut, and other sea-fishes, and for continuing the inquiry into the causes of the decrease of food

fishes of the United States Illustrations for Report on Food. Fishes: For preparation of illustrations for the Report

of the United States Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries For maintenance of the United States carp ponds in the city of Washington and else

For collecting statistics of the sea-coast and lake fisheries of the United States, espe-

cially those covered by the Washington treaty of 1871.
For constructing, equpping, and fitting a steam.vessel for the hatching of shad, cod,

mackerel, halibut, and other fishes, along the coast of the United States, to be built
under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, according to the plans of the
United States Fish Commission..

1,000 00 5, 000 00 3, 500 00

45, 000 00


Expenses of national currency: For paper, engraving, printing, express charges, and other expenses

Carried forward

120, 000 00

7, 908, 399 65 8, 944, 002 78

Appropriations, fe.-Continued.

$7,908, 399 65

60, 000 00

7, 000 00 1, 900 00

Brought forward Transportation of United States securities : For transportation of notes, bonds, and other securities of the United States

And so much of the act "making appropriations for the legislative, executive, and
judicial expenses of the government for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1879, and for
other purposes," approved June 19, 1878, as authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury
to issue coin certificates in exchange for bullion deposited for coinage at mints and as
say-offices other than those mentioned in section 3545 of the Revised Statutes, be, and
the same is hereby, repealed; said repeal to take effect at the end of the present fiscal
Standard weights and measures: For construction and verification of standard weights

and measures, including metric standards, for the custom-houses and other offices of
the United States, and for the several States, and of mural standards of length in Wash.
ington, District of Columbia, $5,000; for rent of workshops in building No. 215, South
Capitol street, $400; for rent of fire-proof rooms in building No. 205, New Jersey avenue,
south, for the safe keeping and preservation of finished weights, measures, balances,
and metric standards, $1,000; for fuel and lights, materials, transportation, traveling,
and other miscellaneous expenses, $600; in all
For contribution to maintenance of International Bureau of Weights and Measures, in

conformity with terms of convention signed May 20, 1875
Fuel, lights, and water for public buildings: For fuel, light, water, and miscellaneous items

required by the ja itors and firemen in the proper care of the buildings, furniture, and heating apparatus, such as brooms, mops, brushes, buckets, wheelbarrows, shovels, saws, hatchets, and hammers, for all public buildings under the control of the Treasury Department That authority be, and is hereby, given to the Secretary of the Treasury to lease, at his discretion, for a period not exceeding five years, such unoccupied and unproductive property of the United States under his control, for the leasing of which theru is no authority

under existing law, and such leases shall be reported annually to Congress. Furniture and

repairs of furniture for public buildings : For furniture and repairs of furniture, and carpets, for

all public buildings under the control of the Treasury Depart-
ment, including furmture for three new buildings, namely: Appraiser's stores at San
Francisco, court-house and post-office at Atlanta, Ga., and court-house and post-office at
Little Rock, Ark ......
Pay of custodians and janitors: For pay of custodians and janitors for all public build.

inge under the control of the Treasury Department
Heating apparatus for public buildings: For heating, ventilating, and hoisting apparatus,

and repairs of same, for all public buildings under the control of the Treasury Depart.
Vaults, safes, and locks for public buildings: For vaults, safes, and locks, and repairs of

the same, for all public buildings under the control of the Treasury Department..

350 000 00

120, 000 00 90, 000 00

75, 000 50, 000 00


42, 464 23 1, 500

60 000

20, 000 00

13, 350 00

5,000 00

Alterations required to be made to remedy the defective ventilation of the basement and

first story, including the mezzanine floor, $30,000; extension of the mezzanine gallery, $12, 464.28; total, Plans for public buildings: For photograpbing materials, and labor for duplicating plans

for all public buildings under the control of the Treasury Department Suppressing counterfeiting and other crimes; For expenses of detecting and bringing to

trial and punishment persons engaged in counterfeiting Treasury notes, bonds, national
bank notes, and other securities of the United States, as well as the coins of the United

States, and other crimes against the government, and for no other purpose whatever ..
Compensation in lieu of moieties : For compensation in lieu of moieties in certain cases

under the customs-revenue laws.
Salaries and traveling expenses of agents at seal.fisheries in Alaska: For one agent,

$3,650; one assistant agent, $2,920 ; two assistant agents, at $2,190 each; necessary travel ing expenses of agents in going to and returning from Alaska, at $600 each per annum;

in all.. Examination of rebel archives and records of captured property: To enable the Secretary

of the Treasury to have the records of captured and abandoned property examined, and

information furnished therefrom, for the use and protection of the government To enable the Secretary of the Treasury, in his discretion, to refund excess of duties and

to pay costs in suits and proceedings in "charges and commissions cases" in which judgments may hereafter be obtained, or which may be compromised by said Secretary. That section 170 of the Revised Statutes of the United States be so modified that the Sec

retary of the Treasury be, and hereby is, authorized, during the present fiscal year, to pay, out of the appropriation for refunding the national debt, a reasonable additional compensation to the clerks of his department who are actually employed upon the refunding of the national debt in additiou to the usual business hours, and not exceeding $500 shall be allowed to any one individual, nor shall the aggregate of such allowances exceed $10,000.. Lands and other property of the United States : For custody, care, and protection of lands

and other property belonging to the United States..
For purchase of law.books and suitable books of reference for the library of the Treas.

ury Department ..
That the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, directed to pay the State of Geor-

gia $72,296.94, in full settlement of advances made to the United States for the suppres.
sion of the Creek, Seminole, and Cherokee Indians in 1835, 1836, 1837, and 1838
That the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, directed to pay the

State of Ken. tucky, on special settlement of the third and fourth installments of her war claims under act of July 27, 1861, the sum of

Carried forward

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Appropriations, 8c.-Continued.

Brought forward.

$8,944, 002 72 That the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, directed to pay to the State of Pennsylvania, being the amount due said State on special settlement of her war claims, under the act of July 27, 1861, entitled "An act to indemnify the States for expenses incurred by them in defense of the United States"

8, 236 56 To enable the Secretary of the Treasury

to refund to the city of Baltimore, State of Mary. land, amoants advanced at the request of Maj. Gen. R. C. Schenck, dated June 20, 1863, to aid the United States in the construction of works of defense, the accounts to be passed by the accounting officers of the Treasury, not to exceed the amounts examined, allowed, and approved by the Secretary of War, a sum not exceeding

96, 152 00 For three additional clerks in the office of the assistant treasurer of the United States at

New York, two at the rate of $1,500 per annum and one at the rate of $1,200 per annum, for the service of the unexpired portion of the current fiscal year a sufficient sum is hereby appropriated ..

Indefinite. For salary to Charles Bryant, late special Treasury agent of the seal islands in Alaska,

from May 15 to June 30, 1877, inclusive, at the rate of $3,650 per annum, being a defi. ciency for the fiscal year 1877.....

471 29 For professional services rendered and expenses incurred by F. W. Viehe,

law, Vincennes, Ind., in the case of the United States vs. Hall-Neilson and others, involving the title claimed by the United States to a valuable tract of land situated in the city of Vincennes, Ind

3, 185 06 To pay John Sherman, jr., United States marshal for New Mexico, for services rendered

and expenses incurred in paying per diem, witnesses, bailiffs, and other similar and necessary expenses in the investigation of the Una de Gato land grant in the Territory of New Mexico, under authority given by the act of July 22, 1854..

351 93 To pay B. R. Lewis and J. J. Coffee the balances due them as marshal and clerk respect

ively at the consulato-general at Shanghai, China, during their absence attending on subpoenas as witnesses before a committee of the House of Representatives, the sum of.

2, 203 69 And said Lewis and Coffee shall receive no allowance for witness fees and traveling

expenses. To reimburse expenses incurred and paid by C. H. Lord, United States depositary at Tucson, Ariz., under Treasury Department instructions..

334 87 That the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized to expend, out of the

appropriation for defraying the expenses of collecting the revenue from customs, such
amount as he may deem necessary, not exceeding $100,000 per annum, for the detection

and prevention of frauds upon the customs revenue.
To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to use revenue steamers for the protection of

the interests of the government on the seal islands, the sea-otter hunting grounds, and
the enforcement of the provisions of law in Alaska.....

20, 000 00



Observation and report of storms: For expenses of the observation and report of storms

by telegraph and signal for the benefit of commerce and agriculture throughout the United States; for manufacture, purchase, and repair of meteorological and otber neces. sary instruments; for telegraphing reports; for expenses of storm signals annouucing the probable approach and force of storms; for continuing the establishment and con nection of stations at life-saving stations and light-houses ; for instrument shelters ; for hire, furniture, and expenses of offices maintained for public use in cities or ports receiving reports; for river reports; for maps and bulletins to be displayed in chambers of commerce and boards of trade rooms, and for distribution ; for books, periodicals, newspapers, and stationery; and for incidental expenses not otherwise provided for .. Construction, maintenance, and repair of military telegraph lines: For the construction and continuing the construction, maintenance, and use of military telegraph lines on the Indian and Mexican frontiers and in the Northwest, for the connection of military posts and stations and for the better protection of immigration and the frontier settlo. ments from depredations, especially in the State of Texas and the Territories of New Mexico, Arizona, Dakota, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, and the Indian Territory.... For extension of the military telegraph lines to Helena, Mont., and the new post on the

Milk River and such other points as may be necessary
For the extension of the military telegraph lines to Fort Elliott, Tex., and westward, as
may be necessary...

375, 000 00

50, 000 00 20, 000 00 20, 000 00


For repairs and preservation of grounds, buildings, and machinery, not used for manu.

facturing purposes, of the arsenal at Springfield, Mass
Rock Island arsenal: For shop G, an iron working and finishing shop for the arsenal
For shop H, an iron finishing shop for the armory.
For shop I, a wood working and leather working shop for the arsenal
For recovering Fort Armstrong avenue and the causeway to the Rock Island wagon

bridge with macadam, and for putting a new floor on the Rock Island wagon bridge... For care and preservation of the Rock Island bridge, and expense of maintaining and

operating the draw
For general care, preservation, and improvement; building new roads ; care and preser.

vation of the water power : painting and care and preservation of permanent buildings
and bridges and shores of the island; building fences and grading grounds; and repairs
of and extension of railroad
Benicia arsenal, Benicia, Cal.: To rebuild the present wharf

Carried forward

15, 000 00 100, 000 00 50, 000 00 50, 000 00 6, 000 00 9. 000 00

12, 000 00

5, 000 00 9,786, 938 12

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