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Appropriations, &c.—Continued.
Brought forward

$9, 188, 536 50 expenses, headstones, and digging graves, $350 ; improvement of grounds, $500 ; repairs and preservation of all kinds, painting, and for grates, furnaces, ranges, furniture, and repairs of furniture, 84,500; and for support of beneficiaries, $43,500; in all..

60, 809 00 BUREAU OF MEDICINE AND SURGERY. For support of the medical department, for surgeons' necessaries for vessels in commis. sion, Davy-yards, paval stations, Marine Corps, and Coast Survey

45, 000 00 For the naval hospital fund. pamely: For maintenance of the naval hospitals at Ports

month, N. H.; Chelsea, Mass.; Brooklyn, N. Y.; Philadelphia, Pa.; Annapolis, Md ; Washington, D. C.; Norfolk, Va. ; Pensacola, Fla. ; Mare Island, Cal.; and Yokohama, Japan

50, 000 00 For contingent expenses of the bureau: For freight on medical stores; transportation of

insane patients to the government hospitals; advertising ; telegrapbing: purchase of books; expenses attending the medical board of examiners ; purchase and repair of

wagons, harness ; purchase and feed of horses, cows; trees, garden tools, and seeds... 15, 000 00 For necessary repairs of Daval laboratory, hospitals, and appendages, including roads,

wharves, out-houses, steam.heating apparatus, sidewalks, fences, gardens, farms, and cemeteries

30, 000 00 For tbe civil establishment at the several naval hospitals and naval laboratory: For the maintenance of the several naval hospitals and naval laboratory

40, 000 00 BUREAU OF PROVISIONS AND CLOTHING. For provisions for the seamen and marines; commuted rations for officers, seamen, and

marines; expenses of inspectors and storehouses; and for purchase of water for ships. 1, 025, 000 00 For the purchase of small-stores...

100, 000 00 For civil establishment...

11, 394 25 For contingent expenses: For freight and charges on shipments; candles and fuel; books and blanks; stationery; advertising and commissions

on sales; toll ferriages, and cartickets ; postage, telegrams, and express cbarges; and yeomen's stores, iron safes, ice, newspapers, and incidental expenses absolutely necessary

60, 000 00 BUREAU OF CONSTRUCTION AND REPAIR. For preservation of vessels on the stocks and in ordinary; purchase of materials and

stores of all kinds ; labor in navy-yards and on foreign stations; preservation of materials ; purcbase of tools; wear, tear, and repair of vessels afloat, and for general care and protection of the Navy in the line of construction and repair; and incidental expenses, pamely, advertising and foreign postage

1,500,000 00 For the civil establishment ...

40, 105 75

For repairs and preservation of boilers and machinery on Daval vessels ; for fitting, re-

pairs, and preservation of machinery and tools in the several pavy-yards; for labor in
navy-yards and stations not incladed above, and incidental expenses; and for purchase

and preservation of oils, coals, metals, and all materials and stores..
For the civil establishment
For the purchase of one testing machine for making tests of plate iron, and so forth..
For contingencies

800, 000 00 20, 038 00 3, 000 00 1, COO 00


For pay of professors and others: For two professors (heads of departments), namely,

one of drawing and one of modern languages, at $2,500 each, $5,000; three professors,
namely, one of physics (assistant), one of chemistry (assistant), and one of Spanish
(assistant), at $2,200 each ; seven assistant professors, namely, four of French, two of
English studies, history, and laws, and one of drawing, at $1.800 each; swordmaster, at
$1,500, and two assistante, at 81,000 each; boxing-master and gymnast, at $1,200 ; secre-
tary of the Naval Academy, $1,800; and assistant librarian, at $1,400; three clerks to
superintendent, at $1,200, $1,000, and $800 respectively: one clerk to commandant of
cadets, $1,000; one clerk to pay master, $1,000; one apothecary, $750 ; one baker, $600;
one mechanic in department of physics and chemistry, $600; one measman, $288; one
cook, $325.50 ; one messenger to superintendent, $600; one armorer, $529.50; one gun.
ner's mate, $469.50, and one quarter-gunner, $409.50; one cockswain, $469.50; one sea-
man in the department of seamanship.ope seaman in the department of astronomy, and
one seaman in the department of physics and chemistry, at $349.50 each; one band.
master, $528; first-class musicians, at $348 each; seven second-class musi.
cians, at $300 each; in all

53, 126 00 Pay of watchmen and others: Captain of the watch and weigher, at $2.50 per day; four

watchmen, at $2 per day; foreman of the gas and steam-heating works, at $5 per diem; ten attendants at gas and steam-heating works of academy, one at $3, one at $2.50, and eight at $2 per day each; one steam pipe fitter, $730; one foreman of joiners, one fore. man of painters, and one foreman of masons, at $3.50 per day each ; two joiners, one painter, and one mason, at $2.50 per day each; one tinner, one gas-fitter, and one blacksmith, at $2.50 per day each; in all

24, 455 00 Pay of mechanics and others: One mechanic at worksbop, at $2.25 per diem; one masterlaborer, to keep public grounds in order, at $2.28 per diem; fourteen laborers, to assist in same, three at $2 per diem each and eleven at $1.50 per diem each; one laborer, to superintend quarters of cadet-midshipmen and public grounds, at 82 per diem ; six attendants at recitation-rooms, library, chapel and offices, and store, at $20 per month Carried forward

13, 067, 464 50 50, 000 00 Total

Appropriations, 86.-Continued. IBrought forward..

..$13, 067, 464 50 each; twenty servants, to keep in order and attend to quarters of cadet-midshipmen and public buildings, at 320 per month each ; in all

16, 835 95 For pay of employés

in the department of steam-enginery: For master-machinist, boiler maker, and pattern-maker, at $3 50 per day each; two machinists, one blacksmith, and

one moulder, at $2.50 per diem each; and two laborers, at $1.50 per diem each ; in all 8,577 50 For necessary repairs of public buildings, pavements, wharves, and walls inclosing the grounds of the Naval Academy, and for improvements and furniture and fixtures

21, 000 00 For fuel, and for heating and lighting the academy and school-ships ....

17. 000 00 For contingent expenses, Naval Academy: For parchase of books for the library.

2,000 00 For stationery, blank books, models, maps, and so forth, and for text-books for use of instructors ..

2,000 00 For purchase of chemicals, apparatus, and instruments, in the department of physics and

chemistry, and for repairs of the same.
For purchase of gas and steam machinery; steam-pipe and fixtures; rent of building for

2 500 00 the use of the academy; freight; cartage; water: music; musical and astronomical instruments; uniforms for the bandsmen; telegrapbing; and for the current expenses and repairs of all kinds; and for incidental labor and expenses not applicable to any other appropriation ......

34, 600 00 For stores in the department of steam-enginery.

800 00 For materials for repairs in steam-machinery

1,000 00 For expenses of the Board of Visitors to the Naval Academy..

2,600 00 MARINE CORPS. For pay of officers of the Marine Corps, as follows: One colonel commandant, $4,500 ;

one colonel. $4,500; two lieutenant-colonels, $8,000; one adjutant and inspector, one quartermaster, and one paymaster, two at $3,500 and one at $3.000 per annum, $10,000 ; four majors, $14,000; two assistant quartermasters, one at $2,800 and one at $2,600 per annum, $5,400 : twenty captains, one at $2.520 and nineteen at $2,340 per anvum. $46,980; thirty first lieutenants, fifteen at $1,950, thirteen at $1,800, and two at $1,650 per annum, 855,950; twenty second lieutenants, eleven at $1,510 and nine at $1,400 per annum, $29,540; one brigadier-general (retired list). $4.125 ; one lieutenaut-colonel (re. tired list), $3,000; four majors (retired list), three at $2,625 and one at $2,250 per annum, $10,125 : one assistant quartermaster (retired list), $2,100; three captains (retired list), one at $1,620, one at $1,485, and one at $1,350 per annum, $4,455 ; two first lieutenants (retired list), $2,700; three second lieutenants (retired list), one at $1,155 and two at $1,050 per apnum, $3,255 ; one leader of the band, $1,080; one sergeant-major, one quar. termaster-sergeant, and one drum-major, $1,080; fifty first sergeants, $16,200 ; one hun. dred and forty sergeants, ninety at $17 and fifty at $22 per month. $31,560; one hundred and eighty corporals, one hundred and thirty at $15 and fifty at $20 per month, $35,400 ; thirty musicians, seven at $10, eight at $26, and fifteen at $23 per month, 89,996 ; pinety. six drummers and fifers, $17,736 ; one thousand tive hundred privates, six hundred at $13, tive hundred at $16, four hundred at $18 per month, $276,000 ; ten clerks and two messengers, $15,715: payments to discharged soldiers for clothing undrawn. $20,000; transportation of officers traveling without troops. $5,000 : commutation of quarters for officers where there are no public buildings, $10,000; in all.

64, 397 00 For provisions....

75, 007 50 For clothing.

60,000 00 For fuel For military stores, namely: For pay of one chief armorer, $939 ; tbree mechanics, at

20, 000 00 $2.50 per day each ; repairs of arms, purchase of accouterments, ordnance stores, flags, drums, tifes, and other instruments, $3,000; for purchase of new instruments for the band, $1,400 ; in all

9, 636 50 For transportation of troops and for expenses of recruiting

7,000 00 For repairs of barracks, and rent of offices where there are no public buildings

13, 000 00 For forage for three public horses, one for messenger to commandant and staft, Washing.

ton, District of Columbia, and two for general use at marine barracks, Mare Island, Cal. ifornia

500 00 For contingencies, namely: Freight; ferriage ; toll; cartage : per diem for constant labor;

wharfage; purchase and repair of boats; labor; burial of deceased marines; stationery, telegraphing ; apprehension of deserters; oil, candles, gas ; repairs of gas and water fixtures ; water rent; barrack furniture; furniture for officeraquarters; bedsacks ; wrapping-paper; oil-cloth; crash ; rope ; twine; spades; shovels; axes; picks; car penters' tools ; repairs to fire-engines; purchase and repair of engine hose; purchase of lanıber for benches, mess-tables, bunks; purchase and repair of harness ; purchase and repair of handcarts and wheelbarrows; scavengering: pnrchase and repair of galleys, cooking-stoves, ranges, stoves where there are no grates; gravel for paradegrounds; repair of pumps; brushes; brooms; buckets; paving; and for other purposes. 20, 000 00 Total

14,029, 968 35 By the act making appropriations for fortifications and other works of defense, and for the armament

thereof, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1880, and for other purposes. For the protection, preservation, and repair of fortifications and other works of defense.

for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1880, the same to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of War Also the following for the armament of fortifications, namely: For the armament of sea

$100, 000 00 coast fortifications, including heavy guns and howitzers for flank defense, carriages, projectiles, fuses, powder, and implements, their trial and proof, and all necessary er. penses incident thereto, and for machine guns

125, 000 00 For torpedoes for harbor defenses, and the preservation of the same, and for torpedo ex

periments in their application to harbor and land defense, and for instruction of engi. neer battalion in their preparation and application

275, 000 00

Appropriations, 8c.—Continued.

By the act making appropriations to supply deficiencies in the appropriations for the fiscal year ending

June 30, 1079, and for prior years, and for those heretofore treated as permanent, and for other pur. poses.


For salaries of the commissioners, the clerk, reporter, and messenger, $6,477.74 : Pro.

rided, That so much of the appropriation for contingent expenses of the Southern Claims Commission made by the legislative act approved June 19, 1978, as may be necessary, not exceeding $7,000, is hereby transferred for the payment of salaries of investigating agents and their expenses, and for additional clerks, for the tiscal year 1879

$6, 477 74


For payment of judgments of the United States Court of Claims, as follows: To Frank 0.

Kihlberg, $608.09 ; Andrew C. Bradley, to use of A. R. Shepherd, to use of George Taylor and others, trustees, $1,800; the International Steamship and Railway Supply Company, $27,512.50; William C. Rawolle, $197.76; Edward Hunter, $73.04; F. H. E. Ebstein. $150; George F. Foote, $220.83; Frank K. Upham, $88.58; Thomas T. Knox, $208.33; William V. Richards, $323.03; James Miller, $145; Francis Moore, $140.27; Richard I. Eskridge, $147.77; George Searing, $4,632.34; George W. Griffin, surviving partner of the firm of Griffin and Porch, $2,679.12 ; David R. Godwin, dative tutor of the minor children of Henry S. Hall, deceased, $1,591.62; James W. Goslee, $208.86; Adolphus Erdman, $246 ; William Crosby, $491.78; E. M. Peterson, administrator of Samuel Ruth, deceased, $1,477.21 ; James F. Buckner, $177.76; Adolph and Samuel Woolner, copartners under the name of A. and S. Woolner, $801; Kyran A. Murphy, $262.68 ; Joseph S. Emery, $43,199.49; John C. Graad and Company, $47 50; Joseph S. Farden, $163 05; Jane Quinn, administratrix of David Quinn, deceased, $1,740; Platt M. Thorn, $558.33; to thů Denver Pacific Railway and 'Telegraph Company, $58,260, or so much thereof as may be necessary; in all.

148, 152 84



6, 000 00

For salaries of second secretaries of legation to Great Britain, France, and Germany, at

$2,000 each
To enable the Secretary of State to make such allowance as he shall deem just and equi.

table to the widow of the late Bayard Taylor, late minister to Germany, for the extraor.
dinary expenses and losses incurred by the estate of said minister in consequence of
his dying within a short period after his arrival at his post of duty.
To enable the Secretary of State to make such allowance as he shall deem just and equi.
table to Mary E. Colburn, widow of the late Justin E. Colburn, late consul-general to
Mexico, for the extraordinary expenses and losses incurred by the estate of the said
consul.general in consequence of his dying within a short period after his arrival at his
post of duty....

7,000 00

2,000 00



For certain amounts fully set forth in detail on pages 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 of House Executive

Document No. 31, Forty-fifth Congress, third session, being letter of the Secretary of
the Treasury transmitting estimates of appropriations required by the various depart-

ments to complete the service of the fiscal year ending June 30, 1879, and prior years:
For the legislative and contingent expenses of the Territories, as follows:
For the Territory of Dakota (being for the fiscal year 1877).
For the Territory of Idaho, for 1877, 81,727.14; for 1878, $250; and for 1879, 84,853; in all..
For the Territory of Montana ...
For the Territory of Wyoming, for 1877, $446.33 ; and for 1878. $3,359.54 cents; in all
For the Territory of New Mexico, being for the fiscal year 1878
For legislative expenses, pamely: For compensation and mileage of the members of the

legislative assembly, officers, and clerks, and contingent expenses thereof, and for rent,
light, fuel, printing, stationery, and incidentals, being deticiencies for the fiscal year
1879, for the following Territories, namely: For Arizona, $4,220 ; for Dakota, $5,680; for
Idaho, $5,680, and for Montana, $5,680..

1, 399 90 6, 833 14 2, 458 00 3, 805 87

800 00

21, 260 00


Checks and certificates of deposit, Independent Treasury: For new supply of checks to

be used in the place of coin checks now on hand aud rendered useless under the operations of the resumption act, and for the increased number of checks now used in the redemption of United States bonds, and in the payment of interest under the different

loans Salaries and expenses of collectors of internal revenue, being for the year 1879.

Carried forward

2,000 00 25, 000 00

233, 189 49 at law, Emporia, Kans., for certain moneys paid and fees due as bondsmen and attor. neys in a suit brought in the district court of Lyon County, Kansas, entitled L. M. Appleby vs. Louis Primeaux...

Appropriations, Sc.-Continued.

$233, 189 49

25, 000 00

277 78

10,000 員

18 39

2052 13

4,000 co

Brought forward...
For detecting and bringing to trial and punishment persons guilty of violating the inter-

pal-revenue laws, or conniving at the same, including payments for information and

detection of such violations, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1879 For salaries and expenses of supervisors and subordinate officers of internal revenue, for

the fircal year 1877. For contingent expenses, Treasury Department, freight and telegrams, for the fiscal year

1877. Life-saving service, contingent expesnes: For fuel for life-saving and life-boat stations

and houses of refuge, repairs and outfits for the same ; supplies and provisions for houses of refuge and for shipwrecked persons succored at stations ; traveling expenses officers under orders from the Treasury Department; and contingent expenses, including freight, storage, repairs to apparatus, medals, labor, stationery, advertising, and miscellaneous expenses that cannot be included under any other head of life-saving

stations on the coasts of the United States For Thirty Mile Point light-station, New York, for the fiscal year 1877 For contingent expenses of the Treasury Department, as set forth in detail in House Ex.

ecutive Doi ument No. 31, tbird session of the Forty-sixth Congress, referred to above.
For gas, drop-lights and tubing, gas burders, brackets, and globes, candles, lanterns, and

wicks, being a deficiency for the fiscal year 1879
That in the settlement of the accounts of Henry C. De Ahna, late collector of customs at

Sitka, Alaska, in addition to the salary and fees to which the said De Ahpa is entitled
under existing law, the proper accounting officers of the Treasury are hereby author-
ized and directed to allow and pay to the said De Ahna the further sum of $1,500 in full
compensation for all expenses incurred and losses sustained by the said De Ahna in
traveling to and from Alaska and in obtaining and furnishing the Treasury Depart-
ment with reports concerning the condition of public affairs in said Territory
To refund to B. Maddocks, owner of the schooner Ocean King, of Gloucester, Mass., the

sum of...
To adjust the settled account of James Crawford, superintendent of the mint at Carson,
Ne v., on account of wages of workmen, involving no expenditure of money from the

Treasury, $1,332 92, being for the service of the fiscal year 1875.
To adjust the settled account of the Burean of Engraving and Printing. Treasury De-

partment, for printing commissions of revenue marine officers, involving no expendi

ture of money from the Treasury, being for the service of the fiscal year 1877, $63.80. To a ljust the settled account of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, for engraving,

printing, and similar necessary expenses, disbursing officers' transfer and interest
checks, involving no expenditure of money from the Treasury, being for the year 1878,
The unexpended balance of the appropriation of $250,000, made by the act of June 14,

1878, for the repayment to importers of the excess of deposits for unascertained duties.
or duties or other moneys paid under protest, including interest and costs in judgment
cases, is hereby continued and made available for the payment of all claims to which
the appropriation is applicable, which are not payable from the permanent annual ap-
propriation provided for in section 3689 of the Revised Statutes : Provided, That the
claims known as the “charges and commissions cases " shall not be paid without fur-
ther legislation ...

1, 500 00

45 00



Survey of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts : For the continuation, during the present fiscal

year, of the survey of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the United States, the triangu

lation toward the western coast, and furnishing points for State surveys.
Survey of the western (Pacitic) coasts: For the continuation, during the present fiscal

year, of the survey of the Pacific coasts of the United States, the triangulation toward
the eastern coast, and furnishing points for State surveys.

15, 000 CD

25, 000 00


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For salaries and expenses of the Office of Auditor of Railroad Accounts
To pay Jobn F. Swift, late po nsio i agent at San Francisco, the aniount found due to him

op settlement of his accoints.
For stationery for the Dej artmut of the Interior and its several bureaus.

123 04 5,000 00


30,000 00 10. 000 00 10. 000 00 25, 000 00

5,000 €

For subsistence, for the year 1879, of the Arapahoes, Cheyennes, Apaches, Kiowas, Co

manches, and Wichitas, of the Indian Territory
For the Bannocks and others at Fort Hall, Idaho Territory
For the Assinaboines at Fort Belknap, Montana Territory
For the Indians at Fort Peck Agency, Montana Territory
For telegraphing, and for pnrchase of Indian supplies, inspection, and other expenses

connected therewith, and for advertising for the year 1879
To enable the Secretary of the Interior to pay William Kiskadden for beef furnished the

Crows, 1876
To enable the Secretary of the Interior to reimburse Messrs. Buck & Kellogg, attorneys

Carried forward

9, 416 11

413, 83 31 1, 357, 202 36

Appropriations, fe.-Continued.

$413, 233 31

2 61 299 35

884 50 231 57

Brought forward.
For incidental expenses of Indian service in Central Superintendency, for the fiscal year

For depredations on public timber, for the fiscal year 1877
To pay J. A. Coffey & Co. for building sold the government for the use of the Osage In-

dían Agency, and for contingencies of the Indian Department To pay D. R. Risley for expenses of Indiau delegation visiting Washington in 1870 To enable the Secretary of the Interior to pay the heirs of Henry Newton, decensed, for

services on the commission to survey tbe Black Hills, in Dakota Territory, in the years

1875 and 1876.
To pay Joseph O-Jib-Way for services rendered the Indian Department, for 1874 and prior

For services of the Hot Springs Commissio, acting under the request of the President,

from June 25 to December 16, 1878, at the rate provided by the act creating the commis-
sion, and for salaries of clerks, and the necessary incidental expenses incurred during
said term, and for fees and per diem due the United States marshal for the eastern dis-
trict of Ardansas, acting under the authority of said commission ...

2. 902 10

300 00

12, 000 00


For bringing up arrears in drafting and other work in rolation to private land claims....

3,000 00


For contingent expenses, for the year 1879

3,000 00


110,000 00

50, 000 00

185 18

For expenses of United States courts, for the year 1878.
For defraying the expenses of the Supreme Court and circuit and district courts of the

United States, including the District of Columbia, and also for jurors and witnesses,
and expenses of suits in which the United States are concerned, of prosecutions for of
fenses committed against the United States, and for the safe-keeping of prisoners.....
For salaries of District marshals for the fiscal year 1877
Expenses of Territorial courts in Utah: For defraying the contingent expenses of the
conrts, including compensation of the United States district attorney, and the fees, per
diem, and traveling expenses of the United States marshal in the Territory of Utah,
with 'expenses of summoning jurors, subpænaing witnesses, of arresting, guarding, and
transporting prisoners, of hiring and feeding guards, of supplying and caring for the
penitentiary, arising uuder the act of June 23, 1874, in relation to courts and judicial
officers in the Territory of Utah, for the tiscal year ending June 30, 1879, to be paid 10.
der the direction and order of the Department of Justice, upon accounts duly verified
and certified.


6,000 00

2,505 27

1, 500 00

8,939 47

479 56 15, 375 40

12 353 41 7, 830 51

To enable the Secretary of the Nary to pay certain contingent expenses of the Bureau of

Provisions and Clothing for the years 1877 and 1878, namely : To Evans, Ball & Co., freight to Villefrance, France, $2.171.52; to pay Bogart and Morgan, agents, freight to Brownsville, Tex., $119.35; to pay Commercial Advertiser Association for advertising, $214.40; in all... To pay certain amounts due under Quartermaster's Department, Marine Corps : For pay

of mechanics, $1,375; for purchase of flags, drum-heads, and similar necessaries, $125;

in all Under Pay Department of Marine Corps: For pay of clerks and messengers, 85,714.47; for

undrawn clothing, $3,000; for additional pay for one tirst lieutenant, retired, $223 ; in all. To pay Leigh Brothers and Phelps of Norfolk, Va.. commissions on sale at public auction

of the Macedonian and Saint Florence, United States ships To pay John W. Bigelow for provisions for the fiscal year 1877. To pay W. Cramp & Sons for iron furnished the Bureau of Construction and Repair, under

contracts of October 2, 1874, and April 5, 1875
To pay A. H. Lindsay for timber furnished the Burean of Construction and Repair.....

For pay and traveling and general expenses of the Army for the fiscal year 1879
For incidental expenses of the Quartermaster's Department, for the fiscal year 1877.
For incidental expenses of the Quartermaster's Department, for the fiscal year 1878..

That the sum of 3466,533.23 be, and the same is hereby, appropriated to supply a deficiency
in the appropriations for the expenses of the District of Columbia for the fiscal year
ending June 30, 1879, the same to be credited to the United States on its proportion of
the expenses of the government of the District of Columbia, as established by the act
approved June 11, 1878, the said amount taken in connection with the $1,250,000 appro.
priated by the act of June 20, 1878. for the general expenses of the District of Columbia,
being 50 per centum of the expenses of the goveroment of the District of Columbia for
the fiscal year ending June 30, 1879 ; and all said appropriations shall be expended in

Carried forward.......

700, 000 00

3, 078 07 3, 102 05

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