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Mrs. Caroline P. Faucett, widow, for effects of her deceased husband, George W. Faucett, late Company K, Ninth Indiana Volunteers, war of 1812.

The following applications are also approved and the money is ordered paid to the applicants as soon as the treasurer receives it:

Mrs. Mary Phipps (sister), through James N. Waugh, attorney, for effects of Samuel J. Kindly, deceased, late Company D, One hundred and twenty-fourth Indiana Volunteers.

Col. Charles H. Fox, in behalf of James Whitehead and Edward Scott, for the effects of Cyrus A. Moore, deceased, late Company K, One hundred and first Illinois Volunteers.

Peter Callahan, administrator, in behalf of decedent's mother, for the effects of Michael Callahan, deceased, late Company H, Fourth Kentucky Cavalry.

The application of C. P. Kellogg, for the effects of Benjamin Le Roy, deceased, late soldier, war of 1812, is denied, except as to trunk and medal, which is ordered to be delivered to decedent's daughter, Clara


The following applications for effects of deceased inmates are refused : Morris Kozminsky, for the effects of James Jones, deceased, late Company G, Twenty-sixth Missouri Volunteers.

Arthur Connors (father), for effects of Peter Quinn, deceased, late Company E, First Louisiana Cavalry.

The application of A. J. Hodder, attorney, for the effects of Jolin Allen, deceased, late Company A, Tenth New Hampshire Volunteers, is referred to Colonel Harris and General Martindale to examine and report to next meeting of the board.

The application of Charles Maun, for the effects of William Voight, deceased, late Company D, Seventeenth Missouri Volunteers, is referred to Colonel Harris, with power to examine and order payment of $12.95 if, in his judgment, it is just and expedient to do so.

The application of Mrs. Nancie Wainscott, widow, for the effects of Joseph R. Wainscott, deceased, late Company D, Twenty-first Kentucky Volunteers, is referred to Colonel Harris, who, on proof satisfactory to him that applicant is the widow of the deceased soldier, will order payment of pension money to her.

Northwestern Branch.

The application of Mrs. Margaret Hoffer, for the effects of her deceased husband, Frederick Hoffer, late Company C, Fourteenth Michigan Volunteers, is approved, and the treasurer authorized to pay over the same, taking proper vouchers therefor.

The application of Samuel Seeleman and Rosina Loeb, for the effects of their deceased father, Frederick Young, late of Company E, Sixteenth New York Heavy Artillery, is approved, so far that the sum of $45,88 is ordered paid to them, without regard to the removal of the remains of their deceased father.

GENERAL BUSINESS. On motion, it was

Resolved, That in all instances of unconditional readmission it is presumed that the applicant has paid his own transportation, as in all other cases of readmission. If such is not the case, the several governors will reimburse the treasurer for cost of transportation, by labor of the applicant without pay or pension money, except otherwise specially ordered.

On motion of Governor Smyth, it was

Resolved, That the local manager, Col. Leonard A. Harris, and the governor of the Central Branch, be authorized to enlarge the restaurant at the Central Branch, at a cost not exceeding $3,000, to be paid out of the profits of the store fund.

A letter from General Tilton was laid before the board relating to the shoe-shop at the Eastern Branch, as follows: NATIONAL HOME FOR DISABLED VOLUNTEER SOLDIERS,


Togus, Me., Vorember 27, 1878. GENERAL: There has been very little done in the shoe-shop since my last quarterly account was rendered, but now I have started to make shoes and boots for the Home for next year.

Last year there were required 3,100 pairs each of boots and shoes for the four branches.

Allowing 7,000 pairs for the requirement of 1879, I shall (or can) make them in 60 to 90 days, leaving nine months unoccupied if I make them as quickly as I can. Can you not dispose of our work for these nine months? I inclose calculations of cost of several qualities of goods. We could make 30,000 pairs in a year, besides our own. - Respectfully,


Deputy Governor. General B. F. BUTLER, President. .

Thereupon, it was Resolved, That the present committee for the purchase of clothing, consisting of Generals B. F. Butler, J. H. Martindale, and Gov. F. Smyth, be instructed to examine the condition of the shoe-shop at the Eastern Branch, and if they find that a market in cash can be found for the manufactures not required for the National Homes, or that they can be exchanged for necessary clothing for the inmates, at rates estimated in money not exceeding the cost of similar clothing as estimated in the Quartermaster's Department of the Army, the said committee shall have authority to continue such manufacture with a view to such sale or exchange, and that such committee make their report in the premises to the next meeting of the board.

Adjutant-General E. D. Townsend, U. S. A., on invitation, appeared before the board, and a conference ensued in regard to the admission of disabled soldiers of the Regular Army to the Soldiers' Home, in Washington, and their eligibility for admission to the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers.

Thereupon, on motion of Colonel Harris, the following resolutions were adopted :

Resolred, That in all cases of admission of soldiers who served in the Regular Army, or in the Mexican war, to the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, reports of such cases shall be made by the governor and deputy governors commanding the several National Homes to the Adjutant-General of the Regular Army in Washington, to the end that in every instance where such soldier may be found entitled to admission to the Soldiers' Home in Washington he may be transferred accordingly and admitted there.

Resolved, That the subject of the admission of soldiers of the Regular Army to the Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers be submitted to Generals Butler and Martindale, with the request that they ascertain from the Board of Managers of the United States Soldiers' Home, at Washington, D. C., the qualifications required of an applicant for admission to that Home; also to report rules for the consideration of the Board of Managers of the Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, for the admission of such applicants.

General Coulter, from the committee appointed for the purpose of investigating the proceedings and findings of the court of inquiry at the Central Branch relating to Wardmaster E. H. A. Snowwhite, reported that the committee had made the investigation directed. It was satis. factorily established that the wardmaster had generally discharged nis duties discreetly and efficiently; but in the particular instance investi. gated, had indiscreetly and improperly, although without malice, nised undue violence in the treatment of a sick inmate of the hospital.

The committee concluded that the duties of wardmaster in the hospital required the most considerate attention to the sick, and patient forbearance. That the wardmaster had failed to fulfill his duties in these particulars, and ought not to be continued in that service. They decided, therefore, that he should be discharged from the hospital, and deprived of office and employment as wardmaster, which was accordingly done by order of the governor.

The board thereupon
Resolred, That the action of the committee be approved and ratified.


The vice-president of the board, in the absence of the president, then presented the estimates for the additional funds required for the purposes of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, for the quarter ending March 31, 1879, which, after careful revision, were agreed upon, as follows:

Central Branch:
For current expenses, construction and repairs .......

..... $119, 716 90 For construction of reservoir ...

6, 000 00 For brick building for shops, to replace building destroyed by fire...... 1, 500 00 For rubber hose for fire purposes.......

2,000 00

129, 216 90

22, 800 00 4, 950 00

Northwestern Branch:
For current expenses, construction and repairs .....
For construction of new building for bakery and quartermaster's and com-
missary stores........

Eastern Branch:
For current expenses, construction and repairs .......

Southern Branch:
For current expenses, construction and repairs .....
For outdoor relief and incidental expenses

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217, 112 21

Thereupon the following resolution was adopted : Resolved, That the Board of Managers of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers estimate and appropriate the sum of two hundred and seventeen thousand one hundred and twelve dollars and twenty-one cents ($217,112.21) as necessary to meet the current expenses of the four branches of the Home for the quarter ending March 31, 1879, and for construction, repairs, outdoor relief, and incidental expenses of the National Home for the quarter, and that the acting treasurer be, and he is hereby, authorized and empowered to take such measures as may be necessary to obtain said sum from the Treasury of the United States, and to receipt for the same in the name and behalf of the National Home.


The vice-president made the following appointments for visiting and auditing committees :

For Central Branch.-Governor Smyth and Colonel Harris.
For Eastern Branch.-General Martindale and General Coulter.
For Southern Branch.-Governor Smyth and Colonel Harris.
For Northwestern Branch.-General Martindale and General Coulter.
On accounts of acting treasurer:--Governor Smyth and General Coulter.

The election of officers for the ensuing year was postponed until the next meeting of the board. In the matter of the petition of certain pensioners, inmates of the

H. Mis. 289

Central Branch, for a change of the regulations regarding the payment of pension moneys received by the treasurer, it was

Resolved, That it is not expedient for the board, at this time, to make any additional rules as to the disposition of pension moneys.

On motion of Colonel Harris, it was

Resolved, That the petition of Mrs. Margaret Birch, for the effects of her deceased husband, Louis Birch, late Company B, Twenty-eighth Ohio Volunteers, be referred back to General Martindale for further consideration, and if he deems the case to require it, to direct payment.

Thereupon the board adjourned to meet at the Surgeon-General's Office, at Washington, D. C., on Wednesday, the 5th day of March, 1879, at 12 o'clock m.



3d Session. I

S No. 29.











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