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The average daily number of beneficiaries present was 691.49, making the wholo number of ratious issued 232,394. Divide $43,777.50, the cost of subsistence, by 252,394, the number of rations issued, and we have 17.35.

The average cost of daily ration issued to hospital during each quarter was

[blocks in formation]

The average cost of daily ration issued to general dining-room during each quarter was—

[blocks in formation]

The average cost of daily ration issued to the whole Home during each quarter was,

[blocks in formation]

No permanent diet-list is prescribed either in the general kitchen or hospital, but a bill of fare adapted as far as practicable to the season, is prepared daily, and the commissary employés and cooks are required to conform to it strictly. The following transcript of the bills of fare for the last weeks in the months of May, August, and September, will give a fair idea of the manner in which the general table is supplied through

out the year:


May 25.--Beef-hash, bread, butter, coffee.
May 26.-Beef-stew, potatoes, bread, coffee.
May 27.--Boiled ham, potatoes, bread, butter, coffee.
May 28.–Beef-hash, bread, butter, coffee.
May 29.-- Boiled beef, gravy, potatoes, bread, butter, coffee.
May 30.-Beef-stew, potatoes, bread, butter, coffee.
May 31.-Boiled ham, stewed codfish, potatoes, bread, butter, coffee.
Aug. 25.-Beef-stew, bread, butter, coffee.

Aug. 26.-Boiled pork, bread, butter, coffee.
Aug. 27.-Beef-stew, breal, butter, coffee.
Aug. 28.—Boiled beef, gravy, potatoes, bread, butter, coffee.
Aug. 29.-Cold roast beef, bread, butter, coffee.
Ang. 30.-Boiled shoulder, stewed codfish, potatoes, bread, butter, coffee.
Aug. 31.-Beef-hash, bread, butter, coffee.
Dec. 25.- Fried sausage, fried potatoes, coffee, bread, butter.
Dec. 26.—Beef-stew, potatoes, bread, butter, coffee.
Dec. 27.-Boiled pork, stewed cod fish, potatoes, bread, butter, coffee.
Dec. 28.-Beef-hash, bread, butter, coffee.
Dec. 29.-Beef-stew, potatoes, bread, butter, coffee.
Dec. 30.-Boiled pork, gravy, potatoes, bread, butter, coffee.
Dec. 31.—Beef-hash, bread, butter, coffee.


May 25.--Corned beef, sauerkrant, potatoes, bread pudding, beets, bread, tea.
May 26. — Boiled ham, baked beans, potatoes, stewed prunes, beets, bread, tea.
May 27.-Roast beef, gravy, potatoes, pickles, bread, tea.
May 28.-Barley soup, boiled beef, potatoes, bread pudding, beets, bread, tea.
May 29.-Mutton-stew, boiled beans, potatoes, beets, bread, tea.
May 30.-Roast beef, boiled ham, gravy, mashed potatoes, green peas, lettuce, rad-

ishes, strawberries and cream, bread, butter, coffee. May 31.—Pea soup, boiled beef, baked codfish, potatoes, pickles, bread, tea. Aug. 25.—Boiled pork, baked beans, potatoes, pickled onions, stewed prunes, bread,

tea. Aug. 26.-Roast beef, gravy, summer squash, beets, bread, tea. Aug. 27.–Vegetable soup, boiled beef, potatoes, green corn, beets, bread, tea. Aug. 28.-Mutton-stew, summer squash, potatoes, beets, bread, tea. Aug. 29.--Boiled shoulder, string beans, cucumbers, bread, tea. Aug. 30.-Boiled beef, baked fish, gravy, potatoes, green corn, tomatoes, bread, tea. Aug. 31.--Corned beef, stewed onions, potatoes, tomatoes, bread, tea. Dec. 25.-Roast beef, gravy, cold ham, mashed potatoes, boiled carrots, coldslaw,

beets, onions, pickles, bread, butter, apples, oranges, nuts, raisins, crack

ers, cheese, coffee. Dec. 26.—Boiled pork, cabbage, potatoes, beets, bread, tea. Dec. 27.—Pea soup, boiled beef, baked codfish, potatoes, beets, bread, tea. Dec. 28.—Corned beef, stewed onions, potatoes, beets, bread, tea. Dec. 29.-Boiled pork, baked beans, potatoes, stewed prunes, pickles, bread, tea. Dec. 30.-Roast beef, gravy, potatoes, carrots, pickles, bread, tea. Dec. 31.–Vegetable soup, boiled beef, potatoes, pickles, bread, tea.


May 25.—Cold meat, pickles, bread, butter, tea.
May 26.—Cheese, bread, butter, tea.
May 27.-Cold meat, pickles, bread, butter, tea.
May 28.—Boiled rice, sirup, bread, butter, tea.
May 29.-Apple sauce, corn bread, bread, butter, tea.
May 30.—Cold ham, pickles, stewed prunes, cheese, bread, butter, tea.
May 31.-Apple sauce, gingerbread, bread, butter, tea.
Aug. 25.-Cheese, bread, butter, tea.
Aug. 26.-Cold meat, sliced tomatoes, bread, butter, tea.
Aug. 27.-Sliced tomatoes, corn bread, bread, butter, tea.
Aug. 28.-Sliced tomatoes, corn bread, bread, butter, tea.
Aug. 29.-Hominy, sirup, bread, butter, tea.
Aug. 30.-Sliced tomatoes, gingerbread, bread, butter, tea.
Aug. 31.-Cold meat, pickled onions, bread, butter, tea.
Dec. 25.-Cold ham, pickles, stewed prunes, cheese, crackers, gingerbread, bread,

butter, tea.
Dec. 26.-Hominy, sirup, bread, butter, tea.
Dec. 27.-Apple sauce, gingerbread, bread, butter, tea.
Dec. 28.--Cold corned beef, pickles, bread, butter, tea.
Dec. 29.-Cheese, bread, butter, tea.
Dec. 30.-Cold beef, beets, bread, butter, tea.
Dec. 31.-Boiled rice, sirup, bread, butter, tea.

SUBSISTENCE STORES PURCHASED. The following tabular statement exhibits the quantity and cost of subsistence stores purchased and issued and sold during the year, and

the average price paid therefor, including cost of transportation to the Home:


Per 100 lbs. $7 08

do. bush. 183 67 do lbs. 4 65 do. lbs. 6 30 do. bush. 50 00 do. lbs. 18 25 do. lbs.

1 00 do. bush. 50 00 do. galls. 100 00 do. Ibs. 9 61 do. lbs. 24 56 do. lbs.

29 03 do. lbs. 16 62 do. lbs. 1 21 do. cans 13 26 do. lus. 5 16 do. lbs. 5 81 do, bush. 62 50 do dozen 12 75 do. lbs. 6 00 do. lbs. 4 44 do bbls. 541 62 do bbls. 765 63 do. lbs. 7 48 do lbs. 2 11 do, tons 300 00 do. lbs. 8 69 do. lbs. 10 05 do. galls. 16 70 do. Ibs. 25 05 do, lbs. 5 90 do. lbs. 2 53 do. bush. 69 18 do. bush. 50 00 do. lbs. 5 36 do. lbs. 2 80 do. lbs. 21 93 do bbls. 400 00 do. lbs. 3 77 do bush. 45 78 do. lbs. 8 47 do. lbs. 7 02 do. lbs. 5 50 do bbls. 500 00 do. lbs. 1 00 do, lbs. 9 24 do. lbs. 10 46 do. galls. 50 49 do. lbs. 32 77 do. lbs. 58 23 do, lbs. 59 65 do, lbs. 50 82 do. lbs. 31 63 do. bush. 50 00 do. bush. 50 00 do. lbs. 9 00 do. galls. 25 05

As most of the leading articles of subsistence were furnished to the Home under yearly contracts, there was but very little difference in the prices paid during the several quarters, except in the item of flour, of which the average cost per barrel was as follows: First quarter..

$5 94 Second quarter..

5 39 Third quarter.

5 74

4 62 Fourth quarter.......


During the year the old wooden building occupied by the shops has been reconstructed, with a dormitory in the second story, and supplied with heating apparatus, gas, water, and sewerage, affording excellent quarters for fifty-two men. On putting in the new boilers it was found necessary to enlarge the boiler-room, and, the extension being carried up to include the second story, additional quarters for eight men were thereby secured; and over the new milk-house rooms sufficient for a small family were constructed, which are now occupied by the sergeantmajor. Construction, improvements, and repairs during the year have been limited to the following items, to wit: Constructing, setting, and covering two new boilers ...

$10,000 00 Enlargement of boiler-room and linen-room.

2, 250 00 New floor, elevator, drains, &c., for boiler-room and coal-room

450 00 Laying steanı, gas, water, and drain pipe for water-works from main building to steam fire-engine house

975 00 Laying steam, gas, water, and drain pipe, main building to shops

750 00 4044 feet steam-pipe covering

200 00 New stone steps main building, and on railroad bank

250 00 New iron stairs at hospital..

150 00 Enlarging and rebuilding, shops, labor performed by inmates

3, 263 81 New milk-house..

1, 281 24 Addition and repairs to farmer's quarters..

236 37 Repairs and painting barns and stables

391 50 New wagon-shed, kitchen-stoop, and woodshed

592 38 Drinking-fountain on avenue near milk-house

125 00 New sewerage for shop-building and gas-house

160 00 New sewerage and cementing cellar, commandant's quarters

400 00 New sewerage, secretary's and surgeon's quarters

100 00 General sewerage and drains...

865 00 Stone drain, hospital meadow

700 00 847 rods new and relaid stone gutters on avenues

2, 039 86 2,000 loads gravel, and labor, on avenues

1, 036 44 Grading and turfing...

772 00 New concrete paths

250 00 Frescoing commandant's quarters and reception-room.

316 00 New coffee and tea urns and steam-kettles in general kitchen, and coffeemill

1, 500 00 Eight new automatic hose-reels

385 00 Painting Home buildings..

607 32 Carpenter work, general repairs..

667 59 400 trees purchased and planted, and protected by tree-boxes..

300 00 General repairs on boilers, machinery, water, steam, and gas pipes, &c..... 3, 912 23

Total cost of new buildings, improvements, and repairs, charged to
Abstract B......

34, 926 74 Drain-pipe and tile on farm, charged to Abstract K

870 9 Cost of new fountain, charged to contingent fund

1, 303 02 Total cost of new buildings and improvements during the year... 37, 100 74 The maximum number of men who can now be cared for at this branch is 860, including quarters for 100 in hospital. But, having due reference to health and comfort, no more than 800 ought ordinarily to be quartered in the existing dormitories. We can properly care for all applicants entitled to the benefits of the Home who may seek admission during the present winter, unless an unprecedented increase shall occur.

It is probable that the number of disabled soldiers who will desire and be entitled to the benefits of the Home twenty years from now will be quite as large as the number cared for at the present time, and that during the intervening period the number of beneficiaries will be greatly increased. Of those who served in the Union armies and survived the war, a large majority were at the threshold of manhood when they entered the service, and have not yet reached two score years, and are not so largely represented among those who have heretoforé availed themselves of the benefits of the Home as are the more advanced in life; but as the younger men advance in years, existing germs of disease incident to the war will develop, wounds will bring premature dependence, business misfortunes will occur, families will be separated, and many who are now manfully supporting themselves will in their declining years be compelled to avail themselves of this beneficent provision of the republic for their sustenance and care. And while the remembrance of their services and sacrifices is fresh in the minds of the people, it will be well to secure permanent and healthful buildings of sufficient capacity to meet every anticipated demand in the near future upon the hospitality of the Home.


The receipts and expenditures on account of the stable during the year were as follows: Cash value of stable products sold...

$11, 318 86 Cash expended on account of stable.

5, 056 73 Bought of Home on account of stable

5, 973 48 Gross expenditures on account of stable....

11, 030 21 Net profit of stable......

288 65 The following is a detailed statement of the sale of stable products during the year :


Bull and boar service
Forage, officers' horses.
General teaming for Home.
Hearse and team at funerals
Hire of teams.
Keep of cows

Oats......... Pigs

H. Mis. 28—6

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