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PENSIONS. Number of pensioners who have received pensions during the year 536, against 566 in 1877. The total amount of pensions received during the year, and the disposition made thereof, is shown in the following tabular statement: · Pension to credit of beneficiaries January 1, 1878....

$9, 470 76 Pension-money received during the year....

50, 0-2 21 Interest received on pension-money during the year.

111 76 Total to be accounted for

59, 664 75 Paid to the Home: For Abstract A, Subsistence ...

$1,242 51 For Abstract B, Construction and repairs.

25 80 For Abstract C, Stable

18 99 For Abstract F, Incidental expense

16 14 For Abstract G, Transportation...

2, 272 68 For Abstract H, Clothing..

1,011 03 For Abstract I, Hospital supplies...

14 31 For Abstract L, Household

565 33 For Abstract M, b, Blacksmith-shop..

$42 20 For Abstract M, e, Carpenter-shop

106 48 For Abstract M, L, Harness-shop.

26 25 For Abstract M, k, Paint-shop.

98 68 For Abstract M, n, Shoe-shop

224 12 For Abstract M, r, Tin-shop.

43 37 For Abstract M, m, Printing-office...

222 83

763 93 Forfeitures by order Board of Managers.

536 50 Total amount paid to the Home....

6, 467 22 Paid to Home store...

4,005 95 Carried to contingent fund for fines by order of commandant.. 2, 689 45 Carried to posthumous fund..

322 84 Cash paid to pensioners' families.

12, 394 74 Cash paid to individual pensioners..

29, 935 03 Remaining to credit of beneficiaries, December 31, 1878. 3, 849 52 Total accounted for ......

59, 664 75 A portion of the sum remaining to the credit of beneficiaries is in the hands of the general treasurer, Maj. Gen. B. F. Butler, and the amount of accrued interest thereon is unknown to the treasurer of this branch.

PAY FOR EXTRA DUTY. The total number of beneficiaries employed for pay at this branch during the year or any portion thereof was 488. The amount credited to beneficiaries for extra duty and the disposition thereof, was as follows:



In the Home library there are 3,172 volumes. There have been received 30 daily papers, 103 weekly papers, and 26 magazines and periodicals, embracing publications in the English, French, German, and Scandinavian languages. During the year 7,255 books have been taken from the library for reading. The librarian, George W. Barber, reports that "the library-rooms are generally well filled with interested readers of the books, papers, and magazines, and during the inclement season the seating capacity is not sufficient to accommodate all who desire these advantages. All available case room is now fully occupied, and consequently additions to the library cannot be regularly placed on shelves.”


The postmaster reports the business of the post-office at this branch, for the year 1878, as follows: Letters mailed, by count ......... 16, 602 | Newspapers mailed, estimate..

5, 377 Single postages represented above. 19, 316 Newspapers received, by count.

20, 644 Letters received, estimate...... 16,500 Letters, registered .

132 Postal cards mailed, by count.. 2, 131 Money-orders issued.

151 Postal cards received, estimate... 2,300 | Amount of money transmitted. $1,744. 91


For reasons given in previous reports no schools are maintained at this branch, and in this connection the attention of the board is again invited to the following suggestion made in my report for the year 1877:

Within the limits of the Home and in its immediate vicinity there are nearly fifty young children of beneficiaries to whom a common education, fitting them for the duties and cares which in a few years they must assume, would be of greater benefit than any gift within the bestowal of the Board of Managers. The expediency of providing a suitable school building and a competent teacher for these children, whose future welfare seems to devolve new responsibilities upon the officers of the Home, is worthy of careful consideration.


As in previous years, a clergyman of the Protestant Episcopal Church and a priest of the Roman Catholic Church have been regularly employed at this branch as visiting chaplains, with continued and general satisfaction.

The Protestant Episcopal clergyman, Rev. E. R. Ward, reports that "during the past year divine service has been held every Sunday, and on week days during Lent,” and that he has administered the holy communion every month in public, and when required in private. That he has made weekly-oftentimes biweekly-visits to the hospital. “The attendance at the public services remains about the same as last year. The Sunday-school is growing in numbers and interest, thanks to the zeal and faithful labors of the teachers; while the whole work is full of encouragement. Total number of services, 85. Celebrations of the holy communion, public 12, private 5; total, 17. Marriage, 1; baptisms, 3; burials, 25.' The bishop of the diocese made his annual visitation to the Home on Easter Day and confirmed two adults.”

The Catholic priest, Rev. Father James Walsh, S. J., says: Religious services are held on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning of each week. Total number of regular religious services during the year, 104; funeral services, 17; baptisms, 8; confirmations, 9; visits to hospital, 40; average attendance at

regular religious services, 260; average number of holy communions every week, 42; total number of holy communions, 2,184. The above is a brief summary of the religious work of 1878, a work which has been steadily increasing in importance and in good results, especially during the last few months. I have given much time and attention to the inmates of the hospital, and I may be permitted here to acknowledge my indebtedness to the officers of that department for their kind readiness to aid me in every way they could in the discharge of my duties to the sick and to the dying.


A post of the Grand Army of the Republic has been maintained during the year by beneficiaries of this branch, and a Sunday-school society has been successfully conducted by beneficiaries and their families and friends.


The usual methods of providing amusement and recreation for beneficiaries, fully set forth in previous reports, have been continued during the year. This branch is now in great need of a suitable auditorium of sufficient capacity to seat the increased number of beneficiaries present during the winter seasons.


The Home store, or “canteen,” established for the purposes and under the rules of management stated in previous reports, has been continued during the year with satisfactory results. The gross sales amounted to $16,018.12, yielding a net profit of $4,510.18. The increased business of the canteen” demands more commodious rooms, and hygienic considerations urge its removal from the main structure to a suitable detached building


The greenhouse, built in 1877 and paid for from the fund accruing from fines imposed upon beneficiaries for inebriety and other offenses against the discipline of the Home—thus paraphrasing Samson's riddle, “out of the strong came forth sweetness"-has been in successful operation during the year, adding greatly to the attractions of the grounds and contributing to the enjoyment of beneficiaries, officers, and visitors. Of course no profit is derived from this source, but all plants required for the flower gardens and borders are propagated in the greenhouse at trifling cost.


The following tabular statement exhibits the gross expenditures, the receipts from sales, and the net expenditures, on account of each depart

ment or abstract, during the year 1878, as shown by the treasurer's accounts current:

[graphic][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][merged small]

The following tabular statement exhibits, by departments or abstracts' the total net expenses of the Home during each quarter of the year 1878, to wit:


A, Subsistence
B, Construction and repairs
C, Stable.
D, Personal property
E Current expenses
F, Incidental expenses
G Transportation..
H, Clothing
I Hospital supplies.
K, Farin
L Household expenses
M, Manufacturers

Total ...

C, Stable
D, Personal property
G Transportation

K, Farm
M, Manufactures.

Deduct net receipts in ex.


The average cost per year of keeping each man actually present in the Home, during the year 1878, excluding the value of clothing issued, was $120, as shown by the following exhibit, to wit: Value of subsistence stores on hand December 31, 1877

$3,5-7 04 Value of fuel on hand December 31, 1877 .....

957 37 Gross expenditures in all departments of the Home during the year 1878... 165, 142 93 Total ....

169, 6-7 34 Deduct credits for sales, &c., shown in the above table. $43, 752 49

value of subsistence stores on hand December 31, 1878.. 4,740 27
value of fuel on hand December 31, 1878

1, 450 44
construction and repairs account .....

34,926 74
permanent improvement on farm .

870 98
cost of transporting 101 beneficiaries to Home before

706 65
costs in suit, cause of action arising at Central Branch
in 1873...

257 00
costs in suit against Managers Wolcott and Cavender

58 00 Total deductions .....

86,762 57 Net current expenditures in running the Home during the year

82, 924 77 Divide $82,924.77 by 691, the average daily number of beneficiaries actually present, and the result is $120.

The average value of clothing issued to each man during the year was $13.08, making the total average cost of keeping and clothing each man $133.08 per year.

The previous year the average cost was $126.15 exclusive of clothing and $137.31 including clothing. The gradual and continuous reduction in the annual cost of keeping each beneficiary, as has been remarked in previous reports, may be attributed to the increase in numbers, to the decrease in cost of stores, and to the greater economy of administration rendered possible by the improvements made in the buildings and fixtures.


The average cost of the daily ration-including value of all subsistence stores produced by and received from the Home farm and Home stable, the cost of transportation to the Home, the cost of fuel consumed in bakery, and the pay-roll of all persons employed in the subsistence department—during the year 1878, was $17.35 per hundred, as shown by the following exhibit: Cost of subsistence on hand December 31, 1877.

$3,587 04 Cost of subsistence purchased for cash...

42, 477 79 Value of subsistence received from Home farm.

3, 373 15 Value of subsistence received from Home stable

2, 626 51 Value of transportation furnished to subsistence department by the Home stable

531 75 Cost of fuel consumed in the bakery.

180 00 Amount of pay-rolls of employés in bakery and subsistence department.... 1,184 26

Total cost of subsistence stores on hand December 31, 1877, and re-
ceived during 1878

53, 950 50 Value of subsistence stores sold for cash..

$3,981 01 Value of subsistence stores il to Home

1,461 72 Value of subsistence stores issued to beneficiaries, including cost of labor, &c. ....

43, 777 50 Value of subsistence stores on hand December 31, 1878

4,740 27 Total valne of subsistence stores issued and sold during the year, and remaining on hand December 31, 1878.

53, 960 50

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