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621 41


Question. What were their trades or occupations ?-Answer: Bakers

17 Laborers Barbers

10 Machinists Blacksmiths

20 Masons Butchers

10 Musicians Carpenters

45 Mill-operatives Clerks..

43 Telegraphers Cooks.

9 Painters Coopers

10 Printers Curriers

Sailors Engineers

8 Shoemakers Farmers

122 Stone-cutters Harness-makers.

5 Wheelwrights Hatters

10 | Tailors


56 17

116 10 10 30


Question. Of the whole number cared for during the year, how many could read and write 1—Answer. 917.

Question. How many could do neither?-Answer. 434.

Question. Of the latter, what per cent. were native and what per cent. foreign ?-Answer. Native, 26; foreign, 74.

Question. Of the whole number, how many lost both arms Answer. 1.

Question. How many both legs —Answer. None.
Question. How many a leg and an arm ?—Answer. None.
Question. Elow many one arm 1—Answer. 60.
Question. How many with one leg —Answer. 70.

Question. How many disabled by other wounds received in the seryice - Answer. 1,220.


Question. How many totally blind - Answer. 4,
Question. How many partially blind?—Answer. 18.


Question. How many totally or partially insane —Answer. Partially, 11 ; totally, 1.

Question. How many of these men were sent to the insane asylum Answer. State asylum, 3; asylum at Washington, 6.


Question. How many have been treated in hospital during the year, and for what diseases 1—Answer. 256.

Bright's disease of kidney

3 Dropsy
3 Dyspepsia
15 Diarrhea
10 Diarrhea (chronic)
10 Tumors
1 Epilepsy
7 Erysipelas..
3 Fistula in ano
2 Fever (intermittent)

Heart disease...
20 Hernia (strangulate).

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Question. How many treated in quarters, and for what ? - Answer. 609. Alcoholisin 27 Hemorrhoids

7 Asthenopia 14 Hernia

10 Asthma 35 Hepatitis.

25 Anthrax


11 Blennorrhea 11 Insanity

3 Bronchitis. 14 Lumbago

27 Cardialgia 7 Neuralgia

11 Catarrh 28 Obstipatio

68 Cephalalgia 22 Orchitis.

2 Chilblain.. 2 Odontalgia

47 Chorea 1 Paralysis

7 Conjunctivitis

10 Pleuritis Colitis 22 Phthisis

59 Dyspepsia 17 Rheumatism (chronic)

32 Eczema 1 | Sciatica

18 Enuresis 5 Syphilis ..

6 Epilepsy 3 Ulcers (indolent)

40 Fistula in ano




Question. If any marked difference, how do you account for the fact ? -Answer. By there being a greater number of men cared for; also that their disabilities are becoming more troublesome each year.

Question. Comparing the number of deaths with the number cared for, what has been the per cent. of the former ?—Answer. 2.14.


Question. How many have died during the year, and of what diseases ? - Answer. 29 in hospital; while on furlough, 16. Bright's disease of kidneys. 1 Epilepsy


1 Hepatitis (acute).

Hip disease Phihisis 10 Senility.

2 Heart disease 1 Pyænia.

1 Syphilis 2 Melanosis

1 Apoplexy 3 Asphyxia

1 Meningitis. 1 Pneumonia.

1 2 While on furlough.




Question. How many have received pensions I-Answer. 664.

Question. What is the total amount received during the year!-Ankwer. $70,272.98.

Question. How much of this was retained in any way or for any purpose by the Home !-Answer. $10,023.23.

Question. How much of this was sent or used for benefit of dependent's wife, mother, child, or sister 1-Answer. $27,296.75.

Question. How much is still held by the Home in trust for pension. ers. -Answer. $4,185 by, general treasurer.

Question. What amount of interest has been received or is receivable on pensions for the year 1-Answer. The above amount is invested in 4 per cent. government bonds.


Question. What mechanical trades have been carried on at your branch 1-Answer. Boot and shoe manufactory.

Question. How many men have been so employed 1-A. 55.

Question. What has been the total product of their labor !—Answer. $12,819.20.

Question. What the net profits, if any, of same!-Answer. $1,255.21.


Question. What has been the total product of your farm and garden, and the net profit, if any, during the year 1-Answer:


À tabular statement showing the product and disposition of each product, with quantity and value.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

275 tons hay, at $11
475 bushels beets, turnips, and carrots, at 25 cents
15 tons compressed fodder, at $6
3,150 bushels potatoes, at 25 to 75 cents
64 bushels beang, Y. E., at $2.25
200 tons ice, at $1.
20 tons cabbage, at $35
160 cords wood, hard and soft, at $4
54 cords wood, hard and soft, at $2 @ $5.
40 M hemlock logs, at $10
30,399 feet hemlock boards, at $1
33 cords bark, at $4
220 quarts strawberries

Total value

$3,025 00

118 75

30 00
250 00
1, 730 71

144 00
200 00
700 00
640 00

17 00
$400 00

400 00

303 99
132 00 132 00

33 00
31 93

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Question. What has been the total number of inmates employed for pay during the year 1-Answer. 257.

Question. What is the total amount so paid them for service or labor -Answer. $22,385.98.


Question. How many volumes in your library - Answer. 4,326.
Question. What increase in number since last year 1-Answer. 156.
Question. What number of daily newspapers ?-Answer. 22.
Question. What of weeklies -Answer. 115.
Question. What of magazines and periodicals !—Answer. 20.

Question. In what languages are the above 1-Answer. English, German, French, and Italian.

Question. How many books have been taken out and read during the year 1-Answer. 18,796.

Question. How is the reading-room attended, and how much are papers, &c., read ?-Answer. Fully attended, and its papers in constant



Question. How many have attended school, including those for telegraphy, &c., during the year 1-Answer. No school.

Question. What branches have been taught :-Answer. None.

Question. What number fitted to earn their own living ? - Answer. None.


Question. What means have been used for the moral and religious improvement of the inmates, and what success has attended these efforts 1—Answer. Religious services.

Question. What religious services have been held, whether Catholic or Protestant, and how are they attended ?—Answer. Protestant every Sunday, and Catholic every other Sunday, which are largely attended. Rev. Mr. Upjohn, of Augusta, Me., Protestant clergyman, has also kindly volunteered (gratuitously) to hold a religious meeting every Friday evening. Once a fortnight an additional service is held by a Catholic priest. Thus all spiritual wants are satisfied.

Question. What Christian, temperance, or other societies have been in existence, and what has been their membership during the year 1Answer. Saints Peter and Paul's Veteran Total Abstinence Society, or. ganized September, 1875, numbers 70 members in good standing. Inde. pendent Order of Good Templars, organized at the commencement of the present year, numbers 116 members in good standing. The G. A. R. numbers 137 members, all in good standing.


Question. What have been your means and sources of amusement?Answer. Theater, lectures, &c., in winter; library at all times; billiardtables, bowling-alley, checkers, and dominoes.

Question. Have you a band -Answer. We have a band composed of fifteen members, under a leader (citizen). They have obtained such proficiency that their music always attracts and interests the men; thus, at a small cost, is furnished a never failing source of amusement.

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