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been on the outdoor relief roll of the Home through this office 222 monthly payments to beneficiaries, involving an outlay of $2,220. That the whole cost of this office to the Home for the year 1878 has been $269,37, of which amount $200.41 was for rent of office, and the balance, $15.96, the actual cost of postage and stationery used by the office.

As I render monthly reports and vouchers to you, it is not, perhaps, neeessary to enter into further details, and I will simply add a few Wirils.

First, as to applications for admission to the Home tlu ough this office. Applications have been many, and it is a low average to say that for each application approved one has been disapproved as not meeting the requirements necessary for admission. In my judgment, applications, for admission will be equally numerous during the year now beginning.

Second, as to outdoor relief. This relief is paid on monthly vouchers, anl during the month each beneficiary must be personally visited, and show by certiticate of attending physician that he is unable to be moved to the Home. Each new applicant is visited and carefully examined by this office before being placed on the roll, and during the year each beneficiary is frequently examined by this office, so that any who have sufficiently recovered may be dropped from the roll and given transportation to the Home, every possible care being taken to secure the placing on this roll of only those who fill the letter of the requirements; it being deemed best in every possible case to give transportation to the Home rather than outdoor relief. For this reason, while applications for this relief have been many, the number of beneficiaries have been kept at their comparatively low figure. The roll is constantly changing. Some die, others are kept on a few months and then dropped and offered transportation to the Home and their places filled by others of a like temporary character, while some of a severe and chronic nature of disability have remained on the roll during the whole year.

From careful watching of the workings of this relief, I am decidedly of the opinion that it does a very great amount of good and is a blessing to very many severely disabled soldiers.

This office still continues to be a kind of general headquarters for soldiers and their families, where letters are written, information given, and other matters too varying and numerous to specify attended to, without charge of any kind.

The thanks of this office are due to Dr. Hans Powell, M. D., of this city, for bis kindness in examining without charge applicants for almission through the office. Respectfully,

W. H. THOMAS. General B. F. BUTLER.



Dayton, Ohio, January 20, 1879. GENERAL: The following report of the Central Branch is respectfully submitted for your information.

The year 1878 shows many interesting statistics as the result of the operations of this branch, and I respectfully call your attention to the various tables, prepared with much care, and invite a comparison with former reports. The usual form of questions and replies is adhered to as best calculated to bring out all the facts which the Board of Managers, Congress, and the people most desire to learn from such reports. Very respectfully,

E. F. BROWX, Gorernor. Maj. Gen J. H. MARTINDALE,

l'ice-President and Secretary of Board of Managers.

Question No. 1.

1. What is the total number of disabled soldiers and sailors cared for or aided by your branch during the year commencing January 1, 1878, and ending December 31, 1878 ?-Answer. Whole number cared for during year, 5,093.

2. What has been the whole number of disabled soldiers and sailors so cared for or aided at your branch from its first establishment to December 31, 1878 ?-Answer. 12,041.

Question No. 2.

How many have been admitted to your branch during year commencing January 1, 1878, and ending December 31, 1878?-Answer. 1,041.

How many readmitted ?-Answer. 290; returned from desertion, 2.
How many transferred from other branches ?-Answer. 61.
How many honorably discharged !-Answer. 651.

How many summarily and dishonorably discharged ?-Answer. 22. for the following causes: Summarily: For refusing to accept terms of readmission, 9. Dishonorably: For repeated absence without leave and drunkenness, 5; for repeated absence without leave, lounging about drinking-saloons, and refusing to return to the Home when ordered, 4; assaulting and stabbing a comrade with a knife, 1 ; keeping a liquorsaloon in the neighborhood, 1; persecuting and refusing to aid his family, 1; stealing a watch from a citizen, 1.

How many deserted ?-Answer. Willfully, 14; failing to report from furlough, 57. Total, 71.

How many transferred to other branches ?-Answer. 79.

Question No. 3.

What was the average number present during the year ?-Answer. 3,172.

What the average number present and absent during the year?- Answer. 3,813.

Question No. 4.

How many belonged to the Regular Army?-Auswer. 252.
How many belonged to the volunteer service?—Answer. 4,754.
How many belonged to the Navy!—Answer. 87.

Question No. 5. How many were disabled during the war of the rebellion ?-Answer. 4,890.

How many were disabled during the war of 1812 1–Answer. 22. How many were disabled during the Mexican war?-Answer. 181.

Question No. 6.

Of the whole number, how many were colored men ?—Answer. 34.

Question No. 7.

From what States did they come, or in what States did they enlist ?Answer: Alabama

1 | Nebraska ... California

16 | New Mexico Colorado

6 New York Connecticut

97 New Jersey: Delaware..

17 New Hampshire... District of Columbia.

32 North Carolina. Mlinois 265 Ohio

1,436 Indiana

390 Oregon . Iowa

40 Pennsylvania Kansas

17 Rhode Island Kentucky

205 South Carolina Louisiana

14 Tennessee Maine

23 Texas Maryland

44 | Vermont. Massachusetts

118 Virginia Michigan

214 West Virginia Minnesota

10 Wisconsin Missouri

157 Wyoming Territory Mississippi.


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Question No. 8.

How many under 20 years of age?—Answer. None.
How many between 20 and 30 years of age ?—Answer. 6.
How many between 30 and 50 years of age ?—Answer. 2,568.
How many between 50 and 70 years of age ?—Answer. 2,193.
How many over 70 years of age ?—Answer. 322.
How many over 90 years of age ?—Answer. 2.
How many over 100 years of age ?-Answer. 2.
Total, 5,093.

Question No. 9. How many married, with wives or minor children still living, as near as can be ascertained ?-Answer. About 1,850.

Question No. 10.

1, 173

How many native born ?-Answer. 42 per cent., 2,142.
How many foreign born I-Answer. 58 per cent., 2,951.

What the nativity of the latter I-Answer:

14 | Ireland Belgium

4 Italy Bermuda

1 Norway Canada,

52 | Portugal Denmark

6 Poland;. England ....

221 Russia. France

56 Scotland Germany and Prussia

I dec---...

1, 238 Switzerland Hungary

5 Sweden Holland

15 Wales Isle of Man


5 11


Question No. 11.

What were their trades or occupations? · Give number of each.-- An




6 1,916



3 35

1 106


Agents .... Arwhitects Actors... Auctioneer. Artists Bakers Barbers Brakeman.. Brickmakers Bricklayers... Brewers Boilermakers Broommakers.. Blacksmiths Boatinen Bookbinders. Bootmakers Butchers Bookkeepers Basketmakers Beltmaker.. Book-fitters. Bruslimakers.. Carpenters Cabinetmakers Calkers .. Carvers, wood. Carriagemakers Carriage-trimmers Coachmen Comb-maker Calico-printers... Chairmaker Civil engineers Copyist Cigarmakers. Clockmaker C'lerks...... Cooks ('onfectioners. Coopers Cutlers.. ('onductor ('oppersmiths.. Draymen and teamsters Dentists... Druggists Dyers.... Engineers, steam Farmers Fishermen. Florist Fresco-painters File-cutter. Finishers, brass.. Finishers, iron. Finisher, leather. Framemakers. Gardeners Glass-blowers. Glovemaker Grainer Gilders Glaziers

19 Gold-beater.
2 Gunsmiths..
4 Gastitters..
1 Grain-inspectors
2 Harnessmakers
56 Hatters


12 | Iron-rail makers.
17 Jewelers
19 Laborers
7 Lawyers..

3 Lithographer.
84 Locksmiths..
18 Lumbermen
19 Machinists

2 Marble-cutters..
76 Marble-polishers
21 Masons, stone.
3 Millers
1 Millwrights
3 Miners

5 Moulders, iron.
214 Moulder, brass
64 Musicians
2 Morocco-dressers
6 Nailmakers
13 Newsdealer..
6 Needlemaker
5 Painters...
1 Pavers..
2 Peddlers
10 Plumbers.
5 Plasterers
1 Printers
43 | Physicians....

3 Paperhangers.. 116 Pistolmaker. 24 | Puddlers, iron..

Papermakers 86 Potters 4 Photographer.. 1 Pocket-book maker 6 Pilots 21 Pipemaker, clay

3 Quarrymen. 18 Railroaders..

9 Ropemakers 46 Salesmen 670 Sailmakers

2 Sawyer's, wood
3 Seamen
2 Saddlers.
1 Shoemakers

| Silversmiths.
2 Silver-platers...
1 Ship-carpenters.
5 Slate-roofer.
77 Soapmakers
4 Soldiers

Spinners, cotton

Spinners, hair 2 Spinners, wool 2 Stage-drivers

6 1 11

1 1 5 1

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Of the whole number present December 31, 1878, how many could read and write, and how many could do neither? Of the latter, what per cent. were native and what per cent. were foreign born ?—Answer As near as can be ascertained, of the whole number present December 31, 1878, 3,097 could read and write, and 304 (including 40 blind men) could neither read nor write. Of the latter, native born, 19.42 per cent.. Of the latter, foreign born, 80.58 per cent.

Question No. 12. Of the whole number, how many have lost both hands !-Answer. 2.. Of the whole number, how many have lost both legs?-Answer. 2.

Of the whole number, how many have lost both leg and arm ?-Answer. 1.

Of the whole number, how many have lost one arm ?-Answer. 110. Of the whole number, how many have lost one leg ?—Answer. 139.

How many disabled by other wounds received or disease contracted in the service - Answer. Including Mexican war and war of 1812, 4,839. Total, 5,093. In answer to questions Vos. 13, 14, 15, and 16, the surgeon makes the following report:

Question No. 13.
How many are blind, totally or partially ?-Answer. 163; as follows:
Totally blind, 53; partially blind, 110.

Question No. 14.
How many insane, totally or partially ? - Answer. 63.

How many of these were sent to insane asylumn ?—Answer. To Gor. ernment Hospital for Insane, 9.

Question No. 15.

How many have been treated in hospital during the year!-Answer. 995, for the following diseases : Abscesses,

10 Bronchitis. Alcoholism

Burns Amputations

5 Cancer Apoplexy.


22 Asthma

Catarrhal fever.. Attempted suicide

3 Cephalalgia Boils.

Cholera morbus.

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