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Vol. 73

January 10, 1903

No. 2



287 Fourth Avenue, New York

Copyright, 1902, by The Outlook Company. Entered as second-class matter in the New York Post-Office.

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The Farmers' Loan

and Trust Compa

Chartered 1822
Nos. 16, 18, 20, and 22 WILLIAM STRE


The Company is a legal depositary for moneys pa Court, and is authorized to act as Executor, Admini Trustee, Guardian, Receiver, and in all other Fidud pacities.

Acts as Trustee under Mortgages made by Railrg other Corporations, and as Transfer Agent and Regi Stocks and Bonds.

Receives deposits upon Certificates of Deposit, or to check and ALLOWS INTEREST ON DAILY BALA

Manages Real Estate and lends money on bond and my Acts as Agent for the transaction of any approved it business. EDWIN S. MARSTON, President. THOS. J. BARNETT, 2d Vice-President. SAMUEL SLOAN, Jr., Secretary. AUGUSTUS V. HEELY, Ass't Sec'y. WILLIAM B. CARDOZO, Ass't Sec)



James Stillman, William Waldorf Astor, Moses Taylor Pyne, S. S. Palmer,

Henry A. Ç. Taylor, D. O. Mills,

E. R. Holden, Robert F. Ballantine, William Rowland, Franklin D. Locke,

Edward R. Bacon, George F. Baker,

H. Van Rensselaer Kerl Charles A. Peabody,

Cleveland H. Dodge, Hugh D. Auchinçloss, John L. Riker, D. H. King, Jr.,

Daniel S. Lamont, Henry Hentz,

A. G. Agnew, Robert C. Boyd,

Henry H. Rogers.
Archibald D. Russell,

P. A. Valentine,
Edwin S. Marston.

Published Weekly

January 10, 1903

Vol. 73

No. 2

The election for Member polls, and that then they bought enough The Latest Delaware Election of Assembly in the ninth

“ floaters ”-chiefly negroes-on election representative district of day to make up their plurality of 192— Kent County, Delaware, which was held at paying for them at the rate of from $5 to Harrington and Farmington on Tuesday of $20 per vote. If Mr. Addicks's money last week, gave J. Edward Addicks another holds out, and if he be not deterred by vote in the contest that he is making for the criminal prosecution from further buying United States Senatorship, and furnished of votes, there is little doubt that two another proof of the gradual disintegration years hence he will carry every election of the Democratic party in southern Dela- district in the counties of Kent and Sussex, ware under the influence of Mr. Addicks's get absolute control of the Legislature, money. The ninth district of Kent and go, with another Union Republican County is normally Democratic, and in of his own choice, to the Senate of the 1900 it gave a Democratic plurality of 119 United States. His managers openly on a total vote of about 800. In the gen- boast that if they do not elect Mr. Addicks eral election two months ago this plurality to the Senate this winter they will “ wipe was wiped out; and as the Addicks can- up the earth” with the opposition in 1904. didate and the Democratic candidate were tied-each receiving 424 votes—another election was ordered. This election was

Under the new State held on Tuesday last, and resulted in a

The Situation in the Constitution the Gen

Delaware Legislature plurality of 192 for the Addicks candidate,

eral Assembly of DelaMr. Powell. Inasmuch as the candidates ware consists of seventeen Senators and presented and the questions involved in thirty-five Representatives, and when the Tuesday's election were exactly the same two houses meet in joint session on the as in the election of November 4, the 20th of January, to ballot for United States extraordinary and unprecedented change Senator, twenty-seven votes will be needed from a tied vote to an Addicks plurality to elect. The numerical strength of the of 192, in less than eight weeks, raises, respective parties in the present Legislanaturally, a presumption of fraud. ture is believed to be as follows: Union analysis of the vote shows that the gain (Addicks) Republicans, 23; Democrats, of the Addicks candidate was made 21; Regular (anti-Addicks). Republicans, chiefly at the expense of the Democrats, 8. Mr. Addicks, therefore, lacks four of who, to the number of 120, absented a majority, and cannot be elected without themselves from the polls. A staff cor- the aid of four men from the ranks of the respondent of The Outlook who has been opposition. That he will secure such studying the Delaware situation on the aid seems at present to be in the highest ground writes that it is charged by the degree improbable, although it is alleged Regular Republicans and the Democrats that he would pay, without hesitation, that, after the November election, Addicks $25,000-or even $50,000—apiece for the * workers” drove about the district for votes that he requires. The feeling of weeks bribing purchasable Democrats not hostility to him in the Regular Republito vote ; that by a lavish use of money can party is so strong that he cannot they induced forty men in the northern possibly get any support from that source, part of the district and sixty or eig hty in and the Democrats are confident that the southern part to stay away from the none of their men would dare to sell out

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