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*** It is frequently difficult to make an abstract of the lengthy de-
scriptions given by the patentees of their inventions, sufficiently short for
the purpose of this list, and yet sufficiently accurate to indicate exactly the
nature of the invention. It is hoped, however, that sufficient is given to
afford to an inquirer the means of making more accurate researches in other

Adams, W. B., wheel carriages, Nov. 12 Bessemer, H., glass, July 30
Adorns, J. N., cigars, Feb. 17

Bessemer, H., railway engines, Aug. 26
Adorns, J. N., ciyars, Mar. 2

Biches, F. H., distilling, July 23
Ainslie, J., bricks, &c., Mar. 31

Bielfield, C. F., moulds, July 14
Aitkin, W., carriages, Aug. 15

Bigelow, E. B., carpet looms, Mar. 11
Anderson, W., cotton spinning, Oct. 22 Benfield, J., railway signals, Mar. 11
Allingham, J., steam engines, Ap. 7 Bingley, M., bookbinding, Dec. 15
Applegarth, A., printing, Dec. 21 Bishop, J., passengers' carriages, Aug. 25
Armstrong, W. G., crane, July 31 Bishop, P., bayonets, Ap. 21
Anderson, Sir J. C., motive power, Bleasdale, H., rollers, Dec. 24

June 29 Blyth, J., bottle stoppers, May 28
Arney, G. A., gelatine, Jan. 20

Bonser, T., agriculture, July 15
Ashby, W., flour, Ap. 25

Borelli, G., bridges, &c., Nov. 3
Ashe, w., cleansing drains, fc., Nov. 19 Borgoguon, J. Å., basaltic lava, Aug. 11
Aston, J., buttons, &c., May 28

Borrie, P., piers, fc., Dec. 21
Austen and Rammell, mosaic work, Bovill, G. H., iron, Jan. 3)

June 22 Bovill, G, H., flour, Aug. 18
Austen and Quick, railways, &c., Mar. 11 Bovilland Griffith, railways, &c., Mar. 11
Bain, A., electric telegraphs, Dec. 12 Bowman, J. W., animal charcoal, Sep. 17
Bancroft, P., refining oils, Feb. 25 Boydell, J., carriages, Aug. 29
Barnett D., calculating machine, Nov. 5 Boyes, J., thrashing machine, July 23
Barruel, J. J. E., metallic oxides, Bozeh, J. R., railway wheels, Jan. 6

Mar. 11 Braithwaite, J., ventilating, grc., Jan. 20
Barsham, J., brooms, Nov. 21

Bridges, H., railway wheels, Dec. 1
Bartlett, H. V. artificial teeth, 8c., Britten, J., heating apparatus, Feb. 25

May 15
Brockedon, W., india-rubber articles

Bayley, J., cotton spinning, July 31
Bazill, E., heat, Dec. 7

Brocklehurst, J., window sashes, Feb. 11
Beart, R., tilling land, July 10

Brooman, R. A., railway, g'c., carriages

Bell, T., smelting, July 23
Bell, W. H., coal working, Ap. 21 Brown, F., stove ovens, Sep. 17
Benbow, T. M., bandages, 8c., Jan. 13 Brown, J., weaving, Jan. 29
Beniowski, B., printing, Nov. 17

Brown, J. H., envelopes, Feb. 25
Benson, W., tile machines, Jan. 15

Brown, J. H., envelopes, Mar. 2
Bentall, E. H., plough, July 23

Brown, Sir S., railways, &c., July 14
De Bergue, c., atmospheric railways, Brown, S., gas engines, &c., Feb. 3

Ap. 28 Brown, W. S., sails, Jan. 6
Bertram, C., artificial fuel, May 26 Bryere, P., boots, Oct. 2

Nov. 19

Jan. 20

Ap. 15

Buchanan, J., propellers, fc., Aug. 15 Defries, N., gas meters, May 27
Budd, J. P., iron, Feb. 11

De Fontainemoreau, P. A. L., cotton Budd, J. P., iron, Mar. 13

wadding, Feb. 28 Bullock, J. L., quinine, May 12

De Fontainemoreau, P. A. L., harness, Bullough, J., looms, Dec. 1 Bunnett, J., water closets, April 15 De Fontainemoreau, P. A. L., brick Burkee, W. H., waterproof fabrics,

making, Sep. 3 Jan. 20 De Fontainemoreau, P. A. L., corks, Burkinyoung, F. H., pianofortes, June 16

Sep. 24 Burleigh, R. C., artificial light, Aug. 28 De La Fons, J. P., lochs, July 6 Calvert, F. C., jute, Mar. 11

Delain, A., musical instruments, Aug. 29 Campin, F, W., motive power, Jan. 22 Delfosse, M. F. J., steam boilers, Aug. 25 Campion, J., soldiers' belts, Dec. 15 Dell, E. C., lighting buildings, &c., Cantells, W. J., hatching eggs, &c.,

Mar. 25 Feb. 26 Desboissierres, N. F. C., fuel, Feb. 17 Carmichael, P., heckling flax, May 5 De Sussex, F. S., soda, June 29 Carpenter, W., threshing machines, Mar. 25 Deubon, J.,

cotton spinning, Nov. 21 Carter, J., paddle wheels, May 5

Dickinson, T. F., gas meters, Dec. 15 Carter, J., lubricator, Dec. 14

Dickson, J. H., saddles, July 23 Chance, J. T., glass, Ap. 28

Dircks, H., vegetable extracts, Mar. 4. Chesshire, E., railway guard, Feb. 3 Donkin, J., paper, Oct. 15 Chinnock, C., expanding furniture, Douglas, J., casting patterns, Jan. 9

Jan. 12 Douglas, J., yarn, &c., Ap. 30 Chinnock, C., envelopes, Sep. 24

Downing, G., pen

holders, July 6 Chubb, J., locks, Dec. 14

Dowse, C., paper, Aug. 11 Church, W., candlesticks, gc., May 5 Dreschke, T. A., musical instruments, Clark, C., steam generator, June 29

July 31 Clark, T., motive power, Feb. 11 Duncan, G., confectionery, May 19 Clark, W., weighing machines, June 30 Durand, F., leather tubes, &c., Oct. 15 Clark, W., lace, Jan. 17

Durnerin, J. M., manufacturing fat, Claussen, P., weaving, Feb. 20

Jan. 13 Cottam, E., bedsteads, June 16

Eaton, W., motive power, Nov. 17 Clausen, P., propelling, gc., July 23 Eddy, G. W., cast metal wheels, Nov. 3 Clift, S., distilling tar, Dec. 8

Ellins, G., salt machine, Dec. I
Cochran, J. W., cutting wood, June 2 Etienne, A., railways, 8c., Jan. 31
Coles, J., spinal distortions, Sep. 3 Etievant, S., stoves, Feb. 17
Collier, E. H., nails, Mar. 10

Exall, W., wheels, &c., Nov. 3
Condie, J., malleable iron, Oct. 15 Fairbairn, P., flax spinning, Oct. 2
Cooper, J., vegetable decomposition, Fairbairn, W., iron beams, Oct. 8

Jan. 22 Farnsworth, J., bricks, Oct. 8 Cormack, W., motive power, June 17 Farthing, W., glass, Oct. 8 Cotterill, E., window, gc., fastenings, Faucon, J. S., fulling, June 29

Mar. 25 Ferant, M. L., oils, Oct. 8 Cotton, W., knitting machine, June 22 Firchild, C. W., rotatory engine, July 23 Coulson, T. L., chairs, June 29

Ford, C., earthenware, Dec. 14 Cowan, C., paper, &c., Jan. 29

Forder, A. T., motive power, fc., Jan. 29 Cowper, E. A., railway chairs, May 26 Foster, W. A., machine belts, Aug. 29 Craddock, T., steam engines, Dec, 3 Fothergill, B., cotton spinning, June 16 Crampton, T. R., locomotive engines, Fouillett, C. M., railways, Oct. 2

Aug. 25

Fourdrinier, G. H., earthenware, &c., Crease, H., paints, July 23

July 23 Crofts, W., lace, Aug. 20

Fox, C., cutting, &c., metals, Sep. 24 Croll, A. A., gas meters, May 12 Franklin, H., bricks, Sep. 17 Crosley, H., sugar, Ap. 1

Fuller, J., seed sowing, Mar. 5 Cunningham, X. B., propellers, Oct. I Galloway, E., locomotive engines, Ap. 18

Galloway, E., rotatory engines, Dec. 14 Dacie, J., boots and shoes, Dec. 7 Gandell and Brunton, moveable bridges, Davies, D., carriage steps, Sep. 17

Mar. 25 Deacon, H., flattening kilns, Sep. 24 Garrett, S. T., cement, fc., June 22 Deard, T. M., steam furnaces, Feb. 25 George, J., building, June 22 De Boissimon, J. H., corks, May 28 Gibson, M., reaping, &c., Aug. 22

May 22

Gillard, J. P., producing heat, Feb. 11 Keating, J., cement, Feb. 11
Gillett, J., hay cutter, Ap. 18

Keeley, J., lace, Dec. 14
Gillett, J., alarums, June 22

Kenrick, T., enamelling iron, May 26 Gongy, P. F., cranes, &c., Dec. 23 King, A. E., magnetic electricity, Ap. 30 Gonin, L. S., printing, Dec. 21

Kite, W., engine chimneys, Oct. 15 Gray, J., gas meters, Aug. 17

Kloes, J., substitute for leather, Feb. 16 Greaves, H., railways, May 22

Knight, G., ercavating, &c., July 14 Green, W., boot hooks, Mar. 11

Krupp, A., spoons, &c., Aug. 26 Greener, W., illumination, gc., Feb. 7 Kurtz, A., sulphuric acid, Jan. 20 Greenhow, C. H., railways, fc., Jan. 6 Lamb, J., clogs, Sep. 24 Greenwood, J., dyeing, Jan. 29

Lambert, T., taps, Ap. 30 Griffiths, T. F., stamping metals, Feb. 3 Leahy, E., steam road-carriages, Jan. 15 Gripenberg, O., agriculture, July 14 Leahy, M., steam engines, Nov. 5 Grout, P., plaister of Paris, gc., Mar. 11 Lewis, G., shutters, &c., Ap. 7 Guichard, E. A. D., calico printing, Lister, S. C., wool combing, Dec. !

Feb. 17 Little, W., printing machine, May 12 Gustafsson, G. F., steam engines, July 14 Lodge, G., heating water, Aug. 10 Hague, C., cotton spinning, Mar. 9 Longbottom, J., oil cake, Mar. 18 Hall, J. L., drainage, gc., Oct. 22 Longmaid, W., alkali, Dec. 14 Hall, G. F., pawnbrokers' duplicates, fc., Longridge, R. B., locomotives, Jan. 13

Jan. 29 Longshaw, W., cotton spinning, May 5 Hall, W. M., lamps, &c., June 22 Lord, A., steam-boiler furnaces, June 24 Hamilton, S. H., dredging, 8c., Aug. 20 Love, R., paving, Dec. 1 Hancock, C., gutta percha, Jan. 12 Lowe, G., gas, June 4 Hancock, C., gutta percha, May 15 Lowe, G., fuel, foc., Oct. 8. Hancock, T., caoutchouc, Mar. 18 Lucas, T., confectionery, July 29 Hasluck, D. S., harness, Aug. 13 Lutwyche, c. T., porcelain buttons, Hastings, J., bricks, June 30 Harvey, N., filters, Sep. 3

Maberly, F. H., motive power, Nov. 5 Haycraft, W. T., steam engines, Ap. 15 M.Bride, J., weaving, Nov. 12 Healy, J., woven fabric, Nov. 17

M'Gary, W., lamps, July 6 Heath, R., wheels, July 27

M.Sweeny, T. J., steering ships, Mar. 25 Heuson, H., railways, Aug. 31

Mac Carthy, J. J. A., anchors, Oct. Heuson, H., goods wrappers, fr., Nov. 5 Heseltine, S., jun., oil lamps, Oct. 8 Maccand, E. A., gas burners, Oct. 22 Higgs, W., sewer manure, Ap. 28 Maddock, J., potters' ovens, Feb. 25 Highton, H., electric telegraphs, Feb. 3 Malins, W., building, Jan. 20 Hill, L., jun., ship-building iron, July 14 Mallett

, R., railway carriages, July so Hillary, A. W., gas, July 23

Mapple, H., electric telegraphs, Oct. 27 Hillmann, J., cotton, &c., Feb. 25 Markwich, A., epithems, May 20 Holdsworth, A. H., buoys, Aug. 29 Marvin, R., area gratings, May 28 Holdsworth, S., railway break, Oct. 8 Masters, T., liquid coolers, Nov. 17 Howard, T., steam engine condensers, Mather, w., metallic pistons, Ap. 28

Mar. 25 Maudslay, J., propellers, Jan. 13 Howell, G., plating, Jan. 29

May, C., riveting, Ap. 15 Hunt, J., soda, Ap. 9

Mayer, A. J., wood cutting, Feb. 25 Hutton, J., chronometers, Oct. 22 Mayn, W., aerated liquors, May 26 Hyde, J., looms, May 28

Mayo, W., aerated liquors, Dec. 1 Hyde, S., refrigerators, Ap. 15

Meade, H. M., food for catile

, Ap. 15 Iles, C., carding, Mar. 25

Melling, T., steam engines, May 7 lles, C., dress fastenings, Aug 11 Mercer, J., scouring wool, &c., May 2 Jacob, G. W., embossing, gc, Nov. 12 Mercer, J., dyeing, June 22 Jeffreys, J., propellers, &c., May 16 Middlemore, W., saddles, July 13 Jennings, H. C., evaporator, Aug. 11 Mill, W., inkstands, fc., June 29 Jennings, J., threshing, Dec. 21

Milligan, W., power loom, Feb. 4 Johnson, A. R., hats, 8c., June 18 Millward, A., embossing, Oct. 15 Johnson, W., cranes, Dec. 1

Milon, M. J., roads, Oct. 8 Johnson, W., propellers, Dec. 2

Moggridge, W. H., artificial gums, Jones, R. L., charcoal, fc., Mar. 5 Jones, T., cotton spinning, June 22 Montgomery, J., steam engines, 8c., May Jullion, J. T., chemical acids, Oct. 22




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Moreland, J., setting coppers, fc., June Pilbrow, J., propellers, Jan. 31

29 Pinel, J. F., grinding wheat, Dec. 1 Moreweod, E., cleaning fibrous substances, Plaget, L. H., metallic ornaments, Nov. Oct. 2

12 Morewood, E., iron, Dec. 7.

Platt, J., cotton spinning, Feb. 25
Mott, J. H. R., musical instruments, Ap. Poole, M., cleaning, &c., grain, Feb. 25

28 Poole, M., fibrous fabrics, June 2 Muntz, G. F., metal plates, Oct. 15 Poole, M., steam regulators, June 29 Nurdock, J., painting, Feb. 11

Poole, M., terry, Aug. 17 Nairne, W., propellers, March 2

Poole, M., vegetable fibres, Sep. 10 Nairne, W., propellers, March 11 Poole, M., electric telegraphs, Dec. 14 Nalder, F., glass, Oct. 8

Poole, M., steam engines, Dec. 21
Napier, J., smelting, July 20

Poole, M., surgical instruments, Dec. 21
Nasmyth, J., motive power, Feb. 16 Pope, T., propellers, March 25
Nerot, E., paper, Sep, 24

Potter, H., paper staining, April 1
Nesham, W. T., cranes, June 22

Price, A. W., anchors, Jan. 17 Newton, A. V., grinding grain, g'c., Feb. Prideaux, T. S. excavating, July 15,

11 Ramsbotham, H. R., wool combing, Nov. Newton, A. V., screw machines, May 5

25 Newton, A. V., sugar, July 23

Ransom, F., bricks, &c., July 6
Newton, A. V., tempering metal, Sep. 24 Rayser, W., looking glass, Aug. 11
Newton, A. V., driving bands, Nov. 3 Reade, J. B., inks, Dec. 3
Newton, W., piled fabrics, Jan. 20 Reid, J. P., looms, Oct. 22
Newton, W. E., speed regulator, Feb. 11 Reid, W., wire, Oct. 29
Newton, W. E., thread, Feb. 16

Remington, S., locomotive engines, Aug.
Newton, W. E., thread, March 11

17 Newton, W. E., clocks, &c., April 28 Renshaw, J., velvet loom, June 22 Newton, W. E., fruit preserving, Sep. Rettie, R.,

fuel, June 12

17 Reyburn, R., vegetable extracts, June 17 Nicholson, W., glass, March 5

Richardson, C., sugar, Sep. 10 Nisbet, R., locomotives, Feb. 19

Ridett, G., reading tables, May 5 Nott, J., telegraph, Jan. 20

Rimington, M., motive power, Jan. 31 Osborn, J. Ť., agriculture, July 23 Robertson, J. C., nail making, Feb. 18 Osborne, R. B., bridges, &c., Dec. 21 Robertson, J. C., pins, April 18 Palliser, G., carriage seats, May 5 Robertson, J. C., railways, June 4 Palmer, J., lamps, c., Sep. 17

Robertson, J. C., boats, &'c., Aug. 17 Palmer, W., packing tallow, Oct. 15 Robertson, W., cotton spinning, Feb. 25 Paret, N. A. E., silk, &c., Nov. 2 Robinson, C. R., calico printing, March Parish, H. H., purifying water, Nov. 2

25 Parkes, A., animal substances, March 25 Robinson and Bowden, washing cotton, Parkes, A., candles, Aug. 25

March 11 Parkes, Z. M., coffins, May 22

Robson, C., dressing fruit, Nov. 21 Parkin, T., propellers, June 29

Rodger, W., anchors, May 18 Parry, H., hats, Aug. 20

Rollinson, M., steam engines, May 7 Pattinson, W. W., chlorine, July 14 Rombley, J., capstans, Oct. 8 Payne, C., preserving, June 29

Roose, J., iron tubes, Aug. 29
Payne, T., metal rolls, Aug. 4

Ross, D., hats, Jan. 27
Pemberton, T., jun., carving furniture, Rothschild, A. N., heating apparatus, Ap.
Feb. 25

Perceval, P. A., telegraphs, April 23 Rowley, C., buttons, Feb. 11
Percy, W. C. S., bricks, fc., June 2 Ryan, J., preserving organic substances,
Perkins, J. P., paper cutting, March 11

Oct. 17
Perpigna, A., regulators, June 29 Sauvage, J. A. A., sleam condenser, July
Perpigna, J., plaiting, Dec. 21

27 Perry, J., wool combing, Dec. 21

Schloss, H., ignition, Jan. 12
Perry, S., straps, &c., May 19

Schenck, R. B., hemp, Nov. 17
Philcox, G., chronometers, Apr. 25 Seaward, J., steam engine, &c., Jan. 12
Phillips, G., flower stand, Aug, 17 Seed, W., cotton spinning, July 14
Pickford, S., ale casks, April 28

Senior, G., cleaning silk, 8c., Sep. 8
Pidding, W., coffee preserving, May 5 Serbat, L., roofing, Mar. 25
Pidding, W., carriages, Nov. 21

Shaw, B., worsted, &c., Mar. 11

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Shaw, J., carding, &c., wool, Dec. 14
Shaw, J. H., pens, Oct. 15
Shepard, E., gates, &c., May 7
Sherman, W., gloves, &c., July 18
Sievier, R. W., printing, May 13
Simson, J., flar machine, June 20
Simpson, T. B., propellers, Sep. 25
Smart, W., lithographic press, Dec. 21
Smith, A., metal coating, Feb. 11
Smith, C., cooking utensils, Mar. 25
Smith, G., safety fuze, Nov. 12
Smith, W., gas meters, June 29
Soatter, J., pump, March 2
Spenceley, J., ships, Jan. 20
Spiby, W., furnaces, Apr. I
Southworth, E., propellers, gc., Oct. 15
Staite, W. E., lighting, Nov. 12
Stanbridge, J. W., silks, fc., Feb. 11
Stephenson and Howe, steam engine,

Feb. 11
Stewart, D. Y., moulding iron, March 2
Stewart, D. Y., mordding iron, July 14
Stirling, J. D. M., alloys, June 29
Stocker, A. S., bottles, g'c., May 28
Storer, J., organs, &c., June 27
Struve, W. P., ventilating mines, March

11 Stubbs, W., engines, June 2 Sturges, R. F., filters, &c., Sep. 17 Swinburne, T., propellers, &c., Jan. 3 Talbot, W. H. F., motive power, Dec. 1 Tatham, J., cotton spinning, June 29 Taylor, J., flour mills, June 6 Taylor, J., explosive compounds, Oct. 8 Taylor, J. N., propellers, fc., March 25 Taylor, P., propellers, 8c., Jan. 20 Taylor, W. G., smoke consumer, Feb. 3 Teagle, R., chimney pots, Nov. 5 Templeton, J. S., propellers, Feb. 27 Tetley, C., mechanical power, Feb. 11 Teycheune, F., hardening stone, Aug. 10 Thomas, W., carpet-bag locks, July 15 Thomas, W., sewing, Dec. 1 Thompson, J., motive power, July 6 Thompson and Wright, propellers, Feb.

25 Thomson, W., woollen fabrics, April 7 Tillett, G., stoves, Jan. 13 Todd, J., railway rails, Dec. 14 Touche, J. lamps, April 30

Turner, R., roofing, Dec. 15
Unsworth, W., looms, Mar. 25
Vaux, C., beer machine, May 13
Vaux, T., horse shoes, &-c., March 11
Vickers, B., chirographer, Dec. 14
Vignoles, C., jun., motive power, Aug. 4
Von Uster, H. L., indicators, June 2
Walker, A. E., sowing, Jan. 6
Walker, J., piled fabrics, Jan. 20
Walker, T., ships' logs, &c., June 22
Warburton, J., cotton spinning, Oct. 8
Warcup, W., atmospheric railways, Aug.
Ward, P., salts of soda, July 6
Warlich, F. C., fuel, Apr. 7
Warren, J., cast screws, Aug. 31
Warrington, R., preserving, Mar. 5
Warrington, R., tanning, Mar. 25
Watson, H., furnaces, Jan. 6
Watson, J., weaving, Dec. 21.
Weild, W., mills, &c., Oct. 2
Wennington, W. V., cutting iron, Jan.
West, F. H., corks, 8c., Aug. 31
Westmacott, H. S., rotatory steam en
Wetterstedt, B., metallic sheathing, Nov.

Wharton, W., straps and bands, Feb. 11
Wheeler, C., railways, Jan. 22
Whitworth, J., knitting, Dec. 21
Whytock, R., pattern weaving, Aug. 11
Wild, w., barrel machine, Oct. 2
Wilkins, J. W., water closets, May 26
Wilkins, W. C., lamps, fc., Oct. 29
Wilson, light, &c., Mar. 25
Wilson, G. F., candles, gc., Dec. 1
Wilson, R., velvet looms, Oct. 8.
Winslow, G., file machine, Oct. 15
Woodcroft, B., spiral paddle, Mar. 21
Wooderoft, B., calico printing, June 22
Woolley, T., pianofortes, July 8
Woone, G., relief engravings, Mar. 11
Wrigg, H., carriages, Sep. 17
Wright, C., boots, May 22
Wright, R., refining sugar, July 6
Wroughton, T., ventilation, Aug. 26
Yates, J., blust furnaces, Dec. 14
Yates, T., time-keepers, Nov. 12
Ylery, C., railway time-keeper, Sep. 10

gines, May 30

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