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Huddersfield and Sheffield Junction said City and adjoining Districts; and Railway Company with the Manchester for other Purposes in relation to the and Leeds Railway Company.

Municipality and Police of the said cclxxviii, An Act to authorize certain City.

Alterations in the Line of the O.rford, cexc. An Act authorizing the Sale of the Worcester, and Wolverhampton Rail Cromford Canal and other Property of way; and to amend the Act relating the Cromford Canal Company. thereto.

ccxci. An Act to alter and extend the cclxxix. An Act to enable the Furness Provisions of the Acts for improving

Railway Company to extend their Line the Navigation of the River Severn. to Broughton and to Ulverstone, and ccxcii. An Act for improving, preservto make Branches therefrom ; and to ing, maintaining, and better reguamend the Act relating thereto.

lating the l'ort and Harbour of Water. celxxx. An Act to amend “ The Ipswich ford ; and for other Purposes relating

and Bury Saint Edmunds Railway thereto. Act, 1845;" and for making a Rail ccxciii. An Act for better lighting, way from the said Ipswich and Bury paving, cleansing, draining, regulating, Saint Edmunds Railway to Norwich, and improving the Borough of Bury with a Branch therefrom.

in the County Palatine of Lancaster, celxxxi. An Act for making a Branch and for otherwise promoting the

Railway from the London and Health and Convenience of the Inha-
Brighton Railway in the Parish of bitants.
Croydon to join the South-western coxciv. An Act for better lighting and
Railway in the Parish of Wandsworth improving the Borough of Beljast.
in the County of Surrey.

ccxcv. An Act for paving, lighting, cclxxxii. An Act to incorporate the cleansing, and otherwise improving the · Liverpool and Bury Railway Company Town of Wath-upon-Dearne in the with the Manchester and Leeds Rail County of York, and for removing way Company.

and preventing Nuisances and Annoycelxxxiii. An Act to consolidate and unite ances therein.

the London and Brighton and the ccxcvi. An Aot for repealing an Act of London and Croydon Railway Com the Parliament of Scotland passed in panies, and the undertakings belonging the Sixth Session of the First Parliato them.

ment of King William (1696), inticelxxxiv. An Act for incorporating the tuled An Act in favour of the Heritor's

Proprietors of the Sheffield General adjacent to the Power of Inchaffray; and Cemetery in the Township of Ecclesall for more effectually draining and im

Bierlow in the Parish of Sheffield in proving Lands adjacent to the River the West Riding of the County of or Stream called the Pow of InchajiYork, and for enlarging and improving ray, in the County of Perth. the said Cemetery; and for other ccxcvii. An Act for better draining and Purposes connected therewith.

improving certain Low, Marsh, and cclxxxv. An Act for supplying with Fen Lands lying between Boston

Water the Town of Kilmarnock, Sub Haven and Bourn in the County of

urbs thereof, and Places adjacent. Lincoln, and for further improving the cclxxxvi. An Act for the better supplying Navigation through such Lands.

with Water the Town or Village of ccxcviii. An Act for amending two seHeywood and Places adjacent thereto veral Acts, passed respectively in the

in the County Palatine of Lancaster. Second and Seventh Years of the cclxxxvii. An Act for better supplying Reign of Her present Majesty, for

with Water the Town and Parish of draining and embanking certain Lands Chorley in the County Palatine of in Lough Swilly and Lough Foyle in Lancaster.

the Counties of Donegal and Londoncclxxxviii. An Act for supplying with derry.

Water the Towns of Airdrie and Coat ccxcix. An Act for regulating the Munibridge, and Places acent, in the cipal Government and Police of the County of Lanark.

Royal Burgh of Rothesay. cclxxxix. An Aet to extend the Muni coc. An Act for making a Railway, to be

cipal Boundaries of the City of Glas called “ The South Staffordshire Junegow ; to amend the Acts relating to tion Railway," with Branches. the Police and Statute Labour of the coci. An Act for enabling the Leeds and

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Bradford Railway Company to make and Dudley, to be called “The Bir.
a Junction Line at Bradford in the mingham, Wolverhapton, and Dudley

West Riding of the County of York. Railway.”
cecii. An Act to unite and consolidate cccxvi. An Act for making a Railway

the Blackburn and Preston Railway from Walsall in the County of Stafford
Company with the East Lancashire to the Midland Railways at Wichner
Railway Company.

Forge in Tatenhill, to be called “ The
ccciii. An Act for making a Railway Trent Valley, Midlands, and Grand
from Newport to Abergavenny and

Junction Railway."
Hereford, with Branches therefrom. cccxvii. An Act for making a Railway
ceciv. An Act for making a Railway from the Line of the Perth and Inver-

from Shefield to Gainsborough, with nes8 Railway to Aberfeldy, to be called

"The Strathtay and Breadalbane
cccv. An Act to enable the South-eastern Railway.”

Railway Company to make a Railway cccxviii. An Act to enable the London-
from the London and Greenwich Rail derry and Enniskillen Railway Com-

way to Woolwich and Gravesend. pany to alter and extend the Line of
cccvi. An Act to enable the Manchester such Railway, to make a Branch

and Leeds Railway Company to make therefrom to the Town of Omagh, and
several Branch Railways, and to au to amend the Act relating thereto.
thorize the Amalgamation of the cccxix. An Act for making a Railway
Preston and Wyre Railway, Harbour, from the proposed Sheffield and Lin-
and Dock Company with the Man colnshire Junction Railway to the

chester and Leeds Railway Company. City of Lincoln.
cccvii. An Act for making a Railway cccxx. An Act to enable the Whitehaven

from Shrewsbury to Wolverhampton, and Furness Junction Railway Com-
with a Branch, to be called “The

pany to make a Railway in deviation
Shrewsbury and Birmingham Rail from their Line of Railway, and to

construct an Extension thereof to a
cccviii. An Act for making a Railway Point of Junction with the White-

from Shrewsbury to Wolverhampton, haven Junction Railway.
to be called " The Shrewsbury, Wol cccxxi. An Act for making a Railway from
verhampton, and South Staffordshire Armagh to Portrus!, with Branches
Junction Railway.”

to Randalstonun and Ballymoney.
cecix. An Act to empower the London cccxxii. An Act for making a Railway

and Birmingham Railway Company to from the Chester and Crew Branch
make a Branch from the said Railway of the Grand Junction Railway at
to the Blisworth and Peterborough Calveley to Wolverhampton ; and for
Branch thereof.

other Purposes connected therewith.
cecx. An Act to enable the Blackburn, cccxxiii. An Act for making a Railway

Darwen, and Bolton Railway Com from Shrewsbury to Stafford, with a
pany to alter the Line of Part of their Branch to Stone ; and for other Pur-

cccxi. An Act for enabling the Midland cccxxiv. An Act for making a Railway

Railway Company to alter a Portion from Newtown in the County of Mont-
of the Leicester and Swannington gomery to Crewe in the County of

Railway, and to make certain Branches. Chester, with Branches ; and for other
cccxii. An Act for Amending the Act Purposes connccted therewith.

relating to the Liverpool and Bury cccxxv. An Act for making a Railway
Railway ; and for making Branches from Shrewsbury to Hereford, to be

called “ The Shrewsbury and Here-
cccxiii. An Act to authorize certain Al-

ford Railway.”
terations and Extensions of the Line of cccxxvi. An Act to consolidate the
the Wilts, Sonerset, and Weymouth Bristol and Gloucester and Birming-

ham and Gloucester Railway Companies
cccxiv. An Act to enable the Caledonian with the Midland Railway Company.

Railway Company to form certain cccxxvii. An Act to alter and amend the
Branch and Terminal Railways in the North Wales Railway Act,

Vicinity of Glasgow.

thousand eight hundred and forty-five.
cccxv. An Act for making Railways cccxxviii. An Act for making a Railway

from Birmingham to Wolverhampton from Birmingham to Wolverhampton,

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and to the Grand Junction Railway in cccxl. An Act for making a Railway the Parish of Bushbury, with a Branch from the Birmingham and Gloucester to Dudley.

Railway at Kings Norton in the cccxxix. An Act to effectuate the Sale of County of Worcester to Hales Owen

the Glasgow, Garnkirk, and Coatbridge in the same County. Railway Company of the said Railway cccxli. An Act for making a Railway to the Caledonian Railway Company ; from the South Wales Railway at or and other Purposes therewith con near to the Town of Neath to Merthyr nected

Tydvil, with Branches, to be called cccxxx. An Act for authorizing the Sale • The Vale of Neath Railway.”

of the Pontop and South Shields Rail cccxlii. An Act for making a Railway way to the Newcastle and Darlington from the Borough of Cockermouth to Junction Railway Company.

the Town of Keswick, all in the cccxxxi. An Act to empower the Lon County of Cumberland, to be called

don and Birmingham Railway Com “ The Cockermouth and Workington pany to make a Branch Railway from Extension Rail way." the London and Birmingham Railway cccxliii. An Act for making a Railway near Coventry to the Trent Valley from Lough Allen to Lough Gill, both

Railway in the Parish of Nuneaton. in the County of Leitrim, to be called cccxxxii. An Act for making a Railway The Sligo and Shannon Railway."

from the Edinburgh and Glasgow cccxliv. An Act for constructing a Pier Railway to Bathgate, with Branches, at Portbury in the County of Somerto be called “ The Edinburgh and set, and for making a Railway from Bathgate Railway."

the same to the City of Bristol, with a cccxxxiii. An Act to enable the Surrey Branch Railway connected therewith.

Railway Company to sell the Lands, cccxlv. An Act to amend the Cambridge Houses, and other Property of the Improvement Acts, and to exempt the Company, together with the navigable Eastern Counties Railway Company Communication from the Dock of the from certain Tolls thereby imposed. Company to the River Thames at cecxlvi. An Act to repeal, alter, and Wandsworth in the County of Surrey, amend the several Acts relating to

and to dissolve the said Company. Billingsgate Market in the City of cccxxxiv. An Act to enable the Glasgow, London.

Garnkirk and Coat ridge Railway cccxlvii. An Act for further and better Company to extend the Terminus of

supplying with Water the Barony or their Railway in Glasgow.

Regality of Gorbals and places adjacccxxxv. An Act for making a Railway cent.

and other Works from Plymouth to cccxlviii. An Act for making certain Falmouth and other Places in the new Strects or Thoroughfares, and County of Cornwall, to be called “ The widening and improving certain other Cornwall Railway.”

Streets or Thoroughfares, within the cccxxxvi. An Act for making a Railway Town and Borough of Sheffield in the

from the Parish of Kenwn in the County of York. County of Cornwall to Penzance in the cccxlix. An Act for paving, lighting, same County, with Branches, to be watching, cleansing, regulating, and

called “ The West Cornwall Railway.” otherwise improving the Town of Tun. cccxxxvii. An Act for making a Railway bridge Wells in the Counties of Kent

from Birmingham, to join the Lines and Sussex. of the proposed Oxford and Rugby cccl. An Act to repcal an Act of the and Oxford, Worcester, and Wolver Fifty-second Year of the Reign of hampton Railways, and to be called King George the Third, for lighting " The Birmingham and Oxford Junc and watching the Road leading from tion Railway.

Newington Buits to the Nag's Head cccxxxviii. An Act for making a Rail on the Wandsuorth Road, and other

way into Birmingham in extension of Places communicating therewith, in the proposed Birmingham and Ox

Lambeth, Clapham, and Battersea in ford Junction Railway.

Surrey; and for making other Provi. cccxxxix. An Act to authorize the Pur sions for lighting and improving the

chase of the Gravesend and Rochester said Road, and other places adjacent Railway and Canal by the South or near thereto. eastern Railway Company,

cccli. An Act to amend an Act passed in

the Fifth Year of the Reign of His the Harbour of East Tarbert to West Majesty King George the Fourth, for Loch Tarbert, and other works in granting certain Powers and Authori connection therewith. ties to the Australian Agricultural ccclxiii. An Act for making a Ship CaCompany.

nal from Sligo Harbour to Lough Gill, ccclii. An Act for making a Railway both in the County of Sligo, to be

from the intended Great Northern called “ The Sligo Ship Canal." Railway in the Parish of Ufford in the ccclxiv. An Act for enlarging, improving, County of Northampton, to unite with and maintaining the Harbour, Quays, the Loop Line of the same Railway in and Wharfs of Campbeltown; for supthe Parish of Crowland in Lincoln. plying with Water, paving, cleansing, shire.

lighting, and watching the said Burgh cccliii, An Act for making a Railway and Suburbs thereof : and, for the bet

from Llangynwyd to Margam, by a ter and more effectual assessing, levyCompany to be called “ The Llynvi ing, and collecting the Ladle and other Valley Railway Company."

Dues and Customs of the said Burgh. cccliv. An Act for making certain Lines ccclxv. An Act for further regulating

of Railway in the West Riding of the the Repair and Maintenance of the County of York, to be called “ The Roads, Streets, and Bridges within the Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley, Wake Middle District of the County of Edinfield, Huddersfield, and Goole Rail burgh, and the Assessments payable in way.”

respect thereof; and for other Pur. ccclv. An Act for amending the Acts re poses relating thereto.

lating to the Taw Vale Railway and ccclxvi. An Act to enable the Special Dock, and for making an Extension Commissioners of the Town of Yeovil therefrom to the Exeter and Crediton to sell certain Estates in the Parish

Railway in the County of Devon. of Yeovil in the County of Somerset. ccclvi. An Act for making Railways ccclxvii. An Act to enable the Eastern

from Wisbech to Saint Ives and to Counties Railway Company to make Fenny Drayton, to be called “The Two Branch Railways from the Line Wisbech, Saint Ives, and Cambridge of the Eastern Counties and Thames Junction Railway."

Junction Railway, one thereof termiccclvii. An Act for making a Railway nating at the Pepper Warehouses be

from the Northern and Eastern Coun longing to the East India Dock Comties Railway at Edmonton to the Town pany, and the other terminating by a

of Enfield in the County of Middleser. Junction with the Eastern Counties ccclviii. An Act for making a Railway Railway.

from the Midland Railway at Stavely ccclxviii. An Act for making a Railway to the Town of Worksop, and for con from the London and Birmingham solidating into one Undertaking the Railway in the Parish of Rugby in the said proposed Railway and the Canal County of Warwick to Leamington Navigation from Chesterfield to the in the County of Warwick. River of Trent.

ccclxix. An Act to authorize an improveccclix. An Act for making a Railway ment of the line of the West London

from the London and Birmingham Railway, and the Extension thereof to Railway to or near to Navigation the River Thames. Street within the Borough of Bir. ccclxx. An Act to enable the London mingham.

and South-western Railway Company ccclx. An Act for making a Railway to make a Railway by Whitchurch and

from Kilkenny to join the Great Andover to Salisbury. Southern and Western Railway at or ccclxxi. An Act for making certain near Cuddagh, to be called • The Branch Railways to be connected with Kilkenny and Great Southern and the Newport anul Pontypool Railway, Western Railway.”

and for incorporating a new Company, ccclxi. An Act for the Maintenance of the for carrying on the Monmouthshire

Cemeteries at Golden Bridge and Canal Navigation. Prospect in the County of Dublin, and ccclxxii. An Act for making a Railway to create a perpetual Succession in the from the Glasgow, Paisley, Kilmargoverning Body or Committee for ma nock, and Ayr Railway, near Cumnaging the same.

nock, to the Caledonian Railway near ccclxii. An Act for making a Canal from the crossing of the River Sark, to be

called “The Glasgow, Dumfries, and of Halifax in the West Riding of the

Carlisle Railway," with Branches. County of York. ccclxxiii. An Act for authorizing the Sale ccclxxxvi. An Act for reclaiming from

of the Andevor Canal and other Pro the Sea, embanking and improving, perty of the Company of Proprietors the Salthouse Sands in the Manor of

of the Andevor Canal Navigation. Plain Furness in the County Palatine ccclxxiv. An Act for embanking and re of Lancaster.

claiming from the Sea certain Lands ccclxxxvii. An Act for improving and al. now under Water or subject to be tering a Portion of the Harbour of overflowed by the Tide in the Estuary Wexford in the County of Wexford or Back Strand of Tramore in the in Ireland, and the Entrance thereof; County of Waterford.

for improving the Navigation of the ecclxxv. An Act to incorporate the Bri River Slaney, and also the Bridge tish Guarantee Association.

over the same River at or near to the ccclxxvi. An Act for uniting the Rectory Town of Wexford, and for embank

of North Lynn with the Perpetual ing and reclaiming divers Waste Lands, Curacy of Saint Margaret with Saint Mud Banks, or Slobs, in and adjacent Nicholas in the Borough of King's to the said Harbour and River, and for

Lynn, all in the County of Norfolk. other Purposes. ecclxxvii

. An Act for making a Railway ccclxxxviii. An Act for inclosing and refrom Airdrie to Bathgate, with a claiming from the Sea certain Tracts Branch to Whitburn and Blackburn, to of Land forming Part of the Great be called “ The Airdrie and Bathgate Estuary called " The Wash," between Junction Railway.”

the counties of Norfolk and Lincoln. ccclxxviii. An Act to incorporate the ccclxxxix. An Act for enabling the War

Company of Proprietors of the Man den and College of the Souls of All chester, Bolton, and Bury Canal Na Faithful People deceased of Oxford to vigation and Railway with the Man grant building and improving Leases chester and Leeds Railway Company. of their estates in the County

of Midccclxxix. An Act to amalgamate the dlesex.

Pollock and Govan and Clydesdale cccxc. An Act for making certain Lines Junction Railways with the Caledo of Railway in the West Riding of the nian Railway.

County of York, to be called " The ecclxxx. An Act for enabling the Hud West Riding Union Railways."

dersfield and Manchester Railway and cccxci. An Act to enable the London Canal Company to make a Branch and South-western Railway Company Railway from their Main Line of Rail to extend their Railway to the Thames way to Oldham.

near London Bridge in the County of ccclxxxi. An Act for making a Railway Surrey.

from the Liverpool and Bury Railway cccxcii. "An Act for making a Railway to the North Union and Blackburn and

from the Glasgow, Paisley, KilmarPreston Railways,with Branches there nock, and Ayr Railway near the Manse from, to be called “ The Liverpool, of Newton to the Town of Girvan,

Ormskirk, and Preston Railway.” with a Branch to the Town of Malol, ecclxxxii. An Act to grant certain Pow to be called “ The Glasgou and Bel

ers to the New Zealand Company. fast Union Railway." ccclxxxiii. An Act for constructing Docks

ceexciii. An Act to empower the Taf at Millbay (Plymouth), to be called the Vale Railway Company to construct

Plymouth Great Western Docks. certain Branch Railways and Extenccclxxxiv. An Act to enable the Com sions, and to make Arrangements for

pany of Proprietors of the Forth and the Use of certain Wharfs adjoining Clyde Navigation to extend and en the Bute Ship Canal. large the Basin at Bowling Bay, and cccxciv. An Act to authorize the Newto make and maintain certain other castle-upon- Tyne and Carlisle RailWorks in connection therewith; and to way Company to extend their Railway alter and amend the Acts relating to in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, to make a the said Navigation.

Branch Railway, and for other Purccclxxxv. An Act for sewering, drain. poses connected with their Undertaking, and lighting of the Hamlet of

Bridghouse in the Township of Hip- cccxcv. An Act to enable the Caledoperholme-cum-Brighouse in the Parish nian Railway Company to deviate cére


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