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DEATHS.-Jan. 10. In Park-lane, aged 55, Isaac Cohen, Mary, daughter of Daniel Baggott, esq., esq., brother of Mrs. Rothschild, long a of Limerick, and had issue. leading and highly respectable member of 12. In Woburn-place, aged 49, Mrs. the Stock Exchange. He is supposed to Cornwell Baron Wilson, a well-known have died worth ahout half a million and highly popular writer. Mrs. Wilson sterling, and for many years past is said was the authoress of several very clever to have made a rule to distribute 25 per

In 1837 she gained the prize cent. of his current annual expenditure in offered by the Melodists' Club for the unostentatious charity. He often rendered words of a song, although there were uphimself conspicuous in assisting unfortu- wards of two hundred candidates. She nate members of the Stock Exchange also was awarded the prize for a poem on when their conduct merited such support; the Princess Victoria, at the Cardiff Bardic and many individuals owe their success in Festival, in 1834, and wrote the words in life to the interest he took in their welfare. the third volume of Mr. Parry's Welsh He sat down to dinner with his family in Melodies. apparent good health, when he was sud 13. At Leamington, aged 58, Lady denly seized with an apoplectic fit, and Anne Wardlaw Ramsay, relict of Robert survived only a few hours.

Wardlaw Ramsay, esq., of White Hill, At Little Ealing, after a long illness, and sister to the Earl of Balcarres. in her 62nd year, Eliza, wife of John 14. In Welbeck Street, General John Bowyer Nichols, esq., F. S. A. of Parlia Hodgson, Colonel of the 4th or King's ment-street. Eldest daughter of John Own Regiment. General Hodgson was Baker, esq., of Salisbury-square, and the only surviving son of Field-Marshall Hampstead.

Studholme Hodgson, who is known in 12. At Creedy Park, Sandford, De- history as the commander of the expedivonshire, aged 71, Sir Humphrey Phineas tion which took Belleisle from the French, Davie, the tenth Bart. (1641.) The fam in the year 1761, and who was greatly ily of Davy has flourished in various distinguished by the friendship and favour branches in the county of Devon, and of the Duke of Cumberland, and by the that branch seated at Creedy were dc confidence and good opinion of the great scended from John Davie, three times Earl of Chatham. The mother of the mayor of Exeter in the reign of Eliza- deceased officer was Lady Catharine beth, and who, during his first mayoralty, Howard, through whom he was nephew in 1584, entertained in his house Don to the late Field-Marshall the Right Hon. Anthonio, the exiled King of Portugal. Sir George Howard, K. B. and first-cousin Sir Humphrey was the fourth and young to the Earl of Effingham, and to Mary est son of Sir John the seventh Bart., Countess of Roseberry. He was educaby Catharine, daughter of John Stokes, ted at Harrow School, and was still there of Rill, Devonshire, esq.

He succeeded when he obtained his commission, so far to the title on the decease of his nephew, back as 1779, in the King's Own Regi. Sir John the ninth Baronet, who died ment, which was his father's corps, and uomarried Sept. 18, 18:24. Sir Hum was then in Canada. He shortly afterphrey was also unmarried, and, as he was wards went out to join it, and served with ihe last heir male of the family, the title it for some years in Canada ; and in of Baronet has become extinct with 1793, he was employed as major of brihim.

gade at the reduction of the islands of St. At Limerick, aged 81, Sir Joseph Pierre and Miguelon. He was twice Barrington, Bart. His family is supposed taken prisoner at sea, in 1794 and 1797, to have been derived from the family of on the latter occasion by a French privaBarrington of Essex, and has been settled tecr, after a severe action, at the close of for some generations in Limerick. He which he sank the colours of the “ King's was born Feb. 21, 1764, the only son of Own,” to prevent their falling into the Matthew Barrington, esq., of that city, by enemy's hands. He was then taken to Jane, daughter of John Canter, of Bally France, where he remained a prisoner

In conjunction with his sons, Mr. until October, 1798, when he was exJoseph Barrington founded the hospital changed. In 1799, he served as com. and infirmary at Limerick, which has manding officer with the 4th in Holland, their name, and which was incorporated where he was present at the capture of the by Act of Parliament, 11 Geo. IV. He town and garrison of Hoorn, and at the was created a Baronet by patent dated actions of the 2nd and 6th of October. Sept. 30, 1831. He married, in 1787, In the action near Egmont-op-See he was


DEATHS.Jan. most dangerously wounded, the ball never tiring assiduity obtained for him the high having been extracted. He was subse and lucrative government appointment of quently appointed Governor and Com Advocate-General successively at Madras mander in Chief at the Bermudas, and and Calcutta, and subsequently, in 1831, afterwards to the same situation at Cura- the distinguished post of Chief Judge of çoa, which latter government he retained Bombay, whereupon he was knighted by till the peace, when the island was re

letters patent.

His integrity in dischargstored to the Dutch. In each of these ing the duties of his office, and his high situations he received the repeated thanks general character, acquired him universal of the King's government, and on his esteem, of which he received various testireturn home was appointed to the colo- monials, from both the European and nelcy of the third garrison battalion. In Native residents. 1822 he received that of the 83d Foot, At Mudiford, aged 74, Mrs. Frances from which he was, in 1835, removed by Rose, daughter of the late Right Hon. the special command of his late Majesty, George Rose. William IV., to the distinguished regiment 16. At Bath, Ann, widow of Fletcher of which he died Colonel.

Partis, esq., of Pulteney-street. This 15. Aged 75, John Anderson, esq., of benevolent lady spent much of her ample Bond-court, Walbrook, and Princes-place, fortune in works of charity, and contriKennington, Secretary to the Church of buted largely to most of the public insti. England Assurance Company. Mr. An tutions. Her beneficence provided a large derson's early life was passed in diplomatic part of the funds for the erection and enmissions of considerable importance in the dowment of Partis College, near Bath-a Eastern Archipelago; and he published, retreat in age for the widows and daughat different times, iwo octavo volumes, in ters of clergymen and others. which he gave interesting accounts of his 17. At Mersham House, near Southvoyages and services. 1. Mission to the ampton, aged 75, the Rev. Ernle Kyrle East Coast of Sumatra in 1823. 2. Money, M. A., Vicar of Much Marcle, Acheen, &c., with Incidental Notices of Herefordshire, and a Prebendary and the Trade in the Eastern Seas. These Prelector of Hereford Cathedral. works attracted much attention to the state

At Mont-le-Grand, near Exeter, of our commerce in those parts, and sug- aged 56, Captain Gilbert Wakefield, late gested measures for its great extension of 36th Foot. He served through a great and improvement, which seem now likely part of the Peninsular war, and was preto be productive of immense benefit to sent in every action in which his regiment the natives of those rich countries, and to was engaged, from the siege of Burgos to add immeasurable wealth to the prosperity the battle of Toulouse. of our manufacturers and merchants. 19. At Mylor, aged 85, Mr. J. Pascoe.

At his house in Hyde-park Gardens, He was the last survivor of the gallant aged 70, Sir Herbert Abingdon Draper crew of the Antelope packet, of which he Compton, late Chief Justice of Bombay. was boatswain, when in 1793 they took Sir Herbert was the son of Walter Abing the French schooner privateer Atalanta. don Compton, esq., of Gloucestershire. All the superior officers being killed, he Through his own merits and conduct took the command, and personally lashed alone, he raised himself to the high and the schooner's yard-arm to the rigging important stations he successively filled, of the packet, during which he had three with honour to his character and talents, shots through his hat, but without injury and to the advantage of the country and to himself. the administration of justice. He em. 21. Aged 66, Francesco the Fourth, braced the military profession very early Archduke of Austria, Prince Royal of in life, and served with his regiment for Hungary and of Bohemia, Duke of some time in India; but, returning to Eng. Modena, Reggio, Mirandola, Massa, and land, he entered on the study of the law, Carrara. He was the eldest son of the which he sedulously pursued, though his Archduke Ferdinand, Duke of Modena active mind found leisure to write for the and Brisgau, who died in 1806, by Maria papers of the day. Having completed Ricarda Beatrice, Duchess of Massa, and his legal studies, he was called to the bar Princess of Carrara, and was born October at Lincoln's Inn, Nov. 22, 1808. He 6, 1779. He was restored to the Duchy then re-visited India, and joined the bar of Modena, on the dissolution of the Kingat Fort St. George, where he soon became dom of Italy, by the treaties of 1814 and distinguished. His zeal, ability, and un- 1815; and on the death of his mother,

DEATHS.FEB. Nov. 14, 1829, the duchies of Massa and bishop to the rectories of St. Mary's, LamCarrara were united to Modena. He beth, and Sunbridge, Kent; and soon married, June 20, 1812, Maria Beatrice afterwards he was appointed Chaplain of Vittoria Giuseppina, daughter of Vittorio the House of Commons. In the year 1820, Emanuelle, King of Sardinia, and sister he exchanged the livings of Lambeth and of the Empress of Austria, and is suc Sunbridge for Buxted, also in the gift of ceeded by his eldest son, the Duke Fran the Archbishop; and in the same year was çesco-Ferdinando-Geminiano, born June promoted to the Mastership of Trinity Col1, 1819.

lege, Cambridge, in the room of Bishop At Leamington, aged 53, the Rev. Mansel. He discharged the duties of this Leopold Erasmus Dryden, Rector of office during a period of twenty-one years, Whitnash, Warwickshire, elder son of during which time many great improveSir John Turner Dryden, of Canons' ments were effected in the discipline and Ashby, Northamptonshire.

education of the students, in the manage. At Bath,' aged 82, Charlotte, ment of the College funds, and in the daughter of the late Sir William Gordon, spiritual condition of the parishes conBart., and relict of Lieutenant-General nected with the College: the buildings of W. H. Cameron.

the Foundation also received several 22. At Bath, aged 86, Frances, relict magnificent additions and restorations. of John Blagrave, esq., of Calcot Park, Dr. Wordsworth resigned the Mastership Berks. She was the eldest daughter and of Trinity College in 1840; in his letter co-heir of Anthony Blagrave, esq., of taking his farewell, he presented the Southcot.

college with his portrait, and a donation 24. At Bayswater Villa, Bayswater, in of 5007. to be added to the fund of the his 79th year, Richard Latham, esq.,F.L.S. society for the augmentation of its poorer a life governor of Christ's and St. Bar- vicarages. He retired to the parish of tholomew's Hospitals, &c. &c., and for Buxted, where he exerted himself with upwards of a quarter of a century acting success in the building and endowment of partner in the eminent brewery of Sir one new church, and in the rebuilding of Henry Meux and Co.


3. At Southwell, aged 77, Edward FEBRUARY.

Sneyd Clay, esq., Rear-Admiral of the

Red. He had been nearly sixty-three 2. Aged 69, Henry William Maister, years in the service, having entered the esq., of Beverley, and formerly of Wood Navy in 1783. He was Lieutenant of Hall, East Riding, Registrar of Deeds for the Venerable at the victory obtained by that division of the county, and a Deputy. Lord Duncan over the Dutch fleet oir Lieutenant.

Camperdown, in 1797, when he was At Buxted parsonage, Sussex, aged severely wounded, and for which he re71, the Rev. Christopher Wordsworth, ceived a pension of 3001. At the expeD.D., Rector of Buxted-with-Uckfield, dition to the Helder he was also actively and late Master of Trinity College, Cam- employed; and in 1801 he commanded bridge. Dr. Wordsworth was born at the Zebra bomb-vessel, at the defeat of Cockermouth, in Cumberland, in the the Danish fleet at Copenhagen. year 1774, and was a younger brother of At Dessau, in her 72d year, her the present Poet Laureate. He received Highress Amelia Christina, dowager his early education at Hawkshead grammar Duchess of Anhalt Dessau. She was a school, and became a member of Trinity daughter of the late Louis, Landgrave College, Cambridge, and took his degree Hesse Homburg, and in 1792 married the as Tenth Wrangler, in 1796. In 1798, hereditary Prince Frederick of Anhalt he also obtained the second Members' Dessau (who died May 27, 1814), by Prize for Senior Bachelors. In 1802, whom she had issue, the reigning Duke he became Domestic Chaplain to Dr. of Anhalt Dessau, and other children. Manners Sutton, Bishop of Norwich, and 4. At Rockliffe, near Lymington, subsequently Archbishop of Canterbury, Hampshire, after some months' severe illand, in 1804, was collated to the living of ness, aged 61, Sir James Rivett Carnac, Oby, Norfolk, whence, in about two years, of Derby, Bart. He was the son of he was promoted to the deanery of Bock James Rivett, esq., of the East India ing. In 1811 he took an active part in Company's civil service, who, in 1801, the foundation of the National Society. assumed the name of Carnac, by a daughIn 1816 he was collated by the Arch- ter of James Fisher, esq., of Yarmouth.

DEATHS.-FEB. Mr. Carnac was a Major on the Madras Knight, esq., of Langold, barrister-at-law, establishment, and retired in 1822. He by Selina, daughter of William Fitzherwas elected a Director of the East India bert, esq. of Tissington in Derbyshire. Company, on the 7th of March, 1827, Mr. Henry Gally Knight succeeded to and was for some time chairman of the the estates of the family on his father's board. In February, 1832, he was ap

death in 1808. In the years 1810 and pointed Governor of Bombay; and in 1811 he travelled in Spain, Sicily, Greece, 1836 he was advanced to the dignity of a the Holy Land, and Egypt; and the obBaronet. In 1837 he was returned to servations made in this tour were pubParliament for Sandwich.

lished. In 1814 he published a poem 5. At Pentonville, aged 37, Mr. Samuel entitled Europa Rediviva, and in the fol. Jefferson, late of Carlisle, bookseller. Mr. lowing year a volume of Poems. In 1817 Jefferson was a distinguished antiquarian he gave two other poems to the world, and topographer, and published several the one cntitled “ Phrosyne, a Grecian works connected with the county of Cum tale," and the other “ Alashtar, an Arabian berland. The History and Antiquities of tale," which gave an opening for a sarCarlisle, with accounts of the Gentlemen's casm of Lord Byron's. His last tribute Seats and Antiquities, 8vo., a Guide to to the muses was “ Hannibal in Bithynia," Naworth and Lanercost in 12mo. The a dramatic poem, in 1839. In 1826 he History of Leath Ward, and of Allendale published a pamphlet on the then all-enWard, being parts of an intended history of grossing subject, the Catholic question. the entire county; and some smaller works. Mr. Gally Knight now devoted his leisure

6. At Apley Park, Shropshire, aged 63, to the investigation of architectural history Thomas Whitmore, esq., formerly M.P. at home and abroad. Startled by the for Bridgnorth ; a deputy lieutenant and early dates ascribed by the Norman Society magistrate for that county. He was born of Antiquaries to certain churches in the November, 16th, 1782, the eldest son of pointed style, he landed at Dieppe in May, Thomas Whitmore, esq., also M. P. for 1831, examined the buildings and the Bridgnorth, and served the office of sheriff libraries throughout the country, and on of Shropshire in 1805. He was returned his return published “ An Architectural to rliament for the borough of Bridg. our in Normandy,” which conclusively north (of which he was also formerly destroyed the assertions of the French anRecorder) from the general election of tiquaries. Having thus reviewed the 1812 to that of 1831, and in politics was

works of the Normans in these two coun. a firm and stanch supporter of the institu- tries, he was desirous of completing the tions of his country both in Church and survey. " by giving some account of their State. In 1831 he gave way to a Whig operations in the third scene of their concandidate, James Foster, esq., but the quest and dominion, Sicily;" and accordlatter was superseded in the following ingly started for Messina in August, 1836, year by Mr. Whitmore's son. Mr. and in 1838 published a sequel to the Whitmore married, July 19, 1804, Ca. Tour, under the title of “ The Normans therine, only daughter and heiress of in Sicily.” This is prefaced with an his. Thomas Thomasson, esq., of York. torical notice of the events which led to

7. At Doneraile house, co. Cork, aged the establishment of the Norians in the 52, the Right Hon. Charlotte Esther South of Europe. His third, last, and Viscountess Doneraile. She was the se best work is called “ Ecclesiastical Archicond daughter of Francis Bernard, first tecture of Italy, from the time of ConEarl of Bandon, by Lady Catherine stantine to the fifteenth century;" splenHenrietta Boyle, daughter of Richard didly illustrated by Mr. Owen Jones, in 2d Earl of Shannon, and was married in two volumes imperial folio. Mr. Knight 1816 to her cousin the present Viscount was a member of the Commission for the Doneraile.

advancement of the Fine Arts, and was a 9. In Lower Grosvenor-street, aged constant attendant at the anniversary 59, Henry Gally Knight, esq., of Firbeck meetings of several of the metropolitan Hall and Langold, Yorkshire, M. P. for societies connected with literature and art. the Northern Division of Nottingham Some time between the years 1824 and shire, a Deputy Lieutenant of that county, 18:28 Mr. Knight was elected M. P. for and a magistrate for Yorkshire. This Aldborough, under the auspices of the distinguished traveller and accomplished Duke of Newcastle ; but, differing in virtuoso and antiquary was born Dec. 2, opinion with his grace on the claims of 1786, the only son of Henry Gally the Catholics to unconditional emancipa.

DEATHS.-Feb. tion, he was induced to tender his resigna- the Society for the Suppression of Cruelty tion, and accepted the Chiltern Hundreds. to Animals. In 1830 he was elected for the borough of 12. At Laverstoke House, Hampshire, Malton, in the interest of Earl Fitzwil- aged 91, William Portal, esq., M.A. liam ; and in 1835 Mr. Knight was elect In Thayer.street, Oxford-street, in ed for North Nottinghamshire, in the his 50th year, Sir George William Lefevre, room of Lord Lumley, who had been Knt., late Physician to the British Emcalled to the House of Peers by the death basy at St. Petersburg. He was author of of his father, the Earl of Scarborough. the Life of a Travelling Physician,” and At the general election in 1837, Mr. of several medical treatises. The eccenKnight again offered himself for that tricity which had marked this gentleman's division of the county in conjunction with career terminated in insanity, and he Thomas Holdsworth, esq., and succeeded destroyed himself, when in a state of great after a severe contest, and continued to depression, by taking prussic acid. hold his seat undisturbed until his death. 13. Suddenly, at Tyers-terr. Vauxhall, In Parliament Mr. Knight was a fluent Mr. George Samouelle, the well-known though not a very frequent speaker. In entomologist, for many years of the British private life a more estimable man never


He was the author of the existed, for in all the social relations he “ Entomologist's Useful Compendium,” greatly excelled. Mr. Gally Knight mar “ Directions for Preserving Exotic Inried, in 1828, Henrietta, third daughter of sects," “ Manual of Entomology,” &c. Anthony Hardolph Eyre, esq. of Grove, At his chambers, in Essex-court, Nottinghamshire, but had no issue, Temple, Thomas George Waller, esq.

9. Aged 61, Mr. Robert Armour, of At the College, Salisbury, aged 74, Brighton, formerly of Crown Court, Old John Campbell Wyndham, esq., of that Change, last surviving brother of Jean place and of Dunoon, Scotland. He was Armour, the wife of Robert Burns. born October 30, 1771, the son and heir

10. William Balfour, esq., a retired of Colonel John Campbell, esq., of DuCaptain R. N. This gentleman was a noon, and of Blunham House, Bedfordmidshipman of the Irresistible, 74, Capt. shire, Governor of Chelsea Hospital, by (afterwards Sir George) Martin, and was Susanna, daughter and coheir of John wounded in the battle off Cape St. Vin

His early life was passed in cent, Feb. 14, 1797. He obtained his the army, from which he retired when he first commission in 1801, and received had obtained the rank of Lieutenantanother wound whilst serving as Lieuten Colonel. He married Sept. 28, 1797, ant of the Cleopatra frigate, commanded Caroline - Frances, daughter of Henry by Sir Robert Laurie, in her desperate Penruddocke Wyndham, esq., M.P. for action with la Ville de Milan,, a French Wiltshire; and on the death of his brothernational ship of very superior force, Feb. in-law, the late Wadham Wyndham, esq., 16, 1805. ' The Cleopatra was taken ; M. P. for Salisbury, he assumed, together but the Ville de Milan was so severely with his lady, the additional name and crippled, that she fell an easy victim to arms of Wyndham after Campbell, by the Leander, 50, six days after. Lieut. royal sign-manual dated April 3, 1844. Balfour was promoted to the rank of 15. At his seat, Cockenhatch, near Commander, Jan. 22, 1806. He was Royston, Hertfordshire, General Sir Wila subsequently appointed to the Cocka liam Henry Clinton, G.C.B. Colonel of trice and Woodlark sloops. He retired the 55th Foot, Lieutenant-Governor of with the rank of Captain, September 10, Chelsea Hospital, Member of the Board 1840.

of General Officers, and Commissioner of 11. At Cowley, near Uxbridge, aged the Royal Military College and Royal 71, the Rev. Henry Campbell. By the Military Asylum.' Sir William Henry will of Mr. Campbell, the following Clinton was descended from the sixth charities will, upon the demise of his wi Earl of Lincoln, and was the elder son of dow, become entitled to an equal partici. Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Clinton, pation of the sum of 15,0001., viz. : K.B. who was commander-in-chief in ihe Hospital for Consumption and Dis. America, by Harriet, daughter of Thomas eases of the Chest, the Church Mission Carter, esq., and was the elder brother of ary Society, the British and Foreign Bible Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Clinton, Society, the Society for the Conversion G.C.B., Colonel of the 3rd Foot, who of the Jews, the London Missionary So. died in 1829. Sir William entered the ciety, the Religious Tract Society, and army in 1784, as a Cornet in the 7th Light Vol. LXXXVIII:


Lewis, esq.

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