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MARRIAGES. At Tunstall, Kent, the Rev. Newton Dickenson, to Mary Dorothea, Edward Kaye Burney, M.A., son of youngest daughter of Colonel Fitzgerald, the Venerable Archdeacon Burney, to of Maperton House, Somerset. Emily Dulcibella, daughter of the late 27. At Lindridge, Samuel John Heath. Rev. George Moore, Canon of Canter cote, esq., to Mary Sidney Smith, eldest bury.

daughter of the late Sir Christopher At Freshwater, Isle of Wight, Sidney Smith. John Duke Coleridge, esq., eldest son At Stillington, Ralph Creyke, esq., of the Hon. Mr. Justice Coleridge, to of Rawcliffe Hall, and of Marton, YorkJane Fortescue, third daughter of the shire, to Louisa Frances, second daughRev. G. T. Seymour, of Farringford, ter of Colonel Croft, of Stillington Hall, Isle of Wight.

in the same county. 12. At St. George's, Hanover-square,

At Silverton, Devon, Lieutenant the Right Hon. Sidney Herbert, to Eliza and Adjutant Charles Bentley, 51st Regibeth, daughter of Major-General A'Court, ment, to Eliza, youngest daughter of the of Amington Hall, Warwickshire. Rev. Charles Tripp, D.D., Rector of

13. At Farnborough, John, eldest son Silverton. of John Hardy, esq., M.P., of Wortley 29. At St. Mary's, Kilkenny, Charles Park, Hants, to Laura, third daughter of William Tupper, esq., Seventh Fusiliers, William Holbech, esq., of Farnborough,

to Frances Letitia, daughter of Sir Warwickshire.

Wheeler Cuffe, Bart., of Leyrath, Kil. At Plymouth, W. H. Prance, esq., kenny. of Plymouth, to Elizabeth Penrose, only At the Abbey Church, the Hon. daughter of Captain Coode, R.N., C.B., Charles A. W. H. Noel Hill, youngest and grand-daughter of the late Vice.. son of the Right Hon. and Rev. the Admiral Sir C. V. Penrose, C.B. Lord Berwick, of Attingham, Shropshire,

18. At Woolwich, Captain Bainbrigge, to Catherine Mary, eldest daughter of Royal Engineers, to Margaret, daughter Charles Marsh Adams, esq., of the of Colonel Paterson.

Abbey, Shrewsbury. At Stony Middleton, Derbyshire, At St. George's, Hanover-square, Frederick Holland, esq., Lieut. R. N., E. H. Greene, esq., of Hinxton, Camto Anne, fifth daughter of Lord Denman. bridgeshire, to Julia, eldest daughter of

19. At Plymouth, the Rev. J. Smythe, Francis Forester, esq., of St. James's. to Catherine Lucretia, daughter of the place, and niece of the Duke of Clevelate J. Jago, D.D., Vicar of Milton land. Abbot, Devon.

31. At Wilton Church, near Taunton, 20. At St. Chad's, Lichfield, the Rev. Lieutenant-Colonel Elliott, of EdinHenry S. Cerjat, Rector of West Hors- burgh, to Mary, daughter of the late ley, Surrey, to Frances Charlotte, second J. S. Patton, esq., of the Friary, Lich. daughter of the Hon. and Rev. A. P. field. Perceval.

At Tinnis, Selkirkshire, James At Exton Church, Rutland, An Samuel, esq., Civil Engineer, London, drew Agnew, esq., eldest son of Sir to Margaret Lydia, second daughter of Andrew Agnew, Bart., of Lochnaw the late James Hogg, esq., of Altrive Castle, N.B., to the Lady Louisa Noel, Lake, Author of the “ Queen's Wake," eldest daughter of the Earl of Gains &c. borough.

SEPTEMBER. At Aberdour, James Lysaght, esq., of Carrigmore, Cork, to Adelaide Jan 1. At St. Mary's Church, Leamingnetta Douglas, fifth daughter of the late ton, William Rivett Carnac, esq., to Major-General Beatson, formerly Go Mary Anstruthey, third daughter of Pervernor of St. Helena,

civals. Wilkinson, of Mount Oswald, At Trinity Church, St. Marylebone, Durham. Captain Stracy, Scots Fusilier Guards, At Cheltenham, the Rev. R. Hayto Harriet, daughter of Edward Marjori man Whiteway, to Sarah Elizabeth, only banks, esq., of Wimpole-street.

daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel SpedAt Norwood, the Rev. G. Towns- ding, late 4th Light Dragoons. hend Driffield, Rector of Bow, Middle At Greenlaw House, the Rev. sex, to Ann Sisum, widow of the late John Wilson, D.D., Bombay, to Isabella, George Geoffrey Wyatville, esq.

second daughter of the late James Dennis25. At Maperton, the Rev. Edward toun, esq., of Dennistoun. At the same

MARRIAGES. time, William Gillespie Mitchell, esq., of Rose Ellen, youngest daughter of the Carwood, to Jessie, youngest daughter of late John Robinson, esq. the late James Dennistoun, esq., of Den 13. At Croom, Richard Fetherston, nistoun.

esq., of Rockview, Westmeath, to 2. At Denton Park, Yorkshire, the Rosetta, daughter of Sir David Roche, Lord John Hay, C.B., to Mary Anne, Bart., of Carass. eldest daughter of the late Donald 15. At Beckenham, Kent, the Rev. Cameron, of Lochiel.

Francis Bourdillon, Vicar of St. Mary's, At Stoke Damarel, Charles James Huntingdon, to Sophia, fourth daughter Cruttwell, esq., of the Inner Temple, of Lancelot Holland, csq., of Langley Barrister-at-law, to Elizabeth Anne, Farm, Beckenham. eldest daughter of Captain Sanders, R. N. 17. At Halifax, Nova Scotia, the Hon.

At Handsworth Church, William William Kennedy, R. A., son of the late Henry Muntz, esq., second son of G. F. Earl of Cassillis, to Sarah Jane, eldest Muniz, M.P., to Alice, second daughter daughter of the late William M. De of George Parker, esq., of Church Hill Blois. House.

18. At the Catholic Chapel, SpanishAt Wasperton Church, the Rev. place, Manchester-square, C. R. S. MurRandolph Skipwith, son of Sir Grey ray, esq., formerly M. P. for Aylesbury, Skipwith, Bart., of Newbold Hall, to to the Hon. Amelia Fraser, eldest daughMary Holden, daughter of the Rev. ter of Lord Lovat. Henry Steward, Rugby.

22. In St. Anne's Church, Dublin, 3. At Bombay, Arthur Malet, esq., the Rev. Andrew Noble Bredin, to Mary Secretary to Government, fifth son of the Wilhelmina, third daughter of the late late Sir Charles Warre Malet, Bart., to Robert Cooper, esq., of Baggot-street. Mary Sophia Marcia, third daughter of At St. Thomas's Chapel, Ryde, J. P. Willoughby, esq., Member of Head Pottinger Besi, esq., of Donnington Council.

Castle House, Berks, to Jane, eldest At St. James's Church, the Vis daughter of George Stratton, esq., forcount Stopford, son of the Earl of Cour. merly a member of the Government of town, to the Hon. Elizabeth Frances Fort St. George. Milles, second daughter of Lord Sondes. At St. Paul's, Chichester, Gustavus

5. At the Abbey Church, Malvern, N. Yonge, esq., of the 2nd or Queen's Lieutenant-Colonel Eyre J. Crabbe, Royal Regiment, to Harriet, youngest K. H., to Harriet Louisa, widow of the daughter of J. B. Freeland, esq., of late Vice-Admiral Hollis.

Chichester. 7. In Paris, Lionel Standish, esq., 23. At Lyndhurst, Frederick A. Lusheldest son of Charles Standish, esq., ington, esq., youngest son of Sir Henry M.P. for Wigan, to Mademoiselle Sabine Lushington, Bart., to Lady Margaret de Noailles, only daughter of the late Julia Hay, youngest daughter of WilPrince-Duke de Poix, and sister to the liam, fifteenth Earl of Errol. Duke de Mouchy.

At Cunnoquie House, Fifeshire, 8. At Wistow Hall, Albert, eldest son William Pitcairn, esq., M. D., H.E.I.C.S., of the late Sir Albert Pell, to. Elizabeth to Agnes Paston, fitth daughter of the Barbara, only daughter of Sir Henrylate Colonel Paterson, of Cunnoquie. Halford, Bart., M.P.

At Broughton Pogis, Oxfordshire, At Keswick, Robert Lambert Tur Thomas David, third son of John Tayner, esq., A.D.C., of the Royal Irish lor, esq., of Berkeley-square, Bristol, to Fusiliers, to Mary Ann, daughter of the Charlotte Ann, third daugh:er of the late Joseph Gunson, esq., of Ingwell, in Rev. J. J. Goodenough, D.D., Rector Cumberland.

of the said parish. 9. At the Church of St. Peter Port, 24. At Rotherfield, Grays, Oxon, David Guernsey, the Rev. Robert Ornsby, M.A. John Maitland, esq.. son of the late to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of William Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Maitland, Dalgairns, esq., of Rosaire, Guernsey. H.C.S., of Chipperkyle, N.B., to Matilda

10. At Havant, A. F. Carey, esq., to Leathes, daughter of the late Sir John Harriet Mary, younger daughter of the C. Mortlock. late Vice. Admiral Sir J. Brenton, Bart., At Kill Church, James Hewitt, K.C.B., K.S.F.

esq., eldest son of the Hon. and Rev. 12. At St. Mary's, Bryanston-square, John Pratt Hewitt, to Fanny, only daughthe Rev. Joseph Thackeray, M.A., to ter of the late Francis Synge Hutchin.

MARRIAGES. son, esq., and the Lady Louisa Synge Francis, youngest daughter of the late Hutchinson.

Thomas Read Kemp, esq., of Kemp 25. At Dacca, William M`Neile, esq., Town, Brighton. 5th Regiment Native Infantry, to Jane At Barton-on-the-Heath, the Rev. Eliza, daughter of Major J. Jervis, com Charles Benet Calley, Vicar of Hanningmanding the same regiment.

ton, Wilts, youngest son of Jolin James 26. The Rev. Richard Hollings, In Calley, esq., of Blunsdon St. Andrew, cumbent of St. John's, Newport, Isle of Wilts, to Julia Susanna, third daughter of Wight, to Sara Otway, second daughter the Rev. J. Scholefield, B.D., Rector of of ihe late Colonel Mayne, formerly of Barton-on-the-Heath, Warwickshire. the Life Guards.

7. At St. Andrew's Church, Plymouth, 28. At St. Paul's, Wilton-place, Gore William, son of Thomas Gill, esq., M. P., Somerset D'Arcy Irvine, esq., R. F.B., of Buckland Abbey, Devon, to Georgiana, youngest son of Sir George Irvine, Bart., daughter of Captain Sir Thomas Fel. of Castle Irvine, County Fermanagh, to lowes, C.B., of Stonehouse, Devon. Emblyn, youngest daughter of J. Knox 8. At St. Mark's, Kennington, Mr. Hanyngton, esq., of Dungannon Castle, Thomas Horwood, of Austin Friars, eldest County Tyrone.

son of Thomas Horwood, esq., of the 29. At Bucklesham, Ipswich, Marcus Middle Temple. to Eliza Anne, only William, son of Marcus John Annesiey, daughter of the late James Moore French, esq., late of Oakley, County Down, to esq., of the Royal Exchange, London. Frances Elizabeth, relict of Henry Hor At the Church of Walton-le-Dale, dern, esq., of Dunstall Hall, and sister of Lancashire, the Rev. Charles Bickmore, Sir Holyoake Goodricke, Bart.

M. A., of Berkswell Hall, Warwickshire, 30. At Carlton, the Rev. Edward Trol to Elizabeth, daughter of William Calrow, lope, Rector of Leasingham, son of the esq., of the Hall, Walton-le-Dale. late, and brother of the present, Sir John At Fawley, near Southampton, R. G. Trollope, Bart., M.P., of Casewick, to Lumley, esq., of Tickbill Castle, York Grace, daughter of Sir John Henry Pal- shire, to Frederica Mary Adeliza, daughmer, Bart., of Carlton Park, Northamp

Andrew R. and Lady Elizabeth tonshire.

Drummond, of Cadland Park, and grandOCTOBER

daughter of his Grace the Duke of Rutland.

9. At the Chapel of the British Em. 1. At St. Mary's, Athlone, Lieutenant- bassy, at Paris, Charles Ernest, Baron de Colonel Thomas Gorc Brown, Royal Lubersac, only son of the Vicomte de Artillery, to the Hon. Anne Stretton, Lubersac, of Rochefort, Seine et Oise, to relict of the late Colonel Stretton, C. B., Augusta, eldest daughter of the Rev. Perand youngest daughter of the late Lord cival Frye, St. Winnow, Cornwall. Castlemaine.

10. At Springfield Church, Essex, 2. At All Souls' Church, George Agar Edmund, youngest son of John Round, Thompson, esq., 93rd Highlanders, son of esq., M. P. for Maldon, to Louisa CaroJ. Thompson, esq., M.D., late of the line, third daughter of Charles George Royal Artillery, to Ellen Elizabeth Ann Parker, esq., of Springfield Place, Essex. Newton, daughter of the Rev. Alfred Pad 11. At Wroughten, the seat of John ley, of Bulwell Hall, Nottinghamshire. Lovell, esq., Captain Francis Lovell (First

5. At St. George's, Hanover-square, Life Guards), to the Lady Rose Somerset, Henry John Milbank, esq., son of Mr. fourth daughter of the Duke and Duchess and Lady Augusta Milbank, to the Lady of Beaufort. Margaret Henrietta Maria Grey, only 13. John Talbot Rice, youngest son daughter of the late Lord Grey of Groby, of the Dean of Gloucester, to Clara Louisa, and sister to the present Earl of Stamford daughter of Sir John Chandos Reade, and Warrington.

Bart., of Shipton Court, Oxfordshire. 6. At St. John's Church, Paddington, Al Lymington, Hants, Michell Captain Sandbam, of the Royal Horse Frank H. Crozier, esq., Madras Civil Artillery, eldest son of Major Sandham, Service, youngest son of Rairson B. Croof Rowdell House, Sussex, to Mary zier, esq., of West Hill, Yarmouth, Isle of Georgiana, daughter of Robert Gear, esq., Wight, to Harriet, eldest daughter of the of Oxford square, Hyde-park.

Rev. Sir George Burrard, Bart., of Wal. At Stotfold, Beds, Thomas Jesson, hampton, Hants. jun., esq., eldest son of Thomas Jessoa, At Attleburgh, Norfolk, the Rev. esq., of Beech House, Hants, to Anne William Weller Poley, M. A., second son


MARRIAGES. of George Weller Poley, of Boxted Hall, youngest daughter of J. S. Brownrigg, Suffolk, to Margaret

Tyers, only child

of esq., M.P. for Boston. the Rev. Jonathan Tyers Barrett, D.D., 27. At Amherstburgh, Canada West, Rector of Attleburgh.

H. Stanley Jones, esq., Deputy AssistantAt St. Mary's Church, Bryanston- Commissary-General, to Agnes, second square, Captain Sir George Back, R.N., daughter of Major Mutir, Royal Canadian to Theodosia Elizabeth, relict of the late Rifles. Anthony Hammond, esq., of Savill-row. At Wellesbourne, Warwickshire,

14. Åt Mancitta Church, Warwick Richard Hemming, esq., Bordesley Park, shire, William Marshall Cochrane, esq., Worcestershire, to Catherine Hester, only son of the Hon. Major William Erskine daughter of Hugh Davies Griffith, esq., Cochrane, to Mary, relict of P. B. Mar Caer Rhyn, Carnarvonshire. shall, esq., and youngest daughter of 28. Ai St. Michael's Church, Toxteth, William Hussey, esq., of Glasgow. the Rev. Gilbert Sandbach, Rector of

15. At Exmouth, William Henry Sam-. Upper Sapey, Herefordshire, to Margaret, well George, esq., only son of the late youngest daughter of the late Archibald Rev. W. H. George, of Spaxton, Somer- Maxwell, esq., of Kelton, Kirkcudbrightsetshire, to Emily Nissa, daughter of the shire. late W. G. Kirkpatrick, esq., and grand 29. At Reigate Church, the Rev. daughter of the late Colonel Kirkpatrick, Francis Henry Murray, second son of the resident of Hyderabad.

Bishop of Rochester, Rector of Chisel20. At Croscombe, Somersetshire, burst, to Fanny Catherine, third daughter John Fenwick Wilkinson, esq., of Histas. of John L. Anderson, esq. ton Court. Herefordshire, to Emily Louisa, 31. At St. George's, Hanover-square, second daughter of Edmund East, esq., of Lancelot Rolleston, esq., of Watnall Hall, Hoo Hall, Rivenhall, Essex.

Nottinghamshire, M.P. for the South At Balsham Church, Cambridge- Division of the same county, to Eleanor shire, the Rev. Edward Gurdon, youngest Charlotte, only surviving daughter of the son of T. T. Gurdon, of Litton, Norfolk, late Mr. and Lady Anne Fraser. to M. W. Frederica, third daughter of the At St. Nicholas Church, Brighton, late W. Frere, esq., Sergeant-at-law, and Sir Francis John Ford, Bart., to CorMaster of Downing College.

nelia Maria, eldest daughter of General At St. George's, Hanover-square, Sir Ralph Darling. John Collett, esq., M.P. for Athlone, to Ermingarde, only surviving daughter of

NOVEMBER. the late William Radclyffe, esq., of Dar 2. At Lympstone Church, George ley Hall, Yorkshire,

Tobin, esq., Queen's Royal Regiment, The Rev. Joseph Cross, M. A., Vicar son of Major-General Tobin, R. A., to of Merriott, Somersctshire, to Caroline Louisa, only daughter of Thomas WilMary, second daughter of Francis Ri. liams, esq., Sowden, Lympstone, Devon, chardson, esq., of Langford House, Five Commander, R.N. head, in the same county:

3. At St. George's, Hanover-square, At St. George's, Hanover-square, Leopold Grimston °Paget, Esq., Royal Hugh Montgomery, esq., of Grey Abbey, Horse Artillery, youngest son of the late County Antrim, to Lady Charlotte Eli Hon. Berkeley Paget, to Georgiana Theozabeth Herbert, second daughter of the dosia, only child of the Rev. J. F. Moore Earl of Powis.

Halsey, of Gaddesden Park, Herts. 22. At Limerick, Captain Thomas Ed 4. At St. George's, Hanover-square, mund Knox, 85th King's Light Infantry, Hugh H. Seymour, esq., to Georgiana, only son of the Hon. Captain E. S. P. daughter of Lieutenant-General Robert Knox, R. N., to Lucy Diana Maunsell, Ellice. third daughter of the Venerable the Arch At Digswell, Hertfordshire, Sir deacon of Limerick.

Jacob Henry Preston, Bart., of Beeston At Burnfoot, Dumfries-shire, Patrick Hall, Norfolk, to Amelia, youngest daughN. V. Dudgeon, son of Lieutenant-Co ter of the late William Willoughby Preslonel Dudgeon, Edinburgh, to Lilias, cott, esq., of Hendon, Middlesex. daughter of the late George Whigham, At Whitby, Yorkshire, the Rev. esq., of Halliday-hill.

G. J. Morehead, M. A., Rector of Easing. 26. At St. Paul's Church, Knights- ton, to Frances Alicia, eldest daughter of bridge, Sir John Edward Harington, Bart., the late Major F. Smalpage, Bengal of the Coldstream Guards, to Jane Agnes, Cavalry.

MARRIAGES. 5. At Trinity Church, Ryde, Isle of F.R.S., late Surveyor-General of India, Wight, Arthur Oakes, esq., of her Majes- of Claybrook Hall

, Leicestershire, to ty's 13th (Prince Albert's) Light Infantry, Emma, eldest daughter of Thomas Wing, to Sarah Caroline, second daughter of esq., of Gray's Inn, and Hampstead, Mid. the late Rev. J. Bushnell, Vicar of dlesex. Beanham Valance, Berks.

At St. John's, Paddington, the Rev. 7. At St. Peter's, Eaton-square, the Charles Burney, M. A., Incumbent of St. Earl of Elgin and Kincardine, to the James the Apostle, Greensted Green, Lady Mary Louisa Lambton, eldest eldest son of the Venerable Archdeacon daughter of the late Earl of Durham. Burney, to Mary, eldest daughter of the

10. At Waltham Abbey, Philip Mel- late Lieutenant-Colonel John Carmichael. moth Nelson Guy, esq., Captain in her At Blithfield Hall, Staffordshire, Majesty's 5th Fusileers, to Anne Elizabeth, Captain H. Bagot, R. N., second son of eldest daughter of Captain J. H. Plum- the Bishop of Bath and Wells, to Miss ridge, R. N., M.P.

Frederica 'W. Bagot, youngest daughter In London, the Marquis of Ailsa, of the late Right Hon. Sir Charles Bagot, to Julia, second

of the late Sir At Dunchideock, the Rev. Henry Richard Mounteney Jephson, Bart. Palk, Rector of Brioford, second son of Sir

At Dalham Hall, Suffolk, the Rev. Lawrence Vaughan Palk, Bart., of Haldon S. Charles, M.A. of Trinity College, House, to Isabella Mary, daughter of James Cambridge, to Marian, youngest daughter Pitman, esq., of Dunchideock House. of the Rev. Sir Robert Affleck, Bart., of 21. At the Sardinian Embassy Chapel, Dalham Hall, and grand-daughter of the Miles Gerald Keon, esq., only son of the late Hon. Sir Elijah Impey, Chief Justice late Miles Keon, esq., and the Countess of Bengal.

Magawley, of Keon Brooke, Leitrim, to At Rippingale, the Rev. Henry Ann de la Pierre, second daughter of Harris, A.M., Vicar of Horbling, to Mrs. Major Hawkes, late of her Majesty's 21st Thomas Darby, second daughter of the Light Dragoons. Rev. W. T. Waters, Rector of the former 24. At Christ Church, Albany-street, place.

the Rev. William Whitehead, Fellow of 12. At Trinity Church, Marylebone, Worcester College, Oxford, and Curate J. Ireland Blackburne, esq., Captain 5th of Camberwell, to Harriet, youngest daughDragoon Guards, only son of John Ireland ter of the late Rev. Richard Loxham, Blackburne, esq., M.P., of Hale, Lanca Rector of Halsall, Lancashire, and Inshire, to Mary, eldest daughter of Sir cumbent of St. John's, Liverpool. Henry Bold Hoghton, Bart., of Hoghton At Muff, county of Londonderry, Tower, in the same county.

John Scaife, esq., to Emily Sarah FranAt Stoke Church, Plymouth, Frede. ces, eldest daughter of the late Lieutenantrick John O. Evans, esq., R. N., to Elizabeth Colonel H. W. Wilkinson and Lady Mary, eldest daughter of Captain Charles Hesilrigge. Hall, R.N., Stoke.

25. At St. Thomas's, Dublin, Henry At Llanarth Chapel, according to the Brownrigg, esq., only son of Thomas rites of the Roman Catholic Church, and Brownrigg, esq., of Greenfield, County afterwards at the parish church of Llanover, Dublin, to Mary Matilda, eldest daughter John Arthur Jones, esq., eldest son of of the late Capt. Alexander Hanna, 56th John Jones, esq., and the Lady Harriet Regiment. Jones, of Llanarth Court and Treowen, 26. At Welwyn, Herts, the Hon. and Monmouthshire, to Augusta Charlotte Rev. Richard Godolphin Henry Hastings, Elizabeth, only child of Sir Benjamin youngest son of the late and brother of the Hall, Bart., of Llanover Court and Aber- present Earl of Huntingdon, to Agnes, the carne, in the same county.

sixth daughter of Henry Fynes Clinton, At Wokingham, the Rev. Henry esq., of Welwyn. Le Grand Boyce, M.A., to Cordelia, At St. Peter's, Dublin, John Seud. eldest daughter of Captain Henry Browne amore, esq., to Anne, relict of John HolMason, R.N., of Hillfield, Yateley, Hants. land, esq., Lieutenant R. N., and daugh

16. At Bruck in Styria, the Duc de ter of the late Capt. William Boxer, R. N. Bordeaux (son of the Duc de Berri, and 28. At St. George's Hanover-square, claiming to be King of France), to the the Hon. Beilby Lawley, eldest son of Princess Theresa of Modena.

Lord Wenlock, to the Lady Elizabeth 17. At St. George's, Hanover-square, Grosvenor, third daughter of the Marquis Lieutenant-Colonel George Everest, of Westminster.

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