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BIRTHS. 15. At Windlestone, Durham, Lady 8. At Heathstown House, County Eden, a daughter.

Westmeath, the lady of Richard Dyas, 17. At Bitteswell Hall, Leicestershire,

csq., a son. the Hon. Mrs. Corbet Smith, a son.

In Park-lane, the lady of Henry 19. At Kilmore, near Monaghan, the Langley, esq, of Buttas Castle, Tipperary, lady of Captain Herbert Schomberg,

a son and heir. R.N., a son.

At Harewood, Yorkshire, the Hon. The lady of W. H. March, esq., Mrs. Arthur Lascelles, a daughter. Newtown House, Moate, a son and heir. 9. In Eaton-place, the lady of Henry

20. In l'pper Grosvenor-street, the Barkly, esq., M.P., a son. Right Hon. Lady Elibank, a son.

11. At Goldings, Lady Townsend FarIn Gloucester - place, Portman- quhar, a daughter. square. the lady of Captain Corry, R.N., 14. At Condie House, Perthshire, Mrs. a daughter.

Oliphant, of Condie, a son and heir. 21. In Sussex-square, the lady of Cap At Clarendon Park, near Salisbury, tain Moorsom, a son.

Lady Hervey Bathurst, a son, who sur22. In Stanhope street, the Viscountess vived only a few minutes. Jocelyn, a son and heir.

15. Ai Dover, the lady of LieutenantThe lady of Sir John Power, Bart., Colonel Furlong, K.H., 43rd Light InKilfane, county of Kilkenny, a son, fantry, a son.

23. At the seat of Lord Macdonald, In Norfolk-crescent, the lady of Sir Armadale Castle, Isle of Skye, the Lady George Philip Lee, a son. Macdonald, a daughter.

At Dublin, the lady of Fitzstephen At the Dowager Lady Arundell's, French, esq., M.P., a daughter. the Hon. Mrs. Neave, a daughter.

The lady of Dr. Phelps, Master of 24. At Wennington Hall, Lancashire, Sidney College, Cambridge, a son. the lady of W. A. F. Saunders, esq., a 16.' At Windsor, the lady of Ralph daughter.

Neville, esg., M.P., a son and heir. In Henrietta-street, Cavendish. 17. In Eaton-place, the Viscountess square, the lady of Captain Manners, Melgund, a son. R.N., a daughter.

18. At the Vicarage, Harborne, Staf25. At Richmond, Surrey, the lady of fordshire, the Hon. Mrs. William Law, a Dr. Blyth, a son.

26. In Duke-street, Portland-place, At Stafford House, the Marchioness the lady of G. A. Macfarren, esq., a son. of Lorne, a son.

At Harewood House, the Countess 19. In Dover-street, the Countess of of Harewood, a daughter.

Sandwich, a daughter. 28. At Hazlewood Hall, Yorkshire, the 23. At Falmouth, the lady of Comlady of the Hon. William Vavasour, a son mander J. G. Dick, R. N., a daughter. and heir.

25. At Dalchully House, Inverness30. In Grosvenor-street, Lady Millicent shire, the lady of William James SnodJones, a daughter.

grass, a son.

In Montague-place, Russell-square, DECEMBER

Lady Fellows, a son. 1. At Clifton, the lady of G. H. Skel 26. At Sufton Court, near Hereford, ton, esq., a daughter.

Mrs. Egerton Hubbard, a son At South Park, Penshurst, Kent, 27. In Pembroke-road, Dublin, the the seat of her father, the Right Hon. Viscountess Bangor, a son. Viscount Hardinge, the lady of Lieutenant 28. At Regent-place West, RegentColonel Cunynghame, Grenadier Guards, square, the lady of William Weir, esq., a a daughter, siill-born.

daughter. 2. At Bedale Hall, Yorkshire, the Hon.

At Clapham-common, the lady of Mrs. John Beresford, a son.

John Humphery, esq., M.P., a daughter. 4. The lady of Russell Martyn Riccard, 29. At Merstham Rectory, Surrey, the esq., of The Nunnery, Southmolton, De- lady of George Lyall, jun., esq , a daugh

ter, still-born, 5. At Hedgerley Park, the lady of 30. At Bloomsbury Rec:ory, the Hon. Rice R. Clayton, esq., M.P., a son. Mrs. Montague Villiers, a daughter.


von, a son.


Wrottesley, youngest son of the late MARRIAGES.

Lord Wrottesley, to Ellen Charlotte, third

daughter of G. Rush, esq., of Elsenham 1845.

Hall, Essex.

9. At Abbey Hill House, Edinburgh, Nov. 8. At Kussowlee, Lieutenant

James Johnstone, esq., of Alva, to the Colonel Gough, C.B., 3rd Dragoons, to

Hon. W. Augusta A. Norton, youngest Margaret

, fifth daughter of Major-General daughter of the late Hon. Fletcher Nor. Sir John M.Caskill, K.C.B.

ton, one of the Barons of the Exchequer. 19. At Bangalore, George Horne, esq.,

12. At Ulleston Park, Yorkshire, the of the King's Hussars, son of Sir William

seat of Lord Stourton, W. Vavasour, esq., Horne, to Agnes Mary, daughter of the late John Greig, esq.

son of the Hon. Sir E. Vavasour, Bart., Dec. 2. At the Cathedral, Bombay, of Lord Clifford, of Ugbrooke, Devon.

to the Hon. Constantia Clifford, daughter Thomas Edward Tanner, esq., to Mary Catherine, eldest daughter of the late

13. At Paddington Church, LieuTheodore E. Hook, esq.

tenant-Colonel Vivian, Ist Madras Fusi

liers, to Emma Charlotte, relict of the At Charlton, Kent, by the Rev. J. B. Maude, sen., Fellow of Queen's College,

late Captain H. Gordon.

14. At Blarney Church, Sir George Oxford, Alfred, youngest son of the late

C. Colthurst, Bart., of Ardrum House, Edward Suart, esq., of Lime Hill, Tunbridge Wells, to Rosamond Mary Anne, daughter of St. John Jefferys, esq., of

county of Cork, to Louisa Jane, only only daughter of the late Francis Weller, Blarney Castle, in the same county: esq., Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Regiment,

15. At St. Peter's Church, 'Eaton. and of Tunbridge Wells. 3. At the Cathedral, Calcutta, William

square, James Newburgh Strange, Com

mander, R.N., third son of the late Sir Ritchie, esq., M. A., Barrister-at-law, to

Thomas Strange, to Charlotte Maria, Augusta Charlotte, eldest daughter of the late Captain Trimmer, R. N.

youngest daughter of the late George 9. At the Cathedral Church, Calcutta,

Eyre, esq., of Warrens, Wilts. Major Wm. Anderson, C.B., Bengal Ar

17. At St. James's, Paddington, Fretillery, to Frances Sophia Pattle, youngest Weston, eldest daughter of William Cox,

derick Edward Chapman, esq. to Ann daughter of the late Trevor Chicheley Plowden, esq., B.C.S.

esq., of Oxford-terrace, Hyde-park, and Cheshunt, Herts.

18. At Rayne Church, Essex, the Rev. 1846.

Alexander Fletcher, D.D., of Finsbury

Chapel, London, to Lydia, daughter of JANUARY

Richard Baynes, esq., of Rayne Lodge. 1. G. T. W. Sibthorp, esq., eldest son 20. At Wynberg, Cape of Good Hope, of Colonel W. Sibthorp, M.P., to Louisa, Lord Francis Kerr, of H.M.S. Winchesthird daughter of R. Cracroft, esq., of ter, to Emily, second daughter of Sir Hackthorne, Lincolnshire.

Peregrine Maitland, K.C. B., Governor At Christ Church, Byculla, Met of the Cape Colony. calf Larkin, esq., Bombay Civil Service, At St Mary's Church, Aylesbury, to Sarah, second daughter of John Penny. the Rev. Arthur Pearson, to Mary Isacuick, of Soilarie, C.B. and K. H., Lieu. bella, the second daughter of Thomas tenant-Colonel 17th Regiment, and Com Tindal, esq., of the former place. mandant of the Garrison of Bombay. 21. At St. George's, Hanover-square,

3. At Hampton, Edward Hammond, the Hon. and Rev. William Toury Law, esq., to Mary Frances, third daughter of Chancellor of the Diocese of Bath and the late Right Hon. Lord Robert Kerr. Wells, son of the late Lord Ellenborough,

6 At Bideford, Devon, Henry Staf. to Matilda, second daughter of the late Sir ford Northcote, esq., eldest son of Sir Henry C. Montgomery, Bart. Stafford Northcote, Bart., of Pynes House, At St. George's, Hanover-square, to Catherine, daughter of the late Thomas Walter Long, esq., eldest son of Walter Robbins, esq.

Long, esq., M.P., of Rood Ashton, 8. At Heaversham Church, Jane, eldest Wilts., to Harriet Averina, only child of daughter of James Gaudy, esq., Heaves the late John Owen Herbert, Lodge, Westmoreland, to Captain Bran. Dolforgan, Montgomeryshire. dreth, Scots Fusilier Guards.

26. At Pottersbury Church, NorthampAt Elsenham, the Hon. E. B. tonshire, the Hon. Edward G. Douglas

esq., of

MARRIAGES. Pennant, M.P., to Lady Louisa Fitzroy, late John Casement, esq., of Invermore, youngest daughter of the Duke of Grafton. Antrim.

28. At Old Connaught, Henry Quin, At Astbury, Captain Archer, 4th esq., of Wingfield, to the Hon. Isabella, Dragoon Guards, to Eliza, eldest daughter third daughter of Lord Plunket.

of Clement Swetenham, esq., of Somer29. At Brighton, James William ford, Cheshire. Drake, esq., R. N., to Sarah, youngest At St. George's, Hanover-square, daughter of Robert T. Heysham, esq., the Rev. Henry Blunt, to Charlotte Mary, late of Stagenhoe-park, and of Weston second daughter of the late Thomas Lordship, Herts.

Daniell, esq., of Little Berkhampstead, 30. At Bergheim, in the Principality Herts. of Waldeck, in Germany, Colonel 17. At St. Mary Abbot's, Kensington, Charles A. F. Bentinck, of the Cold. Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Farrant, stream Guards, Count of the Holy Ro K. L. S., Secretary of Legation at the man Empire, to Countess Caroline Mech- Court of Persia, to Maria Eliza, daughter tild, eldest daughter of the Reigning of George Battye, Esq. Count of Waldeck and Pyrmont.

18. At Walcot Church, Bath, Charles 31. At Blatheswycke, the Rev. William Brune Graves Sawle, esq., eldest son of H. Dyott, to Matida Sophia, third Sir Joseph Graves Sawle, Bart., of Pendaughter of the late Donatus O'Brien, rice, Cornwall, to Rose Caroline, youngest esq., of Ticsover House.

daughter of David R. Paynter, esq., of

Dale, Pembrokeshire.

At St George's, Hanover-square,

George Baring Collier, esg., R.N., to 3. At Trinity Church, Marylebone, the Stepney, youngest daughter of the late Rev. John George Beresford, youngest Joseph Gulston, esq., of Derwydd, Caerson of the late Admiral Sir John Poo marthenshire. Beresford, Bart., to the Hon. Caroline 19. At St. Marylebone Church, the Amelia, youngest daughter of the Right Rev. William Thornton, Vicar of Dod. Hon. Lord Denman.

ford, Northamptonshire, to Anne GeorgiAt St. James's Church, Kingston, ana Frances, second daughter of General Canada West, Arthur A. Farmer, esq., Sir William Anson, Bart., K.C.B. of Huntingford, near Woodstock, Canada At St. Pancras Church, the Rev." West, second son of the late W. M. Far. Thomas Goodwin Hatchard, M.A., to mer, esq., of Nonsuch-park Surrey, to Fanny, eldest daughter of the late Bishop Louise Emily, daughter of the Hon. P. B. of Jerusalem. de Blaguiere.

23. At St. George's, Hanover-square, At St. Mary's, Bryanstone-square, the Rev. Lowry Guthrie, to Katherine Viscount Curzon, eldest son of Earl Blanche, daughter of Thomas Starkie, Howe, to Harriet Mary, second daughter esq., Queen's Counsel. of Mr. and Lady Charlotte Sturt.

24. At Southsea, Morris J. Hall, esq., 5. At St. Mary's, Bryanstone-square, Captain of the 6th Regiment, to Laura, Leonard Strachey, Esq., eldest son of youngest daughter of Colonel Connelly, Captain Strachey, R.N., to Eliza Marga- R.M. ret, only daughter of Barlow Trecothick, At St. Mary's, Bryanstone-square, esq., of York-street, Portman-square. R. A. Young, esq., of Quebec, Canada,

At Woolwich, the Rev. George to Mary Charlotte, only daughter of R. Henry Farr, B. A., of St. Wenn, Corn Norman, esq., of Bryanstone-square. wall, to Julia Warren, third daughter of 26. At St. George's Hanover-square, the late Major Ord, K.H., of the Royal Captain C. R. Drinkwater Bethune, Artillery, and Deputy-Lieutenant of the R. N., C.B., to Frances Cecilia, only county of Essex.

child of Henry Stables, esq., of Park At the Unitarian Chapel, Gee Cross, Hill, Clapham. Thomas Bayley Potter, esq., son of the 28. At Bombay, Captain H. R. Phil. late Sir Thomas Potter, of Manchester, to lott, 25th M. N. I., to Catherine Sophia, Mary, daughter of Samuel Ashton, Esq., second daughter of Major-General Sir J. Pole Bank, near Hyde.

Sutherland, Bombay Army. 12. Lieutenant-Colonel W. A. M Cleverty, of Glynn, Antrim, Deputy Quarter

MARCH master-General, New Zealand, to Ann M'Gildowny, youngest daughter of the 3. At Henbury, Robert Charles Tud

MARRIAGES. way, esq., of Wells, to Maria Catherine, Gorges Lowther, Esq., of Hampton Hall, eldest daughter of William Miles, esq., Bath. M.P., of Leigh Court, Somerset.

16. At Hove, near Brighton, the Hon. 5. At Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight, Arthur Schomberg Kerr, youngest son of Waldo Phillips, esq.,

to Arabella, the late Vice-Admiral Lord Mark Kerr, daughter of the late Rev. David Garrow, to Agnes Stewart, youngest daughter of J. D.D., Rector of East Barnet, Herts. H. Frankland, esq., of Eashing House,

At St. James's Church, Padding Surrey: ton, Augustus De Butts, esq., Madras At the Chapel of the British EmEngineers, eldest son of Lieutenant- bassy, Paris, James Duff, Esq., M.P., General Sir Augustus De Butts, K.C. H., eldest son of General the Hon. Sir Alex. R. E., to Anna Georgiana Elizabeth, only ander Duff, to the Lady Agnes Georgiana daughter of Rear-Admiral Inglefield, Elizabeth Hay, daughter of the Earl and C.B., Commander-in-Chief, South-east Countess of Errol. coast of America.

17. At the District Church of St. John T. Bamford Lang, esq., son of the the Evangelist, Clifton, Ormus Biddulph, late Colonel Lang, of Blewhayes, near esq., to Caroline Margaret, daughter of Exeter, to Mary, eldest daughter of Tho the late Sir John Godfrey Thomas, Bart., mas Dax, esq., one of the Masters of her of Bodiam, Sussex. Majesty's Court of Exchequer.

At St. Mary's, Carlisle, T. Perronet At St. Pancras Church, James Edward Thompson, esq., of Lincoln's Fraser, esq., 60th Royal Rifles, to Louisa, Inn, Barrister-at-law, to Ellen Mary, third daughter of John J. Hensley, esq., eldest daughter of Edward James, esq., of of Tavistock-square.

Totnes. At Wanstead, Edmund Pelly, esq., 18. In Christ Church, New Provi. of Borreyard, Norwich, sixth son of Sir dence, the Rev. William Gray, to Hannah John Henry Pelly, Bart., of Upton, Jane, second daughter of the Venerable Essex, to Anna Rebecca, the eldest J. M. Trew, D.Ď., Archdeacon of the daughter of Jonathan Chapman, esq.

Bahamas. At All Souls', Langham-place, Ed 19. At Brading, Isle of Wight, Captain ward Murray, esq., to Grace, only child S. Tolfrey Christie, 80th Regiment, to of the late Sir Thomas Elmsley Croft, Frances Esther, daughter of J. Harrison, Bart., and grandniece to the Right Hon. Esq., of Hill House, Brading. Lord Denman.

Captain Henry Wells Giffard, R.N., 7. In Stephen's-green, Dublin, Sir son of Admiral Giffard, to Ella Emilia, George de la Poer Beresford, Bart., to fourth daughter of the late Major-General Elizabeth, second daughter of David Sir Benjamin C. Stephenson, G.C.H. Lucas, esq., of Cloptibret, county Mo At Upper Deal Church, Com. naghan.

mander Peter Fisher, R.N., to Catherine At St. George's, Hanover-square, Alicia, daughter of the late Thomas BackJames Alexander, esq., to Mary Agnes, house, Esq., of Caldbeck, Cumberland. youngest daughter of Sir George Cayley, At Paris, H. H. O'Donel Clayton, Bart., of Brompton, Yorkshire.

second son of Colonel Sir W. R. Clay10. At St. George's, Hanover-square, ton, Bart., to Augusta, daughter of the Sir Thomas Hesketh, Bart., of Rufford late Sir Charles Oakley, Bart. Hall, Lancashire, to the Lady Arabella 24. At St. George's, Bloomsbury, John Fermor, eldest daughter of the late Earl Thomas Graves, esq., of Gray's Inn, of Pomfret.

Barrister-at-law, to Amelia, eldest daughAt Chiswick Church, Alexander ter of William Tooke, esq., of RussellDairs Cooper, esg., to Maria Louisa, square. third daughter of the late Edward Stewart At Irstead, Norfolk, the Rev. W. Cameron, esq.

M'Gilvray, of Glasgow, to Maria, eldest At Chelsea, the Rev. B. Powell, daughter of Sir W. Hooker, Director of Savilian Professor of Geometry, Oxford, the Royal Gardens, Kew. to Henrietta Grace, eldest daughter of W. 28. At St. George's, Hanover-square, H. Smyth, R. N., of the Royal Astrono. Captain H. D. Sands, Dragoon Guards, mical Society, &c.

to Georgina Elizabeth, the eldest daughter 12. At Trinity Church, Upper Chelsea, of George Whieldon, esq., of Springfield Allan, youngest son of the late John House, Warwickshire. Dent, Esq., M.P., of Hertford-street, At St. George's

, Hanover-square, Mayfair, to Blanche, third daughter of C. R. Mackenzie, esq., 10 Madeline,

MARRIAGES. third daughter of the late Rev. Sir Wil Colonel Sir Robert Nickle, Knight, K.H. liam Murray, Bart., of Clermont, N.B. to Elizabeth, relict of the late Major

31. At St. Mary's, Cheltenham, the General Nesbitt, Hon. East India Com. Rev. W. C. Harrison Smith, to Harriet pany's Service. Ann, only child of Lieutenant-Colonel 15. At Agra, William Wheatley RepAusten, K. H., of Lansdowne-place, Chel ton, esq., Adjutant 56th Bengal N. I., to tenham.

Charlotte Annabella, daughter of Colonel At St. James's, Paddington, F. W. Crawfurd, of the Bengal Artillery. Mackenzie, esq., M.D., to Mary, only At St. Mary's, Woolwich, the Rev. child of the late Hon. Heneage Legge, of Frederick Le Poer Trench, A.M., to Stanwell House, Richmond.

Matild:: Sophia, fifth daughter of the late At St. Mary's, Cheltenham, Major John Ireland, esq., Lieut. R. N. Erskine, 45th Regiment, to Augusta 16. At St. Mary's Church, Leicester, Pratt, daughter of the late Hon. Sir Wil- Captain Henry Butler, son of Colonel liam Oldnall Russell, Chief Justice of the Hon. Pierce Butler, M.P., to Clara, Bengal

the eldest daughter of Mr. John Taylor,

of Newark, APRIL.

In the Cathedral of St. James,

Toronto, J. H. Lefroy, esq., Captain 2. At St. Pancras, the Rev. T. Fry, R. A., to Emily Mary, eldest daughter of Rector of Einberton, Bucks, to Mary the Hon. J. B. Robinson, Chief Justice Ann, relict of William Foster, esq., of of Upper Canada. Hazlehurst.

At Boxley Church, Kent, the Rev. 4. At St. Mary's, Lambeth, John Guil. John C. B. Riddell, to Frances Sophia, lum Scott, esq., 22nd N. !. Bombay, to daughter of the late George James CholAgnes, elder daughter of the late Peter mondeley, esq., and the Countess DowHaldane, esq., of Alloa, near Edinburgh. ager of Romney.

At Trinity Church, Upper Chelsea, At Trinity Church, Marylebone, George Windsor Earl, esq., of Hampstead Thomas Ogilvy, esq., Hon. E.I.C. Civil Heath, and of North Australia, to Clara, Service, son of the late Rear Admiral Sir elder daughter of Captain Siborne, of William Ogilvy, Bart.. of Inverquharity, the Royal Military Asylum.

to Georgiana, third daughter of the late At St. Pancras Church, Charles Samuel Bosanquet, esq., of Forest House, Bathurst Woodman, esq., of Edgbaston, Essex, and of Dingeston Court, MonWarwickshire, to Emma, only daughter mouthshire. of the late Lieutenant-General Corner.

At Southampton, W. Stephens, At St. Mary's, Paddington, Colonel esq., eldest son of the late Rear-Admiral Pereira, Bengal Artillery, to Emily, George Hopewell Stephens, esq., to youngest daughter of Barrett Wadden, Catherine Saunders, second daughter of esq., of Kingston, Surrey.

the late Captain W. R. Smith, R. N. 8. At Edinburgh, Charles Doig, esq., 18. At the British Embassy, Paris, Writer, Seafield House, to Mary, second John Scott, esq., M.D., to Alicia Lucy, daughter of John Burn, esq., Commander youngest daughter of George Murray, Royal Navy.

esq., and granddaughter of the late AdAt Ryde, Isle of Wight, James miral Sir George Murray, K. C.B. Butler Fellowes, esq., 45th Regiment, 20. At Swerford, Oxfordshire, Edmond eldest son of Sir James Fellowes, to Baron de Lariss, of Minchow, eldest son Eustatia Georgiana Player, second daugh. of Charles Baron de Lariss, of Osiek, in ter of Captain Brigstocke, R. N., of Stone Galicia, to Jessey Mary, youngest daughter Pitts, near Ryde.

of John Paterson, esq., of Park Street, 14. At St. Oswald's Church, Chester, Grosvenor Square. the Rev. Laurence Stuart Morris, M. A., 21. At Bath, Edward Carleton Tuf. Rector of Thornton in Craven, to Char- nell, esq., to Honoria Mary, the only lotte, daughter of Samuel Pierce, esq., daughter of Colonel Macadam, K. H. of Brook House, Chester.

At St. Paul's Episcopal Chapel, . At St. Marylebone Church, the Edinburgh, William

Hill Brancker, esq.: Rev. Charles Baring, youngest son of of Greenfield Billinge, Lancashire, second Sir Thomas Baring, Bart, to Caroline, son of Sir Thomas Brancker, of Liverdaughter of the late Thomas Read Kemp, pool, to Helen Grant, fourth daughter of esq.

Donald Stewart, esq., of Luskintyre, - At All Souls', Langham Place, Harris, N.B.

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