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House, esq.


W. Stuart, of Aldenham Priory, esg. Berkshire

W. Stephens, of Prospect Hill, esq. Bucks

Sir William Robert Clayton, of Harleyford House, bart. Cambridge and Hun-Sir Charles Wager Watson, of West Wratting, bart.

} tingdon Cumberland .

s Joseph Pocklington Senhouse, of Barrow House and

Nether Hall, esq. Cheshire .

J. H. S. Barry, of Marbury Hall, esq. Cornwall

C. H. T. Hawkins, of Trewithen, esq. Derby

Sir. R. E. Wilmot, of Osmaston, bart. Devonshire

Sir W. P. Carew, of Haccombe, bart. Dorsetshire

Charles Porcher, of Cliffe House, Tincleton, esq.

| Ralph Stephen Pemberton, of Barnes, and of Usworth Durham Esses

John Clarmont Whiteman, of the Grove, Thoydon

Garnon, Epping, esq. Gloucestershire . George Bengough, of Newland,

esq. Herefordshire

J. F. Vaughan, of Court Hill, esq. Hertfordshire

Felix Calvert, of Hunsdon House, esq. Kent

W. 0. Hammond, of St. Alban's, esq. Lancaster

W. S. Standish, of Daxbury Park, esq. Leicestershire

Wm. Ann Pochin, of Barkby, esq. Lincolnshire .

J. B. Stanhope, of Revesby Abbey, esq. Monmouthshire

T. Prothero, of Malpas Court, esq. Norfolk

Hon. C. S. Cowper, of Sandringham. Northamptonshire A. A. Young, of Orlingbury, esq. Northumberland C. W. Orde, of Nunnykirk, esq. Nottinghamshire Francis Hall, of Park Hall, esq. Oxfordshire

Mortimer Ricardo, of Kiddington, esq. Rutlandshire

John Gilson, of Wing, esq. Shropshire

R. H. Kinchant, of Park Hall, esq. Somersetshire

R. M. King, of Pyrland Hall, esq. Staffordshire

John Levett, of Wichnor, esq. Southampton

John Beardmore, of Uplands, Fareham, esq. Suffolk

Sir R. S. Adair, of Flixton, bart. Surrey

Charles M.Niven, of Perrysfield, Oxted, esq. Sussex

W. T. Mitford, of Pittshill, esq. Warwickshire

C. T. Warde, of Clopton House, esq. Wiltshire

Viscount Folkestone, of Longford Castle. Worcestershire

William Hemming, of Fox Lydiate House, esq. Yorkshire

James Walker, of Sandhutton, esq.



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J. L. H. Lewis, of Henllys, esq.
Morgan Morgan, of Bodwigiad, esq.
C. H. Evans, of Bontnewydd, esq.
Sir J. Mansel, of Llansphan, bart.
James Davies, of Trefechan, esq.
B. W. Wynne, of Garthewin, esq.
S. H. Thompson, pf Bryncoch, esq.
R. Franklen, of Clementson, esq.
John Foulkes, of Carno, esq.
Sir R. W. Vaughan, of Nannau, bart.
J. H. Harris, of Trevaccoon, esq.
Thomas Prickard, of Dderw, esq.


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Clare .
King's County
Limerick .
Queen's County

T. Morris Hamilton Jones, of Moneyglass, Toomebridge, esq.
R. Wright Cope Cope, of Loughgall, Loughgall, esq.
Philip J. Newton, of Dunleckney, Bagnalstown, esq.
Rt. Hon. the Earl of Bective, of Headford House, Kells.
Michael Finucane, of Stamer Park, Ennis, esq.
James H. Smith Barry, of Foaty Cove, esq.
William Fenwick, of Green Hills, Raphoe.
Robert Batt, of Purdy's Burn, Newtownbreda.
The Hon. Edward Lawless, of Lyons, Rathcoole.
J. N. Blake, of Nixon Hall, Enniskillen, esq.
Christopher St. George, of Tyrone House, Oranmore, esq.
Wilson Gun, of Oak Park, Castleisland, esq.
Conway R. Dobbs, of Castle Dobbs, Carrickfergus, esq.
George Bryan, of Jenkinstown, Kilkenny, esq.
Henry P. L'Estrange, of Moystown, Cloghan, esq.
Robert La Touche, of Harristown, Kilcullen, esq.
Wm. H. Barrington, of Glenstal, Barrington's Bridge, esq.
John Barré Beresford, of Learmount, Londonderry, esq.
George Machonchy, of .Coolock House, Ratheny, esq.
Lewis Upton, of Glyde Farm, Ardee.
Patrick Crean Lynch, of Cloghen House, Ballyglass, esq.
James Walker, of Allenstown, Kells, esq.
John Richardson, of Poplar Vale, Monaghan, esq.
Chidley Coote, of Huntingdon, Portarlington, esq.
Edward King Tennison, of Castle Tennison, Keadue, esq.
Edw. Joshua Cooper, of Mackrea Castle, Collooney, esq.
John Trant, of Dover, esq.
Francis Gervais, of Manor Cecil, Clogher, esq.
Sir Robert J. Paul, of Ballyglane, Waterford, bart.
Sir George F. Hodson, of Holley Park, Bray, bart.
Harry Alcock, of Wilton Enniscorthy, esq.
Charles Tottenham, of Ballycurry, Ashford, esq.

a son.


24. In Upper Grosvenor Street, the BIRTHS.

Countess of Hillsborough, a son and heir.

25. The Hon. Mrs. Charles Ridley, a

daughter. 1845.

At Bilton Grange, Mrs. Washing

ton Hibbert, a son and heir. Aug. 20. At Tahiti, the lady of Com

At Rome, the lady of the Hon. Cap

tain Frederick Pelham, a daughter. mander Andrew Snape Hamond, of her Majesty's steam-sloop Salamander, a son.

26. In Eaton Square, the lady Rosa Nov. 14. At Madras, the lady of the

Greville, a daughter.

At Bowden Hall, Gloucestershire, Rev. George Knox, Chaplain to the Hon. East India Company, a son.

the lady of C. Brooke Hunt, esq., a son.

Åt Freshwater, Isle of Wight, the Dec. 11. At Madras, the lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Bowes Forster, a daughter. lady of Commander Graham E. W. Ham

mond, R.N., a son.

At Southsea, Hants, the lady of 1846.

Captain Francis Liardet, R.N., a son.

28. At the Rectory, Leigh, the lady of JANUARY

the Rev. Robert Eden, a son.

29. At the Rectory, Livermere, Suf1. At Florence, the Hon. Mrs. Camp- folk, the lady of the Rev. Asgill Colville, bell Scarlett, a son.

2. At Lisbon, the lady of W. R. Ward, 31. At the Rectory, Thornton Watlass, esq., attached to her Majesty's Legation at the lady of the Rev. Reginald Courtenay, that Court, a daughter.

a daughter. 6. At Wellington, Somerset, the lady At the Rectory, Worth, Sussex, the of the Rev. Henry S. Templar, a son and lady of the Rev. George C. Bethune, a heir.

daughter. 7. At Toft Hall, Cheshire, Mrs. Leycester, a daughter.

FEBRUARY. 9. At Pull Court, Worcestershire, the lady of William Dowdeswell, esq., M.P., 1. At Bishop's Court, county of Kil

dare, the Countess of Clonmell, a daugh10. At Wirksworth, Derbyshire, the ter. lady of Alfred Arkwright, esq., a son, still At Leytonstone, the lady of Sir Ed. born.

ward N. Buxton, Bart., a son. 11. At Rondebosch, Cape of Good 2. The Marchioness of Blandford, a son. Hope, the lady of Lieutenant-Colonel 4. At Brocton Hall, Staffordshire, the A. F. Richmond, C.B., Bengal Army, a lady of Major Chetwynd, a daughter. daughter.

5. In Park-street, Grosvenor-square, 12. The lady of the Hon. and Rev. Lady Graham, a daughter. John Fortescue, Canon of Worcester, At Fawsley, the Hon. Mrs. Gage, twin children.

twin sons, who survived their birth only a The Queen of Naples, a prince. few hours. 14. At Auchin Cruive House, Ayr At Exeter, the lady of Captain shire, the Lady Louisa Oswald, a daughter. Smales, 7th Dragoon Guards, a daughter.

15. At Windsor, the lady of the Hon. At Lisbon, Lady Howard de WalMr. Maude, a daughter.

den, a son. 16. At Woodhall, Norfolk, the lady of 6. At Botley's Park, the lady of Robert the Rev. Francis Daubeny, a son.

Gosling, esq., a son. 17. In Melville Street, Edinburgh, the 7. At Newtown-Anner, the lady of lady of Thomas Anderson, esq., Glendri- Ralph Osborne, esq., M.P., a daughter. saig, a daughter.

10. Baroness de Moncorvo, a son who 21. At Astley Hall, the lady of Thomas died the following day. Simcox Lea, esq., High Sheriff of Wor In Berkeley-square, the lady of the cestershire, a son.

Hon. Robert Boyle, a son. 23. At King's Bromley Manor, the At Phillipstown Rectory, the lady Hon. Mrs. Newton Lane, a daughter.

of the Rev. Lord John Beresford, a son. At the Parsonage, Stanley, New 11. At Grosvenor-crescent, the CounBrunswick, the lady of the Rev. Alexan tess of Clarendon, a son. der Voules Stuart, a son.

At Gormanstown Castle, the lady Von. LXXXVIII.


a son.

a son.

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BIRTHS. of the Hon. Thomas Preston, a son and 8. In Kent Place, Blackheath, the lady heir.

of Colonel Bagnold, of the Bombay Army, At Wyddial Rectory, Herts, the lady of the Rev. C. Maxwell, a son.

At Kiddington, the lady of Morti. 13. At Amsterdam, the lady James mer Ricardo, a son. Annesley, esq., her Majesty's Consul, a 9. At Highclere Parsonage, the lady of

the Rev. R. M.Donald Caunter, a daugh. At Clopton House, Stratford-on ter. Avon, the lady of Charles T. Ward, esq. At Tonbridge, the lady of the Rev. (High Sheriff of Warwickshire), a son.

Dr. Welldon, a daughter. 14. At Torquay, Devonshire, the lady At Upper Sydenham, Mrs. John of the late Sir J. Honywood, a daughter. Rivington, a son.

15. At St. Jago de Cuba, the lady of 10. In Portman-square, the Hon. Mrs. James Forbes, M. D., her Britannic Ma Adderley, a son and heir. jesty's Consul, a daughter.

11. At Frant Vicarage, the lady of the In Grosvenor-place, the Hon. Mrs. Rev. Sir Henry Thompson, Bart., a son, Charles Lennox Butler, a son.

who survived but a few hours. 16. In Hill-street, Lady Jolliffe, a son. 13. At Bonchurch, Isle of Wight, Lady

19. At Backford Hall, Chester, Mrs. Fletcher, a son. Holt Glegg, a daughter.

At the School House, Rugby, the 20. At Alderley, Gloucestershire, the lady of the Rev. Dr. Tait, a daughter. lady of R. B. Hale, esq., M.P. a daugh At Walberton House, Sussex, the ter.

lady of Captain Sullivan, a daughter. 22. At Campden - hill, Kensington, At Hingham, the Lady Elinor Lady Caroline Lascelles, a son.

Wodehouse, a son. At Shillinglee Park, Sussex, the In Whitehall-place, Mrs. Swynfen Countess of Winterton, a daughter.

Jervis, a son. At Peterley House, the lady of Lieu 14. At Belmont, Chester, the lady of tenant-Colonel N. Alves, a daughter. J. H. Leigh, esq., a son.

23. In Russell-square, the lady of James 17. In Bryanston-square, the Viscountess Russell, esq., Q.C., a daughter.

Hood, a son. 26. In Eaton-square, the Hon. Mrs. 18. At Ackworth Park, Yorkshire, Mrs. Arbuthnot, a son.

Gully, a daughter. At the Grange, near Bradford, Wilts., 19. At Mytton Hall, Lancashire, the the lady of Captain S. H. Palairet, a lady of John I. W. Aspinall, esq., a daughter.

daughter. At Clayton House, Bucks, Lady 20. In Imperial.square, Cheltenham, Verney, a son.

the lady of Charles Fowler, esq., a daugh28. In Grosvenor-square, the Lady ter. Mary Farquhar, a daughter.

21. The lady of Major Burdett, 17th

Lancers, a daughter.

22. At Orton Longueville, the Countess

of Aboyne, a daughter. 1. At Cefn Mabley, the lady of C. K. 23. The lady of Captain J. W. MonTynte, esq., a son.

tagu, R.N., a daughter. 3. At Notting-hill, the lady of J. E. E. 24. In Stanhope-street, the Countess Wilmot, esq., a son.

Cowper, a daughter. 4. At Middleton Hall, Northumberland, 25. In Whitehall-place, the lady of Sir the lady of George Hughes Hughes, esq., Walter James, Bart., M.P., a son and heir.

27. At Putney-heath, Viscountess ChelAt Kent House, the Countess of Morley, a daughter.

29. In Berkeley-square, the lady of 5. At Collon, County Louth, the lady Abel Smith, esq., M.P., a daughter. of Captain Wynne, R. A., a son.

At Shortflatt Tower, Northumber. At Government House, Fort Thorn land, Mrs. Hedley Dent, a daughter. ton, the

of his Excellency Nor 30. The lady of William Philips, esq., man William Macdonald, Governor of of Montacute, Somerset, a son and heir. the colony of Sierra Leone, a son and In Chesham-place, Belgrave-square, heir.

the lady of Richard Jefferson Eaton, esq., 7. At Eton College, the lady of the M. P., a daughter. Rev. Charles Old Goodford, a son.

31. At Eagle's Cairnie, N. B., the lady

a son.

sea, a son.

a son,

a son.

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a son.




BIRTHS. of Captain the Hon. George Grey, R. N., At New York Hotel, New York,

Mrs. William Wood, of Liverpool, a son.

18. At Rock Ferry Park, Cheshire, APRIL.

Mrs. Thomas A. Bushby, a son.

19. At North Creek Rectory, the lady 1. At Norwich, the lady of Archdeacon of the Hon. and Rev. Thomas R. Keppell, Ormerod, a son.

In Upper Brook-street, the Hon. At Knockmullen Gorey, the lady of Mrs. Dawnay, a son.

Captain Richard Owen, R.N., a son. 2. At Ganton, the Hon. Lady Legard, In Cavendish-square, the lady of

W. A. Shee, esq., a son. 3. In Lower Brook-street, the lady of 21. In Belgrave-square, Lady Cecilia Henry Howard, esq., Secretary to her de Voeux, a daughter. Majesty's Legation at the Hague, a daugh 22. At Hyde.park-gate, Kensington

Gore, the lady of J. P. Barlow, esq., a At Tring Park, Herts., the lady of the Rev. James Williams, a daughter. 23. At Coughton Court, the Lady Vaux,

4. At the Vicarage, Wells, Somerset, of Harrowden, a daughter. the lady of the Rev. A. B. Russell, a At Edinburgh, the lady of the Hon.

J. Fox Strangways, a daughter. In_Portugal-street, the lady of Sir 24. In Wilton-crescent, Lady Georgiana Francis Doyle, Bart., a son.

Romilly, a son. 5. At Moy Hall, near Inverness, Mrs. Át Heston Hall, Heston, the lady of Mackintosh, of Mackintosh, a daughter. John Rayer Hogarth, esq., a son.

At Apsley House, Lady Charles 25. At 18, Chester-square, the lady of Wellesley, a son.

G. E. Gilbert East, of Woolley Hall, 8. At Saughton, Lady Aberdour, a Berks., esq., a son and heir. daughter.

28. At Upper Clapton, the lady of The widow of the late Henry Iltid Henry Masterman, esq., a son. Nicholl, D.C.L., a daughter, still-born. 29. At Malta, the lady of P. A. Moore, At the Royal Naval College, Ports

esq., a son and heir. mouth, the lady of Captain Wilson, R. A., 30. At the Royal Military College, a daughter.

Sandhurst, the lady of Captain W. Walker, In Wimpole-street, the Hon. Mrs. 69th Regiment, a son. Walrond, a daughter.

At Balbirnie, Fifeshire, the Lady 9. At Little Ormesby, Lady Lacon, a. Georgiana Balfour, twins, a son and a daughter.

daughter. At Rothley Vicarage, the lady of At Naples, the lady of Alfred Hathe Rev. W. Acworth, M. A., a daughter. milton, esq., of Gidea Hall, Essex, a

At Filkins, Broadwell, the lady of daughter. the Rev. T. W. Goodlake, Vicar of

MAY. Broadwell, Oxon, a daughter. 10. At Hatcham, Surrey, the lady of

1. In Charles-street, Berkeley-square, the Rev. Augustus K. B. Granville, M.A., the Lady Dalmeny, a daughter. a daughter.

At Mereworth Castle, Lady le 12. At Tunbridge, Kent, the lady of Despencer, a daughter. Peter W. Barlow, esq., C.E., F.R.S., a 3. At Higher Ardwick Lodge, near

Manchester, the lady of Captain Cleather, In Paris, Lady Jenkins, a daughter. twin sons, one of whom was still-born.

At Woodley, Hampshire, the lady At Knapton House, Norfolk, Lady of the Hon. and Rev. T. Skeffington, a Robinson, a daughter. daughter.

4. At Hampton Grove, Surbiton, near At Meikleour House, Perthshire, Mrs. Kingston-on-Thames, the lady of Captain Murray, a daughter.

F. Seymour Hamilton, R.A., a daughter. 13. At Boulogne-sur-Mer, the Hon. At Wardie Lodge, Edinburgh, the · Mrs. Henry Graves, a daughter.

lady of the Hon. and Rev. John Sandi14. In Park-place, St. James's, the lands, a son. lady of J. Arthur Taylor, esq., M.P., a 7. At the Vicarage, Chard, the lady of daughter.

the Rev. Edward Godfrey, a son. At Compton Castle, Somerset, the At Hendon, the lady of P. Han. lady of George Singer, esq., a daughter. bury, esq., a son.


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