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“ I feel most deeply impressed cisive attack occurred on the 10th with the magnitude and difficulty and 11th of January. “On the of the task which has devolved morning of the 10th,” to quote upon me; and I must in the pre- the narrative of Colonel Despard, sent crisis look, not only to your “ our advanced batteries being selves, but to the inhabitants of completed-(one within 350 yards, New Zealand generally, for conti and the second about 160 yards dence and active assistance. off the pah)-a general fire was

“ You may rely that my sole commenced from all the guns, aim and object shall be to settle with the view of opening a breach upon a sure and lasting basis the into the place ; and several rockets interests of yourselves and of your were thrown into it at the same children, and to give effect to her time, for the purpose of driving Majesty's wise and benevolent de the enemy out. The fire sires for the peace and happiness kept up with little intermission of all her Majesty's subjects in this during the greater part of the interesting portion of her empire, day ; and towards evening it was and upon which the regards of so evident that the outer works on large a portion of the civilized those parts against which the fire world are now anxiously fixed.” was directed were nearly all giving

The new Governor immediately way ; but the numerous stockades adopted active measures against inside, crossing the place in difthe refractory native chiefs. On ferent directions, and composed his arrival at the Bay of Islands, of much stronger timbers, were he found that negotiations were arcely touched. Towards evenpending between his predecessoring our fire slackened, and was and them ; but as these seemed only continued occasionally during likely to lead to no good result, the night, to prevent the enemy and the chiefs were preparing for attempting to repair the breaches offensive operations, he demanded that had been made. On the folan immediate answer to the pro- lowing morning, the 11th, no perposals of Captain Fitzroy. Further son being observed moving within delay taking place, the Governor the pah, a few of our native allies, broke off the negotiation, and forth- under chief named William with commenced hostilities. On Waka, a brother of Tomaiti Waka the 14th of December, a body of Nene, went up to the place, for about 1,100 men, consisting of sol- the purpose of observing whether diers and sailors, assisted by a or not the enemy had evacuated it. number of friendly chiefs and their This party entered the breach untribes, marched under the com opposed ; which being perceived mand of Colonel Despard against from the nearest battery, a party the strongly fortified pah or camp of 100 men of the troops, under of Kawiti, one of the rebel chief. Captain Denny, was pushed up tains. Colonel Despard's first care rapidly, and, together with the was to erect two stockades in front natives, gained the inside of the of the pah, upon which he mounted stockades before they were perhis artillery.

ceived by the enemy, who at the During the construction of the time were sheltering themselves works, shells and rockets were from the fire of our guns on thrown into the pah ; but the de. sloping piece of ground in one of

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their outworks. Our parties had meter, and many considerably more, scarcely gained the inside when besides having a strong embankthey were noticed by the enemy, ment thrown up behind them. and a heavy fire of musketry in Each hut had also a deep excavastantly poured in upon them. The tion close to it, making it comstockades, however, now became pletely bomb-proof, and sufficiently our protection ; and, strong re- large to contain several people, inforcements being immediately where at night they were combrought up from camp, possession pletely sheltered from both shot of the place was secured, in spite and shell. The enemy's loss has of all the efforts of the enemy to been severe, and several chiefs on drive us back, being obliged to

their side have fallen : the numretreat and shelter himself in a bers I have not been able to aswood opposite the east face of the certain, as they invariably carry pah ; where, the trees being ex off both killed and wounded when tremely large and forming com- possible. Several

possible. Several of the former plete breastworks, many of them were, however, left behind ; and having been cut down previously, it has been decidedly ascertained, and evidently purposely placed in from a wounded prisoner, that the a defensive position, he was en chief Heki had joined Kawiti in abled to maintain a heavy fire the pah on the afternoon preceding against us for a considerable time, the attack.' until, a doorway in that face hav Our loss this occasion ing been broken open, the seamen amounted to twelve men killed and troops rushed out and dis and thirty wounded. The result lodged him from his position. He, of our success was the immediate however, still continued to keep submission of the hostile chiefs, up a fire from the woods, but more which was publicly notified by a with a view to cover his retreat, proclamation of the Governor, and enable him to carry away his dated the 23rd of January. A wounded men, than with any ex free pardon was thereby granted pectation of renewing the contest. in the following terms :-" The The attack commenced about ten Governor has thought proper to o'clock A.M., and all firing had give effect to Her Majesty's ceased about two o'clock earnest desire for the happiness The extraordinary strength of this and welfare of her native subjects place, particularly in its interior in New Zealand, by granting a defences, far exceeded any idea I free pardon to all concerned in the could have formed of it. Every late rebellion, who may now

à complete fortress in turn in peace and safety to their itself, being strongly stockaded all houses ; where, so long as they round with heavy timbers sunk conduct themselves properly, they deep in the ground, and placed shall remain unmolested in their close to each other, few of them persons and properties." being less than one foot in dia




hut was



JANUARY, 1846.

MATEUR THEATRICALS. the characters were admirably

- The distinguished lite- costumed. The principal and most rati whose admirable performance difficult part, Tyke, was played of Johnson's Every Man in his with a degree of power and pathos Humour, is recorded in our Chro- that would have established the nicle for 1845, p. 145, this night reputation of an actor by profesrepresented Fletcher's comedy, Thesion, and with an air of naturalElder Brother, at the St. James's ness that only spontaneous feelTheatre, for the benefit of the ing and histrionic skill combined much esteemed actress, Miss Kelly. can produce. The audience were The comedy went off exceedingly taken quite by surprise; and, but well. Mr. Forster as Charles, that the person of Mr. Topham, the Elder Brother, Mr. Charles the water-colour painter, was well Dickens as Eustace, the younger, known, it might have been supMr. Mark Lemon as the uncle, posed that an actor of celebrity and Mr. Douglas Jerrold as the bad been engaged to fill this imservant Andrew, deserved and ob- portant part. The Yorkshire diatained much applause. The ama- lect, and the half-clownish, halfteurs played, as an afterpiece, the swaggering manner of the cunning farce of Comfortable Lodgings, in country knave, were admirably which Mr. C. Dickens, as Sir Flip well assumed ; and the alternapington Miff, proved himself a tions of roguish cunning and refirst rate farceur. The other cha morse were expressed with homely racters were capitally sustained by truth. Mr. Topham has not sufMessrs. Mark Lemon, Forster, ficient physical power to give full Stone, Leech, George Cruiksbank, effect to his conception; but what and Wells. In emulation of the his personation wanted in force Authors, the Artists got up a re. was supplied by feeling : his expresentation on behalf of the Art pression of the agonizing tortures ists' Benevolent Fund, which, un of mind that choke the utterance like most imitations, met with great of Tyke, and make him writhe

The play chosen was with anguish, was intense without Morton's comcdy, The School of rant. The wild, frantic burst of Reform. As might be anticipated, joy, dashed with shame, with which Vol. LXXXVIII.



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