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fellow-subjects in the United King Even if these gloomy foreboddom can reasonably expect as re- ings are not realized, it is imposspects the imports from a colony sible not to admit that Canada had situated at such a distance from just reason for alarm and comthe mother country, and with ports plaint. The measure of the Briclosed to commerce for so large a tish Government was a bold deportion of the year. And we the parture from the principles of all more confidently appeal to your former legislation as regards our Majesty's justice upon this point, colonies, and however much the as the relief we seek in this par- experiment, so loudly clamoured ticular is in strict accordance with for by the free-traders in the mothe very principles upon which the ther country, might benefit the charges that we deprecate are manufactures there, it was difficult based, as well as to the assurance to see how it could operate otherreceived through your Majesty's wise than as a heavy blow and Secretary of State, that it is the great discouragement to the indesire of your Majesty's Govern- terests of Canada. We


be ment that the trade of Canada permitted to express our doubts as should, in all respects, approach as to the wisdom of thus alienating nearly to perfect freedom as the the good-will of our colonial dewishes of the inhabitants and the pendencies, for, whatever may be exigencies of the public revenue the commercial result of free-trade may permit.

measures, the political effect un“ While the subject that we have doubtedly has been to weaken the thus brought under the notice of bonds which attached Canada to your Majesty embraces other points England. requiring the gravest deliberation, On the 9th of June, Lord Cathand calling for the most favoura- cart closed the Session, and proble consideration on the part of the rogued the Provincial Parliament Imperial authorities, your Majesty's to the 18th of July. He delivered faithful Commons have felt it to be the following Speech :their duty to your Majesty, to the

Honourable Gentlemen of the Imperial Parliament, and the mo

Legislative Council, and Gentlether country, and to their own con

men of the Legislative Assembly, stituents, to lose no time in at once approaching your Majesty with the At this advanced period of the declaration of their views upon that season I could scarcely have enterpart of it embraced in their present tained any reasonable expectation, Address, and to which, renewing that the present Session of Partheir assurance of devoted attach- liament could be sufficiently proment to your Majesty's person and longed to enable you to dispose of Government, they earnestly entreat the various measures submitted to your Majesty's most gracious and your deliberation with the attenfavourable consideration.

tive consideration due to the highly

important interests which many of Attested, W. B. LINDSAY, them involved. « Clerk of Assembly.

Your indefatigable attention

to the laborious duties which have “ Legislative Assembly, Tuesday,

been imposed upon you has, howMay 12th, 1846.”

ever, enabled you to consider and

to perfect the business with which required by imperative reasons over you have been occupied in a man which I could exercise no control. ner that, while it affords gratifying - The several addresses which evidence of the cordial and united you have voted to the Queen have efforts of the several branches of been duly forwarded through the the Legislature, will, I have no proper department, to be laid at the doubt, prove highly beneficial to foot of the throne. the best interests of the province. “In returning to your homes,

where your presence is so much Gentlemen of the Legislative required, gentlemen, I doubt not Assembly,


you will use your utmost in“I thank you in the name of

fluence to inspire confidence in your Her Majesty for the liberality with respective districts by encouraging which you have provided the ne

that spirit of loyalty for which the

Canadian people have always been cessary supplies, which shall be expended with the utmost economy

distinguished, and by promoting, consistent with the efficiency of the branches of useful and productive

as far as may be in your power, those public service. “I shall immediately take the industry, as well as of commercial

enterprize, upon which the welfare necessary measures for raising the loans authorized by you for the

of the colony so mainly depends. prosecution and speedy completion however unfavourable the aspect of

For they may be assured that, of the public works.

affairs may have appeared to them,

there exists sufficient power and Honourable Gentlemen of the Legislative Council, and Gentle- well directed, to make the most of

energy in this noble province, if men of the Legislative Assembly, — the resources it unquestionably pos

“The truly loyal and patriotic sesses, that will, under the blessing spirit in which you have passed the of Divine Providence, create new Militia Bill claims my warmest ac sources of wealth and prosperity, knowledgments, and proves how should those upon which they have confidently our gracious Sovereign hitherto relied be found ultimately may always rely upon the attach to fail them.” ment of her Canadian subjects, and The public acts of chief importthe promptitude and energy with ance passed during the Session which they would at all times be were the following :ready, should circumstances re The Militia Act. quire it, to come forward in de The Upper Canada School Act, fence of their country, and in sup- amending the Act of 1843. port of their connection with the To amend the Bankrupt Laws. parent state.

Elementary instruction in Lower “ I have had the satisfaction of Canada, in lieu of the Act passed assenting, in the Queen's name, to at the preceding Session. the greater part of the enactments The Duties of Customs and Diswhich you have passed.

tillers' Acts. “In regard to the bills which To amend the Laws for Board have been reserved for the deci- of Works. sion of Her Majesty's Government, Improvements in the Gulf of St. that course has in each case been Lawrence.

you with the least possible delay. NOVA SCOTIA.- On the 10th Assured of the generous sympaof January, Lord Falkland opened thy of the people of Nova Scotia the Legislative Session with the for their suffering fellow-subjects following Speech :

in Canada, I did not hesitate, on Mr. President and Honourable

the occasion of the late extensive Gentlemen of the Legislative fires at Quebec, to appropriate a Council ; Mr. Speaker and Gen. portion of our abundant resources tlemen of the House of Assem

to the relief of those who had bly,

been visited by such dire calamity

-convinced that, in so doing, I “ The necessity which exists for but anticipated the wishes of those devising means to alleviate the dis- whom you represent, and that the tress and privation to which there measure would meet with your apis but too much reason to appre, probation and concurrence. hend that a portion of the rural population of this province will “ Mr. President and Honourable shortly be exposed, in consequence Gentlemen of the Legislative of the almost general failure of Council ; Mr. Speaker and Genthe potato crop, joined to a desire

tlemen of the House of Assemto consult the convenience of many

bly, amongst you, has induced me to call you together at an earlier “I am happy to acquaint you period of the year than I have that the public revenue still conhitherto done, and I feel every tinues in a prosperous state. confidence that you will readily “I have received from the Goafford me the best advice and as vernor of Barbadoes a letter exsistance you can give to enable me pressive of his grateful appreciato meet a conjuncture of unfore- tion of your liberality in granting seen difficulty.

4,000 dollars for the succour of “ It is gratifying to me to be those amongst the population of able to state that the barvest, with Bridgetown who were reduced to the exception of the potato crop, distress and destitution by the conhas been, in most of the province, flagration which took place there rather more than usually abundant. in February last ; and a copy of a

“I regret, however, to inform joint resolution, passed by the you that the fisheries have been Council and Assembly of that less productive than for several island, which I am sure you will years past, although the decrease be proud to place on your journals. is not to be attributed to causes “ The Queen has been gralikely to be permanent in their ciously pleased to instruct me to nature, or calculated to excite signify to the Provincial Parliaanxiety for the future success of ment Her Majesty's willingness to this branch of industry.

relinquish the casual and territorial

revenues of the Crown in the co" Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen of lony in exchange for a civil list on the House of Assembly,

certain conditions, of which I will " The public accounts, and the hereafter apprise you. estimates for the expenses of the “I have the pleasure to ancurrent year, shall be submitted to nounce to you that a correspond

ence, in which I have been recently Debt of the Province,' but I must engaged with the Secretary of remind you that it will be necesState for the Colonies, has termi- sary to make provision for the nated happily for the interests of immediate liquidation of that porthis country, which are so deeply tion of it borrowed in 1836, payinvolved in the protection of the able in doubloons, early in the fisheries on its coasts. further present year ; and I rely on your privileges sought by the American bestowing on this, as on all other Government, the concession of matters of deep public concern, which would have affected the that grave and dispassionate conprosperity of Nova Scotia, having sideration which their importance been withheld by her Majesty. so imperatively demands.

“I strongly recommend to your On the 20th of March, the Sesfavourable and deliberate conside- sion was brought to a close, and ration a project for the construction the Governor addressed the Legisof a railroad from Halifax to Que- lative Council and House of Asbec and Montreal, which has lately sembly as follows :much engaged the public attention, It is gratifying to me, in closand the execution of which, should ing the Legislative Session, to it turn out to be practicable under have it in my power to express to present circumstances, cannot be you my satisfaction at the general otherwise than beneficial in its results of your labours, and at the consequences to the British North unanimity with which your joint American colonies, by facilitating efforts have been directed to the their intercourse with each other, advancement of the public inand affording at all seasons an out- terests. let through British ports for the productions of the British Cana- "Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen of dian dominions. I have thought

the House of Assembly,it necessary to address Her Majes “In Her Majesty's name I thank ty's Government on the subject of you for the grants you have made this great enterprise ; and I have for all public purposes. endeavoured to obtain such statis “I regret that you have not tical and other information as may decided to accept the control of the assist your deliberations, both as

casual and territorial revenues of to the feasibility of the contem the Crown on the terms offered by plated work, and the extent to Her Majesty, because I am conwhich pecuniary aid should be af- vinced that your prompt acquiesforded to promote the undertak cence in the proposition, which I ing, should you deem it expedient submitted to you by the Queen's to apply to that purpose any part command, would have been highly of the public income. The in- advantageous to the province. formation thus collected shall be “ The readiness with which you imparted to you at the first con have adopted every means to envenient opportunity.

sure the efficiency of the militia “I have been unable to carry force, the liberal grants you have into effect the intentions of the Le- so considerately placed at my disgislature expressed in the act passed pojal with that object, and the disduring the last Session, entitled, position you have so laudably and • An Act relating to the Funded unanimously manifested to aug

ment such grants, should circum- savage tribes, whose pirate prastances make it necessary, demand hus infest the waters and parathose cordial acknowledgments lyze commerce, might be reclaimed which, in Her Majesty's name, I to the uses of civilized existence ; have the pleasure to render. and that the blessings of Chris“ Mr. President and Honourable dark quarter of the globe. To

tianity might be poured over that Gentlemen of the Legislative accomplish this object it was first Council ; Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen of the House of Assem- knowledge than we possessed of

necessary to obtain more accurate bly,

the geography as well as the con“I congratulate you on the dition of those islands : and Mr. enactment of several useful laws Brooke's voyage might be conto which I have just assented. sidered as one of discovery, havAmong them I regard with espe- ing the specific ends in view of cial gratification that by which the civilizing some portion, if not the various acts affecting the finances whole of Borneo, suppressing piof the country are amended and racy, and establishing commercial consolidated.

intercourse between that island and “You will, I am assured, con- Singapore. He arrived at Sarāsider it your duty, on returning to wak, which is on the north-west your counties, to cherish and en coast of Borneo, in the month of courage in your fellow-subjects August, 1839, and was well rethose sentiments of loyalty and ceived by Rajah Muda Hassim, the devotion to your Sovereign by uncle of the Sultan of Borneo, and which your own proceedings have under him the Governor of Sarā. been guided, and for which the wak. At that juncture Muda people of Nova Scotia have here Hassim was engaged in a war with tofore been so honourably distin some rebellious subjects in the inguished."

terior, which he was unable to

bring to a satisfactory termination. BORNEO. — The enterprizing Mr. Brooke stayed some time at spirit of an individual Englishman Sarawak, making himself has aroused public attention, and quainted with the country and its directed it to this remote region of inhabitants, and inspiring the the earth, where events have re- Rajah with feelings of friendly cently occurred which demand a confidence. He afterwards sailed brief notice in our pages. In the to Singapore, but soon returned year 1838, Mr. James Brooke to Sarāwak, where he found the fitted out from his own funds, un civil war still raging ; and Muda assisted by Government or the Hassim solicited his assistance, public, a schooner of 142 tons, for offering to invest him with the the purpose of visiting the shores

government of Sarāwak, if he of Borneo. He had previously succeeded in putting an end to the sailed in the Chinese seas, and his rebellion. Mr. Brooke availed benevolent mind had conceived the himself of this opportunity for idea that the magnificent islands carrying out his philanthropic which lie to the south-east of the views. He joined the Rajah Straits of Malacca, and which have against the rebels, who were, after so long been abandoned to the half a protracted contest, vanquished


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