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Canada.- Opening of the Session of the Canadian Parliament by the

Earl of Cathcart-His Speech on the occasion-Address moved in the Legislative Assembly-Amendment proposed by Mr. Baldwin-Alarm excited in Canada on account of the Free-Trade measures of the British Government-Address on the subject transmitted to England by the Legislative Assembly-Prorogation of the Provincial Parliament, and Speech of Lord Cathcart. Nova Scotia.Legislative Session opened by Lord FalklandHis Speech-Close of the Session. BORNEO.--Account of Mr. Brooke's enterprizing voyage to BorneoHis arrival at Sarāwak - Reception by Muda Hassim He assists the Rajah against his rebellious subjectsMr. Brooke becomes Rajah of Sarāwak His visit to the capital of Borneo Arrival of H.M.S. Dido, under Captain Keppel-Successful operations against Pirates Interview of Mr. Brooke with the Sultan of Borneo- Arrival of Admiral Sir Thomas Cochrane in H.M.S. Agincourt Successful Expedition against Pirates in Maludu Bay-Hostile conduct of the Sultan of Borneo-Attack by Sir Thomas Cochrane upon Brunè, the capital of Borneo Capture of the placeUnsuccessful attempt to take the Sultan prisoner by an expedition into the interior. New ZEALAND.Captain Fitzroy's defence of his conduct before he left Auckland Legislative Council summoned by the new Governor, Captain GreyHis Speech --- Active measures against the hostile Chiefs--Successful attack by Colonel Despard upon the Pah of KawitiSubmission of the Chiefs, and free pardon granted by Governor Grey.

TANADA.- On the 20th of devolved upon me, as administrator

March, Earl Cathcart, who, of the Government, in consequence since the departure of Lord Met- of the lamented departure of the calfe, had administered the affairs late Governor-General. But I am of the Provincial Government, commanded at the same time to opened the second Session of the make known to you that the Queen second Parliament of Canada, with has been graciously pleased perthe following Speech :

manently to designate me as Her Honourable Gentlemen of the Majesty's future representative in

this province. Legislative Council, and Gentle

In announcing to you the fact men of the Legislative Assembly,

of my having thus become the

successor of Lord Metcalfe, you “ The duty of opening this ses will, I feel assured, concur with sion of Parliament has necessarily me in the expression of sincere

regret at the painful cause which provide, with promptitude and has removed this distinguished energy corresponding with the nobleman from a station, the power and resources of the emduties of which he discharged with pire, for the security of her North zeal and ability, that on every American dominions. occasion won for him the highest The subject of the civil list, approbation of his Sovereign, and which was brought under your conthe respect and gratitude of the sideration by my predecessor, will people over whom he presided as doubtless engage your attention, her representative.

when I trust to your wisdom to “ The several addresses to the make such a provision as will Queen, which were adopted during enable Her Majesty to give effect to the last session of the Legislature, your wishes, by recommending to have been laid at the foot of the the Imperial Parliament the requithrone. It will be my pleasing site changes in the Act of Reunion. duty to announce to you Her Majesty's gracious replies.

Gentlemen of the Legislative "I should, under any circum

Assembly, stances, have directed your early

" The financial accounts of the attention to the condition of the province for the past year will be militia law, But the unsettled immediately laid before you. The state of the negotiations which estimates for the service of the have been for some time past car current year will be likewise sub. ried on between the Imperial Go- mitted for your early consideration. vernment and that of the United " The necessity of providing for States of America renders it im- the prosecution and completion of perative upon me to press more the public improvements, underimmediately on your consideration taken with the sanction of Parliathe necessity of a reorganisation of ment, will form a subject for your this arm of the public defence. I deliberation. feel the most unbounded

“ It affords me pleasure to be fidence that the loyalty and able to inform you that the revenue patriotism of every class of Her of the past year has not fallen Majesty's subjects in Canada will short of the expectations which be conspicuous, as they have been were entertained of its amount, heretofore, should occasion call for and I rely on your willingness to their services to aid in the protec- make such provisions for the public tion of their country ; but a well- service as a due regard to the indigested and uniform system is terests of the people may require. indispensable to give a fitting direction to the most zealous ef

Honourable Gentlemen, and forts. At the same time I feel

Gentlemen of the Legislative Aswarranted in assuring you that

sembly,while our gracious Sovereign will “ Since your last meeting, the ever rely on the free and loyal ancient city of Quebec has been attachment of her Canadian people subjected to unexampled calamity for defence of this province, and the in the successive fires which laid maintenance of British connection, waste its buildings. Measures, Her Majesty will be prepared, as her rendered indispensable by the predecessors have always been, to exigency, were adopted by my pre


decessor, which will be sent down bly, moved the Address in answer for your approval.

to the Speech from his Excellency, "The sympathy and benevolence when Mr. Baldwin rose and said, of different portions of the British that the amendments proposed last empire were roused into active Session were of such a character exercise by the knowledge of the that he could not consistently consevere infliction with which it had cur in the Address, and therefore, pleased Divine Providence to per- to protect himself and friends from mit the citizens of Quebec to be inconsistency, he must propose an visited, and we have the strongest amendment to the third resolution. reasons for appreciating the noble He had no great difficulty in congenerosity which has been exhi- curring in that portion of the adbited, and which has proved how dress congratulating his Excellency truly the inhabitants of Canada are on his appointment to the province. felt by the people of Great Britain Certainly they had no great reason to be brethren and fellow-subjects to be satisfied with military goof the same mighty nation. It will vernors ; but, when he looked upon be for your wisdom to consider the political education of the late what further measures it may be Governor-General, he thought the proper

to adopt for the restoration quarter of the globe whence he obof what has been thus destroyed. tained it not the spot the most to

The last intelligence from the be admired ; and a military edumother country indicates a most cation would inculcate principles important change in the com less objectionable than the Eastern mercial policy of the empire. I had dominions, where the late Governorpreviously taken occasion to press General learned his. Instead, upon Her Majesty's Government a therefore, of “ That this House due consideration of the effect that concurs with his Excellency in exany contemplated alteration might pressing sincere regret at the painhave on the interests of Canada. ful cause which removed his ExBut until we have a fuller exposi- cellency's distinguished predecessor tion of the projected scheme, which from a station, the duties whereof a few days will probably bring to he discharged with a real and us, it would be premature to an. ability that on every occasion won ticipate that the claims of this for him the highest approbation of province to a just measure of pro- his Sovereign, and the respect and tection had been overlooked. gratitude of the people over whom

“ In these and the various other he presided as her representative, subjects affecting the prosperity of he would move that the third resoCanada which may occupy your lution should stand thus :—“That attention, I offer my hearty co this House concurs with his Exoperation ; and I earnestly trust cellency in expressing sincere that, under the direction of an all- regret at the painful cause which rewise Providence, we shall be en moved his Excellency the Governorabled to pursue a course calculated General from that high station.' to promote the best interests, and The amendment was put and to foster the rising growth, of this lost—the ayes being 27, and the rapidly advancing colony.

noes 43. The Address was afterOn the 23rd of March, Colonel wards agreed to without a division. Prince, in the Legislative Assem One of the most important sub

jects that engaged the attention of sperity of the people of this colony the Provincial Parliament this ses advancing in steady and successful sion was the Corn-law Bill, then progression under that moderate depending in the Imperial Parlia- system of protection of her staple ment. As the object of that Bill productions, grain and timber, was to annihilate the principle of which your Majesty and your Improtection, and carry out, to its perial Parliament have hitherto fullest extent, the doctrine of “buy- graciously secured to them, we feel ing in the cheapest market,” irre- that we should be wanting in our spective of all other considerations, duty, as well to your Majesty as the most lively apprehension was to our constituents, did we fail earexcited in Canada, where it was nestly to represent to your Mafeared that, if the differential du- jesty that we view with serious ties on the import of colonial and apprehension and alarm, as detriforeign grain into Great Britain mental to the best interests of this were abolished, it would be impos- colony, the adoption of the prosible for our colonists to compete posed principle of commercial inwith the United States in supply- tercourse now under the consideraing her with corn, and that thus a tion of the Imperial Parliament. fatal blow would be given to the “ We cannot but fear that the prosperity of Canada, which would abandonment of this protective react upon the commercial welfare principle, the very basis of the coof Great Britain, by crippling one

Ionial commercial system, is not of the most advantageous markets only calculated materially to retard for her manufactures. But the the agricultural improvement of views entertained of this measure the country, and check its hitherto in Canada are so fully and ably ex- rising prosperity, but seriously to pressed in an Address agreed to by impair our ability to purchase the the Legislative Assembly, on the manufactured goods of Great Bri12th of May, and transmitted to tain ; a result alike prejudicial to the English Government, by whom this colony and the parent state. it was received during the debate

"We feel truly grateful to your on the Corn-law Bill in the House Majesty for enabling us,

by guaranof Lords, that we give the docu- teeing the payment of 1,500,0001., ment entire.

to undertake many valuable public

improvements which are now ap“ TO THE QUEEN'S MOST EXCELLENT proaching to completion, and which, MAJESTY.

under the existing laws, would ultimately prove productive.

But "Most gracious Sovereign, - should the duties on foreign and coWe, your Majesty's dutiful and lonial produce entering the United loyal subjects, the Commons of Ca- Kingdom be assimilated, as at prenada in Parliament assembled, re sent proposed by your Majesty's spectfully beg leave to address your Imperial Government, it is much Majesty on a subject of the highest to be apprehended that the agriimportance to the inhabitants of culturists of this province will be this province.

deprived of a fair and remunerative “We assure your Majesty, that price for their surplus produce; and while we have seen with unmingled that, consequently, the increase of satisfaction the happiness and pro our staple products, which was rea


sonably anticipated, would be tion of the British empire will be checked to such an extent as ma of that paramount advantage which terially to lessen the prospect of they have hitherto found it to be. als and oth public wor!

These, we humnbly submit, are conproving as productive as we had siderations of grave importance reason to expect.

both to your Majesty and the peo“We respectfully represent to ple of this province ; and we trust your Majesty that, situated as Ca we need not assure your Majesty nada is, and with a climate so se that any changes which would tend vere as to leave barely one-half of in the remotest degree to weaken the year open for intercourse by the ties that have for so many the St. Lawrence with the mo years, and under trying circumther country, the cost of trans stances, bound the people of Caporting her products to market is nada to that land which they are much greater than is paid by the proud to call their mother country, inhabitants of the United States ; would be viewed as the greatest and that without a measure of pro- misfortune which could befall them. tection, or some equivalent advan

· We would further remind your tage, we cannot successfully com Majesty that, while in compliance pete with that country.

with the recommendation of the It therefore becomes our duty, Imperial Government we have as faithful subjects of your Majesty, passed a law repealing all duty on to point out what we sincerely be- American produce coming through lieve must be the result of mea our country for exportation, no sures which have for their object sin lar advantage accorded by the repeal of the laws affording the American Government to the protection to the Canadian export people of this province, but that trade. First, it will discourage duties, amounting in most cases to those at present engaged in agri. prohibition, are rigorously maincultural pursuits from extending tained by that Government on their operations ; secondly, it will every article of ours entering withprevent the influx of respectable in their ports. The disadvantage emigrants from the mother coun we must labour under in this retry, who have for many years past spect is so apparent, that we resettled in large numbers on the spectfully request your Majesty will waste lands of the province, and be pleased to cause the necessary who, by their industry and capital, steps to be taken for opening a have materially contributed to that negotiation with the Government rapid advancement of the country of the United States for the adwhich we have before noticed; mission of our products into their and, lastly, it is much to be feared ports on the same terms that theirs that, should the inhabitants of Ca. are admitted into those of Great nada, from the withdrawal of all Britain and this colony. protection to their staple products, “We also humbly request that find that they cannot successfully your Majesty will favourably concompete with their neighbours of sider the justice of admitting the the United States in the only mar- products of this province generally ket open to them, they will na into the Imperial ports free of duty, turally and of necessity begin to as the expense of transportation is doubt whether remaining a por- in itself all the protection which our

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