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committees had presented their the French from the Peninsula, report, and the House soon after were thought to furnish an instrucwards adjourned.

tive parallel to the present juncThe Duc de Montpensier, accom ture. This was a great mistake, panied by his brother, the Duc and placed the subject in a false d'Aumale, and a numerous suite ar- point of view. The objection to rived at Madrid on the 6th of Sep- the marriage of the Queen's sister tember. They were received on with the Duc de Montpensier was their journey without any expression not that it was hateful to the of popular feeling. It was gene- Spanish people, and forced upon rally thought in this country that them against their consent-not the French match was hateful to that it was brought about by diplothe Spanish nation, but it must be matic trickery and deceit—it vioadmitted that the conduct and de- lated a promise given to Englandmeanour of the people was rather it offered France a perilous temptathat of indifference than dislike. tion to intermeddle in the politics Few cheers greeted the French of Spain, and involved the posPrinces, but they met with no in- sibility of the union of the two sult or opposition; and we think crowns which would be fatal to the that the Duc de Montpensier might peace of Europe. not unreasonably believe that the Both the marriages were solemSpanish nation acquiesced in the nized at the same time on the 10th policy which would unite more of October, which was Queen closely the two countries by means Isabella's birthday. The ceremony of his alliance with the Infanta. began by the Prelate who officiAn exaggerated view had been ated asking the following questaken in this country of the re

tions : pugnance of the great body of the " Senora Donna Isabella II. of people; and the predictions which Bourbon, Catholic Queen of Spain, were confidently made, that the I demand of your Majesty, and of safety of the French Princes would your Highness, Serene Sir, Don be compromised if the match were Francisco d'Assis Maria de Bourpersisted in, were signally falsified bon, Infante of Spain, in case you by the result. It is not impro- know of any impediments to this bable that the Spaniards may have present marriage, and why it could seen a wide distinction between an not and ought not to be contracted attempt on the part of France to —that is to say, if there exists beinterfere by force of arms in their tween your Majesty and Highinternal affairs, and to usurp the ness impediments of consanguinity, government of their country, and affinity, or spiritual relationship, the voluntary consent of a Princess independently of those impediments of the Royal House to a marriage that have been dispensed with by which would tend to identify the his Holiness—if you have made interests of France and Spain. vows of chastity or religion---and But the distinction was overlooked finally, if there exist impediments in England; and the events which of any other kind, that you forthpreceded the overthrow of Joseph with declare them. The same I Bonaparte at Madrid, and the demand of all here present. For fierce struggle that ensued to expel the second and third time I make Vol. LXXXVIII.


your Ma

the same demand, that you freely“ His Majesty.” This was condiscover any impediment you are formable to precedent according to aware of."

the statement contained in a report The Prelate then addressed the made to the Queen by Senora Queen thus

Isturitz and his colleagues, and “Senora Donna Isabella II. signed by them. It was as follows: of Bourbon, Catholic Queen of The constitution of the monSpain, do you wish for your spouse archy directs that the husband of and husband, as the Iloly Catholic, your Majesty shall take no part in Apostolic, and Roman Church the government of the kingdom ; directs, Don Francisco d'Assis but that regulation does not preMaria de Bourbon, Infanto of vent the person selected by your Spain?"

Majesty as your august spouse The Queen kissed her mother's from enjoying the honours which hand ; and being again asked the are, as it were, annexed to the same question by the Bishop, re exalted position to which plied, “ Yes, I wish.”

The Pre- jesty has deigned to raise him, and late then said

which the reigning Queens of Spain “Does your Majesty give your- have invariably conferred on their self as spouse and wife to his consorts. Your Majesty is, besides, Serene Highness Don Francisco empowered by the constitution to d'Assis Maria de Bourbon ?” The grant honours and distinctions of Queen answered, “I do."

all kinds." A similar form was gone through Nor were the important services in the case of the Infanta and rendered by M. Bresson, the French the Duc de Montpensier. In the Ambassador, forgotten on the ocevening an illumination took place casion. In consequence of “the at Madrid, but, if the accounts part which he had taken in the which reached England are correct, marriage of her very beloved sister this was with a few exceptions Donna Luisa Fernanda as Plenipoconfined to official personages and tentiary,” the Queen granted to his the higher nobility. The hotel of infant son “ her godson,” the rank the Neapolitan Minister, Prince of Grandee of Spain, of the first Carini, was, as might be expected, class, with the title of Duo de destitute of any sign of rejoicing, Santa Isabel. and at first some surprise was The Duc and Duchesse de Montexcited by the appearance of lights pensier set out on their journey to in the balconies of the British Paris, on the 22nd of October, Embassy ; but this was explained, and the ambition of Louis Philippe as done in honour of the Queen's was gratified by his reception of a birthday, without reference to the daughter-in-law in a Princess of Royal marriages.

the Spanish House of Bourbon, On the same day a Gazette ap- despite the ominous threats of peared creating the Infante Don opposition which had circulated Francisco d'Assis a Captain Ge- through Europe, and although the neral in the army ; and on the prize, which his policy had won, was 13th the same organ announced purchased by the loss, for a time that he was to enjoy the honorary at least, of the friendship of Great title of King,” and to be styled Britain.


About the same time an amnesty Ministry, upon which he tendered was published as to political of his resignation. This was accepted, fenders. It applied to all such as but the Qucen refused to receive had actually been banished or had it, and Senor Isturitz and his legal proceedings hanging over colleagues resigned in a body on the them, or had been sentenced. The 29th of November. Next day the favour was limited, however, among Queen applied to the Marquis de the military, to those holding Viluma to form a Ministry, but he rank from that of Colonel down was unable to succeed, and the wards ; among the civilians, to the consequence was that Senor Ischiefs of provinces and all other turitz was recalled—the resignaemployés of inferior rank; and, tion of Senor Pacheco was among private individuals, to those cepted, and the former Ministers who had not been members of Re- resumed their places. volutionary Juntas, or filled the The new Session of the Cortes offices of Political Chief, Intendant, was opened by the Queen in person, Commandant General, or those in on the last day of the year, when similar positions. Others not com Her Majesty delivered the following prised in these classes were to be Speech :admitted to the benefit of the amnesty after special consideration

Gentlemen, Senators, and Deof each case.

Followers of Don puties, Carlos were required to take the · Nothing causes me more lively oath of fidelity.

satisfaction than to find myself Another decree was also issued, again in the midst of you, and proclaiming pardon of offences, not again to give myself over to the political, committed, either in Spain hope that your loyalty and your or her colonies, prior to the date every effort will be consecrated to of the decree; but the list of ex cement the union of the Throne cepted cases of crimes which were with the institutions of the country, not to have the benefit of this par

and to continue the work of the don was so numerous as practically prosperity of Spain. to render the decree almost in “I have contracted a marriage operative. Not long afterwards with my august cousin, Don the Cortes were dissolved, and a Francisco d'Assis Maria de Bourgeneral election took place. bon, agreeably to my intention

At the end of November, the announced to the preceding Cortes. Isturitz Cabinet suddenly resigned,

I trust that Heaven will bless this and after the interval of a few union, and that you, also, gentlehours was again reinstated in men, will unite your prayers with office. The short facts were these; mine to Almighty God. The mar-Senor Pacheco, who held the riage of my beloved sister has also post of Fiscal to the Supreme Tri- taken place in the way which has bunal of Justice, and who was at been already explained to the the head of the Conservative op- Cortes. position, asked permission to absent " In our relations with Foreign himself for a short time from his Powers no change has taken place official duties that he might su- worthy of notice. perintend his election as Deputy. “ Domestic tranquillity, that His request was refused by the first need of nations, is strengthen

ing itself, in spite of attempts economy in the expenditure, and which have been made to disturb it is great subject of satisfaction it. I am confident that all legiti- to me that their introduction has mate opinions, uniting themselves not infringed upon vested rights, nor on the vast and free field of our in- caused any prejudice to the classes stitutions, will leave without sup- who compose this interesting porport the factions hostile to the tion of the nation. In the matter public peace, and will contribute of discipline and soldierly behaviour to consolidate the constitutional the condition of the troops both by Government, and to efface all traces sea and land could not be more of the troubles which have so long satisfactory, and the fidelity of all agitated the nation.

ranks is a sure guarantee that the " In order to attain that im- sacred trust reposed to their care portant end, I have granted to per- will be protected from all dangers. sons implicated in those troubles “My solicitude, and that of my as large an amnesty as the welfare Government, has not been less with of the State permits. It is the respect to the Navy. For the first welfare of the State which I shall time since many years the expenses consult at some future time, as to of all establishments have been the question of extending this covered ; considerable works and amnesty to those who, for weighty repairs have been completed in our reasons, have been hitherto ex arsenals ; an impulse has been cluded from it.

given to naval construction, as well “ It is a great satisfaction to me in the yards of the State as in those to be able to announce to you that, of private individuals, so that the thanks to the peace and the reforms vessels of our fleet have been avail. to which former Cortes have given able for all the purposes of the their support, the national pro- State, as well as for the protection sperity is making notable advances; of our mercantile marine, the rapid my efforts will, before all things, increase of which gives rise to the tend to extend and augment those fondest hopes. advances, and I reckon on your “ The amount of the revenue is co-operation and assistance in this increasing, and there is ground for matter.

hope that it will be still more con“ The different branches of the siderable when the projected alteraadministration of the State have tions of the tariff have been put in experienced great ameliorations ; force ; my Government will notify these are owing to the regularity these changes to you in a proper introduced in the payment of ex form. penses in the various offices to the * Some alterations have at the preservation of the public peace, same time been introduced in the and to the harmony and order subject of taxes, and the chief which the laws recently established defects which disfigure that system have introduced into the working will disappear as soon as all the of the administration.

data, which are now being sought “In the organization of the for with great care, have been colArmy some reforms, imperatively lected, with a view to a just and demanded by the public good, have equal apportionment of the conbeen carried out. These reforms tributions. have brought about a considerable “ My Government will present

you with the budget of receipts for religious purposes and the and expenses for the year 1847. clergy is a positive and urgent need, You will there see the ameliora as essential to the welfare of retions and economies which it has ligion as it is for that of the State. been possible to make. I regret My Government will present you that past troubles, and the very re- shortly with a law on this importforms themselves, which must after- ant matter. wards produce good results, do not “ Besides these, other laws will permit of my making at present be proposed in the course of this all the reductions which I desire. Session ; some with a view to pro

“ It has been equally impossible tect the increase of wealth by curbfor my Government to arrive at an ing the abuses which accompany arrangement of the public debt in the first impulse of its developvirtue of the authority given by me ment, others with a view to introfor that purpose. However, as I duce ameliorations in the different have a lively desire to satisfy the branches of the Administration; and just demands of the state credi- others, finally, with a view to retors, as well domestic as foreign, gulate the arrangements in force the measures which may appear relative to the press and to exmost proper for arriving at this ceptional professions. end will be proposed to you at a “ It is thus, Gentlemen, Senafitting time.

tors, and Deputies, with the aid of “ Agreeably to the law of the Providence, and while the efforts 9th of June, 1845, a loan of of all are directed with courage and 200,000,000 reals (50,000,000 f.) firmness in the pursuit of the same has been contracted, destined to aim, that the ameliorations intromaking new roads; the works duced in a political, economical, have partly commenced on several and administrative point of view lines, forming parts of the vast will be consolidated, that fresh plan of internal communication ones will be introduced, and that, which my Government proposes to after so much agitation, peace, carry out.

order, and prosperity will be re“Besides the budget other mea stored to this nation—blessings to sures demanded by the public weal which her great qualities and her will be proposed to you.

many virtues give her so great a "A fixed and fitting endowment claim.”

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