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person, 385

Parliament continued.

Public Documents, &c.—continued.
proposed test for the members of the Trade and Navigation, 358; List of
committee, rejected, [184]; act of Acts, Session, 1842, 361; prices of
indemnity for witnesses to be examin Stocks, 376; arerage prices of corn,
ed by the committee passed, [185] ; bay,straw, clover, and butchers' meat,
report of the committee, [185] ; Mr. 377 ; bills of mortality, bankruptcies
Roebuck's resolutions thereon, [187]; and insolvencies, and meteorological
opposed by Government, [191]; they table, 378; assets and liabilities of
are negatived, [193]; vindication of the Bank, and of banks of issue, 379;
Government, [194]; writs for several University honours, Oxford, 380;
places suspended, but finally issued, Cambridge, 382. The Census—ab
[195]; Sudbury Disfranchisement stract of the Census of Ireland, 384;
Bill carried, and dropped, [195]; Queen's person protection act, 385;
Lord J. Russell's bill for preventing Corn Importation Act, 386 ; Mines
bribery, [195]

and Collieries, Act, 396; Copyright
Law Reforms - the Bankruptcy, Act, 399; INTERNATIONAL-treaty of
Lunacy, and County Courts Bill, Washington, 498
1198]; Courts of Appeal Bill, [200];
Marriage Law, bill to legalize mar Queen, the - Her Majesty's visit to
riage with a deceased wife's sister, Portsmouth, 55; attempt of Francis
[201] ; bill for better protection of to assassinate Her, 96 ; another at-
her Majesty's Person, [207] ; Church tempt by Bean, 118; trial of Bean,
Rates, [209]; grant to Maynooth col 139; Her Majesty's visit to Scotland,
lege, [211] ; Poor-law Amendment 143 ; arrival at Edinburgh, and pro-
Bill, [212]

gress, 144 ; visit to Walmer Castle,
Review of the Session--Lord Pal. 176 ; benevolence to shipwrecked
merston reviews the conduct of Go seamen at Dover, 183; returns from
vernment in a very sarcastic speech, Walmer Castle, 186 ; copy of the Act
[214] ; is ably answered by Sir Robert for better protecting of Her Majesty's
Peel, [221]; prorogation of Parlia-
ment by the Queen in person, [230];
her Majesty's speech, [230]

Rattlesnake at the Surrey Zoological

Gardens, 45
Pennefather, sudden death of Mr. Jus.

Revenue, quarterly accounts of the, 160
tice, on circuit, 121

Riots in the manufacturing districts,
Poacher's, affray with at Stokes-fields, 5 133; trial of the Yorkshire rioters,

149; special commission at Stafford,
Police-extraordinary conspiracy against 157; ai Chester, 159; at Lancaster,
Mr. Wooley, 55

161; close of the Stafford commission,
PORTUGAL - Election in favour of the 163; ditto at Lancaster, 165

ministers, [302); revolt at Oporto, Robbery of 2,000/. from Blackburn
headed by Costa Cabral, in favour of coach, 27; at Lady Lisle's, 15); at
the Charter, (303); Charter adopted Beckenham manor house, 191
by the Court, (303); ministry formed, Rowing-match between Eton and West-
including Costa Cabral, (304); open minster scholars, 128

ing of the Cortes, royal speech, (304) Rugby school, election of a head-master,
Premature interment at Oviedo, 103

Princess Royal, first anecdote of the,

Self-devotion, noble instance of, 151
Prisons, closing of the Fleet and Mar Sheriffs, list of the, for the year, 1842,
shalsea, 185

Promotions, 228

Shipwrecks - of the Perseverance and
Prussia, King of, stands sponsor to wonderful preservation of the captain,

H. R. H. the Prince of Wales, 15; his 1; of Kent steamer, 30; of the City
movements during his visit, 17

of Edinburgh steamer, 45; collision
PRUSSIA General Assembly of com of the Astley and Penelope, 46; of

mittees from the provinces assembled the Minerva ofl Calais, 54; of the
by ordinance of the king, their deli. Beulah, 73; of the General Evans,
berations, (304]

81; of the Georgia, 92 ; of the Bria
PUBLIC DOCUMENTS AND STATE PAPERS gand steamer, 161 ; during the storm

DOMESTIC: Finance Accounts, 342 ; of Oct. 21, 168; of the Reliance


UNITED STATES President's message, East Indiaman off Boulogne, 177 ; of (306); correspondence relative to the the William, 182

right of search, (309); presentment Snake-large snake found in Leith, 18 of grand jury against Biddle and SPAIN-Opening of the Spanish Cortes others for conspiracy, [312]; case of

(295); election of presidents and vice the Creole, (312); repudiation of presidents, [298]; discussion on the state debts, [313]; president vetoes address in the senate, [298]; and in two tariff bills, his conduct condemnthe Chamber of Deputies, [300] ; in ed by Congress, (314) ; British Gosurrection at Barcelona, (300); bom vernment sends Lord Ashburton as a barded by Espartero surrenders, special ambassador, (313) ; treaty of [301]; execution of Carcana, city Washington, (317) ; entertainment to fined, (302)

Lord Ashburton at New York, (317); St. Domingo, dreadful earthquake at, President's message, (320); exports 10,000 lives lost, 109

of the United States for 1838, 1839. Storms--of snow in London, 10; hurri 1841, [331]

cane at Brighton, 53; whirlwind at University honours, 380

Liverpool, 126 ; in London, 130 Stanley, fraud on Lord, 4

Veil taken by two ladies at BermondStrange story, 195 Suicides and attempted murder at Voltaic-pile-curious experiment with,

Sheffield, 6; of William Phipps, 7; the Arcarus Galvanicus, 26 of Mr. Jacob Sims, 19; and attempted robbery at Axbridge, 54 ; attempted, Wales, Prince of, his christening, 15 at Southampton, 74; from extraordi- Washington, copy of treaty of, 498 nary delusion, 79; of Mr. William Weather, mildness of the, 199 Lake, 89; froin jealousy, 91; on Wellesley, funeral of the Marquess of, Croydon Common, 92; of Lord Con at Eton, 159 gle 104; from the Monument, 127 Wellington, anecdote of the Duke of, 5

Whale caught in the Thames, 182 Thames Tunnel, opened as thorough- Wilkie, meeting to select artist for stafare, 133

tue to Sir David, 118 Times-testimonial to the Times news Windsor Castle, an intruder detected, paper, 175

136 Trade and navigation, 358

sey, 78


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