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top of the yard. A year ago the saw her alive at one o'clock on murderer lodged in the same house Thursday. She had just returned with the deceased ; but about nine from a journey to Worksop, where months since, he became rather she had gone on a visit on Christunsteady, and took to drinking, in mas-day. Witness returned from consequence of which, the parents his work about nine at night, and of the deceased, thinking that his found that the deceased had just bad habits would not promote gone out without bonnet or shawl their daughter's happiness, declared When the deceased did not against his suit. He then left return home, he became alarmed their house, and went to lodge in for her safety, and searched the the sume yard, at the house of a whole town for her. At eleven widow named Wragg. At that he took a lantern, and went to the time he made use of threatening mill dam, but without finding her. language; but it would imply a Witness then thought that he degree of malignity unparalleled would go to the prisoner's shop, to suppose, that he formed a reso. and put a table against the wall, lution, in conseqưence of what then and look through the window, passed, to perpetrate so savage and which was high up. By the light diabolical a crime.

of a lantern he saw the deceased He visited at Hallam's as a lying on the floor, weltering in neighbour, and occasionally went her blood. He did not attempt to out with the deceased. At Whit. get in at the window, but stood suntide, whilst walking in Mans- and looked for signs of life, but field Forest, he committed a vio. could not perceive any. She lay lent assault upon her, and fre. on her right side, and her clothes quently gave evidence of being a were down within an inch or two most passionate fellow. On Thurs of her shoes. Witness then took day night the deceased, who had the table and chair away, and, after been out on a visit, called at his telling his wife that she was dead, shop on going out of the yard, went and fetched Metham the and from the evidence there ap- constable. Witness and Metham, pears not the slightest doubt, but with the nephew of the latter, that he fell upon and murdered went down to his lodgings and her, by cutting her throat in the called up the prisoner, who was most dreadful manner.

apprehended and taken to the lockHe stayed in the workshop, the up. Witness then described the scene of this dreadful tragedy, wounds on the body to be several with the body of his victim, for large cuts on the throat. some time, and at length locked Several other witnesses were up the shop, and went to a public. examined, and the prisoner being house. He there drank several cautioned, was then asked if he glasses of ale, and sang a song had anything to say. He rose from at the request of the company ;

his seat, and said, “ I decline for after which he went home to the present," and then resumed his bed.

sitting We extract the following from In answer to the coroner, he the evidence:

said, “ My name is John Jones, William Hallam, the father of and not Samuel Moore. I live at the deceased, deposed, that he last Mrs. Wragg's, Lister Lane. I am

a cordwainer, and twenty-four and were not expected in town years of age. I have lived in Mans- until the following Thursday. field four years.” He then de. The stranger was then asked to clined answering any more ques- leave his name, when he said he tions.

was commissioned by the princiThe room being cleared, the jury pal officers of the Custom-house to almost immediately returned a ver deliver to Lord Stanley the box dict of “ Wilful murder against which he had with him, and which John Jones,” who was fully com contained a most costly and magmitted upon the coroner's warrant, nificent chandelier, intended as a to take his trial at the next Not- Christmas present to Lady Stanley tingham assizes.

from some of the foreign Courts ; The prisoner maintained a most and that he was also instructed to unmoved demeanour, and stated, say, that thirty-five cases of wine that before committing the fear- had been received as a present for ful deed, he asked the deceased his Lordship, which would be deif she would marry him. She livered on the following morning. replied that her parents would Some further conversation fol. not consent. He then said that lowed, in the course of which the he would take care no one else stranger gave particular directions did ; and seized her. After he had that the package he had with him inflicted the first wound, which should be carefully attended to. it appears was not immediately He then pulled out of his pocket fatal, she begged for her life; but some papers, which appeared to be seeing him resolved, then asked the regular Custom-house certififor time to pray, before he killed cates, signed

cates, signed “George Lamb," her; he answered, that he would and stated that he was to receive pray for both of them, and com 31. 5s. 4d., the amount of the pleted his dreadful purpose. He regular dues. then prayed for“God to have mercy The office-keeper desired him to upon two unfortunate lovers," and write a receipt for the money, stayed a considerable time on his which he did in the presence of knees.

that gentleman's daughter, the amount was paid over to him, and

he left the office. The costly pre1842.

sent was removed with all due

care, to the mansion of Lord StanJANUARY

ley in St. James's-square ; and on

the arrival of the noble Lord and 4.

CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. Lady from Windsor opened with FRAUD ON LORD STANLEY. -A the greatest caution when its middle-aged man, of respectable valuable contents were found to appearance and plausible manners, consist of a few brick-bats, packed called at the Colonial-office in in a manner to prevent them rolling Downing-street, and inquired for in the case. the noble Colonial Secretary. He Immediately on the fraud being was informed by the messengers in discovered, by the directions of the attendance, that Lord and Lady noble Secretary, information was Stanley were at the time on a visit given at the police-station in Scotto Her Majesty at Windsor Castle, land-yard, and also to the City

police, and every exertion, in con 7. ExtrAORDINARY AFFAIR AT sequence used to discover the delin WEXFORD. —Some time ago the quent. Th

ertions were suc- daughter of a man named Bolger cessful; and the suspected party procured a suit of boy's clothes, was apprehended in the neighbour- and went to "seek her fortune" at hood of the Custom-house. It is, Liverpool, as a dashing young perhaps, needless to add, that the Irishman." She was hired by an thirty-five cases of wine have not English gentleman as groom, and been heard of.

for months rode after him as such. 6. ANECDOTE OP the Duke or On his leaving the country, he WELLINGTON.- When his Grace recommended his groom in the the Duke of Wellington, who is strongest terms, and Miss Bolger known to be a very early riser, was hired as inside servant. One was last at Windsor Castle, upon of the maids, however, became ata visit to Her Majesty, the follow- tached to her, and, to escape her ing incident occurred, affording importunity, Miss Bolger joined a another proof of the strict military twopenny show, where she soon discipline so closely observed and attained the exalted honour of practised upon all occasions by his tumbling on the stage, and of deGrace. One morning, between scribing figuratively the letters seven and eight o'clock, the Duke, of the alphabet. The show booth accompanied by his youngest son arrived here, and her brother, Lord Charles Wellesley (who by a singular coincidence, was was then in waiting as one of employed in one of the departthe equerries upon Her Majesty), ments connected with the buildwalked from the castle into the ing, and recognised his long-lost quadrangle, which he was about sister in the interesting postureto leave by the iron gate near the master. Her father, with the entrance to the state apartments, assistance of the police, conveyed to proceed on to the North Terrace. her to his house ; but she is so The Duke and his son, however, pleased with her male attire, that were stopped by the sentry (one of neither threats nor persuasion can the 720 Highlanders) stationed at prevail on her to assume that bethis spot, who stated that his in- fitting her sex. structions were not to suffer any 8. AFFRAY with Poachers.person to pass from out of the This afternoon as Mr. John Brailsquadrangle at that early hour in ford, one of Lord Chesterfield's the morning. Lord Charles Wel, keepers, was going his rounds in lesley immediately stepped up to Stoke-fields, in the county of Notthe soldier on guard, and said, tingham, he observed at a dis“You surely can't know who this tance about twenty men entering is - it is the Duke of Welling. a turnip field, as he supposed to ton, my father.” His Grace in- steal turnips. He went to them, stantly responded, “ Pooh, pooh, and seeing them take up turnips, nonsense ; let the sentry perform he began to remonstrate with them his duty;" and returned to the on the impropriety of their concastle until the hour arrived at duct, when to his surprise, he which the sentry could suffer them found that they were a gang of to pass out through the gate in poachers, and that they had about question.

200 snares with them, hanging


upon their arms, and on other Soon after this period he called parts of their persons. He ob- upon her, and endeavoured to inserved also that part of the men duce her to revoke her determinawere in the act of setting snares ; tion to discard him as a lover: but others were pulling up turnips to finding his persuasions in vain, he stop holes in the fences; and others drew out a razor, and attempted were laying marks. He boldly her life. She however, with great and instantly took one man into promptitude and spirit, threw him custody; the rest threw turnips down, and got the razor from his and large stones at him, swearing hand. that if he did not set their com. In October, he had fired a pistol panion at liberty, they would at the house ; and on Monday last murder him.

he visited her, and uttered such He persisted in holding his man; alarming threats, that she applied but the party proved too strong, to the magistrates for protection, and he let go his hold, knowing and obtained a peace warrant. the name of the individual. He The sisters had, in consequenee turned off from the poachers to of his violence, been latterly in the fivd his father, who, with himself habit of fastening the door and soon mounted and rode on horse- window-shutters in the evening; back in pursuit. They came up but on yesterday night, unfortuwith fifteen of the retreating nately, forgot or neglected to do party, near Colwick-gate, when At about a quarter before Mr. Brailsford, the father, dis- eight o'clock they were sitting at mounted, and attacked with a their work, when Vaughan sudJarge stick the whole gang. Sup- denly rushed in at the outer door, ported by his son, they succeeded, closing it after him as he entered, although struck upon the head and and cried,

and cried, “ Revenge !-revenge body with large stones, which this night, if I go out a corpse !" were thrown at them almost as He then drew his hands from his thick as hail, in capturing one of pockets with a pistol in each. the poachers.

Sarah Poole immediately rushed 8. SUICIDE AND ATTEMPTED to the door, followed by her sister MURDER AT SHEFFIELD. - The Harriet, who, perceiving he was town of Sheffield has been the aiming at Sarah, shut the door, scene of a very shocking occur. but he fired one pistol before it rence, the result of intemperance. was closed. Sarah escaped down A young man, aged twenty-five, the stairs ; but Harriet, by closing named Henry Vaughan, a table the door, shut herself in with the knife manufacturer,living in White- infuriated man; while the third. croft, had, it appears, paid atten- sister, Hannah, escaped out at the tions to Sarah Poole, who, with front door, and ran over to give her two sisters, lived at Pye-bank, an alarm at a public-house opBridge - houses, and obtained a site. Vaughan essayed to fol. respectable livelihood by dress- low Sarah, but Harriet, with great making; but about eighteen months presence of mind and wonderful ago, in consequence of his dissolute intrepidity, pushed him backwards, conduct and intemperate habits, and he fell. At this moment she she refused any longer to keep snatched from him what she supcompany with him

posed to be the other loaded pistol,

threw it down—and, escaping into interment of the body at midnight, the next room, made for the win- without Christian burial. dow. She threw open the sash, 9. ROBBERIES OF CHILDREN. pushed open the unfastened shut- This afternoon the following reters, and was in the act of jump. spectable tradesmen's children

were ing out, when the villain fired at decoyed by some elderly females, her. The balt struck her upon who succeeded in inveigling them the shoulder, inflicting a super- into some low dens of infamy in ficial wound, and passed by her St. Giles's, where they stripped cheek.

theme of every article of wearing At this moment the landlord of apparel that they had on except the Barrel public-house, and Mr. their shoes, and afterwards turned Palfreyman, a commercial travels the little innocents into the streets ler, came over, upon which the at night, where they were found desperate fellow fired a third pistol crying with cold. Two of them through the panel of the door, the were found in Langley - street, ball from which entered the front Long-acre, viz. : Richard Morof Mr. Palfreyman's trousers, and gan, six years of age, and James tore his shirt-but, wonderful tó Bonus, five years of age. Three say, passed over his thigh without others were found of more tender wounding him. The door still re- years, at the same time, by a policemained fastened, and they were constable on duty, who proceeded afraid to make any further attempt with them to the house of Mr. at entering, until the police should Saunders, a milkman, residing at arrive.

No. 11, Queen-street, Seven-dials, In the interval, three other shots to see if he could identify them, were heard in the room; and when but he not being able so to do, they they at length entered, they found were wrapped up in some clothes, the miserable man in his last agony. and conveyed to the station-house He had discharged one of the pis- in Bow-street, and placed by a tols at his own breast. Near him fire, since which they have been lay three pöcket pistols; one dis elaimed by their distracted parents. charged, one loaded, and the third The wretches, after stripping them, with the barrel partially unscrewed, carried them from out of their dens as if an attempt had been made a in their arms, and under some presecond time to reload it. Two or tence, put them down in the street three bullets were found on the and ran off. floor ; and that fired at Sarah Poole, 10. EXTRAORDINARY Suicide. which had touched her left temple, The family of a respectable and raised a small lump, had flat tradesman named Phipps, an engi. tened against the wall, and fallen neer and well-sinker, resident in down the cellar steps.

the churchyard, Ross, was thrown An inquest was held on the into a state of dismay, by the disbody of the suicide this after-covery of the body of William noon, and a verdict of Felo de se Phipps, a son of John Phipps, who returned. After the facts above had destroyed himself, and was related had been deposed to before found hanging in an outhouse in the jury by the witnesses to the the occupation of his father. dreadful transaction, the Cotoner It appears that the deceased was gave the usual directions for the

a young man, eighteen years of

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