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such markets are allowed to exist; ing, the evidence be deemed sufand that they will urge upon all ficient to sustain the charge, it such powers the propriety and duty shall be the duty of the examining of closing such markets effectually, judge or magistrate to certify the at once and for ever.

same to the proper executive auARTICLE X.- It is agreed that thority, that a warrant may issue Her Britannic Majesty and the for the surrender of such fugitive. United States shall, upon mutual The expense of such apprehension requisitions by them or their mi. and delivery shall be borne and nisters, officers, or authorities, re defrayed by the party who makes spectively made, deliver np to jus- the requisition and receives the futice all persons who, being charged gitive. with the crime of murder, or as ARTICLE XI.-The Eighth Arsault with intent to commit mur. ticle of this treaty shall be in force der, or piracy, or arson, or robbery, for five years from the date of the or forgery, or the utterance of exchange of the ratifications, and forged paper, committed within the afterwards, until one or the other jurisdiction of either, shall seek an

party shall signify a wish to termiasylum, or shall be found within nate it. The Tenth Article shall the territories of the other ;-pro- continue in force until one or the vided that this shall only be done other of the parties shall signify upon such evidence of criminality its wish to terminate it, and no as, according to the laws of the longer. place where the fugitive or person ARTICLE XII.— The present so charged shall be found, would treaty shall be duly ratified, and justify his apprehension and com the mutual exchange of ratificamitment for trial, if the crime or tions shall take place in London offence had there been committed; within six months from the date and the respective judges and other hereof, or earlier if possible. magistrates of the two govern

In faith whereof, we, the respecments shall have power, jurisdic. tive Plenipotentiaries, have signed tion, and authority, upon complaint this Treaty, and have hereunto afmade under dath, to issue a war fixed our seals. rant for the apprehension of the Done in duplicate at Washingfugitive or person so charged, that ton, the ninth day of August, he may be brought before such Anno Domini one thousand eight judges or other magistrates respec- hundred and forty-two. tively, to the end that the evidence

ASABURTON, (L.S.) of criminality may be heard and

DANL. WEBSTER, (L.S.) considered ; and if, on such hear.

[blocks in formation]



Granted between 21st December 1841, and 28th December 1842.

Watson, J., filters, Dec. 23 (1841) Baggs, I., motive power, Feb. 9 Baillien, W., expansion of human chest, Nickels, C., plaited fabrics, Feb. 10

Dec. 23 Addison, W. B., worsted spin., Feb. 10 Kettle, & Co., bolts, Dec, 24

Jarman, & Co., far spinning, Feb. 14 Macdonough, spinning, Jan. 6 (1842) Andrew, J., yarns, Feb. 15 Hall, E., steam boiler, Jan. 11

Holcombe, C. T., fuel, Feb. 15 Le Petit, S. H., gas, Jan, 11.

Osbaldeston, J., looms, Feb. 15 Chesterman, & Co., tapes, Jan. 11 Rousseau, A., fire-arms, Feb. 15 Williams, C. W., furnaces, Jan. Il Haden, J., ventilation, Feb. 15 Jeffree, J. T., water forcing, Jan. 11 Lewthwaite, J., steam engines, Feb. 15. Chatterton, R. D., propelling, Jan. 11. Crampton, T. R., steam engines, Feb, 15 Tons, J., copper ores, Jan. 13

Wornum, R., pianofortes, Feb. 15 Bordier, J., leather, Jan. 13.

Greenfield, D., door handles, Feb. 21. Bedells, C., elastic fabrics, Jan. 13 Poole, M., oils, Feb. 21 Barnes, J., steam engines, Jan. 13 Newton, W., air regulator, Feb. 25 Waterton, H., salt, Jan. 13.

Reynolds, O., wood pavement, Feb. 25 Rubery, J. J., umbrellas, Jan. 13

Birkby, J., cards, Feb. 25 Poole, M., locks, Jan. 15

Saunders, W., roasting & baking, Feb 25 Thackeray, J., thread, Jan. 15

Morand, S., stretching fabrics, Feb. 26 Lambert, T., pianofortes, Jan. 15 Gillot, B., heating, Feb. 26 Palmer, E., embossing, Jan. 15

La Riviere, Marc, machinery, Mar. 1 Coles, J., brushes, Jan. 15

Smith, T., water closets, Mar. 1. Ward, C., Autes, Jan. 18

Haseler, G. C., scent bottles, Mar. 3 Tindall, W., vegetable light, Jan. 19 Slaughter, E., iron wheels, Mar. 4 Mertens, A., wood covering, Jan. 22 Clements, J., picture frames, Mar. 4 Baker, W., boots and shoes, Jan. 27 Palmer, W., lamps, Mar. 4 Baggaly, J. J., metallic dies, 27

Palmer, W., vessels for decoctions, Mar. 4 Kurtz, A., fuel, Jan. 27

Green, J., junr., cutting turnips, Mar. 7 Marston, F., calculations, Jan. 27 Bodner, J. G., cleaning cotton, Mar. 7 Mason, S., clogs, Jan. 27

Redman, J., barometer, Mar. 7 Boccius, G., gas, Jan. 27

Duncan, J., excavating soil, Mar. 7 Galloway, & Co., cutting metals, Jan. 27 Warrick, J., gasoscope, Mar. 7 (2 mon.) Journet, S., steam-engine, Jan. 27. Kane, F., bedsteads, Mar. 7 Benjamin, H., preserving animal matter, Desanges & Co., chim. sweeping, Mar. 7

Jan. 27. Frampton, R., hinges, Mar. 7 Baggaly, J. J., combs, Jan. 29

Rodway, H. B., horse shoes, Mar. 7 Hughes, J., paper, Jan. 29

Russell & Co., iron tubing, Mar. 7 Hunt, J., bricks, Jan. 31

Newton, W., weighing machines, Mar. 7 Williams, C. W., bricks, Jan. 21.

Hedley & Co., purifying smokes, Mar. 7 Broadwood, H. F., pianoforte, Feb. 2 Catsord, w., laces, Mar. 8 Newton, W., elastic fabrics, Feb. 8. Smith, H., wheels, Mar. 10 Sleigh, A. W., sea barriers, Feb. 8 Beard, R., likenesses, Mar. 10 Hancock, C., cotton printing, Feb. 8 Newton, W. E., boilers, etc., Mar. 10 Biram, B., rotary engines, Feb. 8 Firchild,C.W., propelling appar.,Mar.14 Harlow, F., wood paving, Feb. 9 Partridge, R., wood splitting, Mar, 14

Green, A., trusses, Mar. 15
Trent, E. W., oakum, Mar. 21
Jessop, S., iron, Mar. 2)
Parkes, Z., grinding, Mar. 21
Clay, J., type composing, Mar. 21
Hancock, W., combs, etc., Mar. 21
Dent, E. J., chronometers, Mar. 21
Brockedon, W., stoppers, Mar. 21
Haughten, J., label fixing, Mar. 21
Palmer, W., pills, Mar. 21
Freeman, M., inkstands, Mar. 21
Hazard, R., heating apparatus, Mar. 21
Beach, M. S., type printing, Mar. 23
Daniell, J. C., food for cattle, Mar. 31
Seybel, J., sulphate of soda, Mar. 31.
Trippett, W. L., looms, Mar. 31
Bevard, J., preserving meats, Ap. 6
Smith & Co., spinning, Ap. 6
Read & Co., reins and bridles, Ap. 6
Clarke, J. G. S., engines, Ap. 6
Clive, T., candlesticks, Ap. 7
Tiellens, J. A., knitting, Ap. 7
Carlotti, M., boots and shoes, Ap. 8
Falconer, W., buttons, Ap. 13
Dawes, J. B., glass, Ap. 13
Lamb, J., engines, Ap. 15
Richards, G., book binding, Ap. 15
Jeffrey, A., masts, etc., Ap. 15
Farina, c., soap, etc., Ap. 15.
Kingdon, K., embossing, Ap. 21
Noel, w., boots and shoes, Ap. 21
Troisbrioux, A., printing presses, Ap. 21
Rotton, O., spinning, Ap. 26
Wood, w., weaving, Ap. 26
Cocking, S., light, Ap. 26
Raoul & Co., fabrics, Ap. 26
Palmer, H. R., roofs, Ap. 26
Mege, J., trousers, Ap. 26
Pape, J. H., carriages, Ap. 28
Lash, W., wheels, etc., Ap. 28
Varley & Varley, engines, Ap. 28
Wetzlar, G., waterproof fabrics, May 7
Warren, J., ploughs, May 9
Walker, P. F., candles, etc., May 9
Haire, G., chimney sweeping, May 9
Edge, T., gas water, May 9
Hall, S., smoke, etc., May 9
Wilson, J., bedstead, May 9
Sanderson, w., weaving fabrics, May 9
Melville, J., propelling vessels, May 1l
Browne, J., mud boots, May 12
Williams, T. churn, May 17
Brunton, W., dressing ores, May 19
Gibson, J., axletrees, May 23
Lawes, J. B., manure, May 23
Bishop, J., brake apparatus, May 23
Middleton, T., size, May, 23
Mabley, W. T., nails, May 23
Cook, B. junr., bedstead, May 23
Goos, F., weaving, May 23
Murray, Sir J., manure, May 23

Pilbow, J., steam engine, May 23
Geeves, W., cork cutting, May 24
Stewart, J., hinges, May 24
Waterhouse, T., carding, May 24
Duce, J., lock and key, May 24
Boydell, J.judr., iron gates, etc., May 24
Potter, J., spinning, May 25
Kagenbusch, V., dyeing, May 26
Young, W., lamps, etc., May 28
Kayser, J. P., lamps, May 31
Phillipps, H., gas, May, 3)
Watson, R., junr., draining land, May 31
Wilkinson, H., unloading ships, May 31
Meckenheim, L. N., iron, May 31
Leeson, H. B., electro-galvanism, June 1
Kempton, W. H., candles, June 1
Reed, J., tiles, etc. June 2
Jubber, H., kitchen ranges, June 2
Aingworth, B., glass, June 4
Tuck, E., plating metals, June 4
Irving, W., corn drill, June 7
Woodcock, J., steam engines, June 7
Nasmyth, J., iron cutting, May 9
Chatwin, J., cocks, May 9
Hughes, J. G,, signals, May 9
Emslie, J. A., pumps, May 9
Vencraft, S., saddle-trees, May 9
Holdsworth, A.H., fire-proof vess.May 11
Garrett, R., horse-shoes, etc., May 13
Banks, T., wheels, May 13
Poole, M., wool colouring, May 13
Cotton, W., weighing machine, May 13

(2 months)
Williams, D., roof covering, May 13
Moss, J., buttons, etc., May 13
Williams, W.M., locks and keys, May 13
Watson, H. H., bleaching, May 21
Bennett, J., street paving, May 21
Dickson, J., engines and boilers, May 21
Gye, F. jun., bookbinding, May 21
Gournt, T.. propelling vessels, May 21
Bewley, H., chalybeate water, May 25
Scott, J. H., metal pipes, July 6
Dopisthorpe, G. E., wool combing, July 6
Hall, J., tilling, July 6
Vavasour, Lady A., images on metal

surfaces, July 7 Hodgson, R., images on metal surfaces,

July 7 Chance, J. T., glass, July 7 Prellor, C. A., wool combing, July 7 Fairbairn, W., metal ships, etc., July 7 Perring, J., wood paving, July 7 Bird, J., forcing water, July 7 Richard, W., smoke, July 7 Vigers, W. R., air, July 7 (2 months) Booth, J. P., working in mines, July 7 Jounannin, J. B.F., water engines, July 9 Crutchett, J., gas, July 9 Deakin, T., harness, July 12 Clement, J. L., steam pressure, July 12

Stuckey, W. H., pneumatic eng. July 12 Juckes, J., furnaces, Sept. 22
Schlesinger, J., inkstands, etc., July 16 Bell, E., fuel, Sept. 29
Benton, R., propelling carriages, July 16 Henson, S., locomotion, Sept. 29
Barling, J., rotary motion, July 16 Smith, W., candles, Sept. 29
Chatwin, J., buttons, July 16

Rand, J., vessels, Sept. 29
Ayres, C. R., glass colouring, July 23 Hide & Co., spinning, Sept. 29
Partridge, J., wool cleaning, July 23 Ridsdale, J., weaving. Sept 29
Varrec & Co., chimneys, July 23 Wilkey, J. F., carriages, Sept. 29
Johnstone, A., carriages, etc., 23 Shipley, J. G., saddles, Oct. 6
Cobbold, E., propel, apparatus, July 28 York, J. O., axles, Oct. 8
Bell, T., copper, July 29

Turner, W. G., alum, Oct. 8
Lejeune, J., combustion, July 29 Deutsch, C. E., cementing, Oct. 8
Woolrich, J.S., metal coating, Aug. 1 Dotchin, S., road paving, Oct. 13
Phipps, A. J., paving, Aug. 1

Newton, W. E., fuel, Oct. 13 Whitworth, J., road cleaning, Aug. 2 Holcombe, C. T., fuel, Oct. 13 Dry, J., thrashing, Aug. 2

Sievier, R. W., weaving, Oct. 13 Carson, S., preserving animal substances, Kagenbusch, P., alum, Oct. 13

Aug. 3 Brown & Co., engines, Oct. 13 Turner, A., muffs, etc., Aug. 3

Seville, T., spinning, Oct. 20 Lee, J., wheels, etc., Aug. 3

Budd, J. P., iron, Oct. 20 Perrin, C. H., watches, Aug. 8

Longmaid, W., ores, Oct. 20 Napier, D., steam engine, Aug. 9 Statham, J., locks, etc., Oct. 20 Walker, T., stoves, Aug. 9

Alzard, J. C., bread, etc., Oct. 20 Sturges, R. F., Britannia metal, Aug. 9 Hazeldine, G., omnibuses, Oct. 27 Albert, D. F., manure, Aug. 10

Gardner, J., hay cutting, 27 Poole, M., paving, Aug. 11

Mullins, J., metals, Oct. 27 Betteley, J., windlasses, Aug. JI Williams, R., velvets, Oct. 27 Betts, J. T., bottles, Aug. II

Gregson, M., veneer sawing, Nov. 2 Roberts, G., lamps, Aug. 15

Edwards, J., razor strop, Nov, 2 Raybould, W., soldering iron, Aug. 18 Lillie, Sir J. S., roads, Nov. 2

(2 months) Pelletan, P., light, Nov. 2 Newbery, G. J., damasking leather, Bullough, J., looms, Nov. 3

Aug. 18 Beven, R., steam, Nov. 5
Defries & Co., gas meters, Aug. 18 Rothwell, J., combustion, Nov, 5
Ridgway, W., heat in ovens, Aug. 18 Jones, W. C., candles, Nov. 8
Gurney, G., light and heat, Aug, 18 Ingold, P. F., watches, Nov. 8
Else, Ř , water raising, Aug. 18 Harvie, A., fermentation, Nov. 8
Hendry, T., wool combing, Aug. 25 Warely, T., paper, Nov. 8
Redmund, D., hinges, Aug. 25

Mitchell, J., pens, Nov. 8
Guitard, C. F., railways, Aug. 31 Spinks, J., carriages, Nov. 8
Thatcher, C., drags or breaks, Aug. 31 Zander, H., steam boilers, Nov. 8
Hazard, R., ventilation, Sept. 3

Barnes & Co., calico printing, Nov. 10 Roche, W., colours, Sept. 3

Rowley & Co., buttons, Nov. 15 Warburton, W., carriages, Sept. 8 Maurras, A. E. G. A., filter, Nov. 15 Robson, J. W., raising liquids, Sept. 8 Smith, C., bricks, etc., Nov. 17 Insole, J., brushes, Sept. 8

Target & Co., sugar, Nov. 25 Tuck, J.H., candles, Sept. 8

Smith, J., weaving, Nov. 25 Newton, W. E., screws, Sept. 8

Wild, C. H., fire-proof building, Nov. 25 James, H. G., weighing machines, Bagge, J., light, Nov. 25

Sept. 8

Ward, O. F.. candlesticks, etc., Nov. 25 Cooke, W. F., signals & alarums, Sept. 8 Ralli, P. T., carriages, Nov. 25 Thirlwall, T., steam engines, Sept. 8 Talbot, H. H. F., metal covering, Nov. 25 Crofts, W., lace, Sept. 8

Mansell, T., cutting apparatus, Dec. 3 Marston & Co., fax dressing, Sept. 8 Timmis, E., fire extinguishing, Dec. 3 Wake, J, jun., propelling vessels, Sept. 9 Cobbold, E., marking, Dec. 3o Rolt, J., saddles, Sept. 16

Stubbing, J., lace fabrics, etc., Dec. 3 Bowles, F., flour, Sept. 15

Pouchant, Don Pedro, sugar, Dec. 3 Nickels, C. lace fabrics, Sept. 15 Sealy, J., tile, Dec. 3 (2 months) Jamies, W. H., railways, Sept. 16 Wild, C. H., railway switch, Dec. 3 Sanders & Co., ploughing, etc., Sept. 22 Howard, T., spinning, Dec. 3 Stead, P., malt, Sept. 22

Hancock, W. jun., driving mach., Dec. 3

Etheredge, F. W., bricks, etc., Dec. 3 Poole, M., mill stones, Dec. 15
Stuckey, W.H., filter, Dec. 3

Sautter, C. M. E., sulphuric acid, Dec. 15 Pope, W., stove, Dec. 3

Richault, G.S., finger apparatus,Dec. 15 English, W.0., tar, etc., Dec. 8

Winchester, J., steam boilers, Dec. 15 Jones & Co., candles, Dec. 8

Rigby, brothers, brushes, Dec. 20 Harris & Co., cotton reels, Dec. 8 Moreau, G.H., steam generators,Dec.21 Kempson, W., muffs, etc., Dec. 8 Moreau, G.H., propelling vessels, Dec.21 Purt & Co., aerated liquors, Dec. 8 Squire, J., steam boilers, Dec. 21 Barber, B., boots, etc., Dec. 8

Miller, T.J., reclining bedstead, Dec. 22 Bodmer, J. G., metallic hoops, Dec. 8 Bridges, W., buttons, 22 Newton, W. E., arletrees, etc., Dec. 8 Vaile, H. P., power instruments, Dec. 22 Lomas & Co., fringes, etc., Dec. 8 Beman, J., iron, Dec. 22 Grantham, J., boat engine, Dec. 8 Kneller, W. G., soda, Dec. 22 Brown, J., steam engines, Dec. 8 Wilson, R., steam engines, Dec. 22 Fothergill, B., cotting spinning, Dec. 8 Morris, J., steam engincs, Dec. 22 Keene, C., hose, gloves, 8c., Dec. 15 Hull, A. G., electrical appartus, Dec. 28 Palmer, W., candles, Dec. 15

Thompson, T., weaving, Dec. 28 Cardwell, T., presses, Dec. 15

Crosley, H., sugar, Dec. 28

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