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compelled us daily to fight at dis- service, on the same footing with advantage for forage for our cattle. their comrades of the Bengal army. The most remarkable of these af. From the time that the Brigade fairs were those of the cavalry threw itself into Jellalabad, the under Lieutenant Mayne, com native troops have been on half, manding a detachment of Shah and the followers on quarter, Shooja's 2nd cavalry, and Jemadarrations, and for many weeks they Deena Singh, 5th Light Cavalry, have been able to obtain little or already reported; a sally under nothing in the bazaars to eke out Colonel Dennie, C.B., to defeat a this scanty provision. I will not suspected attempt of the enemy to mention, as a privation, the Eurodrive a mind, on the 11th March; pean troops from the same period the repulse of an assault upon the having been without their allowtransverse walls the northward ance of spirits, because I verily of the place, on the 24th of the believe this circumstance and their same month, by detachments under constant employment have conCaptain Broadfoot (who was se tributed to keep them in the verely wounded) and Captain Fen- highest health, and the most wick, Her Majesty's 13th Light remarkable state of discipline. Infantry ; the capture of bullocks Crime has been almost unknown and sheep by Lieutenant Mayne amongst them, but they have felt on the 30th and 31st of January ; severely, although they have never and the seizure of large flocks of murmured, the diminution of their the latter, in the face of Mahomed quantity of animal food, and the Akbar's army, by a force of infantry total want of ghee, flour, tea, under Captain Pattison, Her Ma- coffee and sugar; these may seem jesty's 13th Light Infantry, and small matters to those who read and of cavalry under Captain Old them at a distance, but they are field, on the 1st instant. These serious reductions in the scale of successes were crowned by Provi- comfort of the hard-working and dence by the issue of the brilliant fighting soldier in Asia. The and decisive attack on the camp of troops have also been greatly in the Sirdar, on the 7th instant. arrears of pay, besides their severe

I have to notice, as a measure duties in heat and cold, wind and of defence, my having enrolled as rain, on the guards of the gates a provisional battalion a large body and bastions. The troops, officers of our camp followers, and armed and men, British and Hindoo. them with pikes and other wea. stanee, of every Arm, remained pons. On all occasions of assault fully accoutred on their alarmand sally, these men were avail. posts every night from the 1st of able to make a show upon our March to the 7th of April. The curtains, and I have pledged my losses of officers and men, in carself to them to reccommend to riage and cattle, camp equipage Government that they should en. and baggage, between Cabul and joy all the pecuniary advantages Jellalabad, were heavy; and their of the native soldiers beyond the expenditure, during the siege and Indus. I at the same time held blockade, in obtaining articles of forth to the troops of Shah Shooja's mere subsistence and necessity, has force, the expectation that they been exorbitant. would be put, during the especial I feel assured that Major-Gen


neral Pollock will consider it a excellent, and has been equalled most pleasing duty, to bring the by that of the Mountain Train. series of labours, privations and Captains Abbott and Backhouse, conflicts, imperfectly sketched in and Lieutenant Dawes, have proved the foregoing details, to the notice themselves excellent officersof Ordof the head of the Supreme Go

I have more than once vernment in India, and through brought it to notice that Captain his Lordship to that of the Court Macgregor, Political Agent, has of Directors and of our Sovereign, cheerfully rendered very able asas a claim for public acknowledg- sistance in serving the guns in ment and substantial reimburse every crisis of pressing danger. Of ment and reward.

his labours in his own department, The report of Captain Broad. I ought not, perhaps to attempt to foot, in his capacity of Garrison constitute myself a judge ; but I Engineer, will meet with attentive know that they have been unreperusal : I have already stated mitting; and their result in ob how much I have been indebted taining for my force supplies and to bis scientific attainments, as information, and keeping up our well as his distinguished activity communication with India and and resolution during the siege. with Cabul, and securing for us His fertility in resource obviated Affghan co-operation, I may be great difficulties, in procuring allowed to appreciate, and am iron, timber, and charcoal ; and bound to point out to Governto the foresight of his arrange- ment. ments we owe our having had a

The medical duties of the garvery ample supply of tools. The rison have been ably fulfilled by corps under his command per- Surgeon Forsyth, Superintending formed, from Bootkhak, the duties Surgeon Shah Shooja's force, and equally of good sappers and bold Assistant-Surgeons Robertson and light infantry soldiers, and the Barnes, Her Majesty's 13th Light Afghan Huzaree and Eusifyze Infantry, Hare, 35th Regiment portion of it have been singularly and Brown, late in charge of the faithful in time of general defec- Irregulars. tion, The two Infantry Regi Captain Mainwaring, Commisments, under the lamented Co. sariat Officer to the force, has been

nel Dennie, and Lieutenant- indefatigable in his efforts to keep Colonel Monteath, have vied with the garrison well supplied, and his each other in the steady perform- arrangements in very difficult ance of the duties of that Arm; times have merited my highest and it would be impossible for me praise. Captain Moorhouse, 35th to discriminate in favour of either, Regiment Native Infantry, has in awarding praise to the squadron satisfactorily discharged his duties of 5th Light Cavalry under Cap- as Brigade Quarter Master; he tain Oldfield, and the Rissalah was severely wounded on the 7th 2nd Shah Soojah's Cavalry, under instant. Lieutenant Mayne ; Lieutenant It is gratifying to me to forward Plowden, of the former, has been the opinion of my second in comdistinguished on several occasions. mand, Lieutenant-Colonel MonThe artillery practice of No. 6, teath, C.B., placed on record with Light Field Battery has ever been out solicitation, of the merits of

the 13th Light Infantry, of which to do duty with any regiment in corps I am proud of being a mem which they could be useful. ber: I fully concur in the senti I must finally express my gratiments which he expresses, and tude to Providence for having hope the distinction which he re- placed so gallant and devoted a commends for the officers of his force under my commaud ; in own corps will be accorded. The every way it has exceeded my cheerful and persevering manner most sanguine expectations, and I in which the native soldiers la- beg leave in the strongest manner boured with the shovel, mattock, to solicit the interposition of Maand hand-barrow were as surpris- jor-General Pollock, C.B., who ing as their steadiness and courage has nobly laboured and fought to in the field were conspicuous. relieve it from its critical position · I have to acknowledge the zea). in the midst of a hostile empire, ous manner in which Brevet-Ma- in now committing it to the projor Fraser, Light Cavalry, Brevet- tection and favour of the Right Captain Gerrard, of the corps of Honourable the Governor-General Jezzailchees, Captain Burn, and in Council, and through him of Lieutenant Hillersdon of the Khy- the Court of Directors, and of our ber Rangers, and Lieutenant Dow- Sovereign. son, of the Jaunbazes, when their services could no longer be avail.

I have, &c. able with their corps, volunteered

R. Sale.



Candahar, March 24, 1842. of the British arms in Affghanistan, Sir,--I have the honour to ac- publicly notified in General Orders, quaint you, that a copy of a demi- under date the 31st of January official communication, dated the last, I feel that a degree of per25th of February, 1842, addressed plexity and embarrassment has been by Mr. Clerk to Major Outram, thrown upon my position at Canhas just reached Candahar ; from dahar, which I did not contemwhich I learn that “ Government plate, and could not have contemhave directed the Commander-in-plated, when the letters I have adChief to require Major-General dressed to you were written. Pollock to withdraw the Jellalabad The communications I have garrison, unless unforeseen circum- hitherto received from Governstances,” &c.

ment have, it is true, prescribed When I view the intimation, to me no decided line of conduct; thus received, of the orders of Go. but I am warranted in saying, that vernment, in connexion with their their general tenor was to the effect intentions, conveyed to me in dis- that, if, under existing circumpatches, and also with their avowed stances, I could maintain my podetermination to redeem the credit sition at Candahar, without risking Vol. LXXXIV.

2 H

do so.

the safety of my troops, it would would not only be disadvantageous, be consonant with the views and but almost impracticable, until the wishes of Government that I should autumn; and I trust that my hav.

ing determined on remaining may I had a considerable body of ultimately prove fortunate; but troops'; and, with much pains, the state of uncertainty into which had collected a reserve of upwards I am now thrown, regarding our of six months' provisions. I felt present position at Jellalabad, and assured of support, and of the re the probable future policy of Goceipt of the ammunition and stores vernment, must preclude my actI stood in need of, from Sinde oring with full confidence in meaIndia ; I knew that Jellalabad was sures calculated to restore British in our possession, and that it was influence in the country, by force the resolution of Government to

of arms.

I am also become doubtmaintain it; that large reinforce- ful of the propriety of retai ments were preparing for its sup- Kelat-i-Ghilzye as a separate garriport; I could not over-estimate son; for there is but too much reathe value of this powerful diver son to fear, that the sacrifice of the sion in my favour, nor could I shut garrison at Ghuznee must closely my eyes to the fact, that the aban- follow on the abandonment of our donment of Candahar by me, must position at Jellalabad. have an unfavourable effect upon As long as both the positions of the measures in progress for the Candahar and Jellalabad are occuretention of our position at Jellala- pied by us, the attention of the bad. Under these circumstances, insurgents in Affghanistan is disI never had a moment's hesitation tracted. No general or combined as to the course I ought to pursue, movement can be made by the so long as discretionary power was Affghans while they are threatleft to me ; and all my arrange- ened from both these points; but ments have, consequently, been if one source of apprehension be made with a view to the present removed by the withdrawal of our maintenance and future extension, troops from Jellalabad, the undishould such prove desirable, of our vided force of the people, backed power in this country.

by success, and inflamed by reBut, could I have foreseen that ligious enthusiasm, will be at so immediately following their pro- liberty to concentrate its energy clamation of the 31st of January, against our position at Candahar. Government would have deter I believe that many people have mined on withdrawing their troops been prevented from joining the from Jellalabad, excepting on the rebel chiefs, now in arms against occurrence of “unforeseen circum us near Candahar, from a feeling stances," I should most probably that we meditate the re-occupation have regarded this resolution of of Cabul from the side of Jellalatheirs, as distinctly pointing to bad,—an impression that has been their intention of evacuating the confirmed by the non-arrival of country altogether, and have taken Buccour from Cabul, since the demeasures accordingly.

putation of Atta Mahomed, on the Now, however, the position of first outbreak of the insurrection the troops at Candahar is so far in that city. While we maintain fixed, that I consider retirement an imposing attitude at Jellalabad,

even supposing no advance takes other light could a withdrawal place beyond that post, it is my from Jellalabad or Candahar be opinion that but few troops and viewed ? no artillery will be sent from If retirement should become ne. Cabul in aid of the rebel cause at cessary, it should take place simulCandahar; but if Jellalabad be taneously, and at a proper season. abandoned, I not only look forward If Government should select Canto having to contend with a force dahar as the point whence future from Cabul, much better equipped operations against Cabul are to be than is ordinarily the case with directed, still the retention of a Affghan troops, but I anticipate a position at Jellalabad in considergeneral movement against us from able force, will be of the most esevery part of the country.

sential service in all future conIf Government intend to re- templated operations. In the sancover, even temporarily, and for guine hope that some unforeseen the saving of our national honour, circumstance may have occurred to their lost position in this country, postpone the execution of the Goeven if doubtful of the policy that vernment order for the evacuation it may be deemed expedient to of Jellalabad, I have thought it pursue, I earnestly hope that, bec incumbent on me to address this fore any immediate retrograde step letter to you. is made in either direction, our Before closing my letter, I may whole position in Affghanistan will mention that I am now in expectabe attentively viewed ; and that tion of the march of Brigadier the effect which a hasty retirement England from Quetta, with supwould certainly and instantly have plies for Candahar. I have no on the whole of Beloochistan, and correct information regarding the even on the navigation of the probable date of his quitting that Indus, will be taken into consi. post, nor of the strength of his deration. At the present time, force; but there is room for apthe impression of our military prehension that the convoy he has strength among the people of this to escort will be but weakly guard. country, though weakened by the ed, and every probability that it occurrences at Cabul, is not de may be attacked. I am at present, stroyed; but if we now retire, ånd therefore, compelled to remain at it should again become necessary Candahar, prepared to move with to advance, we shall labour under à sufficient body of troops to the many disadvantages, the most se- Brigadier's support, whenever I rious of which, in my opinion, may receive certain intelligence of will be a distrust of their strength his movements. among our soldiers, which any add

I have, &c. mission of weakness is so well cal

W. Nort culated to induce; and in what

*MAJOR-GENERAL NotT TO THE Governor General of India.

Candahar, July 26, 1842. ship's letter of the 4th instant; My Lord,-Having well con- having looked at the difficulties in sidered the subject of your Lord- every point of view, and reflected

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