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emotion. The surgeon, after a hind which the factory had been close examination, reported that erected some few years back by there were a great many contu Mr. D'Ernst, when he was ensions, but that no bones were gaged as pyrotechnist at Vauxbroken, and, having bled his pa- hall gardens. The alarm having tient, and prescribed long rest, he once gone abroad, thousands of left him. At the end of four or persons hurried to the spot. A five days Barbès was able to rise, large body of the metropolitan poand his friends may now be per- lice hastened from the stationfectly easy as to the results of his house in High-street, and exaccident."

presses were sent off to the various fire-engine stations, at several of which the brigade men were al

ready prepared for action by the MARCH

loud reports which they had just

heard. The assistance was prompt 1. EXPLOSION OF A FIREWORKS and ample, but such was the terFactory.Loss of FOUR LIVES. ror inspired in all those assembled

-One of the most appalling and by a report baving spread that fatally calamitous explosions that there were some hundreds weight has occurred in or near the metro of gunpowder under ground, that polis, took place at Mr. D'Ernst's the most resolute men of the fire fireworks manufactory, Lambeth- brigade hesitated to approach sufbutts, by which the premises have ficiently near to the fated premises been destroyed, and four lives have to render their efforts for its prebeen sacrificed. At about twenty servation effective. An abundant minutes to twelve o'clock, the in- supply of water was speedily obhabitants of Lambeth, Kenning- tained froin the main pipes, and • ton, Vauxhall, and the surround.

seven or eight large engines were ing neighbourhood, were alarmned brought to bear on the south-west by a loud report such as is usually angle of the building, which was produced by the ignition of gun- easiest of access, there being at the powder in large quantities, or per- other extremity enclosed ground, haps resembling more strictly the attached to some small cottages, explosion of

gas. This was rapidly the inmates of which fled out in followed by reports of less violence the most pitiable consternation, of sound, but sufficiently loud to conceiving that the whole place create serious apprehension even must be blown up. In less than to persons residing some hundred half an hour, the factory itself yards distant. The first impres. was reduced to complete ruin, and sion was that the Vauxhall gas- the dwelling-house, in front, a works had exploded, and that the slight building, two stories high, successive discharges were created shared the same fate soon after. by the bursting of the retorts. The discharge of fireworks having In a very few minutes, however, created sufficient apertures, the the nature of the calamity and its firemen directed all their attention situation were made manifest by a to the cellarage, with the view of dense body of smoke which as preventing the expected explosion cended above the houses on the of gunpowder, it having been asnorth side of Lambeth-walk, be- certained, beyond all doubt, that

there were on the premises at door, from which a flight of least six barrels of that terrible stone steps led down to the combustible. By great exertion, damp and miserable chamber. An they were enabled to throw in iron-grating or air-hole lighted some thousand tons of water di- the place, which was found to rectly over the cellars, so that the be about twelve feet long, nine ground was covered to the depth feet wide, and six feet high. of two inches, and the rockets and There were no indications of a fragments of burning timber were fire-place; a hole on the floor was quenched as they fell. The fire

The fire- used for letting down a pitcher men, perceiving that there was no for water; and it is scarcely possifurther danger of the gunpowder ble to conceive a more wretched exploding, proceeded cautiously to or horrid receptacle for human the interior, and, with the hose of beings. The situation of the capseveral engines, deluged the smoul- tives, with the river rolling below dering wood that lay scattered them, and the sound of horses and about. Their next duty, and it vehicles passing over the roof of was one of some peril, was to the cell, is strongly calculated to search among the ruins for the impress the imagination. In winremains of whoever might have ter, when the river is in food, or suffered. In a few minutes the during a storm, a sort of wild and charred body of a lad, about seven fearful sublimity must have been teen or eighteen years old, was added to the scene. The last in dug out; the next was that of a mate of the cell was half devoured man of muscular frame, supposed by rals ! to be Wright, the foreman of the COLONIAL BISHOPS. - Pas. factory ; the next was that of a TORAL LETTER OP The Bishop op full-grown man, believed to be


HIS CLERGY.Rev. the unfortunate proprietor, Mr. Sir,-- You are no doubt aware, D'Ernst ; and a fourth, which was that a declaration was agreed to so horribly burned as to present by the Archbishops and Bishops of scarcely any traces of humanity, the United Church of England was the last victim found. The and Ireland, at a meeting held at latter was pronounced to be a Lambeth, on

Lambeth, on the Tuesday in woman, and the sister-in-law of Whitsun week, 1841, setting forth Mr. D'Ernst, who had charge of the insufficiency of the provision the premises. The lad was one of made for the spiritual care of the the apprentices.

members of our church in the 2. ANCIENT HIGHLAND Dun- distant dependencies of the emGEON.—The road over the stone pire, and the great importance of bridge at Inverness is at present erecting additional bishoprics in undergoing repair, and the work- the colonies. A copy of the demen threw open the vault built in claration is sent herewith, to which one of the arches, which was fore I request your most serious attenmerly used as a gaol, and after- tion. wards as a cell for maniacs. It I am persuaded that the accomwas truly “a double dungeon,” plishment of the object which we made by“ wall and ware." About have in view may be insured, a foot below the surface of the under the blessing of God, if the road they came upon a small iron clergy will exert themselves to

collect contributions in their re some other mode of making the spective parishes; and I am desi collection. rous of suggesting to those of my I conclude in the words of the own diocese the propriety of com declaration, and “under a deep mencing that exertion on the first sense of the sacredness and imday of the approaching holy week, portance of this great work, and in which we

commemorate the in the hope that Almighty God death and passion of our blessed may graciously dispose the hearts Lord, and offer up our special of his servants to a corresponding prayers for all estates of men in measure of liberality, I earnestly his holy church, and for the commend it to the good will, the gathering together in one fold, assistance, and the prayers of all under one shepherd, of all those the members of our church." who are not yet within its en I am, Rev. Sir, closure.

Your faithful friend It is my wish that you should

And brother in Christ, have a collection made in your

C. J. London. church in aid of the Colonial The Colonial BISHOPRICS. Bishops' Fund on Palm Sunday - The following is the declaration next; and I would suggest that agreed to at Lambeth on the it might be made in the fol subject of the erection and enlowing manner:-After the ser dowment of episcopal sees in the mon, in which I trust you will colonies and dependencies of our explain the object for which the empire, alluded to by the Bishop offerings of your people are so of London in his pastoral letlicited, let the offertory sentences ter:be read from the communion table, “We, the undersigned archnot omitting those which instruct bishops and bishops of the united them that are taught in the word Church of England and Ireland, to minister unto them that teach contemplate with deep concern the in all good things. Whilst these insufficient provision which has sentences are reading, let the been hitherto made for the spiritual churchwardens, or other persons care of the members of our national appointed for that purpose, collect church residing in the British the offerings of the people, and colonies and in distant parts of the bring them to the minister, to be world, especially as it regards the by him humbly presented and systematic superintendence of the placed upon the holy table. Let clergy, and the absence of those him then proceed with the prayer ordinances the administration of for the church militant, and with which is committed to the episcothe remainder of the service, ac- pal order. We, therefore, hold it cording to the rubric. This revi to be our duty to undertake the val of the ancient practice of our charge of the fund for the endowchurch has been attempted in se ment of additional bishoprics in veral parishes with great success;

the colonies, and to become responbut, although I would gladly see it sible for its application. become general, I do not wish to “ On due consideration of the interfere with your discretion in relative claims of those dependenthe present instance, if you should cies of the empire which demand have good reason for preferring our assistance, we are of opinion

that the immediate erection of “ Our attention will then be bishoprics is much to be desired in directed to the countries named in the following places :- New Zea- the foregoing lists, without bindland, the British possessions in the ing ourselves to the exact order Mediterranean, New Brunswick, therein followed, or precluding our. Cape of Good Hope, Van Diemen's selves from granting assistance to Land, and Ceylon.

any place where means may be “When competent provision shall found for the earlier endowment of have been made for the endow• a bishopric. ment of these bishoprics, regard“ In no case shall we proceed may be had to the claims of Sierra without the concurrence of Her Leone, British Guiana, South Majesty's Government; and we Australia, Port Philip, Western think it expedient to form a standAustralia, Northern India, and ing committee, consisting of the Southern India.

Archbishop of Canterbury, the “In the first instance we propose Archbishop of York, the Archbithat an episcopal see be established shop of Armagh, the Archbishop at the seat of Government in New of Dublin, the Bishop of London, Zealand, offers having been already the Bishop of Durham, the Bishop made which appear to obviate all of Winchester, the Bishop of Lindifficulty as to endowment. coln, and the Bishop of Rochester,

(Since the publication of the de- with full power to confer with the claration the right rev. G. A. Sel- Ministers of the Crown, and to wyn, D.D., has been appointed Bi. arrange measures, in concert with shop of New Zealand, and has sailed them, for the erection of bishoprics for his distant sphere of labour.) in the places above enumerated.

“Our next object will be to “For the attainment of these make a similar provision for the most desirable objects, a sum of congregations of our own commu money will be required, large as to nion established in the islands of its actual amount, but small when the Mediterranean, and in the compared with the means which countries bordering upon that sea; this country possesses, by the and it is evident that the position bounty of Divine Providence, for of Malta is such as will render it advancing the glory of God, and the most convenient point of com the welfare of mankind. Under a munication with them, as well as deep feeling of the sacredness and with the bishops of the ancient importance of this great work, and churches of the East, to whom our in the bope that Almighty God church has been for many centuries may graciously dispose the hearts known only by name.

of his servants to a corresponding “We propose, therefore, that a measure of liberality, we earnestly see be fixed at Valetta, the resi. commend it to the good will, the dence of the English Government; assistance, and the prayers of all and that its jurisdiction extend to the members of our church. all the clergy of our church residing within the limits above specified.

16 W.CANTAUR. G. RochesTER.

J. G. ARMAGH. E. LLANDAFF. The church, erected through the

C. J. LONDON, J. H. GLOCESTER munificence of Her Majesty the E. DUNELM.

AND BRISTOL Queen Dowager, will form a suit C. W'INTON. J. Ely. able cathedral.



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E. NORWICH. R. DERRY AND RA with St. Paul's Cathedral and T. HEREFORD.

Westminster Abbey. By some, J. LICHFIELD. T. V. SODOR AND C. Sr. David's. MAN

however, it is believed the earth, P. N. CHICHESTER.

quake will not be satisfied with

swallowing up the metropolis and “We, the undersigned, desire to

the “ big churches," but that fif. express our concurrence in the

teen miles of country are to sink foregoing declaration :

down with it. “ E. EBor. C. KILDARE.



man coroner for the city of Dube W. ST, ASAPH. FERNS.

lin, held an inquest at the house, J. LINCOLN. JANES DROMORE. 83, Mecklenburgh-street, upon the H. CARLISLE. R. Down And Cone body of a

man named Michael J. B. CHESTER. NOR.

Conran, aged twenty-eight, by R. OXFORD. S. CORK. H. EXETER.

trade & gardener. It appeared
C.T. RIPON. STEPHEN CASHEL, from the evidence, that about

LUDLOW, KILLALOE seven o'clock on the morning of

the 6th of January last the deH. WORCESTER.


ceased was walking to the resiCHARLES MEATH,"

dence of Mr. Bushe, at Clontarf, THE EARTHQUAKE STORY.- where he was used to work, when For some weeks past a singular his attention was attracted upon impression has been entertained by the road by a very small dog of the lower classes of Irish residing much beauty. He stooped down in the metropolis and its environs, for the purpose of patting it, and that London is to be destroyed by having played with it for a minute an earthquake, and the day fixed or so, he spat inadvertently upon for this event, which is to swallow it; the dog grew incensed, and up the capital of the British em springing towards the face of the pire, is the 16th of March. A deceased, who was still leaning great many Irish people have al. over it, made a snap at him and ready left the metropolis for dis- bit him in the under lip. The tant parts of the country and for deceased struck the dog down, Ireland, and others are preparing who immediately ran away, and to follow, to evade the earthquake; he never after saw more of it. and the excitement among the The wound on his lip healed up natives of the sister isle in the in four or five days, and he thought eastern part of the metropolis is nothing of it until Friday moruvery, great. They are daily re- ing last, when, as be was going to ceiving letters from their relatives his work, he complained of feeling in Ireland to return home, and save

He continued at his themselves from the destruction work that day, but returned much which is sure to await them if worse about seven o'clock, when they remain here. Many have he complained of great pain in his removed eastward of Stepney Old hip and general illness. He called Church, on the supposition that for water, saying that he was the earthquake is not to extend thirsty, but when it was brought beyond that venerable edifice, to him he shuddered at the sight which, it is prophesied, is to fall, and refused to drink, and said

very ill.

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