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may be inflicted, by means which try, I would suggest that, instead would otherwise be contemptible, of organizing any more Hindoson a government, which has so long tanee troops, three infantry corps a line of mountainous country to should be raised from the Eusufdefend, and whose chiefs have been zyes, Subaks, Undurees, Kohistaso accustomed to a life of lawless nees, Kyberries, and the inhabitturbulence, that they do not hesi. ants of other mountainous regions, tate to array themselves in opposi- to undergo a moderate degree of tion to authority upon the slight- discipline, and to be armed with est provocation, and without a the jezzail of the country. By a hope of ultimate success.

judicious admixture of different 18. We have learned, by the tribes, by attention to their prejuexperience of this rebellion, one dices, and by regular pay, I should important fact, which is, that our have little fear of fidelity. In the regular European and Hindostanee meantime, endeavours will be made troops fight against Affghans, in to impart as great a degree of effitheir native hills, to a great disad- ciency as possible to his Majesty's vantage. Thesuperior agility of the Jezzailchees, who are a very uselatter enables them to evade pure ful body of men. In the above suit, and their fuzils, or long opinion I am supported by the guns, carry with deadly precision authority of Major-General Elto a distance, where our muskets phinstone, C.B., uf Lieutenant. are harmless. There is now no Colonel Sir A. Burnes, C.B., and enemy to oppose us in the open of Brigadier Anquetil. plain, and should we hereafter be 19. It is my intention to forforced into hostilities, the desul. ward a copy of this letter for the tory mountain warfare will doubt. information of the honourable the less be that with which we shall Secret Committee, through the have to contend. Should his Government of Bomba . Lordship in Council therefore resolve on increasing his Majesty's

have, &c. force, with a view of recalling the

W. H. MACNAGHTEN, regular regiments from this coun

Envoy and Minister.


JASPER Nicolls.

bul, but they do not lead us to Fort William, December 3, 1841.

alter the views and intentions which Sir,

were stated in our yesterday's disSince addressing your Excel. patch. Your Excellency will, therelency yesterday we have received fore, expedite the movement of an express from Mr. Clerk, of the whatever may be required to com23rd 'ultimo, containing informa- plete one brigade, efficiently protion of the events at Cabul to the vided with all necessaries of equip. 9th, and at Jellalabad to the 15th ment and supply, in the direction ultimo.

of Peshawur, to be stationed there, 2. These accounts exhibit a most with orders of the tenor which we unfavourable state of affairs at Can yesterday fully explained, so as to

give succour to our troops in the their troops from the risk of being event of their retiring. We do isolated ; it being, of course, a paranot now desire to send a second mount consideration to provide for brigade in advance, for we do not the safety of the different detachconceive it to be called for, for the ments as far as possible. Majorobjects of support and assistance General Nott, or the officer comwhich we contemplate; and we manding at Candahar, will be dithink it inexpedient to detach any rected, in the event of the loss of greater number of troops than may Cabul, to take the force at Ghuzbe absolutely indispensable from nee under his orders, and to proour own provinces.

vide Colonel Palmer with suitable 3. It would be vain to specu- instructions. With regard to the late upon the issue of the contest regiment at Ghuznee, we shall at Cabul ; but in the extreme event instruct Mr. Clerk to arrange with of the military possession of that the Sikh government for giving city, and the surrounding territory, every aid in its power, should the having been entirely lost, it is not retirement of that corps to Dhera our intention to direct new and Ismael Khan, or other point on extensive operations for the re the frontier, be determined upon. establishment of our supremacy We shall cause a copy of this parathroughout Affghanistan.

graph to be conveyed to Major 4. We can scarcely contemplate Rawlinson, Major General Nott, in such case that there will be any and Lieutenant-Colonel Palmer, circumstances or political objects both through Major Outram in of sufficient weight to induce us Upper Scinde, and Capt. Mackeson to desire to retain possession of the in Peshawur. remainder of that country, and, 5. We doubt not that your Ex. unless such shall be obvious as cellency will have felt it desirable arising from the course of events, to superintend personally the exwe should wish our military and ecution of such measures on our political officers so to shape their frontier as the exigency of events proceedings as will best promote may have rendered necessary, and the end of retiring with the least will, therefore, have proceeded to possible discredit. Of course it will establish your head-quarters at be desirable that this retirement one of the advanced stations. shall be deliberate, and the result 6. It is of high importance at of arrangements that will leave this juncture that we should act in some political influence in the a clear and cordial plan of co-opea country; but it is impossible to ration with the government of shut our eyes to the probability Lahore, and a dispatch has been that the first impulse of the popu- this day in consequence addressed lation in the southern districts, to Mr. Clerk, of which we enclose upon hearing of our having suf a copy for your Excellency's infered disaster at Cabul, will be to formation, rise and surround our different po

We have, &c., sitions, cutting off the communica

AUCKLAND, tion. In this case the commanding

W. W. BIRD, officers will be instructed to make

W. CASEMENT, it their first aim to fall back on

H. T. PRINSEP. the nearest support, and so to save


COMMITTEE. . Fort William, Feb. 19, No.16, 1842. or for safety; and that thus ex. Honorable Sirs,

posed to the attacks of enemies in In continuing the narrative of the mountain defiles, and in the events in Affghanistan since the worst severity of a winter season, date of our latest despatch on that they became, after two or three subject of the 22nd of last month, marches, dispirited and disorganwe have to deplore the occurrence ised, and were as a military body, of heavy calamity to the British ultimately wholly destroyed or disarms, and at the same time to la- persed. ment the great obscurity which 4. We do not know the strength still hangs over many of the most in effective men that marched from important circumstances connected Cabool on this melancholy retreat, with the causes and course of the but the force there must have been disasters which have been suffered. greatly reduced by the casualties

2. In our despatch of the 22nd of a protracted contest ; and we ultimo, we stated, that the last should believe that the retiring date of our intelligence, then re- body could scarcely have exceeded ceived from Cabul, was the 25th 4,000 men fit for service, and of December, when Major Pottin- placed at much disadvantage by ger reported the murder of Sir Wm. the loss of many officers killed or Macnaghten, and the continuance wounded. of negotiation for the retirement of 5. The details of which we are our troops from that place. in possession regarding this disas

3. From the papers now sent, trous march, will be learned by your honourable Committee will your honourable Committee, from learn, that on the 28th of Decem- the private letters of Captain Macber Major Pottinger wrote to Cap- gregor at Jellalabad, of the 13th tain Macgregor at Jellalabad, stat- January, and subsequent dates, ing, the arrangement with the and from a private letter from leaders at Cabul to be still incom- Captain G. St. P. Lawrence, late plete. That on the 29th of Dee Military Secretary to Sir William cember, Major Pottinger and Ma- Macnaghten, to his brother, writjor-General Elphinstone wrote of- ten from a fort in the Lughficially to Captain Macgregor and man country, near to Jellalabad, Major-General Sir Robert Sale, where he, with other British offidirecting them, in pursuance of cers and some ladies, were prison. stipulations made at Cabul, to re- ers, under the care of Mahomed tire from Jellalabad to Peshawur, Akhbar Khan, the son of Dost - that on the 4th of January let- Mabomed Khan, whose prominent ters were received at Jellalabad participation in the struggle was from the cantonment at Cabul, an- stated in our dispatch of the 22nd nouncing that a march towards ultimo; but your honourable Come the former place was immediately mittee will remember that these intended, and that on the 6th of details proceeding from single parJanuary the troops actually march- ties, cannot in any degree be reed, devoid, as far as we learn, of garded as furnishing us with an all provision for food, for shelter, authentic and complete narrative

of events, and are not to be refer an enemy without, and almost red to as being of authority, be the only effective portion of the yond the testimony given to events field artillery which was at that happening under the immediate time at Cabul, was diverted from observation of the writers.

the service on which it could ap6. We learn from the letter of parently have been most usefully Captain Lawrence, that Major- employed. General Elphinstone, who com 9. We do not wish to prejudge manded the Cabul force, was also proceedings of which we know so a prisoner in the same fort at little, but it is at the same time Lughman ; but we have no com- right to mark such facts in the munication from Major-General correspondence before us, as seem Elphinstone of any kind, nor have to be of obvious importance. we received any since the disturb 10. Your honourable Committee ance at Cabul first commenced. will remember that the battery of

7. In a letter from Jellalabad, foot artillery with horses, under of the 25th of January, Captain the command of Captain Abbott, Macgregor refers to the receipt of had left Cabul before the insurtwo long letters from Major Pot- rection, and formed a portion of tinger, likewise a prisoner at Lugh- Sir Robert Sale's force proceeding man, copies of which Captain Mac- to Jellalabad. gregor intended to send on to 11. For the artillery that rePeshawur on the next day ; but mained at Cabul, there were abund. these communications have not yet ant supplies of ammunition of all reached us, and we fear that the kinds calculated for a year's use. transit of letters between Jellala- It is to the absence of any suffibad and Peshawur may have be- cient force, in the different arms, come interrupted.

held available for action beyond 8. We would point the atten the line of our defensive works, tion of your Committee to a state- and to the early loss of the unproment in the private letter of Cap. tected commissariat stores, that we tain Lawrence, which gives the must attribute, in a great measure, first clear intimation of a division the ultimate triumph of the enemy. of the force at Cabul, that must 12. The letter from Lieutenant most dangerously have impaired Conolly at Cabul, of the 17th of its strength. It appears, that im- January, sent with Captain Mac. mediately after the insurrection gregor's letter from Jellalabad, of broke out, nearly two corps of the 24th January, gives the latest infantry, with a troop of horse intelligence of the state of affairs artillery, were thrown into the at the capital after the departure Bala Hissar, where the king re- of our troops. It will be perceived sided, and which we understand that Shah Shooja had been acceptto be a position that could not ed as king by the chiefs of the inhave been successfully assailed by surgents generally, and that Ma. an enemy unprovided with an ef- homed Zemaun Khan Barukzye, ficient force in guns. The exten- a brother of Dost Mahomed Khan, sive works of the cantonments who had been placed as leader of were thus left with only three the insurrection, had resigned the tegiments of infantry to guard name at least of the authority to them, and to be directed against which he had been raised, and

been appointed to the post of chief homed Akhbar Khan to proceed to minister under the Shah. There the Khyber defiles in order to are conflicting parties of Barukzye prevent the approach of succour to and other Dooranee chiefs at Ca Jelialabad by troops moving from bul, and it is not probable that Peshawur. this compromise or union of inter 16. The efforts at first made by ests, supported as it would seem to the detachment of British troops, have been by an expenditure of consisting of four regiments of namoney on the part of the Shah, tive infantry, with some details of can be of long continuance. irregular horse, and a native com

13. In a letter from Shah Shooja pany of foot artillery, using four to Captain Macgregor, sent with inefficient guns, obtained from a letter from the latter officer, of General Avitabile, at Peshawur, the 22nd January, your honour to advance through the Khyber able Committee will find a state Pass for the relief of Jellalabad, ment by the Shah with respect to or to hold the Pass in strength so his own position and views. It as to cover the retirement of the will be seen that he asks for pecu- Jellalabad garrison to Peshawur, niary aid to enable him to main- have unhappily ended in failure. tain his authority.

The despatches in the political 14. From the 13th to the 25th and military departments, conof January, which is our last date nected with this subject, are sent from Jellalabad, no attack has been as inclosures to this letter; and we made on that post, which is stated will refer your honourable Comto have been then supplied with mittee to them for all details. Two two months' provisions for the papers of remarks, by his Exceltroops, though only with one lency the Commander-in-Chief, in months' forage for the cattle. The regard to no guns having been spirit and fortitude with which sent from Ferozepore, with either the position at Jellalabad has been of the two detachments in which held and strengthened, for a pe- thiese regiments marched, are also riod of two months, under cir- amongst the inclosures, and will cumstances of pressing difficulty engage the particular attention of and discouragement, have entitled your honourable committee. We our officers and troops there, under certainly see much reason to rethe command of Major-General gret that some guns were not atSir Robert Sale, and aided by the tached both to the second detache able and determined political man ment of these regiments, and to agement of Captain Macgregor, the brigade which subsequently assistant to the Cabul mission, to marched with Major-General Pol. our highest admiration.

lock; with this last brigade three 15. Mahomed Akhbar Khan had 9-pounders were indeed sent, but no strong force with him near to we cannot feel confident that they Jellalabad, and it is not known will prove sufficient for the service whether any effective means and required from them. We shall materiel will be sent to him from communicate a copy of this paraCabool; but we must regard the graph to his Excellency. position of the gallant garrison of 17. At the same time we think Jellalabad with very deep anxiety. it right to add, that the instrucIt appeared to be the plan of Ma. tions given by his Excellency to

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